We know you love your good old blue jeans, we do too. Still, when it comes to dangerous work environments, hiking in the mountain, or hunting, they simply won’t cut it. Clothes need to be comfortable, but in the strange times we live in, we often forget this little fact that can be a life-saver.

Whether you are in law enforcement, military personnel, or you do any other strenuous work, the tactical pants are the solution to your problems.

They are anything but restricting and susceptible to tears, as other cargo pants and tactical jeans can be, and possess certain technical modifications that will make you feel so comfortable you won’t want to wear anything else. However, tactical pants are not just reserved for people who work in tactical-related fields.

Since they are lightweight, fast-drying, easy to clean, and have high-quality belt loops and so many pockets, one can carry everything they want with themselves, tactical pants are the preferred choice of many people.

The different features they offer, such as articulated knees and thigh pockets, make them ideal for any activity. To save you the hassle of searching the internet, we’ve curated this list of top 5 pairs of pants on the market nowadays.

Best Tactical Pants

5.11 Tactical Pants

5.11 is a brand that is trusted by all those who demand the most out of their gear. That is the reason why this pair of tactical pants is our number 1 suggestion. They are made of two-way Flex-Tac mechanical stretch fabric and offer maximum durability and comfort.

Their design is simple but thoughtful. They feature reinforced knees and a self-adjusting tunnel waistband, so every time you wear them, you will look like someone taken straight out of the cover of a hunting magazine.

These pants have a Teflon-treated structure, and this Teflon shield offers resistance against water, stains, spill, mud, and dirt. These 5.11 pair of pants are lightweight but reinforced with a crotch gusset that will eliminate all worries about accidental tears.

With its 12 pockets, this pair of tactical trousers will surely allow you to stay on top of the most demanding situations. You can store all of your mission-critical gear since the pair features cargo pockets with dividers and phone/mag pockets.

Whether you’re on duty or just in seek of some adventure, these tactical cargo pants will help you conquer any challenge.

• 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton

5.11 Tactical Pro Work Pants

This is the second suggestion by 5.11 we have prepared for you, also developed with nothing but quality in mind. These pants are constructed with a quality mechanical stretch Taclite ripstop fabric, making them super flexible and sturdy.

The triple-stitching built guarantees durability, whereas the Teflon fabric offers a protective finish that can resist soil, stain, and moisture while still offering perfect breathability. The Teflon coating also makes the pants easy to clean.

Rips are surely not a problem with these waterproof tactical pants since they feature a gusseted crotch and inseam. The fully gusseted construction makes these pants something different. If you search for original tactical pants, these should be your choice!

The stretch waistband, fixed built-in D-ring, and YKK zippers are the perfect addition to the 8 pockets these pants feature. You also get strap-and-slash seat pockets that provide easy access to all your items, including your knife.

• 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton

TRU-SPEC 24-7 Tactical Pants for Men

These TRU-SPEC 24-7 tactical pants are built for comfort, both off-duty and on-duty. These pants highlight important technical features while at the same time look exceptionally good and stylish. The efficient design allows you to move past your normal range of motion.

These are some of the best tactical trousers on the market since they are made with ripstop fabric that is DWR water repellent coated.

These TRU-SPEC 24-7 tactical pants offer a comfortable fit due to their adjustable slider waistband and 2″ wide belt loops. The pants also come with inside openings for knee pads and have YKK brass zippers.

Even though we loved the design and the durability of these pants, we were most impressed with their multiple pockets, including two expandable back pockets with closure and hook, deep front pockets, and additional hidden pockets ideal for your weapons or knives.

You also get side gussets that contain two internal compartments for your magazines, so if you love hunting or your job requires quick access to your weapon, these tactical pants will be something you’ll love.

• 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton

Under Armour Tactical Pants

Well, the name of the brand speaks for itself. Under Armour is one of the brands that have never disappointed us, and this pair of tactical pants is just another product by them that we love.

They are made of polyester, and the ultra-durable ripstop fabric is super tough, guaranteeing you will be able to put up with anything in the field. These pants are comfortable and fit perfectly around the waist and thighs.

The UA storm technology they are made with does not sacrifice breathability, even though it repels water. Durability is also guaranteed due to the reinforced knees and crotch.

Another great advantage these pants have is that they prevent the growth of odor-causing microbes since they are made with anti-odor technology.

These Under Armour tactical pants have a stretch-engineered waistband providing you with superior mobility, whereas the offset belt loops allow for a proper holster placement. We would love these pants even more if they offered a couple of more pockets.

Still, the six ones you get are high-quality, and the carrying capacity you get will be enough for most people.

The pants feature two front hip pockets, two cargo pockets on the outside, and one on each but cheek. The best part is that you get to choose from a couple of different colors.

• 100% Polyester

Helikon-Tex Tactical Pants

These Helikon-Tex tactical pants are suitable for all types of weather and activities – everything from paintball to hiking or even planning a SWAT assault. You get to choose from three different designs- polycotton, nylon cotton, and denim stretch, and you also have color options.

These tactical pants are made of a durable material and feature enhanced stitching for outdoor resilience. They are lightweight, feature stain resistance, and have a stretchable waist making them perfect for everyday wear.

These tactical pants are just as good as any other assault cargo pants and offer professional comfort and 12 pockets that will help you carry all of the gadgets you want.

You can keep your ammo, clips, first aid, or tactical equipment accessible, and you also get pockets for your smartphone, knife, wallet, and flashlight.

These tactical pants also have a belt loop that allows you to wear a 50 mm wide belt and other loops for a key hook, D-Ring, or carabiner.

The classic denim neck shape, on the other hand, prevents the pants from riding down. We also loved the fact that they have a gusseted crotch and are quick drying.

• polycotton- 60% Cotton 37% Polyester 3% Spandex

• nyloncotton- 50% Nylon 50% Cotton

• denim stretch- 76% C 22% P 2% S

Wrap Up

Wearing tactical pants can literally save your life if you find yourself in an unexpected situation. They are lightweight, comfortable, and help you carry all of the tactical gear you want. Still, finding a high-quality pair is sometimes more complicated than it seems.

There are a lot of things you need to be careful with when choosing your pants aside from the material.

You need to make sure they have cargo pockets, knife pockets, cell phone pockets, articulated knees, fabric protectors, such as Teflon finish, magazine compartments, loop closures, and so many other features to keep you comfortable and safe.

Luckily for you, we have gathered the best tactical combat pants on the market, and we really hope you will find the right pair for you.

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