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The Best Grip Strengthener in 2020: Top 8 Hand Exercisers Reviewed

It is the bars for gymnasts, while for rock climbers, it is the rocks that they have to hold on to. Clinging to a small object is not easy, especially when your arms are the only part being used. Having a firm grip is necessary to support your entire body weight and prevent you from falling.

To become successful in the tasks you have undertaken, getting hold of the best hand grip strengtheners is crucial. These strengtheners help in enhancing your forearm’s muscles for getting the best grip. These make the muscles robust and capable of enduring extreme situations.

While the search is not easy, to reduce your tiresome task to some extent, we have brought you a list of the top 8 hand grip strengtheners. These shortlisted products will save your time and unnecessary investments. Without any further ado, let’s start the hunt.

Top 8 Grip Strengtheners Product Review

You will come across many variants of the best hand grip strengthener during your search. To help you find your best match, listed below are the top variants that we have shortlisted for your ease.

MummyFit Grip Strengthener

The first one to show up on this list is MummyFit. This is one of the best hand grips that has come into circulation. The significant benefit is that it doesn’t make any noise when pressed and is very comfortable. The multiple resistance levels offered by this grip strength exerciser helps you in progressive training. The feature of this squeezing tool makes it highly versatile.


  • This machine is nearly indestructible because the material used include Thermoplastic nylon and steel.
  • A compressible spring is used to enhance the comfort level of this grip strengthener instead of a stretchable spring.
  • The grip strength offered is excellent.
  • High-grade quality materials are used that offer comfort and are very easy to use.
  • You don’t have the risk of any injury if you use this product.

Adjustable Grip Strengthener

Manufactured by Basic Concepts, this is the best hand strength trainer. Whether you are looking for physical therapy, stress managing tool, or a simple hand exercising machine, this hand strengthener is the best option. It trains the muscles of all individual fingers and also the wrist. These machines provide an optimum grip that helps you hold onto any object for an extended period.


  • This is the best hand gripper that liberates you to carry out any form of hand workout.
  • It has an adjustable resistance level that ranges from 11-132 lbs. This adjustability helps you to progress to the other levels gradually.
  • Non-slip handles are used that are quite comfortable and extremely durable. The non-slippery texture helps to continue your exercise even while you are sweating.
  • This machine has a compact design and is highly portable.
  • The shape is such that it fits the hands irrespective of the size and shape.
  • This is versatile and suitable for musicians, weight lifters, etc.

Heavy Hand Gripper Strengthener

The grip provided by these hand exercisers is enough to crush a bone. The best thing about this hand grip strengthener is its portability. Irrespective of the place you are in, you can easily use this hand too. This machine strengthens your forearm’s muscles and the surrounding areas like the finger and the wrist. You get an overall workout session by using this machine.


  • This is a set of 6 grip strengtheners that offer multiple resistance levels starting from 100lbs to 350lbs. The level increases by 50lbs, which helps you in a progressive workout.
  • All the grip strengtheners have non-slip aluminum handles that can be a bit uncomfortable but give you the desired results.
  • This is a piece of excellent equipment for finger exercising and improving grip strength.

Ameri Fitness Hand Grip Strengtheners

These equipment are excellent to train your hand, wrist, finger, and forearm muscles. These hand strengtheners manufactured by Ameri Fitness are designed to strengthen up your entire hand. The grip strength developed by using these grippers is remarkable. These are safe, silent, and economically feasible.


  • The range of the resistance level offered by these is 22-110 lbs.
  • The set features two grippers and comprises of the finest hand strengtheners.
  • These are very robust are use a spring made of stainless steel. The handles are made of rubber that offers a comfortable grip and is non-slippery.
  • These work as a finger stretcher and offer resistance per finger.
  • These machines are suitable to be used for rehabilitation therapy and can be used for daily workouts.

IronMind Captains of Crush Hand Gripper

The crush hand strengtheners manufactured by IronMind are the visually appealing grip developers. This equipment is the most favorable hand grips’ strengthener used by the majority of the athletes. This is not just a baby toy but a dedicated muscle-strengthening tool. You can use this tool to develop the grip strength for participating in baseball, shooting, climbing, and other activities. This hand strengthener is an excellent grip training tool that you can buy for yourself.


  • Your forearm muscles develop faster by using this grip tool.
  • This hand strengthener grip trainer offers 11 different resistance levels. This feature helps develop your strength gradually.
  • This equipment is constructed using Aluminum and steel alloy.
  • It is a high-quality product that is affordable.
  • This is an all in one tool for every type of grip training.

PROHANDS PRO Finger Exerciser

If you want to invest in a quality product that makes your forearm stronger and healthy, make sure you look at this gripmaster hand exerciser. This is a high quality, intricately engineered grip strengthener. It offers appropriate strength to your fingers and the entire forearm. This tool is used by professional musicians, athletes, and individuals searching for physical therapy.


  • This finger exerciser is made using ABS plastic, which is a durable material. The spring used is stainless steel. All the materials used are FDA- approved.
  • Your fingers gain strength individually. The individual training is possible because of the separate spring-loaded keys.
  • The tool features a wide range of vibrant colors to choose from.
  • This grip training tool is an excellent choice for athletes and musicians because it provides various levels of resistance to your fingers.

Heavy Grip Resistance Grippers

Made Possible by Heavy Grip, these effective grip strengtheners are the boon in professional athletes’ lives. For most of you who are heading towards intense forearm workout, this tool is an excellent choice. The grip strength offered by these grippers prepares you for the challenging tasks ahead. This single equipment provides you with a dedicated session for the entire forearm workout.


  • You can use these while on the move.
  • These offer a resistance of 350 lbs that is appropriate for an intense exercise.
  • Though the handles do not feel comfortable but are highly durable and long-lasting.
  • These grippers improve your muscles’ strength and grip.
  • No other gymming tool can match the efficiency of these tools.
  • These make your arms look wider and muscular.

Longang Hand Grip Strengthener

This forearm strengthening tool is the perfect choice for athletes, musicians, golfers, etc. Your forearm’s muscles get trained effortlessly. You gain enormous strength that enables you to grab an object firmly for a long duration. Your muscles don’t get fatigued, and the results are beneficial. If you are looking for a machine that excellently trains your muscles, you should not look for brands other than Longang.


  • This tool is an excellent choice for people suffering from joint ailments, typists, etc. It trains all the muscles and makes them strong.
  • The primary purpose of this tool is to improve your forearms’ endurance level and adjoining areas.
  • A screw cap is installed to adjust the level of resistance that ranges between 11lbs-132lbs.
  • This machine is surrounding friendly and can be used anywhere, even while sitting comfortably on your couch.
  • It has a very compact size and can be easily stored in your pocket or handbag.

Some Last Words

The grip strengtheners are the excellent tools available to improve your muscular strength effortlessly. These not only develop your forearm muscles but also enhance your motor skills. Thanks to these small tools! Your fingers, wrist, and the surrounding areas are always on the training, getting developed and flexible with each passing day.

The resistance offered by these tools is the key to the success of these grip strengtheners. You can now understand the importance of the various levels of resistance provided by these tools. You get a chance to improve your skills gradually without worrying about injuries and pain due to these varying resistance.

Their portability, compact size, affordability make them an excellent choice for you because you get all the benefits in one machine. Without splashing your hard-earned money in the inefficient gym, you can easily buy yourself an all-in-one tool to adorn you with the gym like results.

This buying guide is the perfect place for you to pick out a suitable match and get a life long service without any pain. Hence, carefully scan all the features and products and then make your purchase.

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