How to prepare the perfect turkey?

Cooking a turkey – every woman’s worst kitchen nightmare, especially if she has to do it for the first time. The problem is that all you can do is pray and sweat in front of the oven for hours, hoping that the turkey won’t come out too dry or raw.

But it’s really not that hard – there are just some niceties that you should be aware of.

First, you have to choose the ideal bird. The perfect turkey is not older than 16 weeks and weighs between 10 and 20 lbs. Second – don’t buy the bird longer than 2 days before the cooking.

Third, never cook a cold bird – it should be at least in a room temperature. Also, be sure when you choose amongst all turkey fryers on the market, that you will get at least 30 000 btu.

There are plenty of cooking technologies and recipes for preparing a turkey – boiling, steaming, roasting, etc. but putting it into a turkey fryer is the most common one.

The preparation of a turkey is not only a woman’s challenge but also a problem for all the companies specializing in manufacturing kitchen equipment.

Every year the largest manufacturers are trying to invent the greatest machine for cooking a turkey, like competitors in the competition for the price “Best Cooked Turkey.” And this makes users task even harder, because choosing from the variety of cooking methods and kitchen appliances for cooking a turkey is almost impossible.

What is the perfect turkey fryer to buy?

That is a difficult question with more than one answer. It depends on many factors, but mostly on the buyers their selves, particularly on their preferences and requirements. We have to consider that everyone has different money to invest in the most suitable turkey fryer.

Also, with the internet and social media, people can easily do research and find the needed information about a certain fryer – recommendations, components, performance; convenience features; capabilities; reliability; efficiency, functionality, problems and risks, safety instructions, etc.

The customer can easily compare one manufacturer or another and the different models on the market. The client can see the locations of the shops that sell the chosen product or purchase it online.

What is the best turkey fryer for home use?

Home use includes both – indoor and outdoor use. The finest electric fryer for home use fulfills all of your usage specifications. The questions you have to ask yourself are:

  • Do you have the needed space and cooking surface in your kitchen?
  • Can you handle everything alone?
  • Do you have any safety concerns about house fires and accidents – kids, pets, etc.?
  • Are you an outdoor cooker or you just don’t like the smell of a fryer turkey – is the weather in your location suitable for that?
  • What kind of technology do you prefer?
  • Do you mind the smell of a fried turkey all over your house?
  • What type of oil will you be using or you want an oil-less device?
  • What source of energy will you be using – propane-butane or electricity – are you capable of lifting a heavy propane tank?
  • What size of birds do you want to cook?

Is the Butterball turkey fryer safe?

This electric oil-free fryer offers you a healthier version of the regular oil-frying and even gives you the smokehouse favor with its wood chip box. But there are some things to take into consideration before buying it.

First – it’s made for outdoor usage only, and second – it can expose you to carbon monoxide, which is known to cause congenital disabilities and other reproductive harm.

Are electric turkey fryers any good?

The indoor electric fryers have many benefits along with some disadvantages:

  • They fit perfectly in your kitchen and are easy to store. But most of them don’t have a large pot, so you will have to satisfy with smaller birds.
  • You will have fewer safety concerns – they have built-in temperature controls and auto-shutoff features, but you don’t get the smoking flavor.
  • They use less oil than the propane fryers, but it takes a longer time to heat up – some propane ones use a huge amount of oil, but they heat up really quick to the needed minimum of 30 000 btu.
  • They have a drain valve for easy cleaning, and there’s no heavy propane tank.
  • If you are an outdoor cooker you have to take in mind that most of the electric turkey fryers are made to be used in the kitchen.

How to choose your new turkey fryer?

There are many things that the user should take in mind when buying a turkey fryer, but the most important ones are:

  • Usage – outdoor fryers or indoor fryers
  • Power source – gas or electric turkey fryer
  • With or without oil – deep turkey fryer or air fryer
  • Size of bird
  • Budget – the price and economy of the turkey fryers
  • Multifunctional or not – the multifunctional cooker saves space by combining several kitchen appliances with built-in functions, including a turkey fryer
  • Size of the device – how much space we have for storing the fryer

Here comes our part – to make research and sift out the better turkey fryers, to help you with your choice. Today we are going to show you our pick up of the eight top turkey fryers on sale at the market.

