Top 9 Best Pet Carpet Cleaners in 2021 to Clean Pet Stains & Odor

While your furry friends are a constant source of companionship, comfort, and joy, we know that it becomes a challenge keeping your home clean from pet stains, odors, and hair. Most likely, your pet spends much of its time inside the house, curled up on your carpet, utterly relaxed.

Thus, area rugs are usually the first to be affected by the oils and fur from your pet’s skin, which is gradually penetrating deep into your carpet fibers. So one common thing pet lovers do to deal with this problem is vacuuming.

However, a standard house cleaning routine can be exhausting, time-consuming, and overall ineffective. Pet carpet cleaner rentals or professional carpet cleaning services are not the perfect long-term solution either and can cost you a lot if used regularly. And let’s face it- daily shedding, stains, and odors are natural in pets and require regular deep cleaning.

Therefore, we think that the best way to maintain your living space clean is to buy a carpet cleaner machine for pets. You can deep clean your carpets as often as you want, quickly get rid of tough stains, eliminate odors, and remove any dirt from your furniture or upholstery.

Take a look at our detailed reviews of the top pet carpet cleaners on the market today, which have proven to be the ideal cleaning solution for any pet owner!

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With the products we’ve selected, you will be able to remove effectively any pet stains and marks, odors, and hair, providing a clean and healthy environment both for your pet and your loved ones. What’s more, we’ve written a buying guide at the end of the reviews section to help your selection process.

So, let’s not keep you waiting and start with our top picks!

Bissell Big Green Carpet Cleaner

BISSELL carpet vacuum cleaners are highly rated by users for their exceptional cleaning performance, durability, and functionality. We fully agree with the 5-star customer reviews that this brand has accumulated. The BISSELL Big Green is one of the leading carpet cleaners for pet owners we have tested.

Pets leave dirt everywhere, but this is not a problem for the Bissell Big Green carpet cleaner!

You get a stain tool perfect for thorough cleaning upholstery and a 9-foot hose that will allow you to vacuum any hard-to-reach spots in your house. On top of that, thanks to the large capacity water tanks, you can clean massive areas without refilling the tank.

We think that the word that ultimately describes this pet carpet cleaner is powerful. It is the best home carpet cleaner for pet stains and odors we have seen! The extra-large dirt lifter power brush, along with the powerful suction mechanism, will quickly get rid of the tiniest pet hair as well as any tough pet stains, pet urine, pet vomit, or pet odor.

The brushes are sturdy, however delicate enough not to rip up carpets of fine texture. One of the many advantages is that the Bissell Big Green works both directions. Whether you push it forward or pull it backward, this unit will clean anything on its way, reducing your cleaning path and saving time!

Incredibly easy to operate and clean out after use, this pet carpet cleaner machine has a lot to offer!

Additionally, by purchasing any BISSELL cleaning product, you are helping homeless pets as the company is a vast homeless animal advocate.

  • Dimensions: 20.5 x 11 x 42.2 inches
  • Weight: 48 pounds

Oreck Commercial Orbiter Floor Machine

If you want to clean all types of flooring surfaces effectively, the Oreck Commercial Orbiter Floor Machine can be your greatest home cleaning solution. Carpeting, vinyl, hardwoods, concrete, asphalt, or marble- nothing can stop the floor buffer of this multi-purpose cleaner for pets!

We all know that pets can be curious and playful and often create havoc in bathrooms, hide under sinks, or look for food in tight kitchen spaces. With this compact carpet cleaner, you can get rid of all of the mess your pet has left!

It features a brush head that rotates in an orbital fashion to effectively vacuum the surface in all directions as well as reach under small areas. The Oreck commercial floor machines are designed not only to power scrub and clean а variety of surfaces but also to buff and polish hardwood floors.

Powerful and delicate at the same time, you can easily clean tile grouting and oil stains while restoring the shine to marble floors.

One of the top qualities is that it’s lightweight to provide easy maneuvering and hassle-free storage space. This premium carpet shampooer is assembled in the USA from globally made components to guarantee of material and workmanship. It is practically maintenance-free!

Don’t take too long to purchase this commercial floor buffing machine! We promise you: it will be one of the most valuable additions to your entire household.

