Best Hiking Watches

If you are a lover of high altitudes, then definitely hiking is that one sport that will make you feel free and satiate. There are many requirements that you need when you go hiking, and one of them is a hiking watch. Some of them notify us time, some track fitness and, other purposes too. However, a hiking watch outstands all the other types of wristwatches.

What is a hiker’s watch?

Well, a hiking watch is made to keep a record of the elements. Most of them have a barometer that will notify when the weather changes, an altimeter to measure the elevation, and it is even a GPS watch that will help you in guiding. The hiking watches are commonly known as ABC. The ABC stands for Altimeter, Barometer, and Compass. You can even get features like on-road and off-road navigation in some of the watches for hiking.

In case you are worried about being lost, and you need help, do not worry! The hiking watches even come with a satellite messenger that can send messages that will help you carry out SOS. So now that you realized that what are hiking watches and why they are unique, your next inquiry is probably about where to purchase?

You don’t have to fret about it as our guide will give you an insight into the top ten hiking watches that you can buy and hit the route for trekking again!

Top Ten best-hiking watches

Wondering which hiking watch is ideal for you? Well, we have got you covered as we provide you with the list of the leading watches for hiking. Let’s take a look.

Timex Men’s Expedition Scout

If you want to explore the hills and mountains and plan a great adventure outside, then Timez Men’s Expedition is the favorite hiking watch for you. The hiker watch looks very fancy and is also casual in outlook. It is one of the great watches for hikers, as it is designed with stainless steel, and the quartz movements also energize the hiking watch. You can easily strap the watch as it has leather belts. There is a date functioning feature even available in your hiking watch.


  • The hiking watch is imported and can easily fit an 8-inch wrist.
  • The nylon strap is adjustable that comes with a black dial, and has a full display of Arabic numerals.
  • The Hiking watch is unique and is one of the top as the design is inspired by the vintage period military watches that have numbering from five to sixty.
  • Timex offers a unique collection for the watch for hikers, as you can easily purchase them with many strap options.
  • The straps are highly versatile and can easily withstand any outdoor elements. You can opt for leather and even slip-thru straps that are double layered.
  • It is considered an excellent watch for hiking because of its chronological functioning.
  • This hiking watch even has a similar stopwatch feature where it shows time up to 1/20 of a second.
  • The watches come with an indigo backlight, scratch-resistant glass, and, also water-resistant up to a hundred meters.
  • This hillwalking watch also comes with 5-year battery life.

Garmin Forerunner

Imagine an activity turning more fun with music playing. Sounds impossible, right? Well, Garmin watch hiking comes with a device that stores music. Whether you go hiking or even running, you will feel more cheerful, and the activity will be more fun. The hiking watch also comes with many other dynamic functions that make it one of the high-rated hiking watches. Why miss a beat when you can conquer over any activity?


  • The Garmin hiking watch comes with a memory of storing 500 songs without any difficulty.
  • The Garmin watch is a wonder, as it can stream any music offline. You can purchase the Bluetooth speakers for hassle-free jamming.
  • You can even make a contactless payment with just your hiking watch.
  • Dynamic features like time balance when you contact the ground, vertical ration, and even stride length and some other advanced features are notified in these watches.
  • The Garmin hiking watches has a heart rate monitor that evaluates by your heart rates from your wrist.
  • The Garmin watch’s battery life depends on how you use it. It can work for seven days on smart-watch mode and 5 hours when you are using the hiking watches with GPS and music.

Suunto Store

With the Suunto store, you can easily experience the essence of the outdoors. The GPS hiking watch comes with many other advanced aspects that will surely bring out the explorer on you. The altimeter, barometer, compass, and other elements are available in this particular watch. This company was efficiently designed to provide you with watches that you can wear while encountering adventures either on the top of the mountain or even in the deepest oceans.


