6 Best Pens for Note Taking in Your College Classes – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best pens for note-taking!

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As science has advanced day by day, so has our every little object. We prefer things that are more time-saving, fast, and easy to access. Nowadays, students are more into laptops and tabs for taking notes in their universities. Out of 10 students, 8 of them are sure to opt for these electronic devices. However, pens are beneficial when you want to concentrate on the topic and helps you in writing down the essential notes quickly.

There are many brands for pens and different types for taking notes. It is comfortable while revising and also gives more detailed and clean notes for you to study. However, there are many pens among which you might be confused to choose from. Well, don’t stress as our guide will help you in finding the perfect pen for note-taking.

Six best pens for taking notes

Let’s give you an insight into the most recommended pens so that you can easily opt for the ideal one.

Paper Mate Gel Pens

Pens for note-taking are greatest when you can take notes without any smearings. The ink dries quickly and are brilliant gel pens. The pens have an ergonomic grip that is highly comfortable.


  • Smearing is reduced because of the fast-drying ink.
  • The gel pens have colorful ink and are great note-taking pens.
  • The ink is colorful enough tor give your writing a brighter look.

Pilot G2 Premium Refillable

The Pilot G2 Premium gives you a smooth ink flow while taking notes and are lovely to use. You can easily take notes with its bold pointing and ultra-fine tip.


  • The pens have a rubber grip that provides you with more comfort while taking notes.
  • The gel is very smooth to write with and even lasts for an extended period.
  • The Pilot G2 comes with many different pens and with unique features.
  • The company is well-known and one of the most trusted.
  • You will also find a ballpoint pen, ink gel, retractable and erasable pen for your use.

Crayola Colored gel pen

As the name suggests, these pens are new and innovative color tools for the kids. You can use them for colorful notes on the paper that helps you focus more on the topic. They are considered the greatest pens for note-taking because of their washable ink.


  • On ordering, you will receive a packet of 14 washable ink gel pens.
  • You can quickly draw streak lines or doodle because of its adequate ink flow.
  • In case your clothes or paper gets smeared with ink, do not stress as it is washable.
  • You can easily create colorful art pieces, projects, or even take notes with this pen.
  • The clicking feature of the pen makes it more convenient and the top option for notes.

Paper Mate Medium Point

Paper mate brings you another series of colorful pen set that will make your writing more colorful and attractive. Your contemplations will also flow as you write with this pen because of its smooth flow.


  • The smearing is significantly less because of the quick-dry ink.
  • The different colors of the pen make your writing brighter in the lookout.
  • The grip is ergonomic and comfortable for you to hold.
  • The pen comes in 14 different vibrant colors.

BIC Gel-Ocity

For an effortless and smooth writing style, BIC Gel provides you with quick-dry gel pens. This pen is an ideal choice for annotating and taking down notes.


  • The writing experience will be smooth like anything.
  • The drying ink makes the pen much more desirable.
  • You can quickly write with the barrel, as the grip is comfortable and perfect.
  • The design is retractable and is convenient.

Uni-ball Roller pens

With a classic and exquisite look, the Uni-ball roller is the big pens in the world and, one of the most desirable in the world. The ballpoint pens are designed with much care and are the ideal pen for men. The writing is smooth as a fountain pen, but it does not create any mess. If you are looking for a pen that can be considered a proud possession, then this is the one.


  • The writing is free-flow and very smooth with this product.
  • The pens are designed with waterproof and fading resistant materials.
  • The ink colors are bold and available in different types.
  • You can choose from the cushioned grip style or even the stick ones.

Things to deem before buying pens

Certain factors are to be considered before you decide on purchasing the ideal pen for yourself. Well, we have listed the factors that you need to inspect. Here we go!

  • The tip should be fine- For an ideal pen, you have to choose a tip that is precise and thin. Some of them are too thick, and some are too thin. Opt for a 0.38-0.55mm tip for excellent and fair writing. The material should be durable so that it is unbreakable.
  • The ink flow must be smooth- The smoothness of the ink is much more preferable because you can easily write without any interference. Imagine getting a creative idea, but you couldn’t write it down because your pen stopped working! Pathetic! That’s why we suggest you opt for the pens that have a smooth flow.
  • Quicky dry of ink- Smudging and smearing will take place when you are writing with pens. However, if you purchase pens that have quick-drying ink, you can easily prevent this difficulty of spreading and smudging of lines on your clothes or paper. The left-hand writers will find it more beneficial as they have to move their hands over the writing part to continue writing.
  • Versatility- Try buying pens that can be used efficiently for any work. They should be comfortable as you might need to write for hours. The grip needs to be comfortable so that you can hold it easily as you keep writing. You might even look for pens that are bigger if your hands are large. To avoid fatigue while writing, choose the ones with the barrel.
  • Refillable- Always opt for pens that can be refilled easily. You might get annoyed when you are writing, and the ink gets over. In case you have a spare pen, then it is well and good, but if not it would be better if you have pens with the refilling feature. It also saves up the cost of buying a new pen as you can use it for a long time.


You will find many related posts for purchasing pens but buy the ones that come with all rights reserved. Now that you have the ultimate list for ideal pens, you can easily let your imagination flow and write them down!







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