Most colleges and universities require SAT as part of their admission process and also take the SAT scores into consideration when determining the funding, including scholarships or academic financial aid, which students can receive.

SAT is a standardized test which is administered by the College Board used for assessing how well prepared the student is for post-high school education.

The test consists of two main sections, including Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and Math. There is also an optional Essay that you can take and which is scored separately.

The main sections are scored individually with the score range being 200 to 800, making the highest possible total score for the SAT 1600 points.

If you or your child is planning on applying for a college or university which requires SAT scores for the admission process, then it is essential that the student scores the highest score possible. A higher score means a better chance of getting accepted and a better chance of winning a scholarship or be granted student financial aid.

Since most high school students don’t have experience with tests of this type and scope, it is a good idea to prepare for the SAT properly.

There are various online SAT prep courses that students can sign up for, which will help them get a better idea of what the testing process is like, and also improve your performance for getting a higher score on your SAT exam.

To make your choice for the right SAT prep course, we have picked and reviewed the top SAT prep courses in the USA for you.



The +160 point money-back guarantee

PrepScholar offers a complete refund for students who do not achieve an SAT score, which is at least 160 points higher than their previous score. This means that the money spent on this online SAT prep course is secure and that the Company is so sure of its prep methodology and tools that it is willing to give you a complete refund if the scores at the next SAT exam do not improve drastically.

This is an excellent option for students who have already taken the standardized test and are not happy with the scores.

Abundant Sat prep content

The students enrolling for one of the SAT prep plans at PrepScholar will receive access to a huge collection of prep materials and resources. These include over 7100 realistic practice questions, 100+ hours of online lessons, and complete coverage for all three sections of the exam – the reading, writing and language, the math, and the essay.

10 real SAT practice tests

The course starts with a diagnostic test with SAT practice questions in order to determine the level of the participant and to create a study plan and strategy based on his or her performance.

During the course, the students can complete up to 10 official SAT tests to assess their knowledge and skills and to get a feel of what the real test will be like. The scoring of these tests will enable them to focus on the areas which require more attention, and the explanations of the wrong answers will help them learn the right way to solve particular problems they may be having difficulties with.

SAT video lessons

Many students find it easier to learn and memorize when they hear or see the information. With the 700+ problem-solving SAT video lessons provided by PrepScholar, test-prep will become an easier and quicker task.

Made by SAT top-scorers

All lessons, practice questions, and learning materials in the PrepScholar SAT prep courses are created by people who scored perfect scores of 1600 on their SAT tests.

Self-paced, personalized study plan

Students won’t be overwhelmed by the huge test SAT course prep database of PrepScholar because each participant in the prep course will be given a step-by-step study plan and will be guided at all times. Plus, the progress of each participant in the course will be tracked, and feedback regarding improvement will be provided in a timely manner throughout the SAT course.

Several SAT prep courses

PrepScholar offers a Complete SAT Online Prep, a PrepScholar Classes as well as a Complete SAT Online Prep + Tutoring plan.

12-month access

Enrolling in the PrepScholar SAT prep courses will provide the student with 12-month access to all features and information, which is excellent for those who want to start preparing for SAT early and those who wish to study at their own pace.

Easy to use user interface

The PrepScholar platform is straightforward to navigate and use, and the learning materials are written clearly and presented in an interesting and easy-to-understand manner, which is essential for students who have just graduated from high school and have no experience with more serious in-depth studying and test prep.

A 5-day free trial

Students can try out the SAT prep courses offered by PrepScholar for a period of 5 days completely free. This is great for those who want to get a feel of the online SAT prep process before committing to a specific SAT prep course.


The price

The price for the courses at PrepScholar are above the average prices for online SAT prep courses. The main course – Complete SAT Online Prep costs $397 for 1-year access, the PrepScholar Classes cost $895, and the Complete + Tutoring course costs $995.

There is also a Complete Premium package, which offers 2 years of access to all resources and which costs $577, as well as a Dual SAT and ACT course for $597.

