12 Best Leaf Blower with Vacuums and Mulcher Options in 2021

Keeping your yard clean and tidy throughout the year is essential, but doing it only with your hands is almost impossible and will cost you a lot of time. That is when a leaf vacuum with blower vacuum comes in helps. These machines are easy to use and do a huge amount of work.

Choosing the perfect leaf hoover and blower may not be as simple as it seems. You have to consider whether you need a cordless leaf vacuum, an electrical or a gas-powered one.

Some machines feature mulching knives in order to decrease the amount of waste you are getting rid of.  And that’s not all these multifunctional machines also differ in quality and power.

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To help you, we have created some reviews on the leading leaf blowers with vacuum on the market nowadays. We have gathered all the information we need, and we hope you find the perfect product that matches your needs.

Best Leaf Blower Vacuum

KIMO Cordless Blower

This battery-operated leaf vacuum is effective and lightweight. You will be impressed by the amount of air it can push through. In addition to blowing, this machine is capable of vacuum cleaning dust, pet hairs, leaves, and debris, or grass with one simple step.

KIMO cordless leaf vacuum with battery is ideal for use in your yard, as it is very compact and not too heavy. Unrestricted mobility is a great plus when it comes to cleaning your yard. The airspeed features an adjustable control and quickly reaches up to 150 MPH. This leaf vacuum is relatively quiet, so you will not bother your neighbors while using it.

Tests have shown that KIMO lithium-ion battery is more powerful and lives longer than others. The battery charges for an hour, and it will last up to 20 minutes in usage. You get one extra KIMO battery for a leaf vacuum as a back-up.

This blowing machine is effortless to set up. You just need to lock up the tube, and you are ready to go. Unrestricted mobility is a great plus when it comes to cleaning your yard. Because of its compact design, this 2 in 1 machine is easy to store.

TACKLIFE Leaf Vacuum

This leaf vacuum is strong and sturdy, and yet it won’t feel heavy in your arms thanks to its unique design. It features an adjustable auxiliary handle for comfortable use even with one hand and wheels on the front end of the pipe that can be placed on the ground for more comfortable operation.

You can use this blower vacuum as a leaf vacuum cleaning machine too. The double-wear collection bag with a zipper is designed with unique internal clothing in order to prevent the dust from spilling. The stainless steel wide-blade design increases the durability of this machine and reduces the risk of clogging.

This vacuum for leaves features a five-speed control button on the handle of the machine, allowing you to adjust the speed you desire. TACKLIFE Leaf Vacuum is very powerful with a high capacity of air suction volume up to 495 CFM and the airspeed reaching up to 175 MPH.

The TACKLIFE leaf vacuum for leaves is easy to assemble. You just have to install the suction tube to the air inlet and attach the collection bag. This tool will certainly do a great job in your yard and meet your standards.

KIMO Cordless vacuum

This is another battery-powered product from KIMO. This multifunctional tool is ideal for household chores. It can be used by everybody in the house as it is super lightweight and easy to use. Although this is the compact version, you will be impressed by its power. It will get rid of all types of leaves.

The upgraded 4.0 Ah long-lasting battery can work for 30 minutes with double output efficiency. It comes with a power indicator light and quick charge. This cordless unit can instantly turn into a small portable vacuum cleaner that is ideal for cleaning your car whenever you decide to.

The KIMO cordless leaves blower vacuum is a small unit with high power. The variable speed reaches up to 20000 rpm and quickly blows off wet leaves, little rocks, and even snow. The powerful suction cleans dust, pet hairs with no effort.

By purchasing this tool, you also get a reusable collection bag, fast charger, and durable carrying bag along with one 4.0Ah Max Lithium Battery and a blow tube. KIMO also provides you with a two-year quality promise.

KIMO Cordless Blower Vacuum 2 in 1

The KIMO cordless leaf vacuum is perfect for cleaning your courtyard garden or garage. It can get to every corner or gap, which is hard to reach with other cleaning tools. This 2 in 1 sweeper unit is lightweight and cordless, allowing you to move around and do your job with no effort.

