Does your engine keep making disturbing and annoying knocking, ticking, chattering, or other sounds?

This is not only frustrating for you as a driver and for your neighbors, but it probably also means that there is contamination or another problem somewhere in the engine, causing the metal parts to be grinding on each other without sufficient lubrication.

A problem like this will not only cause an annoying noise while you drive but can also lead to severe and costly wear and damage to the engine parts and the engine itself.

Thankfully, there are some products that you can use to resolve these issues. Plus, the oil additives for noisy lifters and for engine components can help improve the performance of your car, increase the fuel economy by improving the gas mileage, and help increase the longevity of your engine.

Best Additive to Quiet Engine Noise

Here are the top quality additives to quiet engine noise for 2021.

Lucas 32 Ounce 10001 Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer-32 Oz

The Lucas Heavy Duty Stabilizer is the best additive to quiet engine noise and knocking sounds. Not only will this affordable engine oil additive help reduce the noise, but it will also prevent it from occurring due to improper engine maintenance.

This oil additive for noisy engines will also help increase the lifespan of your oil by 50% and reduce its consumption, and will also help increase the power of your vehicle and the gas mileage. This means you will be saving money and time for maintenance and oil changes.

Plus, the additive will eliminate dry starts and help increase the oil pressure for the proper and smooth functioning of the engine at all times for overall better engine performance.

The excellent additive for oil is offered in bottles of 32–oz. and costs less than $10.

Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment – 16 oz.

If your old car is becoming overly noisy, one of the most common reasons could be contamination of the engine parts, fuel system, the lifters in the car, and the other car parts.

If this is the case, then one of the finest additives to resolve the noise problem and to clean up the residues and deposits which may be causing the knocking and loud noise is the Sea Foam Motor Treatment SF16 additive.

It is suitable for auto, marine, and fleet engines. It will help clean the fuel injectors, the carb jets, the dirt accumulation, control the fuel moisture and add more lubricity to it, lubricate the cylinders, resolve noisy lifter in car issues and provide de-ice and anti-gel treatment.

It contains pure petroleum and is registered by the EPA as environmentally friendly.

With this cleaning, lubricating, and protecting additive, your vehicle will regain its power and become much quieter. Plus, you will also improve its car engine life and increase its lifespan.

Liqui Moly (20002) Cera Tec Friction Modifier

The Liqui Moly Cera, Tec Friction Modifier, is another good additive to help reduce friction and thus eliminate the knocking and noise in all car engine types. It is a universal additive that can work with all motor oils of all types and brands.

The oil additive will help increase the oil life and the efficiency of the engine without leaving any residues.

The premium quality product is made in Germany and remains stable even at extremely high temperatures and loads and will keep your filter system clean of deposits and working properly after each oil change.

Archoil AR9100 Oil Additive (16oz) for All Vehicles

The Archoil AR9100 Oil Additive is one of the best universal motor oil additives to help reduce the engine noise and the vibrations it causes.

It will help reduce the friction and wear and tear of the parts in the engine and thus prolong its life and improve engine performance. It also provides anti-corrosion protection and will keep the engine safe at cold starts.

The additive will also extend the life of the oil you use and will help clean any varnish or sludge deposits or prevent them from happening.

This universal additive is suitable for gasoline and diesel engines and will also enhance the efficiency of your car’s gearbox, power steering system, hydraulics, and differentials for a better, quieter, and more powerful performance on the road.

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Genuine Ford Fluid XL-3 Friction Modifier

If your limited-slip differentials and hypoid gear are overly chattery and noisy, then the Genuine For Fluid XL-3 Friction Modifier could be the right additive to buy to reduce the noise by reducing the friction of the parts.

It mixes well with just about all gear oils – regular or synthetic.

As happy customers say, it may smell quite a lot, but if you use it outdoors and wear protection, this problem can quickly be eliminated, and the results will make you a happier car owner.

Rislone 4405 Engine Oil Supplement Concentrate with Zinc Treatment – 11 oz.

The Rislone Engine Oil Supplement Concentrate has added Zinc, which helps cool down and lubricate all of the moving parts in the engine, and creates a protective layer in between metal components to reduce the friction.

It works well when breaking-in renewed engines and parts.

The additive for noisy lifters also helps prevent corrosion, wear, and tear, and prolongs the longevity of your engine.

For high-mileage engines which chatter or for ticking noisy lifters for car, you can use the other excellent engine-care additive by Rislone – the High-Mileage Engine Treatment Formula.

It will help lubricate, reduce the heat and friction, protect the metal parts from wear, reduce the tapping noise and lifter noise and lubricate them properly at your next oil change.

REV X Stiction Fix Oil Treatment – Two 4 fl. oz. Bottles 

This premium quality oil additive by REV X can help reduce the engine noise significantly by cleaning all varnish, sludge, and other deposits, which cause the wearing and noisy friction. It will also create a protective layer on all parts, and can even reach areas where regular oil cannot.

The High-Performance Oil Additive will also help remove the stiction in HEUI injectors safely and efficiently without harsh stripping chemicals.

The top-quality product will extend the lifespan of any type of oil – synthetic, semi-synthetic or mineral, as well as the lifespan of all of the moving parts of your engine.

It helps eliminate cold start problems in diesel engines.

The additive is sold in packs of 2 4-oz bottles, which are sufficient for treating up to 12 quarts of oil.

Liqui Moly 20004 Hydraulic Lifter Additive 300ml

The Hydraulic Lifter Additive is an excellent product if you want to resolve or prevent hydro tappet noise of the lifters on car.

The additive helps improve the efficiency of the hydraulic lifters and lowers the noise as well as reduces the wear of the parts.

It will clean the valve bores and improve the efficiency of the oil at each oil change and get rid of the lifters car noise.

It works on turbochargers and catalytic converters, and all gasoline and diesel engines.

You can mix one of the best lifter noise-reducing oil additives with all engine oils.

Slick 50 750002 Recharged High Mileage Engine Treatment, 15-Ounce

The Slick 50 Recharged High Mileage Engine Treatment will help reduce oil leaks by revitalizing the seals in your vehicle.

It also is highly efficient for cleaning sludge and for preventing its build-up.

The additive helps improve the durability of the emission system.

It will help reduce and prevent the friction of the moving parts in your car, and thus reduce the wear, reduce the noise and prevent overheating and more serious damage.

The oil additive is formulated for vehicles over 75,000 miles and will restore the performance of your old engine and make it perform and sound like new.

It is compatible with all types of oils – synthetic, semi-synthetic, and conventional.

Marvel MM13R Mystery Oil – 32 ounce bottle

The Marvel MM13R Mystery Oil can do marvels for your noisy ticking engine. It is also an excellent gas and oil additive which can help prolong the life of your engine, increase the fuel economy, and keep the engine clean from sludge and working well.

The Marvel Mystery Oil helps lubricate the upper cylinder for smoother performance, and also can improve the compression power and MPG.

It is an excellent additive to add to the oil during maintenance every time to ensure that your engine is purring and healthy and that you don’t have to pay for expensive repairs due to worn parts, sludge, and other issues.

You can use it with conventional or synthetic, 2 or 4 cycle oils to keep your vehicle in top condition, and to prevent noisy engine issues in the future as well.


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