Are you planning on continuing your postgraduate education at a dream business school? Even if you feel prepared for applying and proceeding with your studies, the chances are that you will be facing serious competition, especially if you are planning on applying for a top-rated and very selective MBA program or university.

A great way to ensure that you have the right chances to be competitive for the business program is to use the services of a professional MBA admissions consultant.

A good business school consultant will help you with your choice of schools and programs, as well as with polishing your application so that it is impeccable and is up to the high standards of MBA admissions offices.

Admissions consultants can also help you prepare for the application process, with your test prep for GMAT or GRE, and to strategize for the best outcome for your future.

It is essential to choose a suitable and experienced consultant, especially for the specific programs and schools you are planning on applying for, in order to ensure that the application process goes as planned.

Here is a review of the favorite MBA admissions consultants on the market.

Stacy Blackman Admissions Consulting

The Stacy Blackman Consulting Company is one of the top-ranked MBA admissions consultancy companies in the US.

The MBA admission consulting company was founded in 2011 by Stacy Blackman and today has an impressive team of consultants for MBA admissions consisting of experts with experience in the college boards and offices of top-ranked and Ivy League MBA programs and schools, including Harvard, Duke, Stanford, Columbia, MIT Sloan of School Management, London Business School, University of Pennsylvania, Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and more.

Through the years, the MBA admission consultant company has helped hundreds of candidates to get into the schools of their dreams with a success rate of 92 to 98% and to earn more than $4.5 million in scholarship offers.

The consulting company offers an All-in-one MBA admissions package on the market. The consultants from Stacey Blackman have a highly personalized approach to each of their clients and will pair each candidate with the most suitable consultants for their particular case.

The perfectly matched consultants will then be available for the entire application process, day or night, until everything is perfect.

The prices for the All-in service start from $4,850 for a 1 school package, and customers will get a 7-day grace period to make changes to the package or get a refund minus the hours already used and the processing fee if they decide to cancel the service.

The MBA admission consultant company also offers hourly packages, test prep, plan-ahead, editing, MBA interview prep, and the unique SBC flight test. The test includes having your application materials assessed by ex-admissions members and receiving feedback from the MBA admission consultants regarding the strengths and weaknesses.

The SBC Flight Test is included in the All-in package.

Overall, if you are truly set on applying for the finest business program, the Stacy Blackman Consulting Company is among the top choices for trusted and reliable admissions consultancy assistance.


Admissionado is another one of the great MBA admissions consultant companies on the market.

The company has a unique approach to each client. The applicants work along with experienced MBA admission consultants in order to determine where the potential and the strengths of the clients are, and which ones should be emphasized in the application.

The consultants will also guide each client through the entire MBA application process, which can include essay analysis and editing, interview prep, and more.

Admissionado invites consultants at a very selective 7% rate and chooses successful graduates from leading masters and MBA programs from the top-rated schools, including Harvard, Stanford, Yale, HBS, Wharton, and more.

This means that every client will be paired with a consultant with experience in the same programs as the ones the client will be applying for. Their application will be thoroughly analyzed, and then the strongest talents, achievements, and skills will be inputted into the applications, essays, and other materials.

The company boasts a 98% success rate among its former clients who were successfully admitted to their first choice business programs and schools.

Admissionado offers a full Deluxe package, but there are also less expensive tailored packages for specific consultancy services as well.

The Junior Deluxe package starts at $2,185, and the Deluxe package costs $4,595 for one school.

You can request a free 30-minute consultation prior to signing up for the MBA Masters consultancy packages.

With a high acceptance success rate, and top-notch consultants, as well as a unique personalized approach for each applicant, Admissionado is the graduate school application consultancy company to go to if you want to be 100% sure that your application is impeccable.


mbaMission is a top-ranked MBA admissions consulting firm, according to Poets&Quants and GMAT Club.

The company has more than 20 full-time meticulously selected and trained MBA admission consultants, which will help applicants get into their dream B-school.

You will get a free 30-minute consultation before deciding whether you are interested in signing up for the consultancy service packages offered by the company.

Each applicant is assigned a specific business school admissions consultant but will receive advice and help by the entire team of MBA admission consultants for prepping for applying to a business program.

The consulting company offers a Complete Start-to-finish Package. It costs $4,900 for one school and includes the pre-stage prep, candidate assessment, and advice, program compatibility according to the client’s strengths and weaknesses, brainstorming for hidden talents and strengths, outlining, essay writing, letter of recommendation and resume prep, interview preparation, post-acceptance consultancy, and free career consultation.

The MBA admissions consulting company also offers more budget-friendly packages, like hourly services, mock interview sessions, Ding review, Wharton discussion simulation, HBS mock interview, and HBS intensive interview simulation, coaching, expedited services, and more.

