Best Mouse Bait

In this article, we will show you the most recommended bait for mice and rats, the difference between the various lures and foods, and the most excellent traps you can buy on Amazon.

As we all know, the colder seasons are associated with mice and rats. They go on a search for a warm home, and there’s a big chance that they will find it in yours.

So we hope that this article will help you understand how to fight back the invasion that may occur at your home.

Top mouse bait station

There are many types of mouse traps from snap traps to electric traps, sticky traps, live catch traps. The snap traps alone are split into three different versions: bar traps, clam snap traps, and a hidden kill snap trap.

Every type of trap has the same purpose, to catch mice and rats. And in the end, it is down to your preference to choose what kind of trap you want to catch mice with

You have to make sure that you chose your trap carefully. The type of trap depends on the situation you’re in, the place you want to set it up in, if you have children, etc. 

One of the last things to consider is the weather and if you want to put the trap outdoors.

Bait for mice and rats

The type of mice and rats you are trying to catch is crucial in choosing the bait. Some of the options you have are different food items, pet food, nesting material, DIY lures, nuts, bird seed, etc.

Mouse bait food

Depending on the type of mice or rat, you can use many kinds of foods, such as bacon, chocolate, hot dog slices, and gumdrops. One of the most common foods used to deal with in similar situations is the hazelnut spread.

Best food to catch mice

The most suitable food to catch mice is bird seeds, cat food, dog food, beef jerky, nesting materials, and cheese. With that kind of bait, it will be very hard for mice to steal the bait and escape the trap.

Bait for mice and rat traps

Over the years, we have seen different pictures of a mouse that holds cheese. But there are some rats out there that don’t even eat cheese. So that’s why we show you the real baits for mice and rats in this article.

The best mouse trap bait for the trap you can use is some food. Food such as bacon, chocolate, hot dog slices, and gumdrops, as we mentioned in a previous point.

Homemade mouse bait

One of the most common things to use bait is food, so you can use different sticky or sweet foods. Commonly used homemade bait is mashed potato slices on a shallow lid and place in areas where there are any signs of mice, or you have spotted one.

Best mouse bait on Reddit

The top bait on Reddit is salt. Several people have tried using peanut butter combined with salt as bait and have seen great results. In general, a small amount of sticky bait mixed with a little bit of salt will work very well.

Many reports have said that salt is irresistible for many animals and luckily for us, rodents are on that list.

Does the mouse keep eating bait off the trap?

There is some kind of insects that can get in and out of traps other than the sticky traps and eat the bait from the trap without even triggering it.  Let’s see some of the common mistakes men do.

Sometimes users are not putting the trap in the right places or are not using it enough.

It is essential that you choose the right bait and you are lucky that we already covered the bait topic in this article.

How to set a mousetrap?

It is vital to set the trap in the right position. You have to place them in the right area, along the walls, in corners, and in the running channels where you’ve spotted a rodent.

You also have to check the traps very often, like at least once a day. And that means that you need easy access to the trap.

What is the best mice bait?

As we previously mentioned, the mice bait depends on the type of mice you are dealing with.

They’re very attracted to high-calorie sweets and fatty foods. The most used foods are chocolate, bacon, hot dog slices, gumdrops, etc.

Top traps on Amazon:

Capt Sure

This is the finest mouse trap on Amazon because it is harmless for the rodent. The trap only catches either the rat or the mouse, and then you can release it wherever you want.

If you trap a mouse, then it’s guaranteed that the rodent is caught until you release it. If you are not a violent person, this is the solution for you.


This is the second-best trap because it is faster and more durable than the traditional wooden traps. It will get rid of all kinds of rodents. It will work well with any bait you want.

It has a safe design that doesn’t need you to use fingers, so you will avoid any possible injury to the fingers.

And another great feature is that you don’t need to touch the mouse when you are removing it from the trap, thanks to this you avoid spreading disease.


The snap trap works wonderfully with Tomcats Attractant Gel to attract rodents. To set the trap is very simple, you need to press the set bar until it clicks into place.

It’s designed with a built-in grab tap for easy disposal of the rodent. For the greatest results, they suggest for you to put the traps 5-10 feet apart in places with high mice activity.

Catch Master

One of the products which are very easy to use. You have to make sure you put it near a wall where mice typically like to walk, and you wait for it to get caught.

The trap is long-lasting. It’s tested in normal conditions and lasts for one full year. The trap is not toxic and it’s safe to have it around the house.

It can be placed indoors and outdoors and in various types of buildings like residential, commercial, or industrial buildings.

Kat Sense

This rat station is loaded with the classic rat poison. The design is made to make the mouse poison and bait not accessible to children, which makes it safe for every environment.

It’s weatherproof as well, so you can put it outside without moisture getting to the bait.

For top results, you need to put it near walls and places where rodents like to hide.

Kat Sense Mouse ‘N Vole Traps

This is another option from Kat Sense that we’ll be showing you. The snap trap offers increased power compared to the old-school wooden trap and has a false trigger defense. It will get rid of all kinds of rodents.

Precision is the keyword that can describe this trap the best.

Another great thing is that if you are not satisfied for some reason, you will get a 100% refund of your money.

Final words

Rodents are a big problem in our daily life. They can be seen for example in the kitchen, bedroom, around the trash cans, or the basement and anywhere in the house in general.

Make sure to keep your house or workspace clean so you can avoid the invasion of rodents during the colder seasons.

We hope that you’ve learned that the placement and bait are vital for catching a mouse or rat.

So we hope that we were helpful with the information in our article. And we have made the choice for your mouse problem easier with our tips.


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