Best Turkey Fryer

Instant Pot Air Fryer

You can use this indoor instant pot like a regular turkey pot or like an air fryer, which allows you to save space and time and to cook easy and healthy meals. With it you will quickly fry a turkey perfectly with very little or no oil at all. And it is effortless to clean – wipe it with a cloth.

Ninja Foodi 9-in-1 Pressure

If you are searching for a multifunctional kitchen appliance that can save you space by keeping you from buying too much kitchen equipment, this king cooker is for you. With it, you can prepare any meat, including turkey.

It makes the cooking process easy and pleasant, and the frying of a turkey is fast and healthy. You would be able to cook over 300 recipes 70% faster than the usual cooking methods and with 75% less fat. The significant advantage is that you can quickly disassemble it and put all the parts in a dishwasher.

Fry Daddy Electric Deep Fryer

And if you are searching for the most economical and accessible fryer, you have to go for this one. It uses 2 cups less oil than the previous model and has automatic temperature control during the whole cooking process.

This one doesn’t have a basket too, and you will probably have to chop your turkey, but the result would be worth it. And it is also covered with quality nonstick surface inside and out.

Gran Pappy Electric Deep Fryer

If you’ve had enough of throwing away hundreds of liters of oil and the mess that cooking baskets make, this oil-less turkey fryer is for you. It uses just 6 cups of oil and comes with a handy scoop instead of a fry basket, with which you will be quickly lifting, draining, and serving the food.

Therefore if you are going to fry a turkey, make sure it’s chopped into pieces first. And cleaning this turkey fryer is a pleasure – it is covered with a nonstick surface inside and out.

Masterbuilt Butterball XL Electric Fryer

Do you want to cook a 20-pound turkey that could feel your whole large family? Then this stainless steel turkey fryer, with its large capacity, is for you. Apart from frying with it, you will be able to do also boiling and steaming. That’s right – it works with both oil and water.

The slow heating up is compensated by the built-in thermostat that assures you have and maintain the perfect temperature every time. It has an integrated draining system, and you can safely put both the basket and the tank in a dishwasher.

Go Wise 15-in-1 Electric Air Fryer.

If you love compactness, this turkey fryer is for you. It is also one of the giant fryers on the market and one of the most compact ones.

With its three rack levels, you can cook several meals at a time and you can have full control of the frying speed and the crispiness you want to get.

It comes with ten cooking accessories and has a built-in rotisserie to make your cooking fast and easy, including a whole turkey. And with the 15 programs of this king cooker, you would never have to guess the time and the ideal cooking temperature.

T-fal Odorless Stainless Steel lean Deep Fryer

Tefal again proves that they are one step in front of the other turkey deep fryers on the market. If you like electric fryers, you will fall in love with this aluminum turkey fryer, which exudes 74% less outdoor smell than the other turkey fryers and has a big poultry rack.

Its unique features – the ability to lift and drop the basket while closed and the large anti-fog window, give you full control over the whole frying process, without any messing around.

The 30-minutes timer and the built-in thermostat temperature control give you the freedom to separate yourself from the fryer, without any risk. Furthermore, you can easily clean the stainless steel basket and the hot oil tank of the fryer, by putting them in the dishwasher.

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Air Fryer Toaster Oven Aobosi Rotisserie

If you are looking for an oven that can turn into an air turkey fryer and don’t like complicated appliances with many functions, this turkey cooker is for you.

It has only six functions, with their effective temperature control, make sure you will have the most pleasant cooking experience and are more than enough for you to cook the perfect turkey and many other meals.

It is guaranteed by its two additional heating elements, which provide the perfect oil temperature. Also, air frying means 98% less oil used and less fat than frying in a regular turkey fryer.

It also comes with a built-in safety control feature, which pauses the cooking after opening the door and continues from where it has stopped after closing.


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