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The Best Bread Knife Reviewed: Our 2020 Buyer’s Guide

The bread knife is an important cutting tool in the kitchen alongside your paring knife and the chef’s knife. It will make you quicker in making a slice of the bread or cutting veggies or skinned fruits. For this reason, it will save your time a lot. In this article, I will discuss the best bread knives in the market which will help you to figure out the best products in the market hopefully.

Best Bread Knives Reviews

Victorinox 47547 Fibrox Pro 10.25″ Curved Bread Knife

Victorinox 47547 Bread Knife makes you expert and quick in the kitchen to cut and slice loaves and other things with perfection. Its serrated blades and ergonomic design make it the best bread knife in the market. Let’s have a look at the best features of this amazing knife.

Best Features

  •  Serrated Edge

Firstly, Victorinox 47547 Bread Knife has a serrated edge on its sharp blades which makes you comfortable and effortless to cut from soft to hard crusty loaves very easily. Also, it offers you better control and stronghold while slicing the loaves as well as the skinned fruits or vegetables. For this reason, you get a quick and perfect slice of the food every time.

  • Curved Blade

Next, The blade of this bread knife is 10.25-inch-long which is very much efficient to slice large bread. Not only the large bread, it has great control to slice smaller items. Eventually, this is just because of the curved blade of this awesome knife.

  • Ergonomic Design

Finally, the handle of this fantastic knife provides you with a comfortable grip. Also, it is fully non-slip patented so that it prevents any kind of accident. As a whole, it is completely ergonomically designed to reduce your wrist fatigue while working in the kitchen.

If you wish to own this great knife for your kitchen stuff, you can visit here to have more information.

Oxo 22481 Good Grip 8″ Bread Knife

I selected Oxo Good Grips Bread Knife in my review of the best bread knife in the market for its remarkable capability of making perfect slice every time. Besides, it makes you faster in the kitchen with full safety. Now take a look at the highlighted features of this efficient bread knife.

Best Features

  • 8” Serrated Sharp Stainless Steel Blades

Firstly, Oxo Good Grips Bread Knife has hand-finished stainless steel blades which can pierce through both soft and crusty loaves easily and make perfect slices. Besides, serrated edge of the 8” blade ensures easy cutting of bagels, rolls or large melons.

  • Easy Gripping

Secondly, Oxo Good Grips Bread Knife features ergonomically designed easy gripping handles. Moreover, the handle has pressure-absorbing rubber which reduces the tension on the hands while working and make you comfortable.

  • Dishwasher Safe Slip-proof Handle

Lastly, the handle of the knife is completely safe from the dishwasher. Besides, it will never slip from your hands whether your hand is wet or dry.

Want to have this excellent cutting companion in your kitchen? If affirmative, then you can go here to get more information.

HENCKELS 31163-181 Classic 7″ Bread Knife

JA Henckels International Classic Bread Knife is a perfect kitchen tool for making a quick slice of your bread or any kind of vegetable or fruits. Now let’s see what features it includes, which makes it a fantastic knife.

Best Features

  • 7” Serrated Blade

At First, the 7-inch-long serrated edged blade of this knife enables you to make the perfect and quick cut off not only soft bread but also hard crusty bread. Besides, perfect for cutting tomatoes or other veggies.

  • High-Carbon German Stainless Steel

At next, the blade is made from German stainless steel with high carbon which makes it durable and strong. Also, it ensures the better control in your hand.

  • Triple- Rivet Handle

At last, the handle of JA Henckels International Bread Knife is triple riveted. Also, it is surrounded with a full tang. Eventually, this awesome ergonomic design of this makes it comfortable and easy for use with full safety.

Interested in having this awesome knife in your hand for your kitchen stuff? If yes, then you can buy it from

Zyliss 31394 Bread Knife with Sheath Cover

I included this excellent Zyliss Bread Knife in my best bread knife review for its high-quality blade, efficiency, durability and long-lasting performance. Look at the detailed features below.

Best Features

  • Super Sharp High-Carbon Stainless Steel Blade

Firstly, Zyliss Bread Knife has high-grade carbon stainless steel blade which is sharp enough to slice soft or hard crispy bread very comfortably and easily. Besides, this 8.5-inch-longblade has serrated edge makes it more efficient to perform the sewing task quickly. Also, you can re-sharp the edges for long lasting use.

  • Ergonomic Handle

Secondly, the handle of this knife has a soft and comfortable grip which has a non-slip cover on it. For this reason, it makes you easy to hold it while working. Besides, there is no worry of slipping the knife from the hand whether the hand is wet or dry.

  • Safety Blade Guards

Lastly, the knife features a blade guard with it which ensures safety from any kind of accident with the sharp blade of the knife. Besides, it ensures the safe storage of the knife. Moreover, while you are outing, you can take it with you without any tension regarding safety.

If you are looking for such a long-lasting high-performance bread knife, I recommend this one highly. You can go here to collect more information about this product.

Things to Consider – Best Bread Knife

Going to buy a bread knife? Then you have to consider some essential fact to buy a perfect one.

Here is the list of fact to consider before you buy a bread knife from the market.

  • Length of Blade

Firstly, the length of the blade of the bread knife should be long enough so that it gives you the capability to cut any size of the loaves or cakes or any vegetables or fruit.

  • Serrated Edge of the Blade

Secondly, the edge of the blade of the knife should be serrated. This serrated edged blade can pierce through hard or soft bread very easily and make you quicker.

  • Quality of the Steel

Thirdly, the steel of the blade must be a quality one as it is the most significant part of the knife. For this reason, I prefer high-carbon stainless steel blades as it prevents rust and can be used for a long time.

  • Multiple Usability

Finally, when buying the bread knife, I suggest you buy such knives which give you the flexibility to use it to cut not only the bread but also to cut other things like vegetable or fruits also.

How to Choose the Best Bread Knife?

In this section of this article, I will discuss the fact that how you can choose the best bread knife for you from the market. For this purpose, you should be conscious about some facts to have the best one in your hand.

  • At first, your bread knife’s blade’s length should be at least 8 inches. This blades will be able to cut any kind of loaves or other things in your kitchen. You will face difficulty in cutting big size loaves with small blades.
  • Also, choose the knives which have the blades which are made from stainless steel. It will give you the high performance. You will be able to re-sharp it when you need. So you can use it for a long time.
  • Finally, the most important fact is serrated edge blades. The blades should have the serrated edge so that you do not face any difficulty to saw through any kind of soft or hard crusty loaves or anything in the kitchen.

The Final Words

In conclusion, I can say that from the review of the best bread knife, it will be very easier for you to choose the best and perfect bread knife from the market. The above-mentioned bread knives are the best ones in the market as I specially tested them and compared them with others. If you want to have the best performance, you can choose one of it without any hesitation.

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