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Top 7 Best Shower Grab Bars of 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Every year hundreds and thousands of Americans slip into the bathroom and end up in the ERs. In one out of ten cases, the injuries are so severe that the person has to be hospitalized. The majority of bathroom slip-and-fall victims are seniors who are more vulnerable due to their degenerating musculoskeletal system and hand-eye coordination.

Soapy water, along with tiled and laminated finishing of the floors, increases the likelihood of slip-and-fall injuries in the bathrooms. On top of that, the presence of razors, nail files, scissors, and tweezers in the near vicinity can make a bathroom fall more consequential.

A bath or shower grab bar is that one simple bathroom fixture that proves to be a lifesaver in the face of slip-and-fall injuries. It allows you to maintain your gait and stay on your feet while using the bathroom.

Here, we are going to discuss some of the best shower grabs that are available in the market right now. Even if there are no elderly in the house, your bathrooms should have shower grab bars installed because everyone, regardless of their age, is susceptible to slip-and-fall injuries in the bathroom.

At a Glance: Our Top Picks for the Best Shower Grab Bars of 2020

Best Shower Grab Bar Reviews

Let’s look at the brief and informative reviews of these seven shower grab bars. These reviews will help you in making your buying decision.

Moen LR2356DCH Bath Safety Grab Bar

Moen is the leading manufacturer of plumbing and bathroom fixtures. It also offers a range of top-quality bath and shower grab bars. From its catalog of grab bars, we have found LR2356DCH Bath Safety Grab Bar that offers excellent value for its price tag. It is a 16-inch grab bar with a 1-inch diameter rod that is neither too thin nor too stout and can support up to 250 pounds of pull. From children to adults, this balanced rod diameter offers a suitable grip for hands of all sizes.

The shower bar comes with a built-in rack that is topped with a white tray for keeping soaps and other bathroom supplies. Instead of fixing it on the rack, the manufacturer has kept the tray removable so you can clean it easily. Moen has also made sure that homeowners can install the grab bar on their own. It features their propriety SecureMount anchors that ensure quick and aligned installations on any angle.

The construction and finishing of this Moen shower grab bar are also worth mentioning. It is made of top-grade stainless steel that is corrosion-resistant and features a lustrous finish that complements the rest of the bathroom.

You can choose among mirror-like chrome finish, oil-rubbed bronze finish, and brush nickel finish for matching up the grab bar with other bathroom fixtures. Meanwhile, the spotless, bright white tray makes for bright and clean accenting.

Stander Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar

If you are looking for a shower grab bar exclusively for seniors, consider investing in this well-thought-out product of Stander. It is a set of a floor-to-ceiling transfer pole and curve grab bar. This assembly comes in useful when transitioning between sitting and standing or stepping over the shower ledge or bathtub.

It is important to mention here that you can adjust the height of the pole between 7 and 10 feet to make it work with the ceiling of your bathroom. Also, it comes with rubber padding on both ends to ensure the installation doesn’t affect or damage the floor or ceiling by any means.

The curve grab bar is also designed to offer maximum convenience for people suffering from movement restriction for any reason. The bar rotates 360 degrees, so one can easily grab it from any side and locks at every 45 degrees to ensure a stable grip.

Stander Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar is also easy to install. The impressive bit about its installation is you can do it without making any permanent changes to your bathroom. No wall mounts and screws are needed to install the pole and the grab bar, and one can easily do that on their own.

This Stander product is a versatile supporting accessory for seniors. Its use extends beyond the bathroom. You can also install it besides the toilet, bed, and sofa to aid the elderly in their movement. The zinc-plated and powder-coated steel pole and bar supports up to 300 pounds and comes in metallic black and iceberg white finishes.

FLG Bathroom Shower Bath Grab Bar

If you are looking for a no-nonsense shower grab bar that scores well with both form and function, then this FLG bar is up for grabs. This 19.5-inch long bar is made of durable brass mold and features a 7.5-inch anti-skid section in the middle to ensure wet hands don’t slip off the bar. The bar entails a concealed screw mounting installation to offer a spotless presentation of the bar.

Depending on your use, you can install the bar in both straight and diagonal configurations. It is easy to install, and the installation doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes. The secure mount design allows you to affix the bar either with or without studs.

We also like the antique finish of this shower grab bar. The manufacturer has used the classic oil-rubbed bronze coating to give the bar that rustic old look. This FLG shower grab bar works perfectly with cement/concrete walls, and it is better not to use it with planks or lime walls.

Sumnacon Bath Grab Bar with Anti-Slip Grip

Sumnacon bath grab is another simple and functional grab bar for your bathroom. However, you can also use it anywhere in the house where someone needs external support for the movement. The bar comes in three different sizes, allowing you to pick customized options for different uses.

For instance, the 12-inch option is excellent for shower boxes and bathtubs. The 16-inch bar is ideal for the laundry room, stairways, and kitchens. Then the large 20-inch bar is ideal for those who need to use both their hands to grab the support for sitting or standing. The long bar can also be used as a cloth/towel holder.

No matter what size of the bar you are using and for what purpose, Sumnacon has featured a large non-slip knurled part on every piece to guarantee that your hand doesn’t slip once you hold it. The bars are made of stainless steel and feature a lustrous coating that has universal compatibility for all sorts of interiors and finishes.