  • The GPS watches not only help you in finding your way, but the altimeter notifies you about your vertical movement while the barometer keeps you updated about the air pressure.
  • The watches can easily preset it is sunrise and sunset times, and that too for 400 different locations.
  • You can easily plan your trips and stay safe as it has a weather trending graph that will keep you updated about the weather conditions.
  • The watches are designed uniquely to suit everyone’s style and have varieties to choose from.
  • The altimeter, barometer, compass, and indication of weather are done none other than on your wrist itself.
  • It is one of the finest hiking watches with GPS that also records your elevation, descend or even ascend in any trekking route.
  • You do not have to worry about the unexpected storms, as the watch senses the sudden drop in atmospheric pressure and alerts you.
  • Since the watch is built with a weather indicator, the barometer predicts the change in weather conditions.
  • It outshines others in that it can also track the sun for you.

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Casio Men’s Pro-Trek

The Casio Men’s Pro-trek brings you an authentic collection of hiking watches that come with many dynamic characteristics. It is one of the prime hiking GPS watches that are designed with triple sensors and is highly advanced. Apart from just being a GPS watch for hiking, it is employed with an altimeter, barometer, backlight and, an axis compass. It is affordable and also a game-changer.


  • The watch is powered by solar energy and has an axis compass, thermometer, barometer, an altimeter, resistant to low temperature, world timing, display of any city code, alarms for five days continuously, stopwatch, countdown timer, formats like 12/24 hours, an indicator for battery life and, power-saving feature in it.
  • The battery life is for six months if you keep it on charge and do not expose it to sunlight.
  • The watch is designed with a mineral dial window of stainless steel.
  • You can easily keep track of the quartz movement as it is displayed digitally.
  • The watch has a resin-band for the wrist that has a buckle closure.
  • You can easily swim wearing this watch as it can resist water up to 1oo meters but does not have the feature for scuba diving.
  • You can easily see the watch’s display at night as it gets illuminated by the LED backlight.

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Timex Men’s Expedition Field Chronograph

As mentioned earlier, this watch has inspiration from the military watches that prove it one of the favorite for the outdoors. The material of this watch is fabric, and the movement is because of the quartz element.


  • The nylon strap of the watch can easily be adjusted.
  • The numerals of this watch are in Arabic style, which makes it the best GPS hiking watch.
  • The chronograph is for 30 minutes and can easily measure 1/20th second.
  • The watch dial is of brass and has an Indiglo that lets you see the display at night.
  • You can easily wear it in the water as one of its features is water-resistant up to 100m.
  • The battery life is for five years.

Apple Watch

As the company’s name itself speaks a lot about its quality, we don’t need to give you an introduction to it. The watch comes with many qualities and has excellent reviews about its functioning, design, and also its lookout. It is one of the most impeccable choices because of its quality and working. Hiking will surely turn out to be more fun while using such an outstanding watch.


  • It is a GPS watch and guides you to find the correct route.
  • There are many attributes, but one that outshines the other is the display of your retina.
  • You can smoothly go swimming wearing the Apple watch as it is waterproof.
  • Your heart rate is easily sensed on the heart rate monitor.
  • You can jam to music, audiobooks and even, podcasts while carrying out your activity.
  • It helps in determining the elevation.
  • You can easily send emergency signals or SOS.
  • The watch is designed with an S3 chip with a dual-core processor.
  • You can binge the App Store, innovations for healthy hearing, and even your cycling tracks on your watch.
  • You also receive an aluminum protective case.

Timex Unisex Edition

Timex is an ideal brand when you want to explore the outdoors. Its features make it a robust choice for any life-changing adventure. It is one of the highly suggested if you are looking for something at reasonable prices and also, to discover nature.


  • The strap is made of nylon and comes with a hook that has an exact closure fit.
  • The chronograph is 100-hours and comes with lap and split times. It also displays the date, time, month, and day and has a 24-hour countdown.
  • For weekends and weekdays, there are three alarms. It also comes with a five-minute backup that has two time zones and a military mode of 24-hours.
  • The case is resin and is made of an acrylic lens. The display is in digital grey color.
  • You can easily have fun up to 100m in the water wearing it, as it is water-resistant.
  • You can even track your personal best because of the chronograph.
  • It is designed with an Indigo light that makes it visible at night.
  • The battery can work for up to ten years.

