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The 10 Best Front Pocket Wallets of 2020

The ability to carry the important things always with you is vital in our society. The stuff we carry with us can often fill an entire backpack – a wallet full of cash, coins and cards, a multi-tool, an USB flash drive, a mobile phone, an e-book, a laptop, a bottle of water, some tissues, and let’s not forget our house keys.

But what happens when you want to travel or simply walk around the city without carrying a heavy load of objects? And, most importantly, where to put your money and debit/credit cards in this case?

The front pocket wallet comes to your rescue.

What is a front pocket wallet?

A front pocket wallet – you guessed it – is a pocket wallet that you can carry in the front pocket of your shirt, jeans, or trousers. It is a light and a minimalist wallet that comes to aid men (and women, why not?) who don’t want to carry around heavy bags or pocket wallets, filled with almost everything.

The front pocket wallet is big enough to hold your essentials, such as credit or debit cards, some folding cash or coins, without being overloaded with unnecessary business cards, folded pieces of paper, old bills, etc.

This wallet often has RFID protection, woven in its material to prevent your money and personal information from being stolen.

But what exactly is RFID protection? RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification Denoting technologies that use radio waves to identify people and objects carrying encoded chips.

That’s why it’s so important to protect your personal documents with RFID blocking technologies. Otherwise, you can have your identity and money stolen, and nobody wants that.

Why put your wallet in your front pocket?

Do you remember the last time when you shove some money in your back pocket and an occasional passer-by stopped just to tell you that some of it had slipped to the ground? Imagine what would happen if you lost your entire pocket wallet.

Common sense could tell you that a front pocket wallet is less likely to fall down, slip, or even be stolen without you noticing it, because you will have it under control nearly 100 % of the time.

As a bonus, front pocket wallets are smaller, so they restrict the useless stuff you could put in them and hence, weight less, saving your back from that extra burden.

Best front pocket wallets

What makes the best front pocket wallets? They are convenient, minimalistic and easy to use, crafted from leather, carbon, metal, elastic, and other materials, in many shades and hues.

They combine the construction and quality of a card wallet, a money clip, and a classic leather wallet, giving you the style and flexibility you desire. The best front pocket wallets have a variety of materials and colors to choose from, they are gift-wrapped and come with a significant warranty from the manufacturer.

The best front pocket wallet is light, compact, RFID-protected, and made of good-looking and pleasant to touch material that is just right for you and your budget. The best front pocket wallet is one that you can wear for a lifetime as well as gift it to your friends and family.

Thus we have selected the best 10 front pocket wallets for men just for you. Here’s the list of the best front pocket wallets with minimalist design made for men.

Chelmon Slim Wallet

The 10 Best Front Pocket Wallets of 2020 2The 10 Best Front Pocket Wallets of 2020 3

With dimensions of only 4 1/2″ x 3 1/8″ x 1/16″, this unisex front pocket wallet is one of the slimmest from our collection.

The Chelmon slim card holder and wallet can block RFID signals from a credit or a debit card, an ID card, and a driver’s license that uses the 13.56 MHz frequency.

It perfectly fits your front or back pocket, handbag, backpack, etc., without overstuffing your suit or trousers, which makes it ideal for everyday carry.

The Chelmon slim card holder provides four kinds of leather style for you to choose from: Carbon Fiber Texture Leather, Crazy Horse Leather, Milled Leather, and Saffiano Leather. This wallet also has several colors to choose from.

The Chelmon slim wallet and card case is light and comfortable, it comes at a very reasonable price and with a one year warranty.

No wonder then, that this is the best front pocket wallet and the best wallet for men in our list.

TRAVANDO Rio Money Clip Wallet

The 10 Best Front Pocket Wallets of 2020 4The 10 Best Front Pocket Wallets of 2020 5

his men’s front pocket wallet, made of carbon leather, has dimensions 4.7″ x 3″ x 0.7″ (full and empty) and an empty weight of 2.4 oz. The quality construction of the model and the lightweight, compact design make it suitable for front or back pocket wearing and everyday carry. This leather wallet is available in 8 different color choices.

Designed in Germany to best combine elegance, quality, and convenience, this minimalist wallet has 9 different colors and styles for you to choose from, making it one of the best wallets for men.

All of the company’s wallets are tested by an independent German quality control institute. They are confirmed to block the 13.56 MHz band and protect against data theft by RFID and NFC scanners.