HealthSmart 16″ Textured Steel Grab Bar for Bath and Shower

At first sight, this HealthSmart grab bar looks like any other shower bar that has a basic construction and features a non-slip patch for the handgrip. However, when you get into the details of this product, you will find out that it excels better than the many standard shower grab bars.

It is made of solid steel with a top-quality chrome-plated knurled finishing. This perfect combination of base material and finishing makes it a valuable addition to any bathroom. This HealthSmart grab bar won’t develop the minutest of rust spots even after extended use.

The other noteworthy thing about this shower grab bar is its dimensions. The manufacturer has kept the value of dimension to ensure the grab bar remains convenient to use for all age groups and can easily be installed in all bathroom sizes.

It is a 16-inch long bar that is neither too large nor too small for any bathroom. Then it has used a 1-inch diameter rod with a 3.5-inch distance from the wall to ensure everyone can easily grab it. Unlike other grab bars that feature a non-skid surface just in the middle, it features a grip that goes almost through the curve ends of the bar.

Gotega 2 Pack 12 Inch Shower Grab Bar

If you are looking to add support to both sides of your shower box, this Gotega 12-inch set is an option worth considering. These grab bars are made of 304 stainless steel that is intrinsically resistant to corrosion and oxidation, thus making the bars impervious to the rusting shenanigans of water.

Gotega has also made sure the installation of two grab bars doesn’t overwhelm your bathroom space. Therefore, it has kept them 12-inch long instead of using the standard 16-inch length of shower grab bars. Also, the space between the bar and the wall is not too wide.

You can also use this set of grab bars as a towel holder and can install wherever you need movement and standing support. This set of Gotega shower grab bars entails DIY installation. It comes with mounting screws, and all you need is a drilling machine and hammer to install the bars like a professional.

This top-quality stainless steel 2-piece set is also a great bang for the buck. It costs you less than $20, which is lower than the price of many single shower grab bars.

king Do Way Safety Shower Grab Bar 

If you are looking for a shower grab bar with an economical footprint, then this King Do Way product should be an easy pick for you. It is a 10-inch shower grab bar that offers utility like any other grab bar but without occupying too much space.

It is made of stainless steel, and features a brushed nickel finish in the center to provide an anti-slip grip. Meanwhile, the ends of the bar are draped in a chrome finish that makes an excellent visual contrast with the brushed middle.

It is one of those few shower grab bars that can withstand the weight and pull of up to 500 pounds. This means it can be used in the bathroom or any other place as a safety rail for supporting people of all sizes and weights. The installation of the bar is quite simple and allows you to install it at any angle. Use the bar vertically and diagonally as a grab bar or lay it horizontally as a towel or kerchief/muffler holder.

Six expansion nails and six screws are also part of the package, so you don’t have to buy anything separately for the installation (given that you own a drill and hammer). The solid base ensures clean and concealed installation while providing a huge pulling force for reliable and robust support.

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Best Shower Grab Bars Buying Guide

If you want to explore options outside of the above list, try to factor in these features to make the best shower grab bar purchase.


Whenever buying a shower grab bar, always pick a material that is extremely good against corrosion. Polymer handles are rust-proof but don’t offer long-lasting use. So, you have to opt for a metallic grab bar. Among metallic variants, stainless steel and brass are the best corrosion-resistant options. We would advise you to go with a stainless steel bar because it also maintains its finishing for a long time.

Installation Style

Wall-mount installation via studs and screws is a standard for shower grab bars. Nowadays, you will also find some grab bars with suction cup support. They are good for temporary use and provide light support only. For complete support of the weight and pull, always go with wall-mounted installation.


You can find bars both with and without the grip. A grip on the grab bar in the form of non-skid finishing makes it use safe and secure and guarantees that the wet and soapy hands don’t slide off the bar. Pick a shower grab bar that features a grip that is large enough to accommodate the hands of the user.


The size of the shower grab bar depends on the size of your bathroom and the way you want to use it. You can pick from 10 to 20-inch long shower grab bars. If you don’t have any size preference in your mind, you can use the below criteria

  • 10 and 12-inch grab bars for shower cabins and small bathrooms
  • 16-inch grab bars for the sides of bathtub and shower ledges
  • 20-inch grab bars for those who need both hands support to get up and move

Shower Grab Bars FAQs

Q- Can shower grab bar be mounted to any type of wall?

A- Besides drywall, lime wall, and other soft surfaces, you can use a wall-mounting shower grab bar on any construction surface. However, they are best installed on cemented and concrete walls.

Q- Are towel bar and shower grab bar the same?

A- Not necessarily. Especially a towel bar is not always a grab bar. For instance, a towel bare carved out of plastic without any grip and is not support considerable pull can’t be used as a shower bar. The majority of shower bars, however, can be used as towel bars and holders.

Q- Are shower grab bars DIY installations?

A- Yes, the majority of shower grabs bars available in the market these days come with their entire mounting installation accessories and diagrams. With the help of an electric driller and hammer, you can install a shower grab bar in a couple of minutes and without needing any professional help.


A strong and sturdy shower grab bar minimizes the chances of slipping, falling, and the subsequent injuries that are not just bad for your physical wellbeing but also bring unnecessary financial trouble. The importance of a shower grab bar in a bathroom increases manifold when it is in the use of seniors.

We hope that the above reviews, buying guide, and FAQs help you in finding the best shower grab bar for your bathroom that also comes within your set budget.

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