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Fun & Unique Gifts for Fans of The Beatles

Do The Beatles even need an introduction? It’s highly unlikely that you’ve never heard of this best-selling band, with an estimated 800 million records sold. Though the group was only together for 10 years, their legacy lives on through their eclectic music, stunning visuals and inspiring songwriting. Two of the members continue to do music to this day. Everyone knows at least one Beatles fan, probably even several, but it can be hard to find a gift they don’t already have. The following is a list of the more unique Beatles gifts out there, with a few classics scattered throughout. You’re sure to find something here that you never even thought existed!

Men’s Distressed Beatles British Flag T-Shirt

Fun & Unique Gifts for Fans of The Beatles 1Fun & Unique Gifts for Fans of The Beatles 2

We have to start with a classic gift, the distressed British Flag t-shirt. This is a must for any Beatles fan; new, old or otherwise! The shirt is dark gray/black, with the British Flag and “The Beatles” written across the chest. The image is distressed to give a vintage look and feel to the shirt, and comes in a variety of sizes. This is a must-have for any Beatles fan. Even if they already own this Beatles fan staple, who doesn’t need an extra one, just because?!

The Beatles Minicell Film Cell

Fun & Unique Gifts for Fans of The Beatles 3Fun & Unique Gifts for Fans of The Beatles 4

This very special gift contains an actual film cell from one of the many Beatles movies made over the last several years. Each piece is double-matted and framed, with the film cell, a descriptive plaque, and a certificate of authenticity. The film cells are hand-cut from the reel, providing a unique and one-of-a-kind look into one of the great Beatles films. This is sure to be a big hit and a cherished gift for years to come. Consider snagging a few to create a collage in any room, on any wall.

Yellow Submarine Ceramic Cookie Jar

Fun & Unique Gifts for Fans of The Beatles 5Fun & Unique Gifts for Fans of The Beatles 6

For the snack lover in your life, give them this adorable cookie jar, shaped like the famous Yellow Submarine! The entire jar is hand-painted with exquisite detail, and arrives in a full color gift box. The ceramic is high-quality with a silicone freshness seal. It’s perfect for not only cookies or snacks, but great for storing a variety of items, such as office supplies or random trinkets. Whatever the use, it’s a wonderful addition to any Beatles fan’s home.

Multicolored Square Mug Set

Fun & Unique Gifts for Fans of The Beatles 7Fun & Unique Gifts for Fans of The Beatles 8

Another fun item is this set of mugs, featuring the faces of our beloved Beatles. The set includes four bright and colorful mugs, all uniquely square-shaped. Each mug holds ten ounces, and all are microwave and dishwasher safe. Whether your friend loves to drink coffee, tea, or just good ol’ water, these mugs would make a great gift for the kitchen and everyday use. You really can’t go wrong with this Beatles themed gift, so grab set today for any hardcore fan!

Book: “100 Things Beatles Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die”

Fun & Unique Gifts for Fans of The Beatles 9Fun & Unique Gifts for Fans of The Beatles 10

A great gift for any Beatles fan, this book lists and ranks 100 things every fan should know or do in their lifetime. From trivia to adventures, fans can explore the group’s history and discover little-known facts or activities that will only deepen their love for the band. It’s available in paperback or on kindle, great for any preferred style of reading. Even the biggest fans will likely discover something new, so give this to a friend and expand their knowledge!

LED Neon Sign

Fun & Unique Gifts for Fans of The Beatles 11Fun & Unique Gifts for Fans of The Beatles 12

Whether for a man cave, the basement, an in-home bar or just general décor, this awesome neon sign is sure to make a fantastic gift! It shows “The Beatles” outlined in LED lights on transparent acrylic, in a beautiful blue tone. You can also request a different color, from red to purple to orange, and many more. As a special promotion, it even includes a 3D coaster to add to the overall vibe.

Yellow Submarine Tea Infuser

Fun & Unique Gifts for Fans of The Beatles 13Fun & Unique Gifts for Fans of The Beatles 14

This next item is perfect for the Beatles-loving tea drinker in your life! Another yellow submarine item, it’s an adorable little tea infuser. It’s dishwasher safe and resistant to boiling water, so sure to last a lifetime with proper care. The recipient simply opens the cap and inserts their favorite tea leaves, then drops the little submarine into a fresh cup of hot water and boom, delicious tea!

The Beatles Drums Salt & Pepper Set

Fun & Unique Gifts for Fans of The Beatles 15Fun & Unique Gifts for Fans of The Beatles 16
This Beatles gift is super cute and super fun to display (and use!) in any kitchen. It is a ceramic salt and pepper shaker set in the shape of The Beatles’ drums. One bears the classic Beatles insignia on it while the other bears the Sgt Pepper insignia. A unique gift for any Beatles lover, they are hand-painted and custom sculpted to perfection.