The Princeton Review


1400+ or 1500+ points guarantee

The Princeton Review offers different SAT prep courses, the most popular one being the SAT 1400+ guaranteed score for only 2 months with on-demand tutoring, customized homework, real and partial practice tests, and live instructions.

The 1500+ point guarantee offers one-on-one tutoring, 24/7 on-demand tutoring, and a guaranteed score of over 1500 on the SAT.

There is also a self-paced Sat and ACT course

The Princeton Review offers a very reasonably priced self-paced SAT and ACT course, which the student can use to study from anywhere and at any time he or she decides. This is among the most comprehensive courses of this kind on the market and costs under $300.

The course includes 12-month access to over 280 video lessons, more than 3200 practice questions, and 377 online drills

A higher score guarantee

The Princeton Review offers a complete refund of the tuition fee if the student doesn’t achieve a higher score. If the student is not satisfied with the course, they will get to retake it completely free.


There is no trial available

Unlike many other online SAT prep courses, there is no trial period offer available for students interested in testing the programs before enrolling for the Princeton Review SAT ACT prep and SAT prep course.

Kaplan SAT


On-demand SAT course

This flexible Kaplan SAT prep course is perfect for students who don’t want to or don’t have the attention span to study for hours every day. Instead, they can access bite-sized 30-minute lessons each day whenever they want to. It also includes more than 1000 practice questions, 50 test-taking instructional videos, practice tests, multiple quizzes, and 6-months of access for only $149.

Free 7 day trial

You can try out the free trial with sample lessons provided by Kaplan for 7 days to see if the online SAT prep course works for you.

Higher score or a complete refund

The Company offers a money-back guarantee if the enrolled student doesn’t get a higher score on the next SAT exam.

A Live Online course

For students who prefer a more organized study plan and schedule, the Live Online course could be the finest option. It offers live online lessons by experts and an interactive learning experience. It includes 18 hours of live lessons, 16 hours of video lessons, 8 practice exams including 4 official ones, a Qbank with over 1,000 realistic practice questions, and 4 SAT prep books.

An Unlimited Prep course

Kaplan offers an Unlimited Prep course for SAT and PSAT with unlimited access to all online live courses, SAT on-demand, and all other resources for preparing for the SAT test offered by the Company.

An in-person course

Kaplan also offers an in-person course if parents prefer to enroll their children in a real class where an expert teacher can keep them engaged and motivated to make progress in their studies.


The price:

The prices for the best SAT prep courses are higher than others. But then again, the Company offers a money-back guarantee if the student does not receive a higher score at the SAT test.

Khan Academy


It is 100% free

Yes, the Khan Academy online SAT prep course is completely free and available for students, parents, and for teachers. The program was developed in partnership with the College Board and provides essential SAT prep information for free to all interested parties.

Self-paced and comprehensive free course

The great free test prep course can be taken by students or parents at their own pace and includes a diagnostic test, or you can import your previous SAT score directly from the College Board. Also included are multiple strategy lessons, practice tests and mini-sections, question guides, study plans, and more.


No live online or in-person lessons

Magoosh SAT Prep


One of the most affordable online SAT prep courses

Magoosh offers inexpensive and yet one of the good and most comprehensive online SAT prep courses at prices starting from $100 for 1 month, $119 for 3 months, and only $129 for 12-month access to the entire learning platform and database.

A comprehensive course with multiple features

The Magoosh SAT Prep course includes access to more than 1,750 practice questions, along with video lessons explaining each question. Also included are more than 200 video lessons, study schedules, and up to 3 full-length practice tests. Participants will also get an opportunity to get email assistants regarding questions or problems from expert tutors.

Useful mobile app and features

The leading course can be taken via a mobile phone or device, and the weekly schedule for studying can easily be set by the parent or student. SMS notifications will remind the student when it is time to get back to the prep course. The course is divided into bite-sized pieces, which are easy for students to understand. It is among the best SAT prep courses on the market.

