Many parents and high school students find the college admission process frustrating and confusing when the time comes for the student to move on to higher education.

It is common among students to be uncertain of their plans for a future career and the right major and college to choose at such an early age. This is why college admissions consultants have become so popular.

Choosing to invest in the services of a professional college admissions consultant can be one of the wisest long-term investments the parents can make for their child.

The great college counselors can help with all aspects of admissions counseling, including the choice of an appropriate school and major, as well as help improve the applications and credentials of the students, increasing their chances of getting into a school that is suitable for them, and even getting them scholarships for their tuition.

Even if you are experienced with college application, you should know that it is not only the GPA and SAT scores that matter. Some subtle details can make the real difference of whether a student gets accepted in the college or university of their dreams, especially when it comes to the top-rated and more selective schools and disciplines.

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We have compiled a list of the greatest college admissions consultants you can find on the market, with all their pros, cons, and other details which may be useful for those of you who are looking for hiring the best college admission consultant for their child.

Admissionado College Admissions Consulting

Admissionado College Admissions Consulting is among the top-ranked consultancy services around. The admissions counseling company was founded by a couple of college friends from Brown in 2007. Since then, it has grown to a company of over 100 college consultants and has helped thousands of students to be successfully admitted to the colleges of their dreams.

One of the advantages of the Admissionado service is that the company has a policy of assigning an entire team of college admission consultants for each client. The members of the college application consulting team all are experts in different spheres within the admissions process. One admissions consultant is an expert in creating the perfect application, another college application consultant is experienced with the essay writing and editing, someone else from the team might help the student prepare for the interview, and so on.

The college admissions consultant company has experience helping students get accepted in hundreds of colleges and universities, thanks to its consultants who have worked as admissions officers at the top-ranked Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Columbia, Brown, Pennsylvania Universities and top college.

You can hire the Admissionado College Admissions Consulting Company for one or more of the following expert services:

  • Application consulting – this is perfect for students who already know which colleges and universities they would like to apply for, and need help for refining their applications, essays and get other help in order to have a better chance of getting accepted.
  • College consulting – this is an excellent service for those high school students who still have no clear idea of their future plans and who do not have or are not happy with the guidance counselors in their schools.
  • The full admissions package – this is a complete service that includes providing expert guidance regarding the most appropriate schools, as well as providing help with the application package, improving test scores, essay writing and editing, and all other steps required for school admissions.

Veritas Prep College Admission Consulting

The Veritas Prep College Admission Consulting Company is among the most successful and most popular college admissions consultants.

The college admissions consultants company was established back in 2001 by several Ivy League graduates. Since then, the company has hired only leading consultants with experience with school admissions and who have worked as admissions offers at the top-ranked schools, as well as those who ranked in the top 99th percentile at their standardized test for admission in college, university, or grad school.

Since 2001, the college consultant company has helped more than 300,000 students to get into their first-choice schools. Its experts have experience as actual admissions officers of some of the top-ranked universities like Princeton, Brown, Yale, MIT, Duke, UC – Berkley, Smith College, College of William and Mary, and many more.

Here are the admissions counseling services which Veritas Prep offers for prospective college applicants:

  • Veritas Prep offers one of the leading SAT and GRE prep courses on the market.
  • It offers the clients a holistic college admissions consultant platform that will guide them through the entire application and admission process, with services like deadline tracking, to-do lists, comments, essay tips, and drafts, and personalized advice by the members of the consulting college team.
  • Veritas Prep offers Grade consultant college packages for 7th-8th graders, for 9th-10th graders and for 11th-12th graders, which include application test drive packages, comprehensive packages, and hourly packages.
  • You can also choose among the different price packages offered for the more comprehensive package for people with different budgets.

Accepted MBA Admissions Consulting

Accepted MBA Admissions Consulting is among the most experienced college admissions consultant companies in this field. The college admission consultants have been helping students get into their dream colleges since 1994 and is a top-preferred company because of the personalized one-on-one consulting approach to students.

Accepted offers other professional college admissions consultant services, apart from undergraduate consulting. The experts from the company can help applicants get into business school, law school, medical school, and all other graduate programs too.

The company is one of the top choices for high school students who have set their minds on a particular college and university, be it an Ivy League school, a private college, or another top college or graduate school around the world.

Accepted has experience in the admissions offices of the University of Michigan, Cornell University, University of North Carolina, and others.

Some of the main services offered by Accepted include:

  • One-on-one consultancies by your assigned college admissions consultant, who will help guide you through all stages of the application process to increase your chances of getting accepted.
  • Different price packages – the college consultants company is flexible in the services it provides and offers quick one time consultations, guidance for the entire application, and last-minute support at different price ranges, suitable for people with all kinds of budgets.
  • A very quick turnaround – the college consultant company will not turn down a client no matter how close it is to the application deadline. They offer special express services and won’t turn down any client.

