If you are planning on applying to a graduate business school, then you should plan on prepping for the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) well ahead.

Your GMAT score could be crucial for your application and your acceptance in the business graduate program of your dreams.

The standardized test is computer-based and includes multiple-choice questions that are developed to assess the test taker’s readiness for graduate-level business or management study and work.

The questions and topics included in the GMAT include arithmetic, geometry, algebra, data analysis, as well as grammar. As a whole, the goal of this standardized test is to assess your critical thinking abilities and problem-solving skills.

The different sections of the test are scored differently. The verbal and quantitative sections each are scored from 0 to 60.

The Integrated Reasoning section is scored from 1 to 8 in 1-point increments, and the Analytical Writing Assessment section is scored from 0 to 6 in half increments.

The scores are then combined together to generate a total score from 200 to 600 in 10-point increments.

Whether you are looking for ways to improve your GMAT score or are just beginning to plan your road to applying to a business graduate program, there are some highly efficient GMAT prep courses that are worth considering.

The best GMAT prep courses will help you prepare for the test, and most of them will guarantee you a higher score at the test.

We have selected and reviewed the most recommended GMAT prep courses suitable for any skill level, budget, and schedule.



One of the best GMAT prep courses if you want to improve your quant score

The TargetTestPrep online GMAT prep course is focused on improving your performance and score on the quantitative section of the test. The course includes access to more than 800 HD videos led by experts on all GMAT quant topics. There is also a study guide with detailed explanations of all quant questions and problems. Also included in the GMAT prep course are precious tips on test-taking strategies, tips, and tricks for performing better at the exam.

The course includes access to quizzes and more than 3,000 practice questions, which will prepare you for the actual test experience.

You will be provided with a personalized study plan for your GMAT prep

The GMAT prep courses will provide you with a step by step study plan personalized, especially for you, so that you don’t get overwhelmed by the massive database of study materials. You will be guided through the GMAT prep process seamlessly and with maximum efficiency, thanks to the plan and the guidance of the experts at TargetTestPrep.

You will receive useful feedback via the intelligent analytics of the platform

At all times, you will be able to track your progress, see how you are doing compared to others, and be given feedback on the topics and areas which you should focus more at.

An error tracker will keep you on track

This great prep course for GMAT will provide you with a precise log of all the errors you make and will analyze the mistakes which you make more often. This can help improve your precision and your accuracy and understand how to avoid these mistakes at the actual GMAT.

Live support from experts 

At all times, students can rely on a quick and expert response by the TargetTestPrep team regarding specific questions, your study plan, the course itself, or other problems that they are having while taking the GMAT prep course.

A 5-day trial for $1

You can try out the GMAT prep course for a period of 5 days for just $1. This is highly recommended for students who are not sure what type, of course, they will feel comfortable with and will benefit the most from.

Different course plans to choose from

You can pick a monthly course plan for $99 if you prefer a self-paced and flexible course. The dedicated study plan is a 4-month plan costing $299, and the maximum learning course provides 6-month access and costs $399. All of the GMAT prep courses include both quant and verbal training for the students enrolled. The service also has some of the best GMAT prep courses reviews.


The verbal GMAT course is still in pre-launch

The TargetTestPrep GMAT quant course is among the greatest you can find on the market, but the test prep service only recently added the verbal course to its program. This means that the prep course is still primarily focused on the quantitative section of the GMAT. This makes it more suitable for students looking for improving and honing their quant skills and scores, rather than students looking for a more comprehensive GMAT course prep covering all sections of the test.



Excellent price for the value offered by the online GMAT prep plans

Students can choose a Math and Integrated Reasoning self-study course with 1-year access to the math and IR content, including more than 175 video lessons, more than 720 practice questions, a study schedule, email assistance, a right to pause the program whenever they need to, and a 3+ GMAT math score guarantee for only $219.

The Premium self-paced GMAT prep course offers a year of access to all GMAT content, including math, verbal, AWA, and Integrated Reasoning, more than 1,300 practice questions, more than 340 video lessons, 2 diagnostic tests, study plans, email assistance, a score predictor, a pause your plan option and a +50 GMAT total score guarantee for just $249.

In case you don’t improve your GMAT score as promised, you will receive a complete refund of the tuition paid for the GMAT courses.

This makes the Magoosh GMAT prep course one of the leading GMAT prep online platforms on the market.

You can call get one-on-one video chat tutoring

For a price of $799, students will receive access to the Premium course and 6 hours of live one-on-one private tutoring by experts via video chat.

Two full-length practice tests and an accurate score predictor

Students will get the chance to take two full-length practice tests to get a real feel of the GMAT exam experience and to take note of which areas they need to work on more. The course also offers a very accurate GMAT score predictor to let students know what score to expect at the actual test.

Email support

You can ask the team experts all questions regarding the course and particular problems you have with the questions and the material, and you will receive a prompt answer via email 24/7.


A lower number of practice questions

The Magoosh GMAT prep course includes access to 1,500 realistic practice questions, which is not as much as the number of questions offered by the majority of the competition.