  • Dimensions: 49.6 x 13.6 x 9.7 inches
  • Weight: 24 pounds

Bissell SpotClean Pet Pro Portable Carpet Cleaner

Another outstanding Bissell product is the Bissell SpotClean Pet Pro Portable Carpet Cleaner. We believe that this machine is one of the leading portable carpet cleaning machines on the market.

All pet owners know that driving around with your dog or cat can leave an enormous mess in your vehicle. That’s why you want the ideal portable pet carpet cleaner. We believe we’ve found it!

The Bissell SpotClean Pet Pro is less bulky than a standard home carpet cleaner, easy to store, and quick to install if an accidental spill happens. You simply load the clean water tank with warm tap water, add a small amount of the pet urine Eliminator, plug the device in, and your spot cleaner is ready to go!

We are impressed with the heavy-duty suction and cleaning power! Compared to other handheld carpet cleaners, this device is one of the most powerful spots and stains carpet cleaners for pets. It can tackle any job you throw at- carpets, furniture, auto interiors, staircases; you name it!

This compact carpet cleaner can get rid of any stubborn pet stains and odors – from pet urine to food coloring, or even transmission fluid. It comes with two pet tools that work exceptionally well at pulling up both moisture and dirt while eliminating urine smells.

If you need a small but resilient handheld version of a carpet cleaner, this product is the right choice. And don’t forget that every Bissell purchase helps save homeless animals!

  • Dimensions: 10 x 14 x 14 inches
  • Weight: 13.2 pounds

Bissell SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner

Another exceptional portable shampooer is the Bissell SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner. Lightweight, small, and easy to stow: this machine does a professional cleaning job! It removes any unexpected messes wherever they occur.

It permanently gets rid of ground-in spot and stains, but it also preserves surfaces from future stains with a mighty Pro Max clean and protect formula. On top of that, the formula eliminates odor-inducing stains, such as residual smell from pet urine and vomit.

The Bissell Professional Cleaner comes with two handy carpet-cleaning tools: a 3-inch tough stain tool for tiny concentrated carpet stains and spills, and a 6-inch stair tool, specially designed to clean your staircases. It may not look like this little carpet cleaner can’t retain much water in its tank, but it does!

With its ¾-gallon tank capacity, you don’t need to worry about refilling while in the middle of a cleaning job. You won’t have trouble either lifting this compact spot cleaner and carrying it from place to place. You can clean a car seat or reach a tiny corner of your room.

Additionally, the extra-long power cord and the 5-foot flex hose give you a wide movement radius and maximum cleaning coverage.

We can’t recommend enough this compact and powerful device! Just order it online and let us know how your life has changed!

  • Dimensions: 10 x 14 x 14 inches
  • Weight: 17.25 pounds

Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro All-in-One Multi-Surface Cleaner

You don’t need to sweep or mop before using the Bissell Crosswave cleaner. By simultaneously vacuuming and washing your floors, this carpet shampooer saves you time and energy! Just as so, it cleans wet and dry stains altogether, leaving any surface immaculate.

The Bissell Crosswave is engineered explicitly for pet owners and their homes. With that in mind, this Bissell model features a tangle-free brush roll that doesn’t allow the pet hair to wrap around the roller.

This anti-hair-wrap technology is ideal for a long-haired dog or cat breed. Another innovative attribute is the pet hair filter, which effectively separates hair and waste from liquids.

In that way, it’s easier to dispose of them into the garbage and not down your sink, avoiding clogging. And it comes with a specialized pet cleaning solution formula to eliminate any remaining odor.

Reviews on Bissell Crosswave pet pro machines show that this is one of the best carpet cleaners with multiple cleaning capabilities! We love the versatility of this piece! You can use it on veneer, rubber mats, laminate, tile, rugs, and many more.

It’s super easy to set up and maneuver! With the 25 feet long power cord, you have plenty of room to move around, before changing outlets. It can go from hardwood floors to an area rug with a one-button push. The unit does it all in once!  We highly recommend it to anyone who has different surfaces to clean.

  • Dimensions: 10.5 x 12 x 46 inches
  • Weight: 17.51 pounds

Bissell SpotClean ProHeat Portable Carpet Cleaner

The Bissell SpotClean ProHeat portable carpet cleaner is slim in design and enhanced with a unique heatwave technology. With this new feature, you can maintain a constant warm water temperature.

