Picking the best Graduate Record Examination (GRE) prep course could be a life-changing decision and may determine which graduate school you will get accepted to and how your life goes on career-wise.

Since preparing for the GRE is time-consuming and, in some cases, expensive pursuit, many people are having problems determining which GRE prep course is best for their needs.

We have surveyed numerous people who have successfully passed the test, as well as professors and other experts in the field, to determine the GRE prep courses and other sources available in 2021.

Read on to find out more about the top-rated GRE prep courses so that you can pick the right one for your specific goals, for the school you want to apply for, and for your budget.

Magoosh GRE 


The price

Compared to the other leading GRE prep programs, Magoosh offers the finest price for the quality of the service provided.

You can try one of the GRE prep courses out for 7 days for free, and without a commitment, and decide whether you want to sign up for the 6-month premium access to the content for only $179 or the 1-month access to the same content and features for $149.

With paid access to Magoosh, you will get instant access to more than 1,200 practice questions, 3 practice tests, comprehensive coverage of the verbal, math, and AWA content, beneficial video materials on improving your performance and scores, suggested study schedules, and more.

The program for GRE preparation promises a +5 total score guarantee and has a score predictor and email assistance. You can also pause the study program, if you need to and continue using it whenever you decide to or your schedule frees up again.

The ease of use

Magoosh GRE has a very intuitive interface, which will make your task of getting ready for your test much less frustrating.

You can easily find the content and features you need on the user-friendly platform. It also will keep you motivated and informed of your ongoing status by providing you with a dashboard with a progress chart.

Based on your completed tasks and practice lessons, Magoosh GRE will offer you the best suggestions for your next steps and recommended videos or other classes.

Overall, it has the right design of all online prep courses for GRE for 2021.

The excellent customer service

Once you sign in for access to the online GRE preparation platform, you will have immediate access to a real-time chat with the team, so you can send any questions you have immediately, without having to navigate away from what you are currently doing. You will also have access to a comprehensive and useful help section regarding each practice test, question, or lesson.

The quality of the GRE prep lessons and courses

The Magoosh GRE prep platform offers engaging video lessons and explanations and detailed descriptions for each of the questions and practice problems. These are easy to understand and will allow you to progress much faster in your preparation for the test.

Final verdict

Magoosh GRE is the top-rated GRE prep course at the moment.

It offers access to all the information, advice, practice tests, and answers you will need to get ready for your test at the pace that you choose.

The GRE prep course online offers a 5 point GRE score improvement guarantee of your score and excellent customer support to get you through this challenging task.

You can study at your own pace and even pause your access subscription whenever you decide to take a break.

Plus, access to all of this priceless information and tests costs a fraction of what many of the other GRE prep courses are asking, so it is a great deal you can find for the quality and value provided.

When you think about paying only $149-$179 for an online GRE score improvement course for GRE which can literally change your life and define your future, then paying for one of the Magoosh online courses for GRE is most definitely an investment worth making.

Achievable GRE


The huge database of questions

Achievable has a nearly infinite database when it comes to GRE quantitative questions. The online GRE prep course will randomly generate millions of unique quizzes based on the over 120 templates, more than 200 verbal reasoning questions, 10 complete verbal reasoning exams,  and over 1,500 vocabulary words. When you answer each question, you will be given the opportunity to go through the detailed process of the logic and the math involved, so that you actually understand the core concepts rather than cram and memorize the answers. For the verbal questions, you will be given the words in groups with similar meanings to help build your vocabulary.

For the essay practice, the program will use AI to score your performance very similar to the way you can expect to be scored at the actual exam.

Advanced learning personalization

The platform will personalize and adjust the questions in your quizzes in accordance with your learning track record and your retention of the information so far.

This means that you will receive questions on topics that are most important for your goals and also questions that will expand your knowledge further.

So, each quiz you will be provided access to will be personally customized to your individual goals and your learning and performance so far.

An easy to understand online  textbook 

The platform offers access to an easy-to-read and understandable textbook for preparing for the GRE. It is written by an author who has over 15 years of experience prepping students for exams and evaluating them.

A state-of-the-art online platform

Achievable has a quick, responsive, and easy-to-navigate interface, no matter whether you are studying on your computer, smartphone, or another device.

Once you log on, you will be offered a series of progress charts to keep you informed of your test prep progress and to motivate you further.