Top Tier Admissions College Consulting

Top Tier has over two decades of experience as an admissions consultancy service. Its admissions consultants have previous experience as admissions officers of some of the leading schools in the USA, including Harvard and Dartmouth and other Ivy League school and top college admissions offices.

The Top Tier college application consultants and other experts can help students get ready for the admissions process for college or university, starting from middle school up to graduate school.

Some of the services offered by the company include:

  • Admissions doctor’s services – the name of this service describes it perfectly. It includes the assessment and diagnosis of the situation of the individual student and then offering the best “treatment” plan to improve his or her credentials and application and point them to the right school.
  • Boot Camp – this is a face-to-face event that takes part every year, which gathers students from around the country to discuss their future plans, applications and other related matters which can help them decide which college to apply to, and also how to improve their application.
  • Interview prep – the college consulting company offers an outstanding interview prep service, which can help candidates perform much better at their college admissions interviews.
  • Different packages – clients can choose among the very wide range of consulting packages offered by the college consulting company, including essay editing, application improvement, continuous support, and more.

College Coach College Admissions Consulting Services

College Coach Admissions Consulting Services is a company founded back in 1998, which has a special student-focused approach when helping the students get admitted to the universities and programs of their choice.

The experts from the college admissions consulting company focus on the individual strengths of each client and find the perfect way to emphasize them in the application process. With such a personalized approach, students will be able to stand out more among the rest of the applicants for the same college or university.

The consulting service has advisors and coaches who have worked previously as admissions officers at Yale, Northwestern Universities, and Reed, Babson, Swarthmore, and Goucher Colleges.

You can book one or more of the services offered by the College Coach college admissions consultant company:

  • A comprehensive package – this is a holistic service that will guide and support the student and parents throughout the entire application process – from day one to the deadline.
  • One-on-one consultancy – the client is paired with a college admissions consultant who will personally advise the student throughout the college admissions process.
  • Financial advice – College Coach consultants offer financial advice for college admissions, which is something that most other admissions consulting services don’t. With the expert financial advice, students and parents will receive help in the financial aspects of the application and admissions processes, as well as advice on possible financial aid, scholarship, and others.
  • Different package options – the admissions consultants company offers a wide range of services and packages for all needs and all budgets.

PrepScholar College Admissions Consulting

PrepScholar is probably better known for one of the leading test prep courses and services it offers. The company offers professional help to students who are taking their SAT, ACT, GMAT, and other standardized tests to improve their test scores.

But the company also offers some excellent and reasonably priced college admissions services for its clients.

You can book the company for one or more than one of the following college admission consultancy services:

  • Essay editing – for just $195, you can get a professional admissions consultant to read, assess, and edit your essay for the application so that you present the perfect essay to the college admissions office.
  • A Full essay service – this is an excellent service for students who can use some guidance with planning and writing their application essays. The experts from the consultancy company will guide the student through the entire process step-by-step.
  • An application review service – you can get a professional assessment of the application for college, which you have prepared, and advice for corrections and possible improvements before you send out the application.
  • A complete package – this service includes every single detail of the college application process – from advice for determining the right school, through getting together the application, writing the essay, applying and getting waitlist strategy advice.
  • Mentorship for grades 9 -11 – it is never too early to start prepping for college or university, so PrepScholar offers this long-term consultancy service, which will make the process much easier when the child gets to its senior year and the time comes for college application.

Ivy Coach

Ivy Coach advertises itself as one of the leading college admissions consultants firms for candidates for the Ivy League schools. The team includes experts with experience in admissions of the leading universities and colleges in the USA.

You can hire the consultants from Ivy Coach for the following services:

  • A free consultation – Ivy Coach offers a 20-minute free consultation for all clients interested in their services. You can get a free consultation on the phone and get advice for your college application, and answers to any of your questions.
  • 1-hour consultations – this service is perfect for students in middle or high school who have no clear idea of their plans for college and who need guidance to find the greatest opportunities for them.
  • Different packages – the company offers an Ultimate Package for consultation services for applying to up to 20 schools, including Ivy League and private college, and also services like interview prep, letters of enthusiasm, evaluation of early denials or deferrals, and others.

Elite Advantage Prep College Admissions Consulting

Elite Advantage Prep is a relatively newer admissions consulting company that will help guide students from as early as possible through the right path to their dream college or university.

The staff of the company has experience in working at the admissions offices of Harvard and Georgetown Universities.

One of the biggest advantages of this company is that it offers its clients to choose singular consultancy services, rather than paying for a complete comprehensive package. This can save you a lot of money for college applications.

Elite Advantage Prep offers the following services:

  • Comprehensive one-on-one packages for 9th and 10th graders, on-track packages for 11th and 12th graders, and a package for seniors to help them get in the top college of their choice.
  • The A la carte services you can pick from are: college list development, resume planning, essay brainstorming, essay review, interview prep, and general consulting for the college applicants.

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