It’s an excellent choice for those with allergies or sensitivities to different chemical agents: we all know that heat can quickly kill any bacteria. The combination of heat and powerful suction will allow you to reach the undersurface of a spot to remove any staining traces altogether. The Bissel SpotClean ProHeat is cleaning places like a pro!

Pet hair, food stains, cat urine, or nasty surprises: this little deep cleaning machine will ensure that every last drop of water is heated to dissolve any smudges on your carpet, in your vehicle, or on your sofa.

The spot and stain oxy formula is an excellent addition to the whole package targeting the lingering odor. The model comes with two stain tools to eliminate any deeply embedded dirt and a self-cleaning hose tool, which is super easy to rinse after use.

Both brush heads are detachable, and water tanks are easy to fill and empty, which contributes to the simple maintenance of the cleaner. Moreover, the 15 feet cord provides extended reach without needing to unplug the unit frequently.

The Bissel SpotClean ProHeat is beyond doubt a great multiuse carpet cleaner for homeowners with children and pets. It’s the greatest lightweight pet carpet cleaner on our list! If you are searching for a compact, effective spot and stain vacuum cleaner in a neat and portable package, we believe that you have found the right one!

  • Dimensions: 6.5 x 12 x 14.5 inches
  • Weight: 11.88 pounds

BISSELL JetScrub Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner

Pet owners often have busy lives, and when those pet messes occur, they want to clean them quickly and efficiently. The Bissell JetScrub pet carpet cleaner has you covered. We are impressed with the cleaning power and the user-friendly operation of this product! Indeed, it is Bissell’s top upright spot and stain cleaner!

Half the mass of a conventional upright carpet cleaner, this unit doesn’t take up much space to stow. The 12-pound design and the featured collapsible handles make it easy to lift and carry around your home, up and down your stairs. Buttons for the various cleaning modes are conveniently located on the handle.

You can go from deep clean mode to quick clean mode with just a press of the finger! By using the latter option, you will reduce the drying time of your carpet while the deep clean mode will remove tough stains in a blink of an eye!

The removable brush roll and nozzle add to the quick cleanup, while both water tanks are made of durable plastic and are easy to remove, fill, and pop back in the machine.

The high-performance engineering of the Bissel JetScrub carpet cleaner is outstanding. The featured XL DirtLifter power brush with ten rows of blisters picks up and removes any embedded dirt. Other thoughtful components are the LED headlights, which will help you illuminate the area you want to clean.

We are genuinely thrilled with the design, size, quality, and cleaning performance of this Bissell JetScrub upright cleaner! Order one online and see for yourself!

  • Dimensions: 15 x 10 x 44 inches
  • Weight: 12.34 pounds

BISSELL DeepClean Deluxe Pet Carpet Cleaner

Another Bissell machine on our list of carpet cleaners for pet owners is the Bissel DeepClean Deluxe Pet Carpet Cleaner. It’s specifically designed to remove pet stains and persistent pet odors and collect fur from your rugs, leaving you with a clean and fresh environment and sanitized carpets.

The enhanced suction power of the Bissell DeepClean Deluxe cleaner is remarkable! This deep cleaning carpet shampooer features a dozen dual-rotating brushes, which first loosen deep-down dirt, then effortlessly remove stains while gently grooming your carpet to give the brand new look everybody dreams off.

The featured heatwave technology keeps the water warm as you work while the innovative clean shot trigger applies the carpet cleaner formula directly at stains.

This product comes with split tanks for clean water, dirty water, and additional cleaning fluid to avoid cross-contamination during the cleaning process. As a result, you can prevent the spread of bacteria through the machine and in your home.

After all, a healthy environment for your pets and kids comes first! The increased tank capacity makes a big difference, too: you don’t need to make as many trips to the sink and back. Above all the fantastic features, we find the pet hair collection basket, bright addition to this model!

It efficiently traps pet hair and other debris before they reach the dirty tank, and you can simply remove and throw them away without the risk of clogging your drains.

The Bissell DeepClean Deluxe cleaner is one of the few pet-specific carpet cleaning machines, that is an all-in-one powerful, easy to use and multifunctional. We feel it is the top non-professional pet carpet cleaner in the market!

  • Dimensions: 23.5 x 14 x 25 inches
  • Weight: 32 pounds

EDIC Galaxy Commercial Carpet Cleaning Extractor

This carpet cleaner might be the last recommendation on our list, but trust us, it is just as impressive as the others! The EDIC Galaxy Commercial Carpet Cleaning Extractor is undoubtedly a little bit heavier than other portable carpet cleaners. However, its strength lies in its powerful performance.

