If you or your child is getting ready for college or university application, then you may be considering taking the standardized ACT exam. Many schools require an ACT score as part of the admissions process.

ACT is a multiple-choice-based test with four sections, including English, math, reading, and science. In order to get a good score, a student should perform as well as possible in all areas.

Each of the sections is scored on a scale of 1 to 36. The raw scores from each section are equal to the number of questions you answered correctly. They are then averaged into a total composite score divided by 4 (for each section) and rounded up. The final composite ACT score can range from 1 to 36. You will also receive subscores for the reading, English, and math sections ranging from 1 to 18 in order to give you an idea of which areas you will need to spend more time mastering to get a higher composite ACT score.

The scaling of the scores is done to ensure that no ACT exam is harder than the other and that students get an equal start no matter when they decide to take the standardized test.

But getting ready for the ACT test may be a difficult task for high-school students and graduates alone. This is why it is recommended that you sign up for one of the favorite ACT prep courses. Even if you don’t get results when performing a search for “ACT classes near me”, there is no need to panic because there are numerous online prep courses you can sign up for.

Most of the ACT prep courses offer practice questions, prep books, practice exams, strategy lessons, and guarantees for higher ACT scores.

Here is a list of the top ACT prep courses in the country, along with the pros and cons of each of them.

We have selected the high-rated ACT prep programs and classes and have chosen ones suitable for any schedule, budget, and study style.

Magoosh ACT Prep


One of the best priced APT courses for the quality and value provided

Magoosh offers inexpensive and comprehensive APT prep courses priced from $79 to $99. This is excellent news for people on a tighter budget and those who are unwilling to break the bank and pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for such a prep course.

Students can sign up for a 1-month course ($79), a 3-month course ($89), and a 12-month course for $99.

The ACT finest prep online course offers access to more than 250 on-demand video lessons, more than 1,300 practice questions along with video explanations regarding each question and the right answer, curated study schedules, and up to 4 full-length practice tests.

The students who enroll in these courses will also have access to online help by the ACT tutors during the course and can receive constructive feedback and stay motivated via the smart progress tracking feature, as well as the score prediction.

A 4+ score improvement guarantee and a 7-day satisfaction guarantee

Magoosh ACT Prep offers all students enrolled in its ACT test prep courses a guarantee for a 4+ point improvement of their ACT scores at the exam, or a complete refund. It also offers everyone who has enrolled a chance to cancel their subscription during the first 7 days of use and to get their full tuition back.

A data-driven score prediction

Magoosh Act prep is among the few test prep companies which offer a very accurate score prediction for the participants in the courses. This is essential if you know where you stand as compared to others and what to expect from the actual ACT test. It is also vital if the college or university of interest has a minimal or average ACT score requirement.


No live lessons

The Magoosh Act prep courses are all self-paced, and the company doesn’t offer any live lessons online or in-person, or private tutoring, which means that the student will need to stay organized and motivated by him or herself.

While this type of study system may be suitable for some students, others may find it difficult to stay focused and motivated without live instructions by tutors.

The Princeton Review ACT 


The Princeton Review offers an ACT 31+ score prep plan

The Princeton Review offers several ACT prep courses and plans, one of which is the most popular and guarantees a result of at least 31 points at the ACT exam if you already have an ACT score of 26 or above. The course costs $1,299 and is 2 months long.

The course includes over 36 hours of live instructions, 4 full-length proctored tests, 10 practice tests, 20 single-section tests, a personalized study plan, review and test prep books and materials, a 24/7 access to on-demand tutoring, and also SAT prep and PSAT self-paced prep.

Top percentile ACT instructors lead the courses

The students enrolling for these courses at The Princeton Review will receive expert advice and tutoring by instructors who have scored in the top percentile at their ACT exam.

The ACT Ultimate plan is comprehensive and reasonably priced

The ACT prep course plan by The Princeton Review includes 18 hours of live instructions, 12-month access to all of the ACT Advantage Live Online sessions, personalized homework assignments, personalized study plans, ongoing goal setting, and progress tracking, and at least 3 scheduled proctored practice exams and more full-length or single-section practice tests.

The plan also includes test prep for SAT and PSAT and costs $599 for 12 months and comes with a score increase money-back guarantee or a chance to retake the course for free.

There is a self-paced option as well

You can sign up for the inexpensive $299 SAT and ACT self-paced test prep course offered by The Princeton Review if you prefer organizing your own study schedule and following your own study system when prepping for the two essential standardized exams required by most colleges and universities.

It offers more practice questions and video lessons than most other courses

The students who enroll in The Princeton Review ACT prep courses can gain access to over 3,200 realistic practice questions and more than 280 video lessons. This is much more than what many of the other test prep companies can offer.


