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9 Best Shower System Reviews in 2020 & Buying Guide

Are you currently in the process of creating a new bathroom or renovating the bathroom? Are you simply in search of a new shower system to replace the one you have had in the bathroom for the longest time? Has the showerhead in your bathroom recently gone out of service? No matter what the reason is, you should know that searching for the best shower system is not the most straightforward task.

With the overabundance of models, designs, brands, and styles available in the market, finding the best shower system for your bathroom can be a remarkably challenging feat. It can become a confusing task to decide which one will suit your needs perfectly, perform well, fetch a reasonable price, and last you a long time.

We understand that finding the best shower system for your home is a critical task. You are not merely buying a showerhead – you are making an essential long-term investment in your home for the experience you can have in your shower. If you are at odds about how you will decide on what the best product is among so many choices in the market, we have you covered.

We created this article to help you find the perfect fit for the best shower system for your bathroom. In this article, we have a list of reviews for our top picks when it comes to the best shower system you can buy. The reviews of our top picks will tell you what each of the products has to offer as well and why it is among our top picks.

Additionally, we have created a buying guide that will equip you with the knowledge necessary to make a well-informed purchase decision. Without further adieu, let’s get to the list of the best shower systems your money can buy in 2020.

At a Glance: Our Top Picks for the Best Shower Systems in 2020:

Best Shower System Reviews

Now that you have a list of our top picks for the best shower systems you can invest in 2020, we will take a closer look at what each of them has to offer. It will help you get a better idea of the qualities of each product and why we have included them in our top picks.

Bathroom Luxury Rain Mixer Combo Set by SR Sun Rise

SR Sunrise is one of the most prominent names when it comes to bathroom fixtures like shower systems. It only makes sense to start the list of the best shower systems in 2020 with the Bathroom Luxury Rain Mixer Combo Set by the brand. This shower system features a stainless steel shower hold and a shower arm made with brass. The finish on this beautiful shower system is immaculately done with a ten-layer chromium finish.

The chrome finish gives this product a unique and sleek look while the overall design of the shower system makes it quite efficient in delivering high-quality water flow. The air energy technology that SR Sunrise used to make this shower system allows constant water flow regardless of the pressure going into the shower system. There is also a cartridge monitor that protects you from sudden changes in the water temperature. You will not have to worry about the water becoming too hot or too cold if someone uses water in another bathroom in the house.

One thing we did not like about the shower system is that the showerhead does not open. The showerhead not opening can become a problem if you are ever in need to remove any clogs blocking the water flow. Besides that, the showerhead itself is quite large, so it gives you decent coverage even if the water pressure is low.

Matte Black Shower System with High-Pressure Rain Shower Head by Kojox

We wanted to feature various types of shower systems that give something to everybody, even if they have a different taste. When it comes to unconventional aesthetics, we think the Matte Black Shower System with High-Pressure Showerhead by Kojox has to be our favorite. As the name suggests, its primary showerhead has a high-pressure rainfall setup that emulates the water dispersion like in a rain shower.

The shower system also comes with a handheld showerhead, a shower holder, and a water control valve. The unit uses an innovative system of air injection technology that mixes the water with air to increase the water pressure as it comes out of the showerhead. It allows you to enjoy a decent water pressure and water flow even if the water pressure in the line is low. The real beauty of the shower system is in its look. It is a metallic shower system with a matte black finish that appeals to more of a modern contemporary design aesthetic.

One thing we did not like about the product is that the parts are prone to damage due to mishandling while shipping. A few customers have faced the issue with the Kojox shower system. Our favorite feature of this shower system is its use of a pressure balance valve chamber that constantly monitors the water pressure to protect its users from getting scalded by sudden changes in temperature, whether hot or cold.