The top-notch MBA admission consultants in the company have experience with NYU Stern School of Business, University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Columbia University Columbia Business School, Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management, University of Michigan Ross School of Business, and more.


Accepted has more than 20 years of experience in helping applicants get accepted in their top choice MBA programs and schools.

The Accepted Consultancy Company has some MBA admission consultants with experience at The University of Michigan Ross Business School, Cornell University SC Johnson College of Business, University of North Carolina, Michigan State University Eli Broad School of Business, and more.

The company offers an individual approach for each client and assigns a mentor to each person, but with the backing of the entire team in order to achieve the goal of the applicant to get accepted to the b-school, he or she wants.

The top MBA consultants from Accepted are ready to provide you with assistance on selecting the good school for you, application refinement and improvement, overcoming weaknesses, and stressing on the strengths instead, long-term planning, and more.

The experienced consultants will help you with any issue you have during the application prep up to after you get admitted.

The company charges an hourly rate and has a $330 1-hour plan, a flexible 5-hour plan for 1,550, and a 10-hour plan for $2,950.

There are also slightly higher “rush rate” plans if you need emergency consultations from the business school admissions consultants from the company.

This is an excellent choice for prospective MBA applicants who need help with their application materials or need expert consultancy for picking the right business school for them.

Veritas Prep 

Veritas Prep is one of the most popular test prep, college application, and MBA application companies in the country.

The company can help you achieve a better score at your GMAT and assist you during the MBA admissions process to maximize your chances of getting admitted.

You can sign up for free profile evaluation by the best admissions consultants for assessing your profile and your chances of getting into your dream business schools or programs.

Veritas Prep also offers comprehensive packages for MBA applicants, which start from $4,700 and will guide you through the entire application, starting from determining the finest schools and programs for you and ending with post-admission consultancies.

If you need advice on only certain aspects of your business school application like a review of your resume, school selection, recommender prep, essay brainstorming, review or editing, interview prep, waitlist strategies, Ding analysis, or others, you can sign up for the hourly consultancy packages offered by the company for $650 for two hours of one-on-one guidance by an MBA consultant with experience in school offices for admittance.

The MBA consultants in the MBA admissions program of Veritas Prep have experience with the applicant assessment processes and criteria of UCLA Anderson School of Management, Columbia University Columbia School of Business, University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Dartmouth College Tuck School of Business, and more top business programs and schools.

MBA Exchange

The MBA Exchange Admissions Consulting Company was founded by Harvard Business graduate Dan Bauer and today includes selected former admissions officers as full-time MBA application consultants. The admissions consultants in the company have direct experience with admissions at Harvard Business School, Wharton, MIT Sloan School of Management, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management, and more top business schools.

The company has a team-based consultancy approach, which has its positives – because the different top MBA admission consultants will have different expertise in specific aspects of the application procedure. But for some customers, this approach may not be as suitable as the personal one-on-one approach where a single consultant handles your entire prep and application.

Nevertheless, MBA Exchange has one of the most impressive teams of the best MBA admissions consulting experts of all and can offer prospective MBA students a comprehensive consultancy service including analysis and planning, coaching and guidance, implementation and support for all application elements and materials, interview preparation, waitlist support and other coaching needed for the mazing end results.

The MBA admission consultancy company can also help with your GMAT or GRE prep and provide you with professional career advice and guidance.


Aringo is another one of the MBA admissions consultancy firms which will help applicants get accepted in top-rated b-schools, even if they don’t have perfect GMAT scores.

The admissions consultant MBA company was established by Gil Levi, who got accepted by Harvard, Wharton, with a full merit scholarship with a score of 650 points on the GMAT. The success of the founder of the company led him to develop the Aringo methodology for essay writing tools.

The best MBA consultant service offers full-school packages starting from $3,900 for one school, as well as hourly packages costing $800 for 5 hours and $1,485 for 10 hours of expert consultancy services. There is also a pay-as-you-go package where you will be expected to pay $182 per hour.

Each customer will get expert advice and MBA admissions consulting from an assigned counselor, but all other consultants will have access to the application materials, and a second consultant is always for a complete review of all documents prior to applying in order to find fresh perspectives and offer improvements.

The company is one of the few, which offers official admissions statistics about its clients and their success rate after using the consultancy services of Aringo.


Founded by a former HBS and a Carnegie Mellon admissions officer and her husband, who is an HBS alum, Expartus is an admissions consultancy service that promises full commitment to help clients with not so perfect GPAs and GMAT scores to get into the top b-schools of their choice.

The methodology used by Expartus is to project the pluses and uniqueness of the applicants in the application materials with the expert help of the consultant for MBA admissions.

