A delightful, comfortable sofa sometimes is not good enough, especially when you can have a delightful, comfortable sofa that is reclinable! This kind of sturdy sofa model is popular in the market for a while but improved technologies are making the designs more and more compact, accessible, and versatile.

While the first models were quite bulky and not too discreet, even ugly, these days are a bit hard to say whether a sofa is reclinable or not. The finishing is smooth but the benefits are all there whenever you need to stretch and be more comfortable.

Likewise, reclining sofas can camouflage more accurately its reclining seats since rarely will all the seats be reclinable for fashion purposes.  While there are many models out there of reclining sofas, we did a tasty selection with seven of the finest models you can purchase out there, including all the possible unique variations when it comes to style and reclining system.

On the other hand, when it comes to quality and costs, we were not that diverse. Only the combinations of well-rated products with high costs and top-selling status made up our list, so you can be sure to be reading about the best reclining sofas at all.

Prepare to finally bring home that dreamy reclining sofa, and prepare to make up your mind whether you one or another model. It will be hard!

Best Reclining Sofas Buyers Guide

Whether you are going to buy your sofa online or at local physical stores, there are some measures you should follow to be sure you will not be bringing home something that is not really what you had in mind for your reclining sofa:


Some models of reclining sofas are partially assembled and in general, they require a final touch to deploy the furniture itself in the ambient. Even though it might sound complicated, it is not, however, it gets complicated when it is you who has to do this.

Check whether the retailer is including the shipping and assembly with qualified personnel. Assembling reclining sofas is really not a tough mission, is fast and clean, but if you can avoid paying an extra hiring a professional to do this job, is better to just look for some other retailers..

Number of Reclining Seats

When we talk about reclining sofas it is really not about a conventional sofa where all seats will flip. Technically and aesthetically impossible, reclining sofas rather set with static and reclining seats but not all of them will really work as a reclining chair in-built as a sofa.

On the other hand, there are models that offer more reclining seats than others, so check carefully how many seats are functional in the set, you will really not want to bring 7 seats set where only one is reclinable, makes no sense, and is not the point of a reclining sofa for real.

If you are looking for reclining’s galore, pay attention to the last models included in our list as they are reclining sofas that are part of larger sets with extra pieces (reclining loveseats and chairs complementing the set)

Color Availability

While some of the reclining sofas are available on single designs of color, that doesn’t mean that all of them are that strict but sometimes it might look like that. If you feel interested in one model specifically, find out more about it with the manufacturers.

Many retailers might not work with all the variations as possible simply because not all of them sell well – in general, most neutral colors will always be the preference of most people, but maybe what is ideal for you is not ideal for the seller, so look for guidance directly from the manufacturer.

Big purchases like this one should be as accurate and detailed as possible, don’t hesitate to check all the possibilities you have.

Reclining System

While most brands are working with the same kind of reclining patent, is always good to check what most people say about one and another specific model of the sofa or, preferentially, try it on your own. If you can trust your guts for engines and this kind of stuff, all the better. Sometimes the design and patent might be the same but the materials used are not and the quality will differ especially when the weight capacity variable comes into the equation. Nonetheless, is good to check everything is on track and not damaged even before you do the first stretch over it.

Best Reclining Sofas

Amazon Mocha Reclining Sectional Sofa

Reclining sofas like this are the finest mix you can get from a conventional sofa and a reclining function. As we said before, reclining sofas are in general love seats or 3 seat max. sets of sofas.

The Amazon Mocha is a sectional sofa with three pieces that are reclinable, two static loveseats that complete the set. Made on a plush fabric that is quite comfortable and easy to clean, the recliners are easy to access and activate, just a pull on discretely attached handlers and you will get into a reclining position automatically.

While this set is available in only one color option – a beige matte – it has a discreet and cozy design easy fits any kind of decoration.


  • Sectional reclining sofa with 3 reclinable seats
  • Made on plush fabric
  • Includes two static love seats
  • Lateral seats include pillow top armrests


  • Quite easy accessible reclining system
  • Versatile design and style
  • Includes exclusive cup holders

Tambo Reclining Sectional

This set is a model of the Signature Designs manufactured by Ashley. The brand has many stylish and sophisticated models, the Tambo is one of them and surely one of the top reclining sofas you can find out there.

It has likewise a discreet and flexible color and style to fit different decorative designs. On the other hand, this set has the same design patent of the previous set, but is available on different fabric and color. The seats are upholstered in black pewter, a fabric made of polyester fibers.


