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Nothing is as scary as losing your balance in the shower and then fall hard on the floor that may even give you a fracture! So how to curb this problem that may turn out to be a threat to your life? The best way to solve it is to purchase shower mats. You can easily prevent losing balance on the floor if you are using a bath mat in the tub.

There are many shower mats where you can invest, but you have to know about the useful features so that you can purchase the best shower mats for yourself! It is not easy to look for bath mats for tubs or shower, but this guide got you all covered.

Non-Slip bath mat: The best way to shower

Have you ever asked yourself how many times have you been saved miraculously from slipping on the shower floor? My guesses will say unaccountable times! Well, non-slip bath mats are made for the very reason. These shower mats come with suction cups that absorb extra water, bubbles, moisture, and every other particle that can cause any mishap. The non-slip bath mat uses these cups for firmness, unlike adhesive that is being used by an anti-slip bath mat.

You can find a bath mat for tubs designed from vinyl and rubber. However, some shower rugs can be found in different microlenders and cotton blends. These shower rugs are very easy and reliable to use. Whether you use it as a bath mat for tub or just for a shower mat, they are comfortable, easy to set up, and also prevents any slippages.

You can wash and dry any shower mat. Some of these shower rugs can be dried using a tumble. There are certain features that you must take care of before picking out the apt shower mat for yourself. So keep reading this guide so that you can purchase the best non-slip bath mat for yourself.

What is the importance of a nonslip mat for bathtub and shower?

There are many shower mats out in the market. However, before purchasing a shower mat, you have to know about the additional features that make it the best one for you. So, while buying a shower or bathtub non-slip mats, remember that they should provide you with the following importance:

  • For any versatile use – Remember that your shower mat must be adaptable. You should be able to use the mat for the shower and even outside the bathroom area. The shower mat should equally serve the purpose as a non-slip mat for the bathtub.
  • Keeps you protected and secure – The best mat should be able to protect you from any slippery accidents. They usually come with suction cups that can absorb the excess water. It will be best if your mat can provide you with stability inside the bathroom.
  • Must be pleasant when using – If you have sensitive feet, do not worry about it. These are designed with that can help your feet to relax. A specific shower mat also has the feature to dry up your feet after a cold shower.
  • Cost of mat – The price of the shower mat is very reasonable, and that too same as the regular mat. It will be wise if you look for a non-slip bath mat directly instead of the regular ones.
  • The surface has to be clean – You do not want your mat to have less durability. It is best advised to keep it on a clean surface where it is free of any mildew or mold.

The 10 best shower mat to purchase

In case you are confused about which mat to buy, here is a list of ten best shower mats that will make an ideal choice for your bathroom. These bath mats are designed differently and have excellent traits that make them perfect for use.

Sierra Concepts Bath mats

The first product is from the Sierra Concept Store. This company provides you with two extra long bath mats for tub and shower. This mat holds a 10-year warranty period, and also you can return it quickly. It comes with a superb rating and is impeccable to use. The mat is made of very premium-quality vinyl that is perfect for your everyday use.


  • The vinyl used to design this mat is free of any Allergen.
  • You can use this bath mat for the bathtub as it provides incredible stability with over 200 suction cups installed.
  • The bathtub mat can be both washed as well as dried in a machine.
  • You have to use the mat on smooth surfaces such as fiberglass, porcelain, acrylic, enameled steel. Do not worry about the water flow as there are tons of drains.
  • You can easily fit the mat around your drain cap because of its curved structure on one side.

Yimobra Original bath mat

The next bath mat for the tub is from Yimobra Original bath, and it is one of the best bathtub mats providers. The non-slip mat bathtub is extra-long and comes with PVC designed material. Thus, it is a desirable option for a bath mat in the tub.


  • There are hundreds of suction cups and that too of different sizes. The strong ones absorb excess water, whereas the smaller ones help in holding on to clean surfaces.
  • You do not have to think a lot about its maintenance as you can easily toss it in a washing machine, and it will come out as new.
  • Strictly avoid the use of bath oils or jumping on the tub bath mat. Always secure the suction cups before using the bath mat.
  • It is durable and is designed perfectly to fit around your drain cap. Also, it takes care of your feet.