There are no video lessons

If you prefer studying via video lessons, then Achievable may not be the best platform for you because it doesn’t offer video lessons. On the other hand, it offers a comprehensive and easy-to-read online textbook.

Final verdict

Achievable offers a quiz-focused learning approach, which is highly efficient for students who prefer learning through actual practice.

The modern platform is easy to use via any device. It offers smart adaptive learning, so it will provide you with customized quizzes every time, allowing you to learn more and memorize better in order to improve your scores.

You will receive instant scores and explanations for the problems in the test prep quizzes.

The best online prep for GRE offers a free trial and a refund if you fail the test.

Target Test Prep GRЕ Quant 


HD quality step by step videos by quant experts

Target Test Prep offers access to a database of hundreds of high-quality HD video lessons led by experts, explaining the logic, strategies, and solutions of different GRE math problems.

Intelligent analytics

The best online GRE prep course uses AI learning to provide you with the precise statistics of your progress and performance regarding the different types of GRE questions, problems, and topics, which will allow you to focus on the ones which need more work for better results at the actual exam.

Personalized GRE courses and 3,000+ GRE practice questions

The platform offers six different GRE prep plans and lessons, so you can choose the study plan, which meets your current skill level and preparedness.

You can also practice and study for the exam by taking as many custom tests as you need to.

Live client support

You will have quick access to a member of the Target Test Prep team at all times, with a click of the mouse or a tap on the screen, so there is no need to write emails or navigate away from what you are doing to get quick and useful assistance.

Over 600 lessons and 21 chapters for GRE quant topics

You can delve into the topics and problems which you need to polish with the useful and detailed online textbook with more than 600 lessons. You can set your own pace and access the lessons from your computer or mobile device whenever you decide on self-paced test prep.

Access to online private tutoring

You can sign up for online lessons by experts on a one-on-one basis and get advice on any problem you are having with the quant questions and material.

The live tutoring is done via Skype, WebEx, or other and is paid separately from the general fee, but there are affordable package deals for 10-12 hours of personal tutoring, which can be very helpful if you are facing problems with particular topics and contents.

Different payment plans and a money-back guarantee

Target Test Prep offers three different payment plans for access to its GRE quant prep platform. You can try it out with a 5-day trial for $1 only, sign up for a month for $99, for four months for $299, and six months for $399.

Target offers an option for its customers to apply for a complete refund in case their scores do not improve after finishing the GRE best prep course.


Target Test Prep is focused on the GRE quant section only, so it is very useful if you don’t need additional tutoring and practicing for the verbal part of the exam.

If you are looking for a more comprehensive GRE prep course covering all parts of the actual exam, then Target is not the most suitable option for you.

Final verdict

The Target Test Prep GRE online self-paced course is an excellent prep course for those students who want to improve their knowledge and performance in the quant section of the exam.

The platform offers comprehensive video lessons, practice questions, and quizzes, online textbooks, as well as personal live tutoring at an excellent price, which is something that most of the other GRE prep course platforms and programs don’t have.

But if you are looking for a course that will help you improve both your verbal and quant score and performance, you should probably look for a more comprehensive prep course GRE.

Princeton Review GRE 


Princeton Review is one of the oldest test prep services

Established back in 1981, The Princeton Review has nearly three decades of experience in providing test preparation and college admission services. It has over 4,000 experienced and knowledgeable tutors and teachers in the US and Canada as well as franchises around the world. The company has helped thousands of students to get into their dream colleges and universities.

The company offers complete GRE practice tests

Once you sign up for The Princeton Review’s GRE prep course, you will gain access to 8 full-length GRE practice tests, which will allow you to get the feel of the actual exam. After taking each test, you will receive detailed feedback about your performance, as well as individual advice by an instructor about the sections which need more practice and study.

Essay live grader and feedback

You will also get personal feedback from an expert on your performance in the AWA essay section of the GRE test, which most students consider the hardest part of the exam.

You can submit essays to the live grader tool and get a realistic score from an expert, along with constructive criticism and feedback to help you improve your performance at the actual exam.

One-on-one personalized study instructor

You can ask for advice, get useful tips, and help with your GRE prep by a personal study manager once you sign up for this course.

Live instructions by experts

The course includes 45 hours of live instructions by experts both for the quant and verbal sections of the GRE test.

You will receive personalized drills

The intelligent learning program will customize the drills and practice questions you receive based on your performance, so you will get study material and quizzes, which are personalized for you and for your performance improvement.

