We live in strange times, where we do not know what is going to come next. We see riots and turmoil on a daily basis. One thing is clear – we have to be prepared. We are not talking about weapons but protection equipment such as plate carriers.

Tactical vests are widely used by military personnel, law enforcement units, and enthusiasts. They have various applications, but in general, people purchase plate carriers for two main reasons – safety and quick access to protection accessories.

For those of you who are new to the topic, we have to mention that a plate carrier is different than its more famous sibling, the bulletproof vest.

The level of protection of plate carriers depends on the rating level of the concrete plate you insert. This means that you can wear a thin, light plate most of the time and place the heavier, more secure plate only when you mean business.

Best Plate Carrier

The most popular three plates are hard armor ones (ceramic and steel) and Kevlar as a soft armor option. Having a tactical vest does has other valuable benefits, like having everything needed for an extreme situation right at the pawn of your hands. You can easily hang some of your inventory through the widely used molle system.

Using plate carrier vests is far better than carrying your gear in a backpack, right? We thought so, which is why we ransacked what the market offers and gathered a comprehensive list that will help you find the best plate carrier you can buy!

GFIRE Tactical Vest Modular Vest

Let us start with a high-quality plate carrier from GFIRE, made from 1000D polyester, which is lighter and more durable. While many plate carriers are using cheap materials, this one will blow your mind. It features a high-grade MOLLE webbing design, which has enough space for all your modular attachments. It has reinforced sutures, while all stitches are made of Nylon.

This plate carrier vest includes an emergency drag handle and anti-slip padded shoulder pads, which are removable and include hook and loop guides. From the inside, we can see a padded mesh interior lining.

This GFIRE model has adjustable shoulder straps and a cummerbund with pockets. It includes a front map pocket with a snap. For your convenience, it has a hook and loop closure, side release buckles on shoulders, and an internal waist strap. Easily attach a dump pouch or other military equipment.

When it comes to storage, its front pocket accepts up to 12″ x 11″. As the user reviews note, it has the looks and sootiness to satisfy any taste. One could simply say that it is a bargain because you great craftsmanship and high-quality materials at a reasonable price.

GFIRE provides a cost-effective 2-year warranty and invites all customers who have a problem with this product to contact them.

  • Size: adjustable from Medium to X-Large.
  • Maximum waists: 54 inches
  • Colors: Black, Ranger Green, Tan

vAv YAKEDA Tactical CS Adjustable Vest

Do you feel threatened roaming the streets? You have suspicions for every person you pass. Say no more. With this padded and reinforced plate carrier, ease of mind is easily attainable. This particular unit is created with convenience in mind as it has adjustable shoulder straps with a 6 to 8-inch movement.

Stealth is also as important as comfort. You don’t want your security carrier to be visible from afar. This is why the waist can also be modified anywhere between 29 to 49 inches in width. That way, your sides are protected, and you have access to the hook-and-loop utility pockets. The front and back panel of the plate vest is ready for your armor plates or esapi plates of choice—the size of the plate pockets is three by 6 inches.

When the time is right for your gear to show its worth, you will want things like overheating not to bother you. This is why this carrier is designed with detachable mesh padding that provides adequate airflow when needed. Also, every little accessory can be detached and placed in your favorite position.

Quickly secure a flashlight pouch or mad pouches in just seconds. Whether using it in an actual combat situation or just trying to get a thrill while role-playing, this product does not disappoint.

  • Size: Adjustable size
  • Maximum waists: 49 inches
  • Colors: Black, CP Camo

Tactical Airsoft Vest

If you want to be ready for any kind of combat situation, make sure to purchase a lighter plate carrier as too much weight will spoil your momentum. Made from 1000D nylon material, this will be a perfect chest rig for any airsoft and paintball activities.

It features four molle magazine pouches and a bigger chest pouch that will fit all your duty gear. Use the pistol mag pouch and the other additional pouches for any kit that you may need.

It comes in various color options and comes with a United States of America flag velcro patch. As the velcro area is wider, you can easily attach other patches.  It provides additional durability and comfort via its cable liner and has a PALS molle lined for attachments.

It comes with a foam plate for padding on the front and back and can fit a 10 x 12 foam plate for paintball and airsoft. This plate carrier will also be perfect for training, as you can easily add weighted plates.

  • Size: Universal fit up to size XXL
  • Maximum waists: 45 inches
  • Colors: Army Green, Grey, Coyote Brown, Multi-cam Ocp Camo

DMAIP Hunting Molle Tactical Vest

Some lucky people can find some of the best plate carriers out there at a very reasonable price. The DMAIP hunting plate carrier fits just perfectly in this scenario

. This plate carrier is made from 600D oxford material and provides wear resistance, stronger tensile strength, durability, and comfort. Don’t be fooled by its low price as this is a high-quality option that, according to the reviews, left some customers speechless.

This plate carrier is the perfect companion for paintball, camping, hunting, and war games. It has several adjustment points to fit any type of body.  It is designed quite ergonomically and provides an excellent mechanical form. Its body armor technology will reduce the partial force on your body to a great extent.

Use the plate bags for various types of body armor such as standard level 4 plates. You can also put your badge on a tape design placed on one of the accessory pouches. Keep in mind that the package does not include the radio pouches shown in most images over the internet.

  • Size: Fits sizes S-XXL
  • Maximum waists: 48 inches
  • Colors: Army green, ACU, Tan

PMLAND Tactical Vest

When looking for the best plate carrier, sometimes you have to neglect the price range to receive that premium feeling we all want. Well, with this unit you won’t have to do that since it is not only sturdy but affordable.

Made from high-quality nylon material with tensile wear-resisting ability, this PMLAND military vest will be a perfect companion for training, games, and serious work.

You don’t have to be in the army to look at some excellent plate carrier systems like this one. This product is feature-rich and has a simple release system. This great plate carrier has an interior that provides great protection to the body due to its removable jointing sheet.

The unit also has three removable accessories bags that will allow you to carry all the load items you want. The Molle design on the front will also allow you to carry small pieces of equipment. All of the reviews we read about this unit complement the company’s excellent customer service and overall satisfaction, and we fully agree with them.

  • Size: 45 cm *112 cm
  • Color: Tan

Wrap Up

Sometimes we get into situations when there is nobody else to trust, and you have to take matters into your own hands. The market offers a wide spectrum of plate carriers, chest rigs, and pouches if you feel the need to protect your or your country’s freedom.

If you are looking for a superb plate carrier, you do not have to search in specific army magazines as we already listed some of the best options you can find.

Tactical vests are the preferred body armor alternative by many because they include several utility pouches for all your gear and accessories. Whether you are just playing a tactical game with friends or are on duty, the more pockets you have – the better you will perform.

Most of them include pistol mags and a pals webbing pattern, which allows you to attach a medic pouch, for example.

Another item from the pros list is that you can choose between a variety of armor or Sapi plates depending on the situation and still keep a low profile. Last but not least, plate carriers might come in very handy when training, as one can easily insert enough weight for proper pull-ups.

No matter what decision you make, no one will want to mess with you, wearing one of these superior plate carriers.

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