Trinsic 14 Series Shower Kit with H2Okinetic Shower Head by Delta Faucet

Another fantastic addition to the list of the best shower systems in 2020 is the Trinsic 14 Series Shower Kit by Delta Faucet. This is a single-function tub and shower kit that uses the H2Okinetic shower technology to spray the water in a unique wave to get more efficient water coverage. The H2Okinetic shower technology gives you up to three times more water coverage than a standard showerhead. This shower system looks elegant and classy with its matte black finish, and it has all the contemporary accents to give your bathroom a stylish look.

The only thing we do not appreciate about the shower system is that it is made using plastic. While the plastic construction is high-quality, we know that it cannot guarantee a longer life compared to something made using high-quality metals. While the maintenance requirements for this shower system may be higher due to the plastic construction, it is an efficient product that helps you save a significant amount of water per shower compared to most other shower systems.

The H2Okinetic technology sprays the water to ensure more water reaches your body without wasting a lot of it. There is a pressure balance valve that comes with the shower system that also counts as a significant reason why we included it among our top picks for the best shower system of 2020. The pressure balance system protects users from any sudden changes in water temperature, but the intense water pressure might make the product unsuitable for small children.

Stainless Steel Shower Panel Tower System by Ello & Allo

Ello & Allo’s Stainless Steel Shower Panel Tower System is, by far, one of the most impressive products you will see in the market. This shower system is as hi-tech as its look suggests. The stainless steel construction of the shower panel tower system includes an LED showerhead and a handheld shower.

It has an efficient water distribution system. You can even turn on both the primary showerhead and the handheld showerhead at the same time, but you will not have to worry about it compromising the water pressure. The main showerhead comes with LED lights in its nozzles that give it an almost ethereal look. You can turn off the lights in your bathroom at night to enjoy its beautiful illumination while you enjoy a nice and relaxing shower.

The multi-outlet switches allow you to control the water effects in this shower system. It comes with four adjustable jet nozzles besides the primary and handheld showerheads that give you a proper mist massage. This shower system offers everything from fantastic functionality to phenomenal aesthetic value. The one thing we did not like about this shower system is that you will have to take extra measures to make sure the water does not get into its battery pack.

Brushed Nickel Shower System by Embather

For homeowners looking to get a contemporary shower system in their homes, Embather is another name that is becoming increasingly popular. The Brushed Nickel Shower System by Embather is one of the most elegant shower systems you will ever see. It has a sleek profile that you can fit into just any bathroom and change the look of the entire place. The shower system is a full kit that comes with a brass handheld showerhead, a 12-inch fixed showerhead, a shower hose, shower arm, a shower holder, and a control valve.

Genuinely one of the all-in-one shower systems in the market, this product is quite unique. It gives you substantial water pressure without making any noise. The air injection technology allows you to get consistent flow and pressure of the water while using a lower volume of water. If you live in an area that generally gets lower water pressure, this shower system can be perfect because you will not need to get any additional water pumps.

Installing this shower system is straightforward, and it is simple to use. Its metal showerhead is prone to tarnishing over time, and its hose line for the handheld shower is made of plastic. Otherwise, this is one of the best shower systems you can find. It even comes with a safety handle system to assist elderly users who might be afraid of slipping while they are in the shower.

Brushed Nickel Rain Shower Head Shower System by Esnbia

For several reasons, The Esnbia Shower System makes it to the list of the best shower systems. It comes with a 10-inch square showerhead that emulates the water dispersion of rain. It has a handheld showerhead, a shower arm, a shower hose, a shower holder, a tub spout, and even a water control valve. This is another one of those kits that already comes with everything you might need in a comprehensive shower system.

If you were ever wondering what the best shower systems should include, you might want to consider everything that comes with this set. This has a metallic construction with high-quality stainless steel and brass with a brushed nickel finish to make one of the best-looking shower systems around. The shower system is not just elegant and sophisticated. It is also one of the most durable products we reviewed for this article.

If you ever feel like taking a bath instead of a shower, this shower system comes with a tub spout that can help you do that. It might take a little while longer to fill the tub spout up since the faucet is considerably smaller than a regular tub faucet. The large square shower head gives you a consistent water flow and pressure even if you live in low water pressure areas.