The Princeton Review offers no free trial

Unlike many of the other ACT prep courses, the course by The Princeton Review doesn’t offer students or parents the opportunity to test the platform before enrolling for the course.

Prepscholar ACT Prep


More than 3,900 realistic ACT questions

The questions cover all sections of the exam and come with detailed explanations regarding the answer and the solution to each question.

A 4+ score improvement guarantee

PrepScholar offers a 4+ ACT scoring increase guarantee, or you will get a complete refund for the test prep course.

Different prep plans for different study styles offered

PrepScholar offers a variety of options when it comes to the finest ACT test prep plans and courses. There is a self-paced Complete ACT Online Prep for $397 and for 12 months. It includes a diagnostic assessment test, over 60 hours of content, more than 3,900 realistic practice questions in all 4 sections of the ACT, and detailed explanations for the answer for each question, more than 70 skill lessons, 51 special skills to master, and up to 5 full-length real ACT practice tests to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the students and address them accordingly.

The company also offers some of the ACT prep PrepScholar classes with live online instructors and small tet prep classes to keep the students motivated via private tutoring. There is also a Complete + Tutoring course, a Complete Premium for two years of access, and a Dual ACT and SAT prep course if the student will be taking both standardized tests.

5 real ACT exams which have been given in the past for practice

Students enrolled in the test prep courses will be given up to 5 real ACT practice exams so that they can get the feeling of what to expect during the actual test, and so that all their strengths and weaknesses or problem areas and issues during the practice can be worked out in a timely manner before the real test date.

5-day risk-free trial

PrepScholar offers a 5-day trial, so the student or parent can try out the ACT test prep program and see whether it works for them before investing in a complete course.


It isn’t the most mobile-friendly of all available online ACT prep courses

The PrepScholar ACT prep course is available online but doesn’t come with a dedicated test prep mobile app, which some students may prefer.

Still, this is among the most comprehensive and complete prep courses for ACT we have reviewed if the student doesn’t mind doing their test prep on a computer.

Kaplan ACT Prep


Kaplan offers all types of courses for all study styles

The company offers a self-paced ACT prep course for $99, a live online ACT prep course for $399, as well as one-on-one online tutoring. This means that there is a suitable prep course for students of all skill and knowledge levels, as well as for those who can work on their own and others who can do with some guidance and motivation.

The affordable self-paced plan offers 6 months of access to a customizable Qbank with more than 2,000 real ACT questions, 30 on-demand lessons, and 5 official full-length practice tests by the makers of the real ACT.

The live online plan offers 16 hours of teacher-led live instructions, an ACT prep ebook, a customizable Qbank with over 2,000 practice questions, 5 practice exams by the people who develop the actual ACT, and access to all of this for 6 months.

A higher result guarantee

Kaplan offers its students a complete refund of the fees paid if they do not achieve a higher score on the ACT exam.


No free test trial

Students cannot try out the platform and interface of the Kaplan ACT prep courses before enrolling for one of the plans. This is a minus because most companies offer free trials or money-back guarantees for the first week of use of their products.

Petersons ACT 


One of the least expensive online ACT prep courses

The Petersons ACT prep courses start at a price of $39 per month, which is relatively inexpensive as compared to some of the other courses.

A self-paced online prep course and practice exams

The online prep course offered by the company includes useful studying flashcards and quizzes, three full-length practice tests, 50 written lessons covering all sections of the exam, access to all of the study materials from a computer, phone, or other mobile devices.

The ACT online practice test plan includes three realistic ACT tests that come with detailed explanations for the right answer for each question. This plan is the perfect choice for students who are already ready for the ACT and want to practice their test-taking skills.


There are no video lessons

Some students find it easier to study when they watch and listen to the information rather than solely from reading it or practicing. In this case, the Petersons ACT prep course is not the finest option for them.

There is no improved score money-back guarantee

Unlike the majority of the ACT prep courses, this one doesn’t offer an improved result guarantee, so you can’t expect to get your money back if your ACT score is not higher than before.

PrepExpert Act


The program is created by Shark Tank alumnus Shaan Patel

Shaan Patel is one of the best-known leading experts in test prep in the USA. He partnered up with Mark Cuban on Shark Tank to create PrepExpert. He is an expert in score enhancement for most standardized tests and has created a 100+ ACT/SAT strategy system guaranteed to improve the scores.

Score improvement or money-back guarantee

The company will provide you with a complete refund if the scores on the actual ACT exam have not improved after taking the course.

All instructors are in the 99th percentile on SAT or ACT

Students will receive expert guidance from people who have scored better than 99% of the other test-takers on their ACT or SAT exams.