This cordless vacuum features a fast charge and light indicator. The battery takes only 60 minutes to charge fully. The full-charged battery runs for approximately 30 minutes, which is enough to clean your yard or car.

The Turbofans & all-copper motors provide up to 20000r/min of a strong wind that effectively blows up wet or dry leaves or snow. If you want to turn this device into a vacuum cleaner, simply put the garbage bag at the air inlet. The super-strong suction effortlessly absorbs debris, dust, or pet hair.

This product comes with a two-year quality guarantee. You also get a long Life 20-volt lithium battery, fast charger, blow tube, and two reusable collection bags.

Toro Ultra Electric Blower Vacuum

The Toro Ultra corded electric unit is a powerful and versatile tool. It will help you with everyday household chores. This leaf vacuum is lightweight, effortless to use, and everybody in the house will be able to clean with it.

This is a 3 in 1 powerful machine that functions as a blower, high-speed hoover, and leaf shredder. Yes, you get all of that just in one product. The airspeed reaches up to 250 mph, and you can control it from the black button on top for better control.

The Toro electric product features a new larger metal impeller that drives power and improves mulching. The Quick-Release Latch allows you to turn from blower function to hoover mode in a matter of seconds without the need for any tools.

The vacuum bag features a strategically placed bottom zipper that improves its durability. You can also use the bag for storage. Simply put all the components inside and hang it on the wall. The Built-in extension cord-lock helps keep the cord attached to the machine so it won’t bother you while you are cleaning.

WORX 2-Speed Leaf Blower

The WORX vacuum for leaves is suitable both for heavy and light duty jobs as it is very powerful and lightweight at the same time. This tool gets rid of dust, debris, wet or dry leaves, snow, and much more. It will keep your backyard clean throughout the whole year.

This leaf mulching tool has a sturdy metal impeller that provides a 16:1 mulching ratio. You also have the option to choose between low or high speed, depending on your needs.

The powerful blowing speed reaches up to 250 mph. In just one touch, you switch to a leaf vacuum. The sturdy shoulder collection bag gathers all the leaves or scraps and keeps everything tight in place.

The WORX multi-purpose leaf vacuum is easy to use and will make cleaning an easy task. It is light to hold even in one hand. This electric unit is very well-priced for the power and quality you get.

BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Electric Leaf Blower

This electric machine is ideal for cleaning yards, garages, or sideways as it produces 50% less noise than other leaf vacuum blowers and makes cleaning debris so much easier. people who live next door won’t even notice you are doing household chores.

This is a 3 in 1 electric vacuum, and mulcher features 12 amp motor and two-speed selections. The airspeed reaches 180/250 miles per hour. This powerful machine can shred up to 16 bags of mulch down to one.

Changing from blower mode to vacuum mode takes only a few seconds. The collection bag saves you time and keeps everything clean and tidy.

By purchasing this product, you also get a vast amount of accessories. You have two disposable leaf bags, one diffuser, a detachable shoulder strap, blow and vacuum tubes, and a concentrator. Once you get this machine, you will be impressed by the amount of work it can do.


The CRAFTSMAN leaf vacuum mulcher is designed to be lightweight and easy to maneuver. This machine is dynamic and efficient and will meet all the cleaning needs you need. This electric machine can cope with all sorts of jobs in your garden.

What makes this leaf vacuum so powerful is the reliable 12 Amp motor. The dual variable speed control allows you to adjust it to the job you are performing. The rate of this machine reaches up to 230mph.

This multifunctional electric machine combines a regular vacuum, blower, and a mulcher. This allows you to push away the wet leaves and then collect them with the vacuum. CRAFTSMAN leaf vacuum also has an anti-clog function.

This unit comes with interchangeable nozzle connections, so you will be able to get to those spots that are usually hard to reach. The CRAFTSMAN leaf vacuum mulcher also comes with a three-year limited warranty.

BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Electric Leaf Blower 

The BLACK+DECKER electric blower is a 3 in 1 machine that also works as a vacuum and mulcher. It will vacuum and mulch all the leaves and debris in your yard with ease. It would not disturb your neighbors because this leaf vacuum mulcher is 50% less quiet than other similar machines.