Brass Shower System with Rainfall Shower Head by SR Sun Rise

In 2020, SR Sun Rise’s Brass Shower System is another one of our top picks for the best shower system. The shower system comes with a rain shower head, a shower arm, a shower bracket holder, and a pressure balance shower mixer valve. It might not have the same number of features as the other SR Sun Rise product we reviewed in the list, but that does not make it any less of a product. The shower head in this shower system features air injection technology so you can get consistently powerful water flow.

The design is luxurious, and the brass finish exemplifies the elegant look of the shower system. Introducing this shower system into any bathroom will transform the look of the entire setup without having to completely remodel your bathroom. The brush nickel finish is not just beautiful – it is also a durable finish. Some customers have complained about the installation being too tricky and a few water flow issues due to blockages in the water nozzles.

Brantford Posi-Temp Shower System by Moen

The Brantford Posi-Temp Shower System by Moen is a whole package that comes with a valve trim, a primary showerhead, and a shower arm. It has a more traditional design than most of the other products that we have reviewed in this article, but it can fit perfectly well with a contemporary bathroom by adding a touch of neo antique style. The 8-inch eco-performance rain showerhead gives this classic-looking shower system the ideal contemporary twist.

It is a lot more efficient in distributing water and gives you good coverage without wasting a lot of water. The showerhead may be smaller than most of the other products we have reviewed, but it does not compromise on its water coverage. The water flow in this product may feel a little low in the beginning, but it increases gradually.

The Posi-Temp valve operates with the shower system to deliver a substantial water flow, but you have to purchase the Posi-Temp system separately. If you do invest in that, you can even predetermine the hottest temperature for the valve before you even install the system.

Pressure Balancing Shower System by KES

The last product on the list of the best shower systems in 2020 that we have reviewed in this article is the Pressure Balancing Shower System by KES. This is a shower system that comes with a faucet body, a hand shower, a shower arm, and a flange. This is one of the shower systems that does not offer something very unique in terms of design. It is simple and functional. The shower system is easy to install and using it is suitable even for little kids.

The showerhead comes with a rotary joint that you can adjust to an angle of your choosing based on your convenience. The air injection technology boosts the water pressure and allows you to get a decent water flow even if you live in a low water pressure area. The pressure balance valve makes sure that nobody gets hurt if there are any sudden changes in the water temperature. The only thing we did not like about this product is that its valve has a tendency to leak and you might have to get it repaired from time to time.

Buying Guide for the Best Shower Systems in 2020

As you can see, each of the products in our top picks has something different to offer you in the bathroom. To purchase the best shower system for your home, it is ideal to understand this crucial bathroom fixture.

In this section of the article, we are going to give you a complete buying guide for the best shower system. It will help you understand shower systems, how they work, and the factors you need to consider when you are considering our top picks so you can find the product perfect for your use.

What is a Shower System?

Showers are no longer just the simplistic and traditional shower heads with nothing more to offer. There is an increasing trend of homeowners moving towards rain shower systems that offer them a more immersive experience for one of their favorite things to do in the shower. A shower system incorporates more elements and offers you a multiple-in-one solution for your showering needs in the bathroom.

The best shower system can provide several wholesome features like showerheads, handheld showers, body sprays, valves, water volume controls, and multiple water outlets, among much more. Having a shower system in your home turns your activity of showering into a full-blown hydrotherapy massage experience you can expect to have in a spa.

Shower systems can come in packages that include various accessories, or you can get components separately to get a unique shower system based on your personal preference and needs. The best way to go about setting up a satisfying shower system is to go for a bundled solution like the ones we have reviewed for you in this article above.

The number of valves in various shower systems can vary. You can even have a single valve to control both the flow rate and temperature. There are thermostatic shower systems that can offer you an optimal and completely customized showering experience that is enhanced for safety and convenience.