  • Set with three recliners and two static loveseats
  • Discrete recliner handlers
  • Armrest cushion pillows
  • 2 cupholders


  • Instantaneous, automatic reclining with easy to activate handler
  • Extremely soft and comfortable polyester fabric

Coaster Showtime Collection Black Leather Chair

Coaster Home developed a quite cool set that most boys will adore, even though the idea is not gender themed, but is undeniable how great this is to watch soccer matches

and any other meeting with friends in front of your TV. The sofa set is actually three reclining chairs that are developed to be deployed together forming a sofa set. Each of these chairs is reclinable, with more adjustable settings when it comes to the angle you will recline.

Made on black leather with a strong frame on hardwood, there is also one cup holder for each of the seats of the sofa.


  • Sofa set with three reclinable chairs
  • Made on black leather
  • Internal reclining handlers
  • Extra cushioned headrest


  • Extremely comfortable, individual seat quality on each piece of the set
  • Reclining handler is intern, so you don’t need to stretch your arm to reach it outside the seat
  • Perfect for home theater ambients

Coaster Home Casual Motion Sofa

Coaster Home Casual Motion Sofa

The second Coaster Home set of our list is nonetheless as refined as the first piece, even though, the perfect option for people who are looking for a bit more tradition, coziness, and style inside the home.

Its design is more classic, the vinyl itself is a dark brown hue quite traditional covering a design that is, overall, a middle ground between modernity and vintage. Only the lateral seats are reclinable.


  • Dark brown vintage alike reclining sofa
  • Includes two reclinable seats
  • Cushioned armrests on the lateral seats


  • Resembles the touch of leather
  • Fits more classic ambients

Roundhill Furniture Kmax Dual Reclining Sofa

For those who are looking for even more roots alike visual, this Roundhill reclining sofa is another option. It is upholstered on two-toned bonded leather and has a quite unique, beautiful crafting design made on layers.

Despite the accessible price, this sofa has a quite comfortable performance, not to mention the leather. The reclining system works just like the Coasters Home models listed here, including the footrest design. And like those models, it also is a 3 seat sofa with only the lateral seats reclinable.

The middle one is convertible to become a fine tray with two cup holders.


  • 3 seats reclining sofa made on bonded leather
  • Includes cushioned armrests
  • Exclusive layered upholstered design
  • Two-tone leather
  • Two cup holders convertible tray


  • Bonded leather is a long lasting material for upholstery
  • The layered design makes the cushions mold perfectly to your body
  • You can recline the headrest of the middle seat to turn it into a surface with two cup holders

Homelegance Vintage Double Reclining Sofa

Homelegance Vintage Double Reclining Sofa

The last item of our list is the most traditional and romantic of the designs for reclining sofas out there. Following the classic nail head accent style with sinuous armrests, this reclining sofa also follows the extra cushioned design of the previous model we listed here.

Available on more than one color option, the leather is always worked out to look vintage alike, romantically wasted. The sewing is refined and quite classic, you might ask why this is the least expensive item of our list and we also don’t know why.

The reclining system works just like the other sofas. All top notch and with accessible prices. This item also has other pieces to complete a larger set.


  • Made on bonded leather
  • Two reclining seats
  • Nail head accent style
  • Model of reference: 9668BRW-3


  • Classic style on durable, vintage leather finishing
  • You can match with other smaller parts (loveseat and reclining chair) to compose a large sofa set for your living room
  • Extra cushioned supports on head, footrest and lumbar

Homelegance Double Reclining Sofa

Homelegance Double Reclining Sofa

This is the first of two Homelegance models that finish our list of reclining sofas and despite the fact they are a bit more affordable, some of them offer more than many of our previous models.

This model has 3 seats, the lateral ones are reclinable and you can implement your own complete set purchasing other the individual reclining chair and the love seat with reclinable seats, even though they can be acquired all separately.

Made on bonded leather, is available in three different options of color.


  • 3 seats reclining sofa with the seats made on bonded leather and external upholstery made on faux leather
  • External levers for reclining
  • Extra cushioned armrests, headrest and lumbar support
  • Model of reference: 9700BRW-3


  • Made on high-quality leather
  • Part of a larger set, you can complement the piece with the reclining chair and the reclining loveseat


Always bear in mind that you have more than one decorative option when it comes to buying the ideal reclining sofa.

Sets with extra parts – Homelegance – sets that are expandable – Coaster Showtime – and the materials itself that are used on these pieces are a plateful for your convenience. Be sure to also check whether these models are available on more color/texture options that retailers are offering.

Sometimes dealing directly with the manufacturer might reveal more details than are promptly available in the retailers’ market.

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