It is the perfect commercial-grade carpet cleaning extractor we’ve seen in terms of portability, capacity, and reliability.

This heavy-duty machine comes with dual 2-stage vacuum motors, powerful enough to deliver plenty of suctioning power.

The amount of force is more than enough to get any job done, and we guarantee you that! It’s equipped with a 12-gallon solution tank and an 11-gallon recovery tank, which means you will have a lot of cleaning fluid to vacuum any standard-sized room.

Even if you need to clean an entire mansion, you would very rarely need to refill the tanks. What is more, the lids of the containers are specially designed to retain heat, so you don’t need to worry about how much time you spend cleaning.

The smart design of this carpet extractor not only projects a professional image but also allows exceptional portability. With the excessively lengthy hose and relatively small wheels, there isn’t much that the EDIC Galaxy Commercial carpet extractor cannot do! It’s powerful, maneuverable, easy to use, and ideal for both small and large areas.

A significant advantage is that all EDIC Galaxy carpet cleaning extractors are backed by industry-leading warranty and customer service teams. With this professional carpet extractor, you don’t need to hire any cleaning services, as you can become an expert yourself.

  • Dimensions: 31 x 18 x 35 inches
  • Weight: 78 pounds

Buying Guide of the Perfect Pet Carpet Cleaner

Firstly, you need to ask yourself a few questions before deciding on which pet carpet cleaner will perfectly meet your needs.

• What pets do you have?

Pets are unique in characteristics just like humans! Some pets have long hair, that not every pet carpet cleaner can manage. Some tend to urine mark areas, while others have a playful character and often create messes in kitchens.

Your pet may also have a specific health issue like vomiting or intolerance towards some chemicals in cleaning solutions. Whether you need to deal with muddy tracks or occasional pet accidents, knowing your pet’s character and needs is essential for choosing the right pet carpet cleaning machine with the corresponding attributes.

In particular, the Bissell DeepClean Deluxe Pet Carpet Cleaner comes with a hair collection basket, that can effectively trap any long or short hair. At the same time, the Bissell Big Green Carpet Cleaner comes with a long hose, ideal for cleaning difficult to reach areas.

• What areas do you need to clean?

You may live in a small apartment or a big house. Depending on the area you need to clean, different types of carpet cleaners can best suit your cleaning purposes. For instance, the EDIC Galaxy Commercial Carpet Cleaning Extractor provides deep restorative carpet cleaning at schools, hospitals, hotels, and any large houses.

On the other side, the Bissell SpotClean ProHeat Portable Carpet Cleaner is perfect for auto interiors and other small areas. Additionally, small handheld carpet cleaners are superb for spot cleaning while upright carpet cleaners suitable for cleaning an entire room.

• What type of surfaces do you need to clean?

In general, a carpet cleaner for pets with multiple features is the perfect option. Sometimes you need to spot clean an area rug. Other times you need to clean hardwood, a marble floor, or a carpet. Likewise, there are times when a quick spray will do the work. Other times you would prefer a powerful suction to get that dreadful pet stain out of your carpet.

Be aware of what particular areas you need to clean to pick a suitable carpet cleaning machine. Some carpets are made of materials that could be destroyed by the water and chemical substances you put in your machine, such as rugs made from silk.

Read thoroughly the specifications of the pet carpet shampooer you are purchasing to avoid such accidents.

A good-quality pet carpet cleaner can be a game-changer when it comes to high traffic households. However, there are specific features designed to work best for cleaning pet stains and odors while disinfecting carpets of pet owners.

While regular home carpet cleaners will still help with some stains and debris, pet carpet cleaners are more effective at removing pet hair, pet stains, and urine smell. We understand that it can be quite overwhelming to read product descriptions on websites and make sense of all the outlined specifications.

That’s why we want to make your job easier by summing up the most important features you should look for when choosing your new pet carpet cleaner. Here we go!

Powerful Motor

Make sure you choose a powerful machine! Home carpet cleaners with weak motors vacuum only the top surface of your carpets and can’t remove deeply embedded dirt, like tough urine stains, urine odors, or red wine spillages.

