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The Best Paper Cutter in 2020: Reviews & Buying Guide

When tons of paper sheets are cut with great precision and neat edges, an ordinary scissor fails. Many techniques go into cutting a single sheet, whether it be for school projects or office presentations. To cut every sheet individually is a challenging task, and technology has to be involved. Having the best paper cutter machine makes your life much more comfortable.

Finding the best paper trimmer amongst the fake and the real ones is a big hurdle. To make your task more manageable and easier, we have brought you a list of the most preferred paper cutters. These are carefully chosen and shortlisted to help you efficiently in your daily tasks.

To get the most efficient one, scroll down and refer to the section below. Scan through all the products and find yourself the perfect match.

Top 10 Best Paper Cutters

Listed below is the list of the best paper cutters. Let’s see what these have to offer us.

Swingline Guillotine Paper Cutter

The first product on this list is the best guillotine paper cutter manufactured by ACCO Brands. This product has an alignment grid that helps to trim the paper with precision. Swingline paper cutters are very reliable and feature built-in safety features. The guillotine blade is quite sharp and cuts the papers with clean edges. It is the perfect choice for house and office paper works and reduces your task to a major extent. This high-quality cutting machine comes with a warranty of 10 years.


  • It is highly portable and has a lightweight design that aids in its portability.
  • It is easy to use and cuts a maximum of 10 sheets of paper with great precision.
  • Its sharp blade lasts for an extended period, which enables you to use it every day. The body is made of durable plastic.
  • It has a cutting length of 12 inches.

WORKLION Paper Cutter

This black colored craft cutter is the best paper cutter for crafts. It helps you unleash your creativity. Its innovative and unique safety design includes a safety blade that prevents injuries. This paper cutter is an excellent option if you search for a paper trimmer that can cut A4 size sheets of paper. Your imagination and creativity come to life when this paper cutter is around.


  • It consists of a transparent ruler to assist you while cutting.
  • The blade is easy to replace and provides you papers with neat edges.
  • You can cut a maximum of 12 sheets in one go.
  • It is a lightweight, affordable, and compact paper cutter that can be transported easily.

Fiskars SureCut Portable Trimmer

This machine has a 12-inch cutting size, which is suitable for all types of use. It is an ideal paper cutting tool that finds a place in every house and office. Life without this equipment will prove to be very difficult and challenging. This variant by Fiskars is the portable trimmer made using recycled titanium.


  • This easy to cut portable trimmer by Fiskars is ideal for all type of paper, photos, and coupon cutting.
  • Its surecut wired cut-line enables you to get accurate paper cutouts.
  • It has a triple track system which is patented by this brand. This system locks the blade in the aligned position so that you don’t get curved cuts.
  • The cutting size is 12 inches.
  • You can cut a maximum of seven sheets at a time.

X-ACTO 26315 Guillotine Trimmer

This heavy-duty paper guillotine trimmer has a base of 12 inches x 15 inches. The wooden base is highly durable and provides you precision in cutting. Thanks to its self-sharpening blade, the operation becomes easy. This machine is so versatile that it can cut huge bulks with ease and in no time. This heavy-duty cutter has rubber feet to prevent slippage due to bulk cutting. The rubber used provides stability and precision while you are cutting the sheets.


  • This variant of guillotine heavy duty paper cutters cuts a maximum of 15 sheets, which reduces your task a lot.
  • It has a self-sharpening blade that sharpens itself with every cut.
  • The entire design of this wooden guillotine cutter contributes to its precision and makes it easy to use. The wooden base, accompanied by the rubber feet, enhances its stability and grip.
  • This trimmer comes with safety features like a latch and a guard to protect your fingers and prevent injuries.

Westcott ACM15107 TrimAir

This guillotine paper trimmer with a wooden base and a titanium blade offer you a comfortable cutting experience. When sharpness meets technology, a paper cutting equipment like this comes into existence. It is the best guillotine paper cutter. Westcott manufactures reliable products that are a combination of all three: knowledge, method, and skills. These cutters, with their durability and strength, provide you the best paper cutting experience.


  • This wood used to construct its base aids in fine cutting with precision.
  • It can cut 30 sheets of paper with ease and provide you the desired results.
  • The titanium blade stays sharper for a long time and chops the paper accurately.
  • Safety features in this machine include safety guards to protect your fingers.
  • Its ergonomic handle is very comfortable to use and also has anti-microbial features to maintain hygiene.

LETION Titanium Trimmer

This 12-inch A4 size sheet cutter features a stunning black color. This cutting machine has a base made from 100% recycled material that enables you to align all the sheets accurately before using the blade. This is the perfect choice if you handle multimedia projects like craft papers, photographs, coupons, etc. All you need to do is align your sheets, make an accurate cut, and enjoy the neat edges.


