Having a hot tub/spa at home allows you to relax and unwind in the best way possible and without going anywhere. To make the most of your home spa experience, you must have it with all its essential accessories, and one of them is a spa cover lifter.

A spa cover lifter allows you to use your hot tub with the utmost convenience. It makes sure you can lift, remove, and put back the heavy and thick cover of your spa without tiring yourself and without messing up the frame and foam insulation of the cover.

Besides offering you convenience and extending the operating life of the cover, the use of a spa cover lifter also keeps your hot tub safe and hygienic and helps in energy expenses in check.

If you don’t want to search and get confused with a lot of spa cover lifter options available online, continue reading this piece. We have shortlisted and reviewed five of the finest spa cover lifters available in the market right now.

Hot Tub Cover Lift

Let’s look at some short reviews of these spa cover lifters that will help you in making a better buying decision.

Smart Spa CoverClassic Classic Hot Tub Cover Lifter

If you are using a large rectangular or square hot tub, then this Smart Spa lifter could be the right choice for your spa setup. The manufacturer has kept the design and construction of the cover lifter uncomplicated and straightforward to make sure you can operate it in the easiest way possible. Fold back, lift up, and tuck it behind the tub, and you have removed the cover.

This Smart Spa Cover Lifter stores the hot tub cover behind its wall, which helps in reducing the wear and tear on the cover when it is not in use. However, you will need an 18-inch clearance behind the spa to install and use the lifting mechanism of this cover lifter.

It is important to mention here that the simple construction of the cover lifter has no bearing on its quality. The manufacturer has used top-quality powder-coated aluminum in the lifter’s construction. This material choice has kept the frame lightweight yet sturdy and impervious to the shenanigans of rusting.

You can use this Classic Cover Lifter from Smart Spa at any hot tub with a length up to 96 inches. The lifter also features a 3-hook towel rack. It appears on one side of the cover when you fold and tuck it behind the spa. Smart Spa Classic Hot Tub Cover Lifter is designed primarily for above-ground spas. So, it might not fit the recessed and inground hot tubs.


  • Long-lasting, robust, and heavy-duty cover with reduced wear and tear
  • Easy to install and repair
  • Quick and easy usage
  • Side and deck mount
  • Lifting assist
  • Cost-effective


  • Needs 18-inch clearance
  • Doesn’t work with in-ground or sunken spa

Revered among users as one of the best hot tub cover lifters, this is easily our top pick for 2021. It’s durable, long-lasting, and lightweight, standing at just 10 pounds before installation. You also get to enjoy a classic aesthetic with this cover as it blends in with the rest of the vanities.

The Cover Guy – Hydraulic Hot Tub Cover Lifter 

If your home spa doesn’t have much back clearance, but you still want to use a first-rate cover lifter for it, you should consider buying this Hydraulic Hot Tub Cover Lifter. Whether you have your hot tub right next to a wall or set in a gazebo or deck, you can use this cover lifter with it without a hassle. Its lid simply stays above the spa that means no multiple feet clearance is required.

This cover lifter also stands apart from other lifting accessories due to its comfort quotient. The manufacturer has combined gas springs, and hydraulic shock mount lifts to make sure you can easily operate the heavy cover of your hot tub with one hand and without pulling your muscles.

Hot tub cover lifters are used in settings with high levels of moisture and activity. The Cover Guy has taken this factor into account while designing this hot tub cover lifter. The manufacturer has used powder-coated aviation-grade aluminum tubing of large diameters. Therefore, the frame of this cover lifter is not just rust and corrosion-proof but can also withstand forceful impacts without undergoing twisting, torque, and warping.

For your