A +100 point guarantee

The student is guaranteed an increase in the SAT score by 100 or more points, or they will receive a complete refund of the tuition paid for the course.

A 7-day guarantee

If you enroll in a course and are not happy with it, you can receive your money back within the first 7 days of use.

Data-driven SAT score prediction

The course will provide the student with timely and useful feedback and SAT score prediction based on his or her performance with the practice questions and tests.


No live or in-person classes

Mangoosh offers one of the best SAT prep courses for students who prefer self-paced studying and who are organized and motivated to study. If your child has a problem with these skills, then this course may not be the most suitable one for them because there are no in-person or live classes to keep him or her on track.



A 200+ score improvement guarantee course

The Flagship SAT Prep course by PrepExpert offers a 200 point improvement guarantee for the SAT scores of the enrolled student. If this is not achieved, you will get a complete refund for the course. The course includes online live classes taught by expert tutors who have scored among the top 1% at their SAT tests. It includes more than 100 study and score improvement strategies developed by the founder and perfect score expert Shaan Patel who appeared on Shark Tank and attracted the interest of entrepreneur Marc Cuban. The course is 6 weeks long. The Company also offers in-person classes, but these are limited to only five cities in the USA at this moment.

A 3-week fast course with a 100+ point increase guarantee

There is another faster course, which comes with a guarantee to increase the student’s SAT score by at least 100 points.

Self-paced SAT and PSAT courses

Prep Expert also offers some of the top self-paced courses to help students prepare for their SAT or PSAT exams at their own pace. The course includes video lessons led by expert tutors, and also comes with a score improvement guarantee.


The courses are more strategy based

Although this is not necessarily a negative thing, the SAT Prep courses offered by PrepExpert focus more on teaching the students strategies for studying, problem-solving, and score improvement. If your child needs more help with the actual math or verbal questions and skills, then this course may not be the most suitable one for you.

Higher Scores Test Prep


A downloadable comprehensive SAT study guide

The complete study guide for improving the SAT score will help guide the students through the SAT test prep without overwhelming them and will help improve the test scores.

Self-paced, on-demand video lessons

The student can decide when to watch the pre-recorded useful video lessons, which include useful information on SAT problem solving, test strategies, and more.

Personalized guidance by an expert SAT tutor

The student or parent will receive weekly emails with feedback regarding the progress of the participant in the course, and also can ask the founder of this course questions and will receive answers by her personally.

A SAT Quick Prep course

It includes downloadable SAT prep materials, 4 hours of on-demand video tutorials for score improvement strategies, a 10-day SAT study guide, weekly emails to the student and parents, and a full-length practice SAT test. The price of this quick course is $187, and it is an excellent option for students who are prepared for the SAT and need some final fine-tuning before the actual exam.

A complete package

The complete package for SAT test prep by Higher Scores Test Prep includes a 24-day SAT study guide, two SAT Prep Books, two full-length SAT tests, over 65 video lessons for score improvement strategies and academic review, and weekly countdown emails. The complete package costs $647.


No higher score guarantee

Unlike many of the other online SAT prep courses, this one doesn’t offer a refund if the student doesn’t receive a higher SAT result after taking the course.

On the other hand, it offers a money-back satisfaction guarantee for people who are not happy with the courses for 14 to 30 days after purchasing the plans.

Manhattan Review


Real in-person courses led by expert tutors

If you prefer that your child attends an in-person class in order to prepare for the SAT test, then the Manhattan Review is among the best options available. The courses are held in over 50 cities throughout the US and also in Canada, Europe, Australia, Latin America, the Middle East, and elsewhere.

All of the prime SAT prep classes are led by highly experienced and trained tutors who will guide the students through the SAT prep process and help them progress and increase their SAT scores in an easy and entertaining way.

The courses are also available online

For those of you who prefer the online approach, these excellent SAT prep courses are also available to live online in the form of classes or for private courses or tutoring, depending on your preferences.