The Beatles Bite Size Trivial Pursuit Board Game

Fun & Unique Gifts for Fans of The Beatles 17Fun & Unique Gifts for Fans of The Beatles 18

A great way to celebrate their love for The Beatles while challenging themselves is this travel-sized trivial pursuit game. The game includes a stack of trivia questions listed by categories, a holder for the cards, and a die to roll for each turn. Small enough to carry anywhere, it’s a great way to compete with fellow Beatles fan or even test themselves on their knowledge of the boys. This is sure to be a hit for them!

Fisher-Price The Beatles Yellow Submarine by Little People


Fun & Unique Gifts for Fans of The Beatles 19Fun & Unique Gifts for Fans of The Beatles 20

This set of Beatles action figures by Fisher-Price is part of a special edition of Little People figure packs, and is a gift that any Beatles fan will love adding to their collection.

Also, the figures are soft and safe for toddlers and children so that they can be purchased as a gift for a budding Beatles fan as well.

The collectible figures of John, Paul, George, and Ringo, are dressed in the iconic clothes from the Beatles animated Yellow Submarine film.

The figurines are 3 inches tall, and they are offered in a Yellow Submarine themed box with a see-through window, so they can be added to a collection without the box being opened, and thus becoming even more prized collectibles.

The Beatles Lyrics: The Stories Behind the Music, Handwritten Drafts

Fun & Unique Gifts for Fans of The Beatles 21Fun & Unique Gifts for Fans of The Beatles 22

Any Beatles fan will be stunned by this fascinating glimpse of the actual creative process behind the genius songs written by the members of the Fab Four over the years.

The Beatles Lyrics: The Stories Behind The Music include photos of the actual handwritten drafts of over 100 of the most famous Beatles songs, as written and edited by Lennon and McCartney, as well as by all individual members of the band.

Some of the classic songs appear to be scribbled on napkins, hotel stationery and other paper which John, Paul, Ringo or George had handy when visited by their muse.

Also included in this stunning book are some interesting facts behind the songs which even the most fanatic fans may be surprised to learn.

The Beatles Yellow Submarine Large Recycled Tote 72473

Fun & Unique Gifts for Fans of The Beatles 23Fun & Unique Gifts for Fans of The Beatles 24

This colorful psychedelic Yellow Submarine tote bag will become the favorite bag of any Beatles fan – man or woman, adult or child alike.

It is 16 x 12 x 6 inches in size and has an 8-inch drop handle.

It is a very colorful and eye-catching bag with various illustrations from the Yellow Submarine movie, and from the album of the same name.

This tote bag is also available in other Beatles-inspired designs, including The Beatles Fab Four, and The Beatles Abbey Road.

It is a great gift idea for any occasion or without any occasion at all for a person who loves the Beatles and would love flaunting their fascination with one of the greatest bands of all time anywhere they go.

Crayola Adult Coloring Songbook, Lyrics of Lennon & McCartney

Fun & Unique Gifts for Fans of The Beatles 25Fun & Unique Gifts for Fans of The Beatles 26

Coloring is the new meditating, and people around the world have taken this hobby up as a way to de-stress and relax.

This beautifully illustrated, 40-page coloring songbook features beautiful depictions of some of the most iconic Lennon and McCartney compositions.

The book includes 36 intricate illustrations for coloring and 4 pages of line art designs for coloring.

Also, included is a 4-panel impressive detachable LOVE poster which the recipient of the gift can color and display as artwork on their wall.

This book by Crayola is one of the best affordable Beatles fan gifts you can find on the market in 2020.

Framed Beatles Autograph Replica Print

Fun & Unique Gifts for Fans of The Beatles 27Fun & Unique Gifts for Fans of The Beatles 28

This framed replica print of the young members of The Beatles with all of their autographs in blue and red ink is as close as you can get to give your Beatles loving friend or relative a priceless collectible without breaking the bank.

The print is 8 x 10 inches in size and is a perfect replica of an originally signed black and white photo of the Fab Four from their early years.

This is an impressive memorabilia item, which any person who loves The Beatles will proudly display as a centerpiece of their collection.

It is an affordable but real-looking autographed photo of The Beatles and makes a perfect gift for a Birthday or any other special occasion.

Lovepop The Beatles Pop Up Cards – 3D Cards

Fun & Unique Gifts for Fans of The Beatles 29Fun & Unique Gifts for Fans of The Beatles 30

This collection of five different 3D pop-up cards is the best Birthday, Christmas, or another greeting card set you can find for a serious Beatles fan.