  • This equipment is ideal for any type of media, be it your school project or photographs.
  • The guillotine blade cuts easily through any paper irrespective of its thickness.
  • You can cut 12 sheets at a time, and this equipment can be used for everyday paper cutting needs.
  • It has a safe design that includes a blade housing where it stays. Upon pressing, this sharp blade pops out and can be used.

Carl 18 inch DC-2A3N

This product is the best rotary paper trimmer that can cut in all angles. With the portable design and a marking ruler, CARL’s product rules the paper cutter manufacturing industry. The best rotary paper cutter offers precise cuts with clean edges. If you have this machine with you, paper cutting in bulk will be a cakewalk. Thanks to the latest technology included, your tasks become much more comfortable and easier. Now you can meet your deadlines and do the finest projects.


  • It has a rotary blade that cuts at all angles. This is housed in a case to protect from injuries.
  • The high-quality carbide blade makes the operation relatively easy and lasts long.
  • This equipment also includes a cutting mat that enhances its efficiency and is replaceable.
  • It is 18 inches long and can cut through rigid materials also.
  • At once, it can slice 15 sheets, each weighing 20 lbs.
  • The base is constructed using calibrated steel.

HFS (R) Heavy Duty Guillotine Paper Cutter

This 12-inch paper cutter is not an ordinary paper cutting machine. Manufactured by Hardware Factory Store, this machine is handy if you own a press and frequently deliver newspapers or other materials in bulk. It has a unique system and design that enables you to finish your task faster and with ease. This product is not an average machine and lasts long, even when used regularly.


  • The base of this equipment is constructed using heavy-duty steel.
  • The blade is made of steel that cuts paper accurately in no time.
  • It includes a paper clamp that holds a huge number of papers and aids in slicing.
  • You can cut a maximum of 400 sheets at a time.
  • The grid surface of this cutting machine is highly scratch-resistant and durable.

Carl Heavy Duty Rotary Paper Cutters

One of the best rotary paper cutters present in the market currently, this machine by CARL, has an 18-inch long blade. This company aims to help you become innovative and empower you. Whether you want to use it for school, office, or any place, this excellent product finds its way everywhere and caters to all your cutting needs. With this product in use, you need not worry about any mistake or injury.


  • It is a heavy-duty machine equipped with a carbide blade to enhance your cutting experience.
  • It has a base constructed of the best-calibrated metals and has a compartment for storage.
  • The magnetic paper guide helps you to cut at an accurate position. Thanks to its adjustability.
  •  You can cut up to 36 sheets at a time with its 18-inch long blade.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty service.

Dahle 550 Professional Rolling Cutter

Dahle produces paper cutters that are German engineered. This variant of the paper cutters is very reliable and offers high precision while working. Gone are the days when you have to closely monitor your papers and the scissors so that you get an appropriate and clean cut. With this equipment around, your hours are reduced to seconds. It is the best paper cutter for teachers, artists, photographers, and others.


  • This equipment has a self-sharpening blade. This self-sharpening feature helps in smooth cutting in both directions.
  • This cutter has a guide bar made of aluminum for enhanced strength and durability.
  • It has an automatic clamp that holds all the 20 sheets firmly so that no errors are there.
  • A steel blade is used that is housed in a case to provide safety.
  • The base is made from durable metal and also has rubber feet to prevent it from slipping.

Things to deem about before purchasing the best paper cutter

There are many aspects that you should consider before investing in the best paper cutter. These key features that you should look for during your quest are listed below for your assistance.

Safety features

To protect your hands and fingers from getting injured, a paper cutter should have safety latches and guards. These two features help the smooth functioning of the machine while keeping your safe and protected.

Sharp Blade

A sheet of paper needs a sharp scissor or a cutter to cut it accurately. A blunt cutting machine won’t suffice; instead, it will damage the paper and ruin its shape and texture. If you are searching for the perfect cutter, focus on the material of the blades. These blades are made from different materials and are efficient to cut any type of media. The most preferred option is the rotatory blade because it provides you the ease of usage.

Lock-in ruler

A lock-in ruler in your equipment holds a significant advantage. These rulers can be locked in place so that your sheets stay aligned and are cut at the same point. Unlike ordinary rulers, these don’t allow measurement errors by moving from their location every time. If these rulers are complimented by measuring grids, you will get more precision in cutting.

Self-Healing Cutting Mat

A cutting mat helps maintain the shape and the texture of the paper so that no wrinkles are formed during cutting. Whenever you search for a cutting machine for making scrapbooks or projects similar to that, ensure that you look for these types of mats. A good cutting mat will aid you in smooth cutting.

Some Final Words

Papers are used to make school projects, office works, books, printing photographs, and many more. Having suitable paper cutters helps ease your task and make your work more enjoyable. Papers and scissors are the essential stationery items that are found everywhere.

Hence, to get your work done in the best way, search for the most versatile and suitable paper cutting machine from the ones listed above and make an informed investment.

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