An axe is a versatile tool that can be put to many uses. Be it climbing a mountain or chopping a tree log; this versatile equipment finds its use everywhere. If you have an axe around, nothing is stopping you. The traditional axes were generally made of wood handles and a sharp metallic blade. Now with the advancement in technology, the design of these throwing axes has been improvised.

Since these are used almost everywhere, they feature different characteristics and suit different needs. Finding the best one amongst the wide variety is quite challenging. So, to help you out, we have shown up. In the section below, we have presented the top 10 best throwing axes available for your use. Depending on your preference and convenience, you can opt for the one that caters to your needs and is comfortable to use.

The Best Throwing Axes and Hatchets

Let’s see the top variants of the throwing axes available in the market and what they have to offer us.

SOG Tomahawk Throwing Axe

The SOG Tomahawk Throwing axes form the best throwing tomahawk axe variety that enables you to chop, throw or pierce an object. It is with these throwing axes that you can do almost every work. These throwing accessories can be used for multiple purposes and are designed for heavy-duty jobs. It can be used for camping, backpacking, and throwing.


  • This axe is of 12.5 inches and features a sharp hatchet blade made of stainless steel.
  • It is lightweight and designed for heavy-duty.
  • These are the perfect axes to add to your throwing tomahawk sets.
  • It is swift and has a nylon sheath to house the tomahawk.
  • It features a flat hammering edge and a piercing spike.

Estwing Camper’s Axe

This 16 inches throwing axe by Estwing is the best throwing hatchet features one hand-forged steel construction. It has a marine blue color that suits the background of nature. This camping axe provides you the ease of usage and helps you do your task effortlessly. Whether you want to chop wood for kindling or cut a branch, you are all covered when this axe is around.


  • This axe is made using one piece of metal that extends along with the handle.
  • The sharp blade splits any object into two in no time.
  • This camping axe lasts long and is highly durable.
  • It is tempered for outstanding performance and strength.

Cold Steel Throwing Axe

This axe is the ideal competition throwing axe and is also excellent for camping and chopping. It is a small throwing axe with a sharp blade that enables you to hit the bull’s eye. You can excel in any throwing league with this axe in hand because you don’t need to fix a throwing angle. It makes your job more comfortable, and using it is a breeze.


  • The blade is made of steel with a wooden handle attached to it.
  • This is the perfect axe to add to your throwing axe set and for hunting also.
  • The wooden handle provides a good grip and is durable.

Perfect Point Throwing Axe

Another best throwing axe perfect Point features a stunning black color and is entirely made of stainless steel. Its handle provides an ideal grip that enables you to strike at the right Point. The precision you get in these axes is remarkable and not found in others. Perfect Point aims to make your life easier and win all the competitions you take part in.


  • This product is a professional throwing axe that offers excellent precision.
  • The handle is made of stainless steel, and the blade is quite sharp to hit the target.
  • The blade is four millimeters thick and 5.4″x2.8″.
  • This axe includes a sheath which is made of nylon. It helps you to carry it anywhere safely.

Prandi German Style Hatchet

With a classic axe design with a smooth wooden handle topped with a sharp blade, this American Hickory handle design of this axe makes it the most preferred choice amongst the axe users. Prandi is a famous axe brand worldwide who is known for its high-quality products. It makes the best throwing axes that aid you in all your axe throwing competitions, survival training, etc.


  • This product is a german style hatchet, which is ideal for all uses.
  • It doesn’t include a sheath.
  • It has a carbon steel axe head with enhanced sharpness.
  • It has a hanging string attached to it which can be wrapped around your wrist or hanged.

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CRKT Birler CompactAxe

One of the best axes from CRKT features a classic design and forms the perfect camping tool. Their Tennessee Hickory Handle provides an ideal grip that enables you to cut down any object. This axe is incredibly lightweight and compact in design. It doesn’t occupy much space and gives you excellent experience in the wild.