The cards feature colorful laser-cut illustrations, which “pop-up” for a 3D effect when the card is opened.

They 5 x 7 inches in size and come with envelopes and note cards for your message.

You can pick among the 5 different stunning Beatles designs, including Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band, Abbey Road, Help!, Magical Mystery Tour and Yellow Submarine.

The recipient of this ingenious card will love it so much that you can get them another one from this collection for the next upcoming occasion or celebration too.

LEGO Ideas 21306 Yellow Submarine Building Kit

Fun & Unique Gifts for Fans of The Beatles 31Fun & Unique Gifts for Fans of The Beatles 32

This Yellow Submarine building kit is another collectible item that will be cherished by any Beatles fan. It is also an entertaining LEGO kit which you can your children can build together, and enjoy displaying it in your home.

The kit by LEGO includes a Yellow Submarine, which has a removable cockpit, where you can place the four added Beatles LEGO figurines.

The submarine also has four rotating periscopes for each of the members of the band, two rotating propellers, a rudder, and a display stand.

There are special accessory elements dedicated to each of the members of The Beatles, including a “love” tile for Paul, a “half a hole” tile for Ringo, a telescope for John, and a motor for George.

The set also includes a Jeremy Minifigure that comes with an Apple.

This colorful, retro LEGO kit is among the most original Beatles fan gifts you can find on the market right now.

The Beatles Anthology Book

Fun & Unique Gifts for Fans of The Beatles 33Fun & Unique Gifts for Fans of The Beatles 34

There are hundreds of biographies and books written about The Beatles. Still, The Beatles Anthology is a one of a kind book because it is a joint project made possible by Paul McCartney, the late George Harrison, Ringo Starr, and John Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono.

The surviving members of the band agreed to share their personal archives for the making of the TV and video series under the same name. All of these documents, personal stories, and revelations are included in this wonderful Anthology.

Also included are the personal memories and recollections of George Martin, Neil Aspinall, and Derek Taylor, the band’s producer, road manager, and spokespersons.

There are many added photographs of the Fab Four and their associates.

Overall, this is one of the most truthful biographies of The Beatles ever written and published. It is a book that should be added to the library or the memorabilia collection of any Beatles fan.

The Beatles Anthology Films

Fun & Unique Gifts for Fans of The Beatles 35Fun & Unique Gifts for Fans of The Beatles 36

The book above was written and compiled based on this tell-all TV and video Beatles Anthology series, which is an absolute must-have for any Beatles fan.

The set of 4 DVDs or VHS tapes for the old school fans contains all of the 8 original video programs and added rare footage.

The Beatles Anthology was created with the help of the surviving members of The Beatles and by Yoko Ono and is a truly personal and insightful biography of the Fab Four like the world has never seen them before.

The Anthology also includes the recording and footage from the last Beatles song “Free as a Bird” which the members of the band recorded years after John Lennon’s brutal murder but featuring his original recorded lyrics.

It is definitely a Beatles fan gift that will be appreciated by any fan – young or old, new or expert.

The Beatles Fab Four Miniature Guitar and Drums Set of 4 with Amps


Fun & Unique Gifts for Fans of The Beatles 37Fun & Unique Gifts for Fans of The Beatles 38

These cute collectible replicas of the actual guitars and drums used by the members of The Beatles are another excellent gift idea for any fan of the band.

They are handcrafted and include every single intricate detail on the guitars, amps, and drums used by John, George, Paul, and Ringo.

The figurines are made of solid mahogany and metal and have a high gloss finish. All of the details are hand-painted with an airbrush.

Overall, these are one of the most impressive tiny musical instruments you will ever see, and your Beatles loving relative or friend will be thrilled to own them and to display them among their other memorabilia proudly.

Hot Wheels – Yellow Submarine – Limited Edition Set of 6 Diecast Vehicles

Fun & Unique Gifts for Fans of The Beatles 39Fun & Unique Gifts for Fans of The Beatles 40

These cute diecast vehicles from the Beatles Yellow Submarine Limited Edition Collection by Hot Wheels are suitable for gifts as toys but are also highly appreciated collectibles by Beatles fans.

They are exact replicas of vehicles on a 1:64 scale and come with thematic Beatles boxes with see-through windows.

The set includes six different Beatles themed vehicles from the psychedelic years of the Yellow Submarine animated movie and album by the Fab Four.

You can purchase the Bump Around, the Cockney Cab, the Fish’N chip’s, the Morris Mini, the Fast Felion, and the Kool Kombi separately or as a complete set of 6.

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