Types of Showers

The best shower systems come with four possible types of showerheads. The showerheads used in these shower systems make an integral part of the whole experience. Here are the four various types of showers you can expect to find in a shower system:

Electric Showers

Electric showers are efficient in every way. They offer you the option of heating the water but only when the water is in use. Using these at the ideal temperature settings allow you to no longer worry about wasting a lot of hot water. All you need is the cold water supply.

As the cold water goes into the shower system, electric showers gauge the temperature of the water and apply adequate heat to it, so it mixes with cold water for the most comfortable water temperature. These showers are compatible with all water pressure systems, and they allow you access to hot water for the shower even if the boiler in your home is not operational.

Mixer Showers

Mixer showers are also common in many shower systems. A mixer shower differs from the electric shower system in several ways. Instead of heating up the cold water supply coming into it, the mixer shower uses both the connections from the hot and cold water. It mixes the water coming in from both the hot water line and the cold water line to create a water reservoir of the optimal temperature.

Since it creates a reservoir of water with the ideal temperature, a mixer shower can offer you more substantial water flow compared to an electric shower. You can even install a pump with this shower, but that is only based on personal preference. It is not necessary. The mixer shower system uses a thermostatic valve to help determine the ideal water temperature and control the hot and cold water lines to adjust the water temperature to optimal levels.

Power Showers

Power showers are exceptional to boost the flow rate of low-pressure shower systems. This shower system relies on an electric pump to enhance the flow rate, giving you a powerful performance. The shower does not come with a water heating unit integrated into it. You need to have an existing hot water supply to get hot water with this.

Shower Panels

Many shower systems today also come with shower panels. Shower panels offer you multiple functions. They consist of showerheads, a handheld shower, body jets, and a thermostatic panel. The thermostatic panel allows you to control the temperature and flow rate of the water. They are compatible with pumped water systems, heating systems, and even boilers.

Installing shower panels is straightforward. Using these as part of a shower system adds a touch of elegance and luxury to your bathroom that no traditional shower can offer.

Buying the Best Shower System

When you are looking to buy the best shower system, you do not need to buy the most expensive and sophisticated shower system to get the ideal product. You can even go for something simple.

Instead of going for several separately sold shower accessories, it is always a good idea to go for a complete set that offers you several showerheads and handheld sprays. It will help you save money to buy an all-in-one shower system rather than making one by purchasing the different parts separately, and it will give you a more elegant look for the bathroom with a matching aesthetic look.

When you are in search of a shower system, there are various factors you should consider. Let’s discuss all the qualities you should look for when you want to buy the best shower system for your home in 2020:

Type of showerhead

The first thing you need to consider is the type of showerhead used in the shower system. Showerheads can be fixed, or they can be handheld. Some shower systems can come with either of the two or even both. Fixed showerheads are available with a single, two, or even three handles. Handheld showers typically come with a connection to the wall of the unit through a flexible hose.

Handheld showers are preferable for people who have pets, kids, or even adults with mobility issues. Choose a shower system that offers you both types of showerheads or one based on your preference if you want a single showerhead.

Water considerations

You should know that getting a shower system is going to impact the water consumption in your home. A standard faucet in the shower can use up to 2.5 gallons of water per minute. A customized faucet in a shower system can consume up to 15 gallons per minute or even more. Determine the total output of the shower system you are considering and decide whether that will be worth the expense.

The material of construction and finish

With any appliance or other significant investment in a fixture, you need to make sure you have something that lasts a long time and looks good. Showerheads are primarily made using metals, brass, or even plastic. The material of construction should be a critical factor in helping you decide which product you should go for. Plastic shower systems are less than ideal because they cannot offer you the same levels of durability and require extra maintenance.

When you are going for a metallic shower system, there are several options you can consider. It can be made using a variety of durable metals and comes in various finishes you can choose from. The most popular finish that people go for is a chrome finish because of its sleek and mirror-like shiny surface. You can even choose options with antique brass, copper, brushed nickel or even oiled bronze finishes.