Albeit its relatively high price, this front pocket wallet is a perfect present for you or your loved ones, which makes it one of the best front pocket wallets in our list. It comes with a luxurious gift packaging with the company’s logo, which can be turned into a jewelry box or a container for small parts.

Protectif Front Pocket Wallet

The 10 Best Front Pocket Wallets of 2020 6The 10 Best Front Pocket Wallets of 2020 7

Made of premium napa leather, with dimensions of 4.5″ x 3.2 ” x 0.2″ and a weight of 0.8 oz (empty), the Protectif front pocket wallet has three card slots in the front, one ID or driver’s license card in the back, and a zippered pouch for notes, cash, and coins.

It is RFID, NFC, and BLE protected to prevent electronic pickpocketing and personal data theft. The zipper is made of durable YKK metal to protect from breaking and abrasion.

One of the front pocket wallets with quality construction and the lightweight, compact design make it suitable for front or back pocket wearing and everyday carry. This leather wallet is available in 8 different color choices.

It comes with a gift box, which makes it an excellent present for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, graduation ceremony, and more.

A great bonus is that the manufacturer offers a 100 % money-back-guarantee. If something happens to this leather wallet, you can contact them, and they will replace it.

Kinzd Money Clip Front Pocket Wallet

The 10 Best Front Pocket Wallets of 2020 8The 10 Best Front Pocket Wallets of 2020 9

With dimensions of 4.3″ x 2.8″ x 0.1″ and a weight of 0.32 oz, this ultra-slim but very functional card case holder and clip wallet can store your various cards including business cards, credit/debit cards, ID cards, and so on, as well as large amounts of cash and coins.

It has four card slots, one ID window, one cash pocket, and a strong magnetic money clip made of four small pieces that won’t weaken in time. All its edges are precisely oiled to prevent the materials from fraying. The card slots are appropriately sized, secure, and comfortable to use.

Minimalist and with a very slim design, made with good genuine leather and stitching, this wallet is suitable to carry around either in a front or a back pocket.

Packed in a gift box, which makes it a good present for you and your friends. Available in several materials such as full-grain leather, crazy horse leather, waxed leather, vegetable-tanned leather, cork fabric, and carbon fiber, as well as several color options, which makes it the best front pocket wallet concerning design choice.

Warning: Put the cards with a magnetic strip or chip away from the magnetic clip to avoid demagnetizing and therefore losing information. This applies to all magnetic clip wallets and strong magnets in general.

Zitahli Bifold Front Pocket Wallet With Money Clip

The 10 Best Front Pocket Wallets of 2020 10The 10 Best Front Pocket Wallets of 2020 11

This men’s bifold card wallet with dimensions 4.3″ x 2.95″ x 0.4″ is made of microfiber leather and has a highly practical and functional design. With its four inside and two outside pockets, it can hold from eight to ten cards (even twelve, if you want to defeat the purpose of getting a slim wallet).

The ID pocket and card sleeve with a thumb hole makes it easier for you to extract the card, so you don’t have to pull it with all your strength the way it happens with other wallets.

The pocket wallet’s RFID blocking material is woven from three different metal composites to protect your cards that use signals up to 13.56 MHz and higher. However, it does not obstruct the 125 kHz signals.

One of this bifold wallet’s advantages is that it doesn’t contain any magnets. Instead, it has a metal money clip that can help you store banknotes. Available in 9 different color options for you to choose from.

The microfiber is very durable compared to other similar materials and can be scraped up to 50,000 times. Because of this, it is undoubtedly one of the best front pocket wallets concerning durability on the market.

This bifold wallet comes in a luxurious gift packaging which makes it the most special present for groomsmen, birthdays, anniversaries, Father’s Day, Christmas, and other special occasions. The box can be re-purposed as an elegant storage container for jewelry or other small treasures.

The Zitahli Bifold Front Pocket Wallet comes with a year warranty, according to which it can be exchanged or refunded.

Bryker Hyde Front Pocket Wallet

The 10 Best Front Pocket Wallets of 2020 12The 10 Best Front Pocket Wallets of 2020 13This ultra-slim (4 3/8″ x 2 7/8″ x 1/4″) bifold wallet made of full grain distressed leather or top grain leather has eight card pockets, one ID window (with a thumb hole), and one money clip. It provides comfortable front and back pocket wear and fits effortlessly in any standard pocket imaginable, making it ideal for everyday carry.

