The GMAT test is an essential requirement by almost all MBA programs and business schools.

But taking this standardized, computer adaptive test can be costly for people on a tight budget. The fee for taking the GMAT depends on your location, with the current starting cost for taking the test in the USA being $275.

The test prep courses can cost from hundreds to thousands of dollars as well.

So, even though investing in the GMAT can be one of the best long-term investments you make in your life if you get accepted into the business program of your dreams, it still may be something that you find hard to cover as a cost at the current moment.

Thankfully, you can find numerous GMAT promo codes offered by the leading test prep companies and courses, which can significantly reduce the costs of preparing for the test properly to reach or surpass your target GMAT score.

What discount can you expect from a GMAT promo code?

The different GMAT test prep companies offer various discounts, which are valid for a limited time only, and usually need to be applied during checkout.

The Princeton Review GMAT promo codes

The Princeton Review offers a $100 discount for its self-paced and fundamentals GMAT prep courses with the GMAT promo code: Pumpkin100.

The Princeton Review offers a massive $300 GMAT voucher code discount for its most comprehensive and 700+ guaranteed score prep course when you add the promo code Pumpkin300 during checkout.

Magoosh GMAT promo codes

Magoosh offers a discount of $189 if you sign up for its Premium Self-Study course and $300 if you sign up for its Tutoring+Premium guided study exam prep course.

Magoosh also offers its customers a 40% discount on the provided full-length practice tests, which can save you an additional $36.

ExamPAL GMAT promo codes

ExamPAL is currently offering all of its customers a 10% discount for upgrading or signing up for its prep course if you add the GMAT MBA com coupon code: testprep10. You can test the test prep course via the available free trial offered by ExamPAL.

PrepScholar GMAT prep discounts

PrepScholar GMAT is offering students a discount of $30 for its Resource Pool Online GMAT Prep, a $110 discount GMAT coupon for its Self-guided online GMAT prep, and a $140 GMAT discount code for its Completely Customized Online prep.

Kaplan GMAT promo codes and discounts

Kaplan offers one of the widest varieties of exam preparation courses, tools, and resources.

At the moment, the famous test prep company is not offering any GMAT vouchers or GMAT coupon discounts for its GMAT prep courses, but you can take a full-length practice test for free without the need for a special GMAT coupon code here.

Manhattan Prep GMAT discounts

The company, which is famed for some of the best GMAT instructors, is currently not offering an active Manhattan Prep promo code for GMAT exam prep for its in-person or online courses or boot camps.

Still, you can sign up for any of the free trial workshops and classes offered by the company without paying anything and without a GMAT test promo code here. You can also try the award-winning Manhattan Prep Interact on-demand test preparation software and program for free here at the company’s site.

Target Test Prep GMAT discounts and coupons

Target Test Prep is currently offering prospective business school applicants serious discounts of $50/month for their GMAT flexible prep plan, a $100 discount for the Maximum Learning GMAT course, and a GMAT promotion code for a discount of up to $150 for its Dedicated Study course.

The Economist Tutor GMAT promo codes and discounts

The Economist Tutor is currently offering a $100 discount for its Quant prep course, a $110 discount for its Premium prep discount, and a $210 discount for the Genius prep course, each of which offers a 70+ score improvement guarantee.

E-GMAT promotions

The company doesn’t have any promotions for its courses at the moment. Still, you can try out their completely free GMAT exam prep trial, which is one of the most comprehensive GMAT prep free trials online. The free trial includes more than 400 practice questions, more than 25 video lessons, free weekly webinars, and open access to part of the computer adaptive SIGma-X mock practice quizzes.

Other places to look for GMAT coupon codes

You can keep an eye on any GMAT-related promo codes, vouchers, coupons, or discounts on any of the discount and coupon code websites, mobile apps, or browser extensions you use.

Some of the most popular coupon code websites include, Brad’s Deals, The Krazy Koupon Lady, and more. You can also find coupon codes or discount vouchers at specialized websites like the GMAT Club site.

Keep in mind that the discount coupon codes may have expired already or be invalid in many cases, so make sure you test them at the GMAT prep store first. Usually, the discount code or voucher is added in the checkout process’s final step, but before you make the payment. If the discount code is valid, the price will be reduced, and if it is not, the retailer will inform you of that before you proceed with the payment.

Getting a discount for the GMAT test itself

Since GMAC doesn’t offer any direct fee waivers to the test-takers, you cannot apply directly to them for a discount for the test or get a GMAT exam promo code or voucher by the GMAC. The good news is that GMAC provides various business schools with up to 10 GMAT exam discount vouchers every year. This means you can ask the graduate management admission of the school of your choice if you are eligible for a GMAT waiver directly.

Usually, these discounts for the exam are provided by a graduate management admission or financial aid office of a grad school for test-takers who are economically disadvantaged, but you will need to check with the admissions offices of the schools and programs of your choice to find out more about this option for getting a discount for the actual GMAT exam if you are an applicant for their program.

In some cases, you may be eligible for a waiver for the exam offered by your current university or school or the one you have just graduated from. Check your school’s financial aid office for more information about getting a discount for your GMAT.

Each school decides which students are considered disadvantaged economically, so who gets an exam waiver differs from one school to another.

Other ways to save money for taking the GMAT

You can further reduce the costs of preparing for and taking the GMAT as well as for applying for business school by:

  • Using inexpensive or free test prep resources instead of paying for tutoring or an expensive course
  • Limit the spending for added costs like sending your test scores to more schools than you really need to
  • Aim at achieving your target score from the first time to avoid having to pay again for retaking it
  • Ask your schools of choice whether they offer application fee waivers and whether you are eligible for one.
  • Consider taking the GRE, which is a universal standardized exam that can be used for applying for other grad schools and programs and which is accepted by some business programs and schools as well and costs only $205.

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