Garmin Fenix 5 Plus

The Garmin Fenix series has been designed so that you can explore the outdoors. The classic design with recording and music features keeps you on your feet so that you can become the better ‘YOU’ as a new day progresses. The Garmin is robust and comes in different colors that make it suitable for color mapping. Other features also make it one of the most renowned choices for hiking.


  • The Garmin Fenix is designed with multisport features that can easily estimate your heart rate and also have colored TOPO maps that will help you figure out the route.
  • The Garmin Fenix is manufactured with stainless steel or DLC, commonly known as diamond-like Carbon. It also has a rear case, buttons, and titanium bezel, which makes it a perfect choice for hardcore adventures.
  • You can easily listen to 500 songs with Garmin Fenix as it comes with Bluetooth headphones.
  • Garmin lets you pay without even contacting the person.
  • Apart from the GPS, it has in-built satellite systems, gyroscope, barometric altimeter, and even a three-axis compass. You can easily track the environments that are more peril and challenge.
  • The battery works up to 10 days if you are using in smart-watch mode and 8 hours when playing music and using GPS.

Casio’s men SGW100 Twin Sensor Digital

Casio company manufactures watch for people who want quality and durability and is known for the watch for hiking. The model comes with a twin sensor apart from the GPS feature and is just the right design for any sports or any adventurous activities.


  • The watch can determine the temperature and readings of direction even when under 200m water.
  • It can easily alert you about the change in atmospheric pressure. If the air pressure decreases or increases, you will be notified instantly.
  • Timekeeping functions, stopwatches, and even alarms are included in this.
  • You can easily read the readings at night because of its LED light.
  • The glass makes the watch scratch-resistant.

Letsfit Smart-Watch heart rate tracker

This product is suitable for any iOS 8 and Android 4.4 version phones and above. You can record all your great activities with the assistance of your phone.


  • The watch gives you an insight into your health by keeping records and displaying it for you.
  • You can even listen to music to reduce your stress or to motivate you as you carry on with your activities.
  • The Letsfit Smartwatch keeps track of your calories, and heart rate monitor, mileage covered during your sports activity and even the status of your sleep.
  • You can quickly call or read text messages only by using this watch.
  • We suggest you take breaks while using and also clean it before using it.

Buying Guide

Before you jump to any conclusion, there are certain features that you have to consider while purchasing the hiking watches for yourself. Let’s discuss the factors that are necessary before buying.

  • Price- The hiking watches have a different range of prices. Some are cheap that may only have the GPS feature. However, the expensive ones come with many additional features that also includes setting the sunset times. Before you opt for any, make sure that it satiates your purpose and is of high quality.
  • Versatility- The most vital factor to deem while purchasing the product is versatility. You need to realize how it works perfectly when you use it. Do not settle for something challenging enough to understand just because you like its design. If you can work it with wearing gloves then purchase it.
  • Power life- Always opt for a watch that can run until you are done with your outdoor activity. What is the point of buying something that switches off before you have completed your hiking or even in the middle of a tedious route? You can even get lost! So choose the watches that have a power-saving mode or can work for a long time.
  • Wristband- Wristbands are necessary as they keep your watch in place. Try opting for materials that do not make your wrist suffocating and is comfortable. The straps can be replaced in case you don’t like them.
  • Glass- The glass cover protects your watch from any physical factors. There are much scratch-resistant glass and thick ones that can protect your display. Make sure to opt for them, and also gorilla-resistant glasses can be another option.
  • Weight- It is good advice to choose a product that is not heavy and does not suffocate your wrist. Aim for watches that are like 50gms. Additional factors may tend to make it bulky.
  • Style- Do buy a watch that suits you. Some rugged design hiking watch gives a classic look in the woods. However, they are bulky, so in case you want to wear them outside hiking, try getting replaceable bands.
  • The resistance of water- You do not have to worry about the wristwatches as they are designed with a water resistance feature. You can easily survive out there in the rain and still get updates about the weather and choose the route with your wristwatch.


Now that you are already aware of the factors and the best products, you can easily purchase them. Set a new record with your trekking wristwatches as you head out again!

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