Due to the unique blend of composite metals used, the Bryker Hyde front pocket card wallet blocks adequately high and low-frequency signals at 125 kHz, 10 MHz to 3000 MHz. That includes the 13.56 MHz frequency, used by credit cards.

Ideal for travel around the globe or around the block, this front pocket leather wallet combines practicality with stability. That makes it the best front pocket wallet for electronic theft protection.

Designed in the United States by an army veteran and manufactured by a family-owned business, this minimalist wallet comes with a lifetime warranty and a 100 % money-back-guarantee.

Although the price is a bit high, you simply could not miss a deal like that. Available in several colors and comes with a gift box.

NOMATIC Slim Unisex Front Pocket Wallet

The 10 Best Front Pocket Wallets of 2020 14The 10 Best Front Pocket Wallets of 2020 15

With dimensions of only 3.5” x 2.2” x 0.1″ (smaller than a credit card) and a weight of just 0.64 oz, the Nomatic unisex front pocket wallet is the slimmest wallet in our collection.

This front pocket wallet will provide you with a slim profile and easy access, which cannot be said about many of the other minimalist wallets. In it, you will have the ability to carry from 4 up to 15 cards.

The Nomatic front pocket wallet will hold all your valuables securely while maintaining a slim profile. This front pocket card wallet is tailored with medical-grade elastic, genuine leather, and double stitched to ensure durability.

It can hold more than just cards – the built-in 2.2″ x 1.0″ pocket allows you to carry cash, coins, a key, and other small objects.

The best thing about it is that the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty combined with a 100 % customer satisfaction guarantee. If the Nomatic front pocket wallet and card case ever begins to fail, you could just send them a message, and they will repair it at no cost to you, or send you a brand new wallet for free!

The only drawback is that it doesn’t provide any RFID protection, so it can be easily said that it is the best front pocket wallet without such protection on the market.

Vaultskin CHELSEA Front Pocket Wallet/ Credit Card Holder

The 10 Best Front Pocket Wallets of 2020 16The 10 Best Front Pocket Wallets of 2020 17

This slim front pocket wallet (4 1/8″ x 2 6/8″ x 2/8″, 0.85 oz ) is made of top-grain genuine Italian leather, which is both soft and durable, and ensures a sophisticated feel and look, wherever you go.

This minimalist wallet you to easily access your card and then automatically retracts. The excellent British design covers every aspect – quality, look, feel, and, most of all, technology.

The middle pocket’s leather construction protects all RFID enabled cards (the 13.56 MHz RFID/NFC standard). Made in several different colors that could match virtually any style.

Chelsea arrives tissue-wrapped in a sturdy gift box bearing the Vaultskin logo, which makes it an ideal present for men and women alike.

HUSKK Front Pocket Travel Card Holder/Wallet

The 10 Best Front Pocket Wallets of 2020 18The 10 Best Front Pocket Wallets of 2020 19

The HUSKK ultra-thin men’s bifold leather wallet is handmade of premium vegetable-tanned leather with dimensions of 3.94″ x 2.76″ x 0.2″. It is designed to hold up to 8 cards (3-4 in each side pocket and cash bills using a leather strap).

Due to its minimal style, you can comfortably carry credit/debit cards, cash and an ID in your new front pocket wallet.

The manufacturer is a small family run business that promises a 100 % money-back-guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product. Besides a complete refund, they also offer replacement and a gift-wrap, if bought for a present.

The HUSKK front pocket wallet comes with a six-month warranty and a 30-days no-questions-asked refund policy.

ROCO Aluminum Slim Wallet

The 10 Best Front Pocket Wallets of 2020 20The 10 Best Front Pocket Wallets of 2020 21

Crafted of high-grade aluminum and a patented, flexible silicone band, the ROCO minimalist RFID blocking money clip is a highly flexible men’s front pocket wallet that won’t lose its strength or stability.

ROCO’s engineers strive to create an ultra-slim front pocket wallet that is perfect for business cards, credit/debit cards, driver’s license, and so much more!

Its dimensions of only 3 3⁄8″ × 2 1⁄8″ make it a slimmer wallet that the others on the market and one of the best front pocket wallets due to its minimalist design.

The material it is made of (aluminum) is not magnetic, and so it won’t damage your magnetic strips or chips, or cause you any problems at airport security.

This front pocket wallet comes with two silicone bands, one for carrying fewer cards and one for carrying more cards. Available in 8 different colors.

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