Taking a dip in the swimming pool is one of the most enjoyable activities during the summer. This experience can be optimized with pool chairs that ensure a 5-star luxury experience. Pool chairs allow you to get a relaxing and comfortable sunbathing experience by the pool. They help transform your poolside into a stylish area with comfortable seating where you can lounge with your friends for as long as you want.

While pool chairs are a must-have during the summer, choosing the right one for your poolside can be difficult. This is because a plethora of options are available today when it comes to pool chairs. The good news is that we have already researched the top pool chairs to buy in 2021. Our list includes 7 pool chairs that we will be reviewing in detail.

Best Pool Chairs Reviews

Following is a review of our top picks for pool chairs to buy in 2021. Hopefully, this will help you find the right chairs for your poolside.

Choice Products Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

There are two main reasons to buy these pool chairs: they’re lightweight and UV resistant. Another advantage with these chairs is that they are easily foldable which makes them easy to shift. Mesh materials have been used by Choice Products to construct these adjustable pool chairs. This allows people who weigh up to 250 pounds to lounge on the chairs without any issues or concerns.

Another key feature of these pool chairs is their padded headrests; which you can easily remove or adjust when and as required. The replaceable elastic cords of these chairs allow them to adjust easily according to your body size. Finally, these chairs come with a cup holder tray where you can keep phones, magazines, drinks, and other small items for your ease. The chairs are available in a range of colors including brown, gray, aqua blue, and burgundy.

KidKraft Outdoor Chaise with Umbrella

Featuring an umbrella, this outdoor chaise by KidKraft is an extremely attractive chair to have by your poolside. The chair has a matching cushion and umbrella and is made from weather-resistant wood. This ensures the longevity of the chair. The materials used to manufacture the chair are of the highest quality which ensures a comfortable stay in the chair.

Christopher Knight Home Chaise Lounge

These chairs are a great choice for anyone looking for comfortable pool chairs with a modern look and luxurious experience. You can lounge on these chairs for hours by the pool. This is because these chairs are long and comfortable enough for this. Another advantage of getting these chairs is that they are easy to assemble and maintain. Moreover, they are made using aluminum which makes them weather resistant and incredibly durable. The mitered corners and beveled edges of these chairs give them a classy look. Finally, these chairs are easy to adjust and fold which is great news.

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Ostrich Ladies Comfort Lounge

This pool chair is specially designed for all the ladies out there. Featuring a patented open/close cavity, the Ladies Comfort Lounge by Ostrich is ideal for tanning face down or reading. Considered to be one of the most comfortable pool chairs today, the Comfort Lounge chair comes with a strap that makes it easy to carry it anywhere.

Another great benefit of this pool chair is that you can contract or expand the chair’s breast cavity according to your needs. Not only is this chair portable and lightweight, but it can support women weighing up to 250 pounds. The heavy-duty polyester material is used to construct the chair which makes it durable. Finally, the chair comes with arm slots and pillows for increased comfort.

KozyardCozy Beach Yard Pool Lounge Chair

This chair is ideal for both your poolside and your garden. This is because the chair features a soft cushion that relaxes your neck and head. In addition to this, the lounge chair by KozyardCozy has an attractive design and is lightweight. Available in a choice of three colors, the chair features a durable fabric that causes no harm to your skin.

Another great feature of this chair is that it is designed to support your joints and muscles which makes it a great choice for people with joint pain. The adjustable feature of this chair allows you to set it in five different positions for your comfort and ease.

Peachtree Press Inc Adjustable Chaise Lounge Chair

The Peachtree chairs have a contemporary look and are ideal for relaxation. The design of the chairs is modern, unique, and easy to maintain. This is a great chair for your poolside since you can spend hours on it bathing in the sun, chatting with friends, reading books, or simply relaxing.

These chaise lounge chairs by Peachtree come with an adjustable backboard that can be adjusted to five different positions. Additionally, the chairs have an iron frame and are manufactured using premium quality PE rattan wicker. This makes them resistant to rust and extremely durable. Another key feature of these chairs is the zippered cushions that come with safety ties. Overall, the pool chairs from Peachtree are a great option for hot summer days.

Cloud Mountain Pool Lounge Chairs

If you are looking for high-quality foldable pool chairs, Cloud Mountain’s pool lounge chairs are an excellent choice. High-quality steel is used to manufacture these chairs which makes them weather resistant and durable. In addition to being lightweight, these pool chairs are lightweight and adjustable. You can adjust these chairs to two different foot positions and four different back positions. This ensures great comfort when you lay on the chairs.

The lightweight and portable nature of these chairs makes them easy to move. You can easily fold these chairs and carry them anywhere. You can use these chairs not only by poolside, but also in your garden, backyard, and even rooms.

Pool Chair Buying Guide

While our top picks include the finest pool chairs available today, it would be useful for you to know the most important considerations for choosing a pool chair. The following are the things you need to consider to find the right chair for your poolside.

Consider the Material

The first thing you need to consider when choosing chairs for your poolside is the material used to manufacture them. Pool chairs are made from three types of material: plastic, wood, and metal.

Pool chairs made from aluminum, which is a metal, are a popular choice today. This is because they are durable and lightweight. However, before buying aluminum chairs, make sure they have anti-rust and anti-corrosive capabilities. These are needed for ensuring the longevity of the chairs.

There are several reasons to choose pool chairs made of wood. This includes the availability of the chairs in a range of colors and the material’s durability. On the downside, keeping the chairs out in the sun for too long can cause them to deteriorate. Additionally, you will have to make sure that the wood pool chairs you buy are waterproof because not all pool chairs made from wood are waterproof.

Finally, plastic is a good choice for anyone looking for affordable, long-lasting, and lightweight pool chairs.

Consider the Weight

It is beneficial to choose pool chairs that are lightweight because lightweight pool chairs are easy to maneuver. The weight of a chair will depend on the material used to construct it. Therefore, you should pay special attention to the material of the pool chair you buy.

Consider the Price

This is important because it makes sense to buy pool chairs that you can realistically pay for. You will find many high-end pool chairs that have an extremely attractive design and are made from premium materials. However, it is best to stick to your budget when buying pool chairs. Nonetheless, there are some basic features that you should not compromise on. These include the adjustability, durability, portability, and comfort of the chair.

Consider Additional Features

Additional features enhance the function of pool chairs and therefore should be considered when buying chairs for the poolside. Some additional features to look for are holders, canopy or umbrella, and tray tables.

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Best Pool Chair FAQs

Q#1) Is the Pool Chair Resistant to All Weather Conditions?

Not all pool chairs are resistant to all weather conditions. However, pool chairs made from oak, aluminum, teak, and fine steel can resist all types of weather including UV rays, winds, and rain.

Q#2) What is the Perfect Material for Pool Chairs?

There is no one material that you should look for when buying pool chairs. Instead, your focus should be on finding pool chairs made from the highest quality wood, plastic, or metal.


You can choose a pool chair from our top picks reviewed above. However, the ideal pool chair for you will depend on your individual needs and personal preferences. Determine the most important features of a pool chair for you and then find a chair that has them all, allowing you to find the ideal chair for your poolside.

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