Here’s something interesting about America’s coffee habits. It is the 25th highest java drinker in the world. On average, we drink about 4.2 kilos of coffee. (I’m pretty sure I have a significant role to play in bringing this average up.) Interestingly, 79% of US coffee drinkers prefer to brew it at home. If you wish to own a java brewer, you need the best coffee maker for under 50 dollars.

But what’s a good coffee maker in that price range? How will you pick the right coffee maker? Too many questions and too much confusion, right? Don’t worry, I’m here to help! I’ll tell you about the factors to look at while buying a coffee machine and the types of coffee makers available. But before that, I’m going to list out my favorite coffee makers under 50 dollars!

Best Coffee Maker under 50

Top 5 Coffee Makers

Let’s start by looking at the coffee makers under 50 dollars to fit your budget easily.

BLACK+DECKER 12 Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

One of the best brands of home appliances is Black+Decker. The 12 cups programmable coffee machine from this brand is an excellent solution for your daily coffee needs. All you have to do is to set the timer so that you can get your coffee exactly when you need it – thanks to the 24 hr auto-brew feature.

Cleaning the filter basket is no headache at all. All you have to do is to have it removed and get it washed up. The plastic body and the glass carafe are both super-durable. You’ll also love the chic black look!

Features I love:

  • Digital panel with rubberized buttons for QuickTouch programming to give complete control.
  • Sneak-A-Cup option to pause coffee flow and collect a single cup before brewing is done.
  • Auto shut-off option to ensure that the device is turned off and is safe if you forget.
  • Water window in the front to view the exact level of water present in the brewer.
  • Non-stick carafe plate to ensure that the coffee is hot for an hour.

Mueller Ultra Coffee Maker

Do you need a cup of coffee with a full flavor for a good kick in the morning? Then the programmable 12 cup machine from the house of Mueller Austria is an ideal device for you.

It can reach 205 degrees and is capable of combining the high temperature with fast brewing speed to give you exquisite coffee in a short time. This perfect black beauty in durable steel is super-easy to use and fits your budget, too.

Features I Love:

  • Permanent coffee filter to prevent purchasing paper filters and changing them repeatedly
  • Easy to brew coffee at any time with the help of the pause-and-serve option
  • Mess-free filling of the water reservoir without dripping on countertops
  • Easy to control brew strength for regular or bold flavors to match your taste
  • Precise and drip-free pouring into the service mug, thanks to the specially-designed carafe

Hamilton Beach Programmable Coffee Maker

For a no-stress, no-mess coffee-making experience at home, the Hamilton Beach 12 cup coffee brewer is an excellent choice for you. Hamilton Beach is one of the most known brands in the market, and every single cup it brews is rich like a barista has freshly made it.

From operations to cleaning, everything is super-easy with this excellent brewer! You can grab a cup anytime before the brewing process ends. It’s a highly recommended programmable coffee machine.

Features I Love:

  • Three coffee strengths to meet the needs of different people
  • Auto-pause option to halt the brewing process and grab a cup of coffee anytime
  • Dual access to the water tank from the front and the back for easy refilling
  • Swing-out filter basket that’s easy to remove, fill, and clean
  • Cleaning reminder indicating that it’s time for cleaning the unit

KRUPS Simply Brew Drip Coffee Maker


A unique 5-cup coffee maker from the house of KRUPS, this brewer can be a great addition to your kitchen or home office. It has a stylish silver finish that gives it a classic look.

Thanks to the stainless steel body, this machine will last for a long time without showing signs of wear and tear. It’s easy to use and ready to brew you some coffee whenever you want. The warming plate will keep the drink hot for you!

Features I Love:

  • Easy to pause the brewing process to pour yourself a cup whenever you want
  • Single-button to turn the machine on or off for convenient usage
  • Drip-free spout to prevent mess and save every single drop of coffee
  • The water tank that’s easy to fill from the top, with a convenient location
  • It comes with necessary accessories like a glass pot, spoon, and permanent filter.

Single Serve Coffee Maker for Coffee Pod & Ground Coffee by KitchenBro (Red)


This single-serve coffee maker by KitchenBro is the ideal personal brewer that’s perfect for a household where people wake up at different times.

It can single-handedly deal with K-cup pots and ground coffee. The brew strength control allows you to enjoy the kind of coffee you want. Plastic has been used in the red body to make it. It’s so sleek that you can place it anywhere – even on your work table.

Features I Love:

  • Rapid coffee brewing process to make a cup ready within 3 minutes.
  • Water control function to adjust the amount of coffee and save grounds
  • Just two buttons for 2-in-1 coffee brewing, with traditional grounds and K-cup options
  • Innovative and compact design to fit into any tight space or tabletop
  • Self-cleaning option available at the touch of just two buttons

Which is the Best Coffee Machine?

You’ve seen a list of my favorite coffee makers within $50. You will need one kind of coffee maker for your personal use, while the one for a large number of people will be different. But which machine would I recommend if I have to recommend only one out of the list? Drum rolls, please, because I have one recommendation from each category.