162+ score guaranteed

Princeton Review has a GRE course plan titled 162+, which guarantees that you will get a score of 162 or above on your GRE test, or you will get your tuition fee back.

A score of 162 or more should be sufficient to get you in one of the best schools.

According to the company, the average test results in the US are about 153/150 for quant/verbal. So, a score of 162 or more will automatically put you in a more competitive position.

A complete money-back guarantee

If you sign up for The Princeton Review 162+ GRE prep course, you are guaranteed to score 162 points or higher at the GRE. Otherwise, the company promises to pay you back the total amount for the tuition fee you paid for your GRE test-taking prep.


The lack of quiz banks

Unlike many other GRE course prep options, The Princeton Review doesn’t offer an option to filter the practice questions into specific sections that you want to focus on more. The course does include more than 3500 practice questions and complete exams, which can help determine which sections need more practice, but you can’t pick those specific types of questions yourself.

Final verdict

The Princeton Review is one of the oldest companies in the sphere of GRE and other exam preparation and college admissions. It has thousands of experts on board and offers a comprehensive database of study material, live grading, personalized instructions, and 8 complete GRE practice tests.

One of its best GRE online prep course plans promises to help you score 162 or more at the actual exam, or the company is willing to refund your payment in full if you fail to do so.

Kaplan GRE


Comprehensive live or on-demand full GRE prep course

Kaplan offers one of the most comprehensive GRE online preparation courses of all services available. Participants can set their own pace or follow the schedule provided by Kaplan by taking on-demand lessons or taking part in the live GRE prep best course.

A guaranteed higher score at the exam

Kaplan guarantees that the participants in the GRE prep courses will score a higher score than the baseline score on the actual exam. Otherwise, the company offers to refund their tuition payment or to re-take the complete course for free.

An abundance of GRE practice materials

Kaplan will provide you with access to the complete online test-taking course, which includes over 180 hours of online lessons and practice sessions, as well as 7 full-length GRE practice tests. The company also offers access to a useful video channel with instructions and lessons, the latest GRE prep materials and books, practice questions, and a unique official test day experience.

The Quiz Bank available at the Kaplan GRE prep platform includes over 5,000 questions.

A nifty flashcard GRE prep app

Kaplan’s GRE preparation online services include access to a useful flashcard app available for iOS and Android phones and devices, which can help you study vocabulary, definitions, synonyms, sample sentences on the go.

The best GRE prep app includes 500 flashcards to continue studying even when you are traveling or not at home.

The special official test day experience

If you decide to take the Kaplan GRE prep course, you will be provided with a unique official test day experience at an actual examination facility. This is incredibly useful if you have never taken the test so that you can get the feel of the GRE test, and then work on the problematic areas and sections which you faced during the test.


The pricing of the online GRE courses offered by Kaplan is on the higher end when compared to many of the other top-quality courses we have reviewed.

The self-paced course currently costs $449, and the live online cost is $999.

Then again, the guarantee offered by the company will ensure that you will get a full refund or get to retake the course for free if you don’t score higher than your baseline score at the actual test.

Final verdict:

Kaplan GRE prep is one of the most comprehensive and best online GRE prep courses available. You can study at a self-paced tempo with the help of on-demand lessons, practice tests, quizzes, flashcards, and video lectures, or take the full live online GRE test prep course.

The GRE prep courses offered by Kaplan cost more than most of the others on this list, but the company does offer a higher score guarantee, or you get your money back or to retake the course.



The most affordable of all GRE prep courses

PrepScholar offers the least expensive online classes for GRE. You can try out some of the sections and features of the online GRE prep course for free for a trial period of 5 days. The 1-year access to all sections, excluding the personalized scoring of 4 essays for the AWA Writing section of the test, is available for only $38!

Lifetime access to all services and features to prepare for GRE online costs $345.

The longest access

As mentioned above, you will receive a complete year of access to all features and study sections, a diagnostic exam, guided study plans, thousands of GRE questions, two full-length practice exams, a progress tracker, a 300-question cheat sheet, grad school admissions guides, and others for a price of only $38.

A 7+ point increased score guarantee

Not only is PrepScholar the cheapest of all GRE prep courses online, but the company offers a complete refund of your money if you fail to score 7 or more points more than your previous score on the actual GRE exam.