Choosing the finish depends entirely on your personal preference based on the overall look and feel of the bathroom. We have reviewed shower systems made from metal in various finishes to make sure you have a variety of options to choose from.

Water pressure concerns

If you live in an area that generally has lower water pressure in the supply, you might want to get a shower system that gives you more coverage. The best shower system for low water pressure areas might be ones with larger showerheads that disperse water over a greater area, so you no longer have to struggle to get sufficiently wet in the shower. It will also help you rinse your head properly without worrying about low water flow.

Spray pattern

You need to look for a shower system that comes with an adjustable spray pattern. Typical shower systems come with a targeted pattern, drenching spray pattern, and wide coverage spray pattern. The targeted spray pattern produces a sharp spray that is ideal for giving yourself a bit of hydrotherapy for sore muscles. The drenching spray pattern is the best when it comes to rinsing off the shampoo from your hair. The wide spray pattern is ideal for giving you the most coverage. It creates a drenching rain shower like effect that effectively gets you wet without wasting a lot of time.

Common Concerns with Shower Systems

When you are buying a shower system for your home, there are several concerns you should be aware of. The first and foremost concern you should know is regarding water consumption at home. Like we mentioned before, a single shower faucet consumes 2,5 gallons per minute, whereas a shower system with multiple showers can consume more than 15 gallons of water per minute.

You will also find that the shower system requires more pressure to operate efficiently compared to a simple showerhead. A standard showerhead uses around 30psi of pressure in the water supply. A regular shower system with multiple showers will require 50psi of water pressure. You might want to consider getting something to help boost the water pressure coming into the shower system if you live in an area with lower water pressure.

Temperature is another concern you might face with a shower system. Since the shower system typically uses a lot more water compared to a simple showerhead, it will use up more hot water. You might need to upgrade the water heating unit to accommodate the need for more volume of hot water in the shower system. Some shower systems do not require a hot water supply, and they can heat the water as it flows through them to the ideal temperature.

The drainage can also become a concern when you get a shower system installed in your home. If your drainage system is barely efficient in draining out the water with a regular showerhead, it is not necessary that it will be good enough with a whole shower system set in place. Remember that these fixtures have a higher flow rate compared to typical showerheads. You might want to increase the size of the drainage even by an inch to make sure that the water does not start accumulating in the shower.

Importance of Shower Valves

The kind of shower valve and the features it offers can have a significant say in the efficiency of the entire shower system. The temperature and water flow control features, in particular, ensure your comfort and safety while you shower. It is important to match the shower system you are getting for your home and the shower valve.

There are a few different types of shower valves you can have in your house, and each of them has something unique to offer to make your experience of using a shower system better:

Mixing valve

A mixing valve begins mixing the hot and cold water once you turn it on and helps you regulate the water temperature in the shower by mixing the adequate quantities of hot and cold water based on your personal preference.

Pressure balance valve

A pressure balance valve works around the clock to make sure that the water flow is in balance. It helps to ensure a consistent flow of water even if there are other outlets using water around the house. A pressure balance valve in your home will help you make sure you are not left with a shampoo covered head without water to rinse it off even if someone decides to use the flush in another bathroom in your house.

Anti-scald pressure balance valve

These are an important part of many households. They ensure that you get the appropriate water temperature in the shower. They are affordable, simple to install, and necessary for every home.

Thermostatic valve

Thermostatic valves primarily ensure the flow of water at a favorable temperature. Once you set the shower system up, the thermostatic valve makes sure you get water at the preprogrammed temperature while you shower.

Final Thoughts

With that, we reach the end of the article. We understand that buying a shower system is one of the most significant investments you can make for home improvement. With a decision as important as this, you should equip yourself with all the necessary information to help you make the best investment decision.

We hope that between the reviews of our top picks for the best shower systems and the buying guide, you will have the necessary knowledge to purchase a shower system that fits your needs to get that new look for your bathroom.

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