Rubbermaid Commercial Safti

This bathtub mat is latex-free and is perfect for shower stalls and bathtubs. The product is designed with a textured surface so that it prevents you from slipping.


  • To stay firmly in place, it is designed with suction-backed.
  • Drainage of water is improved because of its perforated design.
  • The bathtub rubber mats are highly durable.
  • It should be put on the surface which is devoid of mildew.

Epica Brand Bath mat

Epica company has a varied range of best bathtub mat. The material and even the size are apt to be installed in your home’s bathroom. You can easily rely on their non-sticky rubber bath mats tub.


  • The product is super healthy and super safe to use.
  • It is anti-bacterial and designed with superior-quality rubber.
  • The bath mat is latex-free and avoids slipping on the surface that has water.
  • Its material is non-toxic and sturdy for your bathroom.
  • The optimum coverage on the floor is one of the reasons that you should purchase this shower mat.

Gorilla Grip Store

The bathtub mats come in different colors and sizes for this brand. The non-slip bath mat is made of flexible material that prevents any slippages. It has a beautiful hexagon side that also compliments your floor.


  • It has hundreds of suction cups that make sure that your floor is free of water.
  • There are holes in the bath mat for bathtub that support easy drainage.
  • You can use this mat anywhere outside your bathroom and even for spas, gyms and, saunas.
  • The mats are BPA free, anti-bacterial, non-toxic, and also free of latex.
  • You can easily wash the mats by soaking them in a washing machine, using a gentle detergent. Do not bleach.

AmazerBath Store

To be safe in your bathroom, AmazerBath store has a series of bathtub mat for you that protects you from any mishap. The safety during a shower is easily overlooked and can be prevented by using mats.


  • The mat is extra large and can easily cover the floor in your washroom.
  • It has 200 suction cups to absorb the excess water and give you a dry floor to step on.
  • The drainage is excellent as it has 176 holes that aid in water draining.
  • The mat’s design material is BPA and latex-free.
  • It can be easily washed and air-dried. Also, this shower mat is designed to provide you with no allergies or skin diseases.

SlipX Solution Store

As the name suggests, the solution to prevent slipping is in this store. This brand provides high-quality shower mats that give 65% more coverage than any other mats. It also comes at a genuine rate and with a different color scheme.


  • It has 100 suction cups that can quickly get secure on non-textured surfaces.
  • The square shape makes it fit in any standard stall.
  • There is one large central hole for drainage and the rest small for suction.
  • You can comfortably use it for many years, without washing it in a machine frequently.

Tike Smart Bath Mats

Coming at a reasonable price and different color schemes, Tike smart bath products provide you with a fantastic range of shower mats. Made of vinyl material, it is slip-resistant and comes in large size.


  • Whether it is elderly or children, the anti-bacterial mat protects everyone.
  • It has 200 suction cups and does not slip when used on textured surfaces.
  • Made of high quality phthalate-free, allergen-free and, BPA free vinyl.
  • You can even return it within 30 days of purchasing.


This non-slip bath mat has a high rating and an ideal choice for both children and elderly use. The product is designed to prevent any slipping or sliding and is best for tub showers, saunas, spa, etc.


  • Material like high-quality TPE and PP plastic material was used.
  • The design is very innovative as it can quickly drain the water with the drain hole and shower pad.
  • The mat remains fixed securely because of its 122 big suction cups that are individually designed.
  • The mat is designed with anti-slip textures and patterns that include textured wave designs and slotted panels.
  • You can even cut the mat if you feel its too large for your bathroom.

YINENN Bath Mats

One of the best bath mats is sold by YINENN company. It steals the show with its colorful design and unique features that make it very desirable. The pebble design also offers you a massage when you shower.


  • Supreme-quality vinyl material that is free of latex and BPA.
  • It is an extra-large and imported product. Do not worry as it does not give out any smell because of its material.
  • There are 200 suction cups, and the users get protected by its 360-degree feature.
  • It has hassle-free maintenance as you can just put it inside the washing machine, and it will come out as new as before.
  • The warranty is for ten years, and you can quickly return it within 30 days of purchasing.

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