The comprehensive b-school application package offered by the company starts at $3,897 for one school, and second-time applicants can purchase consultancy packages for only $499 per school.

The entire team of Expartus has extensive experience in the admissions offices of leading business schools. The team will help applicants develop their unique individual brands and convey them through every single part of the MBA program application.

This admissions consulting MBA approach will allow every candidate to stand out from the rest and capture the attention of the admissions officers at the b-school, who tend to spend 20 minutes or less on each application. This will increase your chances of getting noticed and accepted to the school of your dreams.

MAC Approved

MAC, which is an abbreviation for MBA Admissions Consultants, is among the most reasonably priced MBA admissions consultancy services on the market.

The comprehensive package offered by the MBA application consulting company starts at $1,000 for one school or MBA program and includes unlimited consulting hours until the application is submitted, as well as image consultation, a briefing from a top-level admit, and more by the best.MBA admissions consultants from the company.

There are also hourly consultancy services for $299 per hour, and a $199 trusted Advisor Critique plan.

MBA Prep School

This company was founded by HBS graduate Tyler Cormney and the author of the course Chris Aitken and employs ex-admissions officers from top-ranked schools like Harvard, Booth, and Wharton, as well as MBAs from the leading b-schools in the US.

The company offers comprehensive admissions assistance packages starting from $3,995 for one school. You can also choose the hourly packages, which cost $295 per hour.

The company offers an HBS developed self-assessment tool which can help applicants and clients with their career search as well. It also has developed its own unique set of tools for b-school applicants to guide them through the application procedures and to keep them inspired and motivated. Plus, MBA Prep School offers a top-rated eBook How to Apply for an MBA.

The MBA admission consultant company claims that more than 85% of its clients, even those without perfect GMAT scores or grades, get accepted to at least one of their top choice business schools.

Square One Prep

The slogan of this MBA admissions consultancy company is, “Take a deep breath and relax.” The company has been on the market since 2009 and boasts an admissions success rate of 90%.

It was founded by Kathryn Lucan, a Wharton MBA who takes part in the consultancy of every single client along with some of the top MBA admissions consultants.

The top MBA admissions consultant team also includes a narrative expert, an award-winning Harvard-educated writer, and other MBAs and former admissions offers who will handle each element and aspect of your application for the business school of your choice.

The admissions consultancy company promises to spend over 55 hours on each school application and to help clients with lower grades, test scores, college suspensions, and large gaps in employment.

The full package of services costs $4,500 for one school, and the hourly consultancy services start at $275 per hour.

Before signing up for their services, you can request a free consultation by an MBA application consultant about the application and admission process for the business schools of your choice.

Stratus Admissions Counseling

This MBA admissions consultancy firm offers a four-school guarantee for its clients. It guarantees that if the applicant doesn’t get admitted to the four schools of his or her choice, it will assist them in the next application process to two schools free of charge.

The entire team of MBA admission consultants will participate in reviewing and editing your application documents and materials until everything is deemed perfect for submission.

It has 8,800 successfully accepted clients in business programs and schools like Harvard, Yale, Stanford, UPenn, Columbia, MIT, INSEAD, and more.

The standard consulting package starts from $4,000 for one school, and there are also separate smaller packages including interview prep for $1,000, ding analysis costing $600 for one school, profile development package for $1,100 as well as hourly counseling by an MBA admissions consultant, which costs $1,200 for 5 hours.

Best individual admissions consultants

If you prefer a more personal approach and choose the consultant for your MBA application and admission, then you should take a look at these top-ranked individual MBA consultants.

Here is a ranking of the top MBA admission consultants, the consultancy companies they work for, and their approximate hourly fees for 2019, according to Poets&Quants MBA admission consultant reviews:

1. Rajdeep Chimni – works at Admissions Gateway – no hourly rates, works in packages only

2. Paul Bodine – works at for $299 per hour

3. Caryn Altman – works at Stacy Blackman Consulting for $365 per hour

4. Scott Edinburgh – a Personal MBA Coach – $390 per hour

5. David White – works at Menlo Coaching for $400 per hour

6. Alex Leventhal works for Prep MBA for $345 per hour

7. Eli David works for Ivy MBA Consulting for $230 per hour

8. Jessica Shklar works for mbaMission for $350 per hour

9. Alice van Harten works at Menlo Coaching for $400 per hour

9. Sherry Holland works at Stacy Blackman consulting for $365 per hour

11. Angela Guido works for Career Protocol no hourly fee, works in packages only

12. Betsy Massar works at Master Admissions for $300 per hour

13. Jessica Burlingame works at The MBA Exchange for $400 per hour

13. Katharine Lewis works at mbaMission for $350 per hour

15. Kate Richardson works at mbaMission for $350 per hour

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