  • The axe head is made of high carbon steel that helps in effortless cutting.
  • Tennessee Hickory is a dense and durable material that enhances the life of your axe’s handle.
  • The compact size makes it highly portable.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty to assure that you never have a damaged cutting tool.

SOG Tomahawk Tactical Hatchet

This product is an excellent choice if you are looking for the best tactical throwing tomahawk. ┬áIf you plan to go camping or take part in any axe throwing competition, SOG’s axe is the best equipment to take along. This mini tool is also an excellent option if you want to own something to survive while exploring the alps. SOG’s axe is very easy to stick on any surface and even for throwing.


  • The stainless steel axe head is 12.5 inches thick.
  • It weighs 23.1 ounces, which makes it extremely lightweight and easy to use.
  • This throwing axe includes a sheath made of nylon for easy transportation.
  • The shape of the axe head aids you in hammering and piercing. This feature is not found in all the axes.

Cold Steel Viking Battle Axe

If you have seen a woodcutter with an axe, you can quickly form a picture of this axe. One of the best throwing axes available currently for your use. The long wooden handle provides firm grip and strength to do your job effortlessly. Its design is historically-inspired with an American Hickory handle. It is one of the perfect Viking battle axes.


  • It is ideal for axe throwing training and battles.
  • There is a specified instruction for taking care of it. It should be hand-washed, and no other product should be used.
  • An additional protective sheath is included for easy transportation and safety.
  • It is an excellent one for outdoor sports and activities.

Estwing Tomahawk Axe

Be it an axe-throwing competition or you want to spend some quality time in the woods, Estwing offers you the great axes with the dynamic designs. These are the best throwing tomahawks ideal for every axe throwing league. By investing in this throwing axe, you can create an impact on all others present in that location. Thanks to its leather grip, throwing has become a relatively effortless and enjoyable activity. This fantastic tool has made a benchmark in the industry because of the regular innovations that are user friendly. This product is a piece of ideal equipment for military men and sports enthusiasts.


  • This throwing axe is incredibly durable and damage-resistant. It gets its strength through the forged steel construction technique.
  • It is the perfect equipment for chopping wood, excavation purposes, and many more.
  • It includes a nylon constructed sheath that protects the tool and enhances its life span.
  • The handle is made of leather that is hand-sanded for a smooth finish and then coated with a lacquer layer.

Throwing Axe for Viking and Competitions

If you are a person who loves Viking or frequently takes part in ax throwing competition, these are the best axes that you can put your hands on. With a rustic black color that gives this equipment a more authentic look, it is suitable for every activity. The well-known brand Thrower supply manufactures excellent ax-throwing equipment that aids you in different ways. This versatile Viking and throwing tool leaves no stones unturned to shower you with trophies and medals. With this tool in your hand, you can conquer the world.


  • This 19-inch hatchet for throwers is handcrafted and correctly balanced.
  • The handle is made of American Hickory hardwood that provides perfect control and enhances your performance. It is incredibly lightweight and durable. Thus, offering you long-lasting service.
  • You won’t be disappointed after using this top-notch quality throwing tool. Thanks to its perfectly sharpened blade edge, hitting your target has reached its topmost level.
  • The axe head is attached to the wooden grip with a unique technique known as a friction fit.
  • The handles and sheath are replaceable and give you the liberty to find a suitable pick for yourself.

Some Final Words

These days, it has become a notion that you need to win when you are participating in any competition. While you give your level best, your tool may not support you or get damage at the last minute. It demands that you invest in the perfect product that is durable, long-lasting, and affordable.

These throwing axes form the best throwing tools that enable you to hit the bull’s eye every time you throw them. These are very efficient and ensure that you get what you deserve. With these in hand, no external force can stop you from achieving your target. Thanks to their strong build and enhanced performance, you can step up on the ninth cloud in no time.

Hence, if you are participating in any forthcoming throwing event, make sure you carry suitable equipment with you this time. Now that you have landed on this page, search for the ideal axe for yourself that will give you the desired performance and results. So, without wasting further time, keep your work aside and find yourself a suitable match from the ones listed above.

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