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Manhattan Prep


You can choose between self-paced or instructor-guided GMAT prep courses

Manhattan Prep offers one of the most versatile choices when it comes to courses for GMAT.

Students can choose a self-paced online course like the GMAT Interact, providing access to more than 35 video lessons, all the GMAT prep books and online resources for $549. You can also pick the GMAT Self-Study Toolkit for $359, including access to the same books and resources, a study syllabus, and GMAT Navigator access. At a lower price of less than $160, you can get a full set of GMAT strategy guides for all sections and access to 6 online GMAT practice tests on Amazon.

As for the instructor-guided GMAT test prep courses, you get a choice between an in-person or an online GMAT Boot Camp with 35 hours of instructions for 2-3 weeks. There is also a Live GMAT course with 27 hours of online or in-person live instruction for $1599. Manhattan Prep also has a GMAT Advanced Course, including 15 hours of instruction on tackling the hardest content on the GMAT, and a GMAT Interact Coaching course each for $1399.

Manhattan Prep was founded in 1999 and still caters to the needs of people striving for the highest possible GMAT scores. It offers a choice of instructor-led and self-guided GMAT preparation courses.

Overall, it is the top GMAT online prep course service when it comes to versatility and different study schedules and styles.

Carefully selected and vetted instructors

The GMAT prep course program hires only GMAT top performers from Ivy League schools and different graduate programs. They are advanced problem solvers and thinkers, so students will receive instructions from the best possible tutors on improving their GMAT performance


The price

The prices of the courses are higher than the prices of most of the other GMAT prep courses.

No guarantees for an increase in the GMAT score

Manhattan Prep doesn’t offer a guarantee or a refund for an increase of the GMAT score to its students.

No trial period

The company doesn’t offer a trial period, which will allow students to explore the platform and then consider whether they want to enroll or not.

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Inexpensive GMAT prep plans

PrepScholar offers one of the least expensive quality online prep for GMAT resources and courses on the market.

You can buy 2-month access to 500 realistic practice questions with detailed explanations for each answer, as well as more than 30 GMAT skill lessons for a price of just $69.

The self-paced online GMAT prep course costs $139 and includes 3 months of access, a diagnostic assessment test, 750 practice questions with detailed explanations, over 30 GMAT skill, and 5 GMAT strategy lessons.

The most expensive and most popular option is the Completely Customized Online GMAT Prep, which costs $259, and provides 4 months of access to 100+ hours of content, over 1,000 practice questions and answer explanations, an diagnostic assessment test, a personal study plan, more than 30 GMAT skill and 10 strategy lessons, and an industry-leading 60 point improvement guarantee for the students enrolled.

A 60 point improvement or 5-day money-back guarantee

This guarantee given for the GMAT course plan offered by PrepScholar is the highest you will find on the market. The company also offers its customers a complete refund within the first 5 days of use if they are not satisfied with the course.

This is an excellent way to make sure that you are making a wise investment and getting a great prep for GMAT when enrolling for this course.


Fewer practice questions than other GMAT courses

This GMAT prep course offers 500 to 1,000+ practice questions depending on the plan you sign up for. This is quite a bit fewer than other test prep services and courses which offer 3,000 and more practice questions in their packages.



A full-length practice test at an actual GMAT testing center

If this is your first time taking the GMAT, then this part of the GMAT prep course offered by Kaplan can be essential for your performance at the actual test. You will get an opportunity to perform a timed, real full-length GMAT test in a GMAT testing center to get a feel of the real test day and also to spot the strengths and weaknesses which you need to work on more. Kaplan works in association with ACT who have developed the ACT Official Guide and exams.

A higher score or money back guarantee

Kaplan offers to refund all of your money if you fail to score higher at the GMAT after taking the course.

A choice between live and on-demand prep courses for any studying style

Students can choose to enroll for an on-demand personalized study prep course or a live online or in-person course depending on their schedule and studying style and preferences. Each course includes over 140 hours of online instructions by experts and practice lessons, 9 full-length computer practice exams in accordance with the Official Guide for ACT, a Qbank with more than 5,000 practice questions which personalizes the results based on the performance and level of the students, added practice, guidance, books, and the exclusive Kaplan official test day experience.

A smart Qbank

Thanks to its learning algorithm, the Qbank will adapt to your level and performance and will take you to the difficulty level, which you practice on and will guide you through harder and harder questions as you go.



The prices of the courses are higher than many of the other more budget-friendly GMAT prep courses on our list. The self-paced courses start from $599, and the live online ones from $2349. The good news is, students will also receive a guarantee for a higher score, or get their money back.

The Economist GMAT Tutor


An industry-leading 70 point improvement guarantee

The Economist GMAT Tutor offers one of the highest score improvement money-back guarantees of all of the courses we have reviewed. The test prep service promises its students a 70 point score improvement, or else they will receive a complete refund for the Premium or Genius course plans.

You can get essay reviews

If you enroll for the Premium or Genius plans, you will receive 4 or 6 essay reviews by an expert, along with feedback on ways to improve your performance at the actual test.