This amazing unit features a 250 mph blower powerful enough to blow out all the debris in your yard with no effort. A 12 amp motor operates the BLACK+DECKER electric leaf vacuum mulcher.

The variable speed reaches 250 mph. You also can adjust the pace with the variable speed selections. The vacuum comes with a disposable leaf bag system, and the powerful high impact fan prevents clogging and can grind sixteen bags of mulch down to one.

The quick conversion allows you to switch from blower to vacuum in seconds with no tools needed. This vacuum mulcher comes with a large number of accessories such as disposable leaf bags, diffuser, blow, and vacuum tube, and more.

Husqvarna Cycle Gas Handheld Leaf Blower

This gas leaf vacuum is designed to be ergonomic and powerful at the same time. Feeling comfort rather than pain while doing household chores is essential, and optimizes the cleaning process. If you’re looking for the top gas leaf blower check this one. You’re looking

This gas-powered vacuum has a 1.1-horsepower, two-cycle engine with a maximum power speed of 8,000 RPM. It generates wind speed up to 170 miles per hour that is powerful enough to get rid of even the most stubborn yard waste. This gas-powered machine is fuel-efficient and can sustain hours of work.

You can adjust the blowing tube, to optimize its length for different jobs around the yard. The Husqvarna Cycle Gas blower for leaves can also work as a vacuum. This unit comes with a bag for collecting debris. When using the vacuum, this machine automatically mulches the material and increases the bag capacity.

This gas leaf vacuum weighs only 9.6 pounds and is easy to maneuver. The air stream is in line with the handle, which minimizes the rotational force on your wrist. A two-year warranty backs the Husqvarna cycle gas leaf vacuum.

BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Leaf Blower

This is another 3 in 1 multifunctional blower, mulcher, and vacuum from BLACK+DECKER. It is ideal for cleaning yards, sideways, garages, or even your car. This machine will not feel heavy in your hands while you are working with it.

This electric vacuum is powered by a 12 amp motor. The airspeed of the blower reaches up to 230 mph. You can control the blower’s speed, so don’t worry about damaging your flower beds if you are working around them.

This unit comes with an anti-clog vortex impeller that can shred ten bags of leaves down to just one. Again, like the other products from BLACK+DECKER backed by a 3-year warranty, this one has 3 years too, and the switching from blower to vacuum is effortless.

The BLACK+DECKER leaf vacuum mulcher also features a built-in cord retainer for uninterrupted work. This 3 in 1 cleaning machine will keep your yard neat and tidy. It is easy to assemble and maneuver and can be used by almost anybody in the house.

Toro Ultra Blower and Vacuum

Make household cleaning easy and fun with this 3 in 1 machine from Toro that combines leaf mulcher, blower and vacuum. These leaf vacuums are designed to be sleek and economical. It is lightweight and easy to operate with.

The variable speed 12 amp motor allows you to adjust the speed between 112 mph and 235 mph. The size of the nozzles is reduced in order to achieve higher air speed ratings. The metal blades on the impeller grind leaves and other unwanted debris into a fine mulch.

This versatile 3 in 1 electric leaf vacuum mulcher comes with a convenient quick-release latch that allows you to turn your blower into a hoover. At the same time, the metal impeller makes it easy to mulch debris.

Unlike gas blowers, the electric ones require less maintenance and are much quieter. This unit weighs only 7.5 pounds, making it perfect for household chores. It also comes with a storage hook, vacuum tubes, and operators manual.

Wrap Up

Leaf hoover and blower machines are great tools, and they help you keep your home look great throughout the year. You can quickly get rid of wet leaves, dust, debris, or pet hairs with a suitable vacuum cleaner blower.

If you find the most suitable leaf vacuum and blower mulcher your yard, garage, and sideways will always be clean and tidy. These powerful machines are incredibly useful and practical. Almost everybody in the house can work with blower leaves mulcher because these tools are lightweight and easy to maneuver.

If you have read all the reviews, you have probably found the new leaf vacuum and blower for your home. We hope we have been helpful to you in the search for the perfect leaf vacuums to keep your home and yard clean throughout every season.







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