Personal Use – KitchenBro Single Serve Coffee Maker Brewer (Red)

Here’s why I recommend the single-serve coffee machine by KitchenBro:

  • Vibrant red color
  • Sleek and space-saving
  • Auto-cleaning option
  • Auto-shutdown function
  • Traditional ground coffee and K-Cup pod brews

Family Use: Hamilton Beach 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

Here’s why I suggest the Hamilton Beach coffee machine for family use:

  • Programmable clock for timing brews
  • Auto shutdown after 2 hours
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Multiple brew strengths with optimized cycles
  • Excellent quality by a trustworthy brand

What to Look for in a Coffee Maker under $50

Now that you know which are the coffee makers under 50 dollars to fit your budget, here’s a quick guide to help you look for the best factors in a coffee maker. Take a look!

a) Carafe Size:

Check the carafe size and decide whether you need a single-serve coffee maker or a family-sized one. If you live alone or your family members wake up at different times, I suggest you go for a single-serve unit. But if you’re into family breakfasts and big brunches, it’s better to choose a larger one serving 12 cups, with a single cup measuring 5 oz.

b) Unit Size:

How much space is available for you to place the coffee maker? You’ll have to pick a brewer accordingly. An oversized machine can be a headache. So, decide where you’re going to place the coffee maker and pick one accordingly. Don’t forget to check the mug size that can fit in a single-serve brewer.

c) Timing:

How many times do you like to drink coffee? Do you just need a cup of joe in the morning to wake you up, or do you want a constant supply? Do you keep the device on for the entire day because you just forget to turn it off, like me? Accordingly, you might look for a warming plate, thermal carafe, or timer.

d) Coffee Type:

There are separate machines for coffee and espresso, but you’ll also find brewers that make both. You need a device dedicated to making a particular type of drink if you want a cup of traditional espresso or cappuccino. Otherwise, choose a machine that makes different types of brews to suit your mood.

e) Convenience:

How much do you wish to monitor the process of making coffee? While a pour-over coffee maker demands more work, a fully programmable brewer will keep your cup ready when you wake up. You can pick something in between a fully automated and a fully manual mechanism, too.

f) Brewing Options:

The more you spend on the machine, the more options you get to customize the drink. You will have options to make more than just basic coffee. A brewer that’s fairly complicated will allow you to choose the number of coffee grounds, the strength of the beverage, temperature of the water, brew size, and more.

g) Extra Features:

I love brewers with a bean grinder and milk frothing feature. Based on your needs, you can look for one with auto-off, keep-warm, audible alarm, and more. Of course, these features of the coffee machine will add to the price tag. So think carefully before going for the fanciest options.

 h) Cleaning:

Your coffee machine will need to be adequately cleaned – it’s basic hygiene. I suggest you pick a unit without tubing to avoid the tough job of cleaning it. Instead, it will begin to house all kinds of disgusting goop, which will become even harder to clean with time.

i) Warranty:

A warranty will ensure that if there’s some problem with the machine or it starts to malfunction, you will find it helpful. Different brands offer different types of warranties on parts and labor or manufacturer defects. It can be full coverage or a limited warranty. The period maybe a month or it can be 2-3 years.

At the time of purchasing your coffee maker, make sure to consider what features you will really need. If you’re looking for a budget buy, it’s not a good idea to pick flashy features as they will definitely raise the price. So do a little research to decide on the features you want so that you can make a purchase that fits your budget and makes excellent coffee for you and your family.

Types of Coffee Makers

Are you new to buying coffee makers? Yeah, I remember how it was, not being able to tell them apart. But in my defense, there are several types of coffee makers. Their categories are –

  • Pressure Coffee Machines
  • Filtration/Drip Brewers
  • Steep Brewers
  • Boil-Based Brewers
  • Combo Brewers

Let’s take a further look, shall we?

Pressure Coffee Machines

This kind of coffee machine uses a much higher temperature of the water and greater pressure to create a unique brew with stronger flavors. Coffee makers in this category include:

  • Manual Espresso Machine
  • Automated Espresso Machine (Partially or Fully)
  • Moka Pot
  • AeroPress

Filtration/Drip Brewers

In this type of coffee maker, the brew passes through a filter and drips out gradually into the carafe or serving pot. It gives different dimensions of bold flavors. Brewers in this category include:

  • Regular Coffee Pot (Auto-Drip)
  • Chemex Style Brewer (Manual Drip)
  • Cold Drip
  • Vietnamese Coffee Machine
  • Percolator
  • Single-Serve Brewers (like K-cup, Nespresso, and Tassimo Disc)

Steep Brewers

These coffee machines let the ground soak in the liquid until it takes on the color and flavor. Steeped coffee can vary in taste and aroma, depending on duration and temperature. This category includes:

  • Siphon (Soft Brew)
  • French Press

Boil-Based Brewers

These brewers use roasted coffee grounds, which are mixed in hot water, to give you your brew. The process will create a strong flavor. Machines in this category include:

  • Camping Coffee Maker
  • Ibrik or Turkish Coffee Pot Maker

Combo Brewers

These are devices that are equipped to use different methods of brewing coffee. You may find machines that offer a combination of espresso, cappuccino, tea, and more. The category may include:

  • K-Cup and Drip Coffee
  • Tea and Drip Coffee
  • Espresso and Drip Coffee
  • Breakfast Station (with toasters or griddles)

… and more! It all depends on the amount of effort you want to put into making a cup of coffee each day, the space available, and the kind of coffee drinker you are. If you simply need coffee to stay awake, your needs will be different from someone who is passionate about the different flavors and brewing process.

Final Words

In this list, I have mostly covered machines that serve the needs of individual coffee drinkers or their families. They are all under $50. Therefore, they won’t be too heavy on the pockets. Yes, you will get coffee machines that are even cheaper. But the ones on this list offer the perfect balance of features, quality, and convenience.


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