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The 4 Best Outdoor Sauna 2020 Reviews

Saunas are used both recreationally and therapeutically by offering a low humidity and high heat environment that is perfect for relaxation. They are made of close and soft grain woods on the inside, and most saunas have a wooden bench that is meant for seating or reclining.

When you’re out shopping for your sauna, you must ensure that you only get the best models from the market. That’s the reason why we have reviewed the best outdoor saunas on the market today. Here are the top 4 outdoor saunas that we have picked out for you:

At a Glance: Our Picks of the Best Outdoor Saunas

Best Outdoor Sauna Reviews

We have reviewed dozens of the best outdoor saunas on the market today and selected the ones that we found to be the best. We also focused on quality, affordability, and proven designs that are going to last you for years. Let’s check some of them out:

Allwood Barrel Sauna #220-WHC Wood Fired Heater

Barrel-shaped outdoor saunas are the best option for a lot of reasons. These types of saunas have 23% less space that needs to be heated, but unlike other saunas with corners of the same size. Also, cylinder-shaped saunas offer continuous natural airflow because the air moves back and forth on the walls. That particular model offers longer steam cycles and doesn’t use a lot of energy, which saves you on power bills. Therefore, if you want the ultimate barrel sauna experience, we advise you to try the Allwood Barrel Sauna #220, and the kit #220-WHC is one of the first wood-fired heaters on the market today.

Another notable feature of this outdoor sauna is that it was made to last for years, and it’s barrel and walls are made from 1-5/8 inches thick carefully grown Nordic Spruce. Therefore, you can rest assured that your sauna is made from top-notch quality material that will last for years. With 6’.8” diameters by 67” inside length, the sauna is going to easily and comfortably accommodate four adults seated inside. Unlike most barrel models out there, this model comes with a roof with shingles that will prolong its life. They also come with two 70 inches support cradles that you can use to elevate it from the surface.

Another feature of the model is the 2 industrial grade stainless steel bands that also happen to feature a fastener mechanism. It’s one of the most affordable outdoor saunas on the market today. You’ll be excited to learn that this isn’t an easy to assemble model that comes ready for use, and you won’t need to be a professional in outdoor sauna installations to put that into place.

Decorate with Daria 4 Person Outdoor Sauna Hemlock Wood

When you’re searching for a spacious 4-person outdoor sauna, you shouldn’t look any further than the Decorate with Daria 4-person Outdoor Sauna. This product is made of hemlock wood that offers it durability and long-lasting life. It’s also an impressive model that uses infrared heaters to ensure that the room is comfortable and is in the right condition for relaxation.

The sauna will also feature shingles that add to its strong construction, which makes it a strong sauna that is going to hold at least four people. You may be deceived when you learn that it uses hemlock wood, but the shingles are the main material here. In fact, the only places that you’ll find wood being used are those areas that can only be made with wood. The best thing here is that the wood has been kiln-dried to thwart health-related problems from arising.

The company also took the time when constructing the sauna to ensure that you get the safety that you deserve. You’ll be excited to learn that there is no glue used to join the two parts, which would mean that there is no chance of it falling apart because of humidity. The sauna is also going to heat up pretty fast and will be extremely comfortable to use.

You wouldn’t be bored here when relaxing in your sauna, and that’s why there is a CD player along with an AM/FM radio. So, you can easily enjoy your therapy when listening to your preferred music for a complete body and mind healing. One thing you should know about this sauna is that it isn’t insulated, but it depends on double wood walls. That means you will still get the warmth you want and have the time of your life when you’re in your sauna.

Finlandia Outdoor Sauna (4×4 Feet) With Roof Kit

If you’re searching for an outdoor sauna for your home, you should consider the Finlandia Outdoor Sauna with Roof Kit. This sauna uses Western Red Cedar for both the interior and exterior, and it’s a great sauna for relaxing. The Red Cedar offers long life and durability, meaning that you can always count on the sauna to provide you with the relaxation you desire for years to come.

Spacing isn’t going to be an issue with this model thanks to its reasonable size of 2×2 inches seating with superb 3/8 inches spacing. Therefore, you can rest in our outdoor sauna and still enjoy the comfort of a commercial sauna. However, it is designed to accommodate one grownup as this space isn’t the best in the industry.

That model makes use of stone-based heating technology to provide a warm environment that you would want in your sauna. The stone-based system is perfect for people who love Finnish-style saunas, and it also has a Fir Clear Class that is pre-hung and measures 24 inches long. The best thing about this sauna is that it is extremely easy to install because it can be attached to existing patios. It’s also one of the lightest saunas on the market today, and you won’t need professional help when installing it because of the two features.

What’s more, it comes with a DVD that has a guide on how to install the sauna, which means that you can save money when installing it as it is a DIY product. Apart from that, you can use this sauna on ground-level areas or even elevated ones, and it also offers exceptional insulation. The model is beautiful both inside and outside, which makes it one of the most attractive saunas for your home.

Sunray Cayenne 4-Person Outdoor Sauna

We all want to enjoy ourselves with our loved ones in our home sauna, but it can be tricky to get a model that will accommodate the entire family. However, thanks to Sunray Cayenne 4-person Outdoor Sauna, you can easily have that fun-time with all your family members. This model is made of natural Canadian hemlock wood that offers it many years of existence. The sauna has 8 ceramic heaters that work together to warm the sauna and provide the desired warmth and heat, making your therapeutic sessions worth your while.

Unlike most saunas out there, this sauna comes with an LCD control panel that makes it easier to control its humidity and temperature. You also get to enjoy recessed exterior lighting that makes it beautiful when you’re relaxing in your sauna. That’s not all because the sauna comes with a CD player, MP3, and FM radio that will allow you to listen to your favorite tracks when taking a rest. You can also take your drink in the sauna and place it in the cupholder.

The sauna also has four movable ergonomic backrests that make it more comfortable for you when you’re sitting and relaxing in your sauna. Apart from that, it comes with an oxygen ionization system that helps to purify the air inside your sauna. One of the best things about this outdoor sauna is that it is extremely easy to assemble, and you won’t need to hire a professional to assemble it for you. The design will also enhance your outdoor décor and setting as well.

It’s also a big sauna that measures 72 x 52 x 83 inches and boasts of naturally appealing and smooth designs. You also get a 7-year structural warranty that guarantees defects in workmanship and materials. So, you can have peace of mind when you’re chilling in your sauna, knowing that you’re covered for 7 years.

How Much Does an Outdoor Sauna Cost?

Thanks mainly to the advancement in technology, there are different types of saunas on the market today, and that makes the cost of these products vary from one model to the other. The location and size will also determine the cost of your sauna:

  • Portable Infrared Sauna

These are extremely popular with travelers and often cost between $100 to $400. They don’t offer a lot of features, but they are highly portable and great for people camping outside.

  • Infrared Sauna

These are quite common in most homes and are going to cost between $1000 to $4000. Their price is going to depend on the size and features you choose, and a sauna that fits your family is going to cost you about $3000.

  • Traditional Sauna

Traditional sauna kits will cost you anywhere between $3000 to $6000 and will come with all the parts that you will require to build them. You can easily build them by yourself, which means that you won’t incur this cost. The rooms will cost you $2000 to $7000 and are going to depend on the type of heater you choose and the size of the room. You’ll also need to hire a professional to build a sauna room.


The best outdoor saunas are going to provide you with the comfort and relaxation that you desire after a long day’s work. It’s an outstanding product that will add value to your home and is also a superb place to relax during the weekend. You should also know the features you want in your sauna when choosing the model that is going to suit your daily needs.

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