There are live lesson as well as self-paced ACT prep course plans available

You can choose the type of course you prefer, from the two available options.

There is a 6-week flagship ACT prep course with 36 hours of online instructions, 100+ score improvement strategies, and perfect score strategies. The course costs $799 and comes with a 4+ score improvement guarantee.

The self-paced video ACT prep class costs $499 and offers 12-month access to 30 hours of on-demand video lessons, a perfect score instructor, 100+ score improvement strategies, and perfect score strategies. The plan comes with a score improvement guarantee.


The course focuses more on performance and score improvement strategies rather than the ACT content

This ACT prep course is an excellent option for students who are prepared for the ACT or SAT tests and who want to learn more about ways to improve their scores and overall performance at the tests.

If your child needs help regarding the content of the exam itself and practicing actual questions, then the PrepExpert Act prep courses are probably not the most suitable ones.

Olive Book ACT


The course relies on visual teaching for ACT prep

Many students find it easier to understand and memorize lessons that are presented to them visually. This is why Olive Book offers all of its content in the form of professionally animated videos that are easy to understand.

The course is self-guided, so you can take it at your own pace

This is the great option for students who are busy with other things, or for those who prefer to set their own prep for ACT study schedules and plans. The ACT preparation online course can be taken at a pace comfortable for the student from wherever he or she wants.

The course covers all sections of the ACT exam

You will receive access to hundreds of practice math questions, three English grammar passages and added questions, five reading passages with questions, nine science texts, practice problems, test tips, tutorials, and tips on solving the hardest problems.

Also included is a full-length practice test.

You can take a specific Act by subject course or a blended Act subject course

The ACT by subject course costs $390 for 6 months, and you can choose to focus on any of the specific sections with which you need improvement.

The Act blended subjects plan comes at the same price of $390 and provides 6 months of access to all study materials, videos, and others covering all sections of the ACT.


The ACT prep course doesn’t have as many practice questions and tests as others

The Olive Book Act prep courses focus more on visual lessons, strategies, and other explanations, rather than on performing many practice tests or practice questions, which may be a problem for students who learn best through practice.

Testive ACT


An opportunity to take a full free ACT and SAT practice test

Anyone who wants can sign up for a full 3-hour computer-based SAT and ACT practice test on the Testive website. The results are provided immediately after the test is completed. This is great for a diagnostics assessment prior to prepping as well as after preparing for the ACT or SAT exams.

A personalized approach to each student

The Testive ACT prep courses offer a personalized approach to every student enrolled, and a score goal will be set for everyone, as well as dedicated weekly meetings with an online coach via video chat. The Testive learning software is also personalized for the student based on his or her performance so that they don’t study content which they already know, and have more time to focus on the harder material and the areas which are more problematic.

There are different course options to choose from

You can choose the Boot camp course for $799, which lasts for 6 weeks with two one-on-one sessions and all other coaching included.

There is also a Coaching course that costs $399 and lasts for 4-5 months and includes a personal coach, one-on-one weekly chats, Testive prep software access, and multiple practice tests.

The Coaching Plus plan includes all of the features of the Coaching course as well as double the one-on-one meetings with the coaches, and an intense, long-term focus on problem subjects and mastery of the contents. This plan costs $599 and comes with a free consultation prior to signing up.

All courses include a parent portal to keep track of the progress and email or phone support, text message reminders, study plans, and more than 3,000 practice questions.


The live coach approach may not be the preferred study style by all students

The style of the Testive ACT prep courses is oriented towards providing continuous assistance by live coaches and feedback, which may not be the preferred study style by some students who prefer to study at their own pace and schedule.

ACT Online Prep


This is the official ACT prep guide from the makers of the ACT exam

The ACT online prep website offers students, parents, and tutors the official guides to prepare for the ACT exam. The guides include The Official Act Prep Guide with 5 practice tests and bonus content online, The Official ACT Subject Guides for English, math, reading, and science, and The Official Beginner’s Guide for the Act at very affordable prices.

There are multiple online courses and resources offered by the ACT Academy

You can sign up for online live or on-demand webinars, get free practice questions with explanations for the answers, and also access to packages for free online practice, for prepping for the ACT exam, and for getting ready for the writing test too.

The ACT Online Prep service works with Kaplan to provide Live online or self-paced ACT courses

If you like the Kaplan Act prep courses reviewed earlier on this list, then you can rest assured that Kaplan works in partnership with the creators of the ACT exam. You can sign up for any of the online Kaplan ACT prep courses through the ACT Prep website.


No money-back guarantee if you don’t improve your score

ACT Prep doesn’t offer a refund in case the student doesn’t improve their ACT results. Still, it is one of the most affordable ways for a student to get ready for their ACT exam.

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