One-on-one sessions and ask a tutor questions

For each of the plans, you will get a certain number of one-on-one tutoring sessions that you can use to address any problems and questions you have regarding the GMAT. You will also receive 50, 100, or unlimited ask a tutor questions depending on the plan you sign up for.

4 to 6 practice exams

Students will get to complete up to 6 practice exams to assess their progress, strengths and weaknesses during the course, as well as 3 months of free The Economist digital subscription.

7-day trial

Students or parents can try the course out for 7 days for free.


None found yet.



There is a verbal online GMAT prep course

In case you need help polishing your skills for the verbal section of the GMAT only, then you can sign up for the dedicated verbal online plan for $249 and receive over 90 hours of video lessons, more than 1,100 learning and exercise questions, a 24-hour strategy, and a personalized study schedule.

The comprehensive verbal and quant course is reasonably priced

You will have to pay just $349 for 6 months of access to all of the verbal and quant video lessons, more than 2,200 learning and exercise questions, and up to 1,200 special questions, study plans, and GMAT strategy, and access to more than 10 practice mock tests. The self-paced course can be customized to fit all study schedules for test prep.

Various computer-based mock tests

The company offers access to 5 SIGma-X mocks, 5 800 Score mocks, and over 30 GMAT club tests to provide you with a realistic feel of the actual GMAT test.

It offers a comprehensive 7-day trial

You can try out most of the features and resources during a 7 day trial period for free.


No higher score guarantee

e-GMAT doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee if participants in the courses do not score higher on the GMAT. On the other hand, the company offers a complete refund if the student is not happy with the learning experience during the first 7 days of the test prep course.



Some of the best guarantees in the industry

EMPOWERgmat offers a 100 point improvement guarantee for students who have previously scored up to 580. If your previous score on the GMAT is between 590 and 640, then you will receive a 70 point improvement guarantee, and if your score is 650+, you get a guarantee for any improvement of that score at the GMAT exam.

If you improve your score at the GMAT by 100 points or more, the company will reward you with a free hour with a professional admissions consultant.

You will also receive a free month of GMAT prep if you decide to cancel your GMAT score.

Affordable GMAT prep plans

A month of full self-paced GMAT test prep training costs just $99 and includes on-demand access to hundreds of video lessons, thousands of actual GMAT retired practice questions, monthly study plans, score booster plans, and email support.

The three-month course costs only $349 and includes all of the above, as well as 6 official full-length GMAT practice exams, a Qbank with 1,773 questions, and more.

The first 24 hours are free

You can cancel your account during the first 24 hours of signing up completely free.


No live lessons

If you are not certain that self-paced studying is the right approach for your GMAT prep, then this prep service may not be the perfect option for you. You may want to try an instructor-guided or scheduled GMAT prep course instead.

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The Princeton Review


One of the top bangs for your buck

The Princeton Review offers a comprehensive course which is self-paced, includes access to a vast number of on-demand video lessons, adaptive drills with over 3,000 practice questions, 10 full-length practice exams, the latest official GMAT practice materials, and a 1-hour one-on-one session with your GMAT tutor – all of this costing $399.

It offers a 700+ GMAT prep plan

This GMAT prep course guarantees that you get a score of 700 points or higher. It costs 1599$ and includes 47 hours of instructions by leading GMAT experts, more than 4,480 practice questions and online adaptive drills, and small classes that promote one-on-one interaction with the instructor by each participant. You will also get 4 hours of one-on-one tutoring by your class instructor, special advanced GMAT focused explanation sessions, and 10 full-length practice tests.

There is also a Fundamentals plan in the middle

Considered the most efficient prep course of the lot, The Princeton Review Fundamentals plan costs just under $1,300 and contains 27 hours of live lessons, on-demand lessons, 10 computer-based practice exams with detailed answer explanations, a customized study plan, additional meetings and tutoring by the instructors, and more.

The company offers a special guarantee

The Princeton Review offers a money-back warranty if you fail to score higher, and also offers a free retake of the course for any student who is not completely satisfied with the course or with the score achieved at the GMAT.


No trial period

The Princeton Review does not offer a trial period for people interested in trying out the GMAT prep program before paying and enrolling for it.

Veritas Prep


The company only hires instructors who have scored among the top 99 percentile on GMAT

Veritas Prep was founded by Yale students who hire tutors who have scored among the 99th percentile on the GMAT exam.

It offers all types of courses for any study style and preference

You can pick in between the Self-Study, the Live Class, and the Private Tutoring GMAT prep course options offered by Veritas Prep.

The self-study course costs $699 and includes access to HD video lessons, more than 5,000 practice questions, free admissions consultation, and 12-month access.

The live class course includes all of the above, as well as the flagship, live 35-hour course by expert instructors, live instructions, and more. The cost of this option is $1,399.

Private tutoring starts from $2,650 and includes 10, 20, 30, or 40 hours of one-on-one tutoring sessions with an instructor 7 days a week, and also all the materials from the self-study course. This is an excellent option for students who can benefit from some personalized tutoring in order to improve their results.


The price of the courses is higher than the others in this range.

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