Instructors in the top 99 percentile at the GRE tests

The instructors who will be helping you improve your performance and score have scored among the top 99% of all GRE test-takers, so they have actual experience with the test and will give you the best on-hand device possible.


No mobile app to practice on the go

Final verdict:

Prep Scholar offers a full year or lifetime access to a wide array of study materials, quizzes, questions, 2 practice tests, and more at an inexpensive price.

The company lacks a mobile app for practicing on the go, but at this price point and for the value offered, Prep Scholar is one of the best deals and most well-rounded options for online GRE courses that you will find in 2021.

Manhattan Prep GRE


Various GRE prep course options

Manhattan Prep offers four different course options. These include a GRE for MBA course with live sessions focusing on advanced math, a complete course which includes online or in-person classes for both the math and verbal sections, the GRE just math course, and the GRE interact course, which includes video-based lessons, over 100,000 questions, and 6 full-length practice tests.

Top 99th percentile instructors

The best GRE classes are taught by experts who have scored in the top 99 percentile on their GRE tests, so they know everything that you need to know for preparing for the test in the best way possible.

High-quality full-length GRE practice tests

When you sign up for Manhattan Prep’s GRE course, you will gain access to 6 high-quality, realistic GRE practice tests, which will help you get ready for the real deal. You will receive a score and detailed feedback from a qualified expert after each test, so you know which area you need to focus on more for a better score.


No money-back guarantee

Unlike the majority of the other GRE prep courses, Manhattan Prep doesn’t offer a refund or guarantee for a higher score.

Final verdict:

Manhattan Prep offers various types of the best GRE prep online courses to prepare GRE online, all of which are comprehensive and taught by the best performers at GRE testing.

The company offers a huge database of practice questions, lessons, and materials, as well as 6 excellent full-length GRE practice tests, which many consider, is the best prep for GRE.

It is one of the few best GRE online prep courses which does not offer a money-back guarantee, but if you are willing to take the risk, then Manhattan Prep is among the best online and in-class GRE prep courses.



A personalized algorithm approach

The company’s patented PALgorythm will customize your GRE prep course in accordance with your level, your approach to answering GRE test questions, your learning style, and your schedule. At the same time, you will receive constructive feedback to let you know how you are progressing.

An affordable and flexible GRE prep course

ExamPAL offers different plans – Express for 6 weeks costing $399, Premium for 6 months with a +6 point improvement guarantee costing $599, and a Genius plan for 6 months with a +7 point improvement guarantee which costs $899.

60-minute admissions consultancy

When you sign up for one of the 6-month plans, you will get 60 minutes of professional consultancy by professional admissions counselors.

Added services

If you sign up for one of the 6-month plans, you will also get access to 4 complete GRE practice tests, get 4 or 6 written essay reviews by experts, expert assessments, and, in some cases, access to 3 live one-on-one tutoring sessions.


Not as many practice questions and resources

Unlike most other GRE prep courses on this list, the examPAL GRE courses do not provide access to as many actual practice questions and tests or mobile apps.

Final verdict:

ExamPAL offers a high-quality prep course for the GRE exam, multiple expert feedback, and personal consultancy and assessment options at an excellent price.

Although the service doesn’t have as many practice questions and mobile apps as other courses, it is still one of the best GRE prep courses, with point improvement guarantees.

The Economist GRE Tutor


Mobile-friendly online GRE test prep course

The Economist GRE course is available for use on mobile devices to keep studying even while you are on the go. You can access most of the resources offered by one of the best GRE prep courses without the practice tests.

Real tutors

Each GRE prep online course study plan includes an opportunity to ask a tutor any questions about the exam during your class for GRE test prep. The Genius study plan offers 3 one-to-one live study sessions and unlimited questions you can ask.

Practice tests and essay reviews

All of the GRE prep plans include full-length practice tests and expert essay reviews to par improve your performance at the real exam.


It is a relatively new service

Although The Economist magazine has been around for ages, its GRE prep course is relatively new. This means that the services provided may not be seamless as with some of the more experienced companies.

Final verdict:

Although it is one of the newest online GRE test preparation services, The Economist GRE is a comprehensive online course and platform which will help you prepare for your GRE. The company offers a +6 point guarantee for its premium plan and a +7 guarantee for an increase in your GRE score for its genius plan.

It is among the best services, and the course to choose if you require more personal tutoring answers and help.

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