The online class courses are 28 hours in total and are available several times a month.

The private tutoring and private online classes can be booked in accordance with the schedule of each of the students. There is also an online private tutoring service offered.


No trial or guarantees

Students can’t try out the course before buying it, and also there are no guarantees for achieving a higher score provided by the Manhattan Review.



IvyBound is associated with the top-rated Ivy League schools

The name of the tutoring and test prep service references some of the outstanding schools in the USA and utilizes their SAT prep course strategies and methodologies.

Multiple online and in-person SAT prep courses

The in-person courses are limited to only 5 states, but the online courses are accessible by students from anywhere and include 14 different courses such as SAT 8 week class, SAT 9-week class, Essay Evaluations, SAT Holiday Intensive, SAT Fierce Fridays, SAT Study Group Drop-in, Speedy SAT Skills and many more courses to choose from.

The classes include lectures, skill-testing and problem-solving.

Follow-on tutoring and private tutoring options

The service provides these specialized personalized courses for students who want a one-on-one SAT prep course.


No trial available

The Company doesn’t offer trial periods for the courses.

College Prep Genius


SAT Live boot camp classes

Held for three consecutive Sundays, these SAT and college prep classes will teach students the best tips and strategies to perform better and improve their SAT scores. The entire course consists of 10 hours and is led by expert tutors. Students will receive a College Prep Genius Workbook, as well as a Fundamental eCourse.

Inexpensive SAT comprehensive eCourse

This comprehensive SAT prep online course costs only $189 and provides 1-year access to the materials and features. These include 12 online lessons, a homework guide, a motivation test, a success checklist, and numerous bonus materials.

A SAT Fundamental eCourse

This course costs just $139 and also provides 12 months of access to the course materials and lessons. It includes 12 online lessons, a motivation test, a homework guide, a success checklist, and will guide the student step by step from each section of the SAT test, the essay included.


No score improvement guarantee

The online SAT prep course doesn’t offer a guarantee or refund if the student fails to improve his or her score at the SAT test.



Specific SAT date courses

If you or your child already knows the actual SAT test date, then you can sign him or her up for the Test Date course by EPrep. Each course is designed with the test date in mind, and the subject matter and score improvement strategies are timed accordingly. There are express (2 months), standard (4 months), and premium (6 months) test date courses. The prices for each option are reasonable and start from $129 up to $299.

Annual pass course

This course is for students who need more time to get ready for the SAT test. The course is self-paced, and enrolled students get access to all materials for 12 months. The course includes 4-6 full-length practice tests, 28 practice quizzes, over a thousand video explanations for the practice questions, 112 on-demand video lectures and lessons, a WordSmith vocabulary builder. The annual pass course is available in standard and premium options.

A score improvement guarantee

The test prep company offers a score improvement guarantee for each of its courses, starting with a 100+ for the express test date course, and up to 250+ score improvement for the premium courses. This is among the highest score improvement guarantees offered by any of the other SAT prep courses.


No essay feedback

If your child will be taking the SAT exam with the essay option, then this could be a problem. But since the essay is optional, this factor is not so negative for the majority of SAT test-takers.



540 days of access to the content

The students who enroll for this SAT prep course will receive an extended 540 days of access to all lessons and materials, as well as free lifetime access to the mobile app.

147 short and entertaining video lectures

The short but useful videos will capture the attention of the student and will allow him or her to hear about the best strategies for improvement of the SAT scores, as well as different practical lessons about the math and the vocabulary sections.

The course is accessible from any device and comes with free full-length printable SAT tests.

The course is led by perfect score expert Shaan Patel

It is sold with a 7-day cram guarantee

This means that you can purchase the course, study as much as you want for up to 7 days and get your money back if you are not happy for some reason.


No higher score guarantee

Although the Company offers a 7-day satisfaction guarantee for the SAT prep course, it does not offer a refund guarantee for students who don’t improve their scores after participating in the course.

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