If you have a pet, you want a powerful motor to get a sufficient suction power for deep extraction. Substantial motor power will also spin the brushes of your carpet cleaner at a higher rate to reach deep into the fabrics of your carpet.

Tank Capacity

While a larger tank will hold a lot of water and will allow you to clean more areas with less interruption, smaller containers are less time-effective. You will have to frequently empty the dirty water tank and change it with clean water.

Bear in mind that, when you fill the tank of a carpet cleaner, you will be adding more weight to the machine, resulting in a more cumbersome carry. So, make sure you check the tank size of a carpet shampooer before buying it.

Size and Weight

You should consider the machine size and weight as per your physical capabilities. Extra-large models are challenging to use. For easy maneuvering and carriage, it’s better to pick up a compact size carpet cleaner for pets.

Although large pet carpet cleaners have more power and are suitable for bigger homes, small portable carpet cleaners are more comfortable to operate and transfer from one location to another. If your pet travels with you, smaller portable carpet cleaners for pets are perfect for maintaining your auto interior stain and odor-free.

Also, if you have a physical condition that prevents you from lifting heavy objects, consider buying a lightweight model.

Long hose

If you want to clean hard-to-reach spots, upholstery stains, or stairways, choosing a pet home carpet cleaner that has a longer hose can make your life easier. You won’t need to continually change outlets, which will eventually reduce the time you spend cleaning your home from pet stains and odors.

Pet carpet cleaner solutions

Pet dirt usually needs a pet carpet cleaner solution to manage hard-to-remove pet stains, pet urine, or odor. We strongly recommend a non-toxic, eco-friendly carpet cleaning formula to protect the health and well-being of your family and pets.

Some carpet shampooers come with specialized solutions that can prevent pets from urinating in the same spot. This is useful if your pet has urine marking issue.

Other features to look for

Along with the features stated above, many other specially designed pet cleaning attachments can come in handy when targeting particular surfaces, hard-to-reach areas, or tough stains. Maybe you have a long staircase, or you need an accessory to reach under hard-to-move furniture, or can’t wipe out that tough stain from your car seat.

Think of what tool will be useful in your situation and check if a selected product comes with such an accessory. Here are a few additional attributes to check out:

• Heatwave Technology: By keeping the water always warm, this clever mechanism increases the effectiveness of cleaning. No matter how much time you need to spend cleaning your home, the clean water tank of your carpet cleaner will always have warm water.

• Multi-Surface features: Multi-surface carpet cleaners come with additional tools to clean upholstered furniture, car interiors, hard floors, and other household items.

If you want to prepare yourself for any occurring stain, those features can be very convenient. The changeable cleaning head, for example, and other optional accessories help clean different surfaces and shapes.

• Brush roll system: Spinning and rotating brushes can scrub and cleanse better than fixed brushes. Those are the type of power brushes you want if you aim at deep cleaning action.  On our list of recommendations, a power spin pet brush roll is must-have!

• Cleanshot system: This setting will allow you to target stubborn pet stains at the push of a button.

• Quick-dry features: Some shampooers for carpets feature Surround Suction systems, which can significantly reduce the drying time of your carpet. If you don’t want to wait for too long before sitting on your sofa or stepping on your carpet, a quick-dry attribute could be a time-saver.

• Noise: You don’t want to stress your pets! Due to the suction power, any pet carpet cleaner inevitably produces some sound; however, you should aim for a reasonable noise level.

Wrap Up

One of the most fulfilling experiences in life is to take care of a furry bundle of joy. Pets can quickly become a favorite part of every family. However, the mess they sometimes leave can discourage any pet owner.

Don’t worry: just because our furry friends are a bit naughty, it doesn’t mean that our carpets have to bear the consequences of filthy paws, urine, vomit, or occasional hair. To ensure your home remains clean, odor-free, and environmentally-safe, just order one of the outstanding pet carpet cleaners we have specially selected for you.

We’ve chosen each product with careful evaluation of what might be the most suitable carpet cleaner for your specific requirements and environment. No matter what carpet cleaner features you need, we guarantee that the cleaning units we’ve reviewed combine essential attributes for powerful cleaning and immaculate results.

Now that you have read about the leading carpet cleaners for pets, we hope you will be able to find what you need! Good luck, and don’t forget to check our other product reviews that could also be a great addition to your households, such as the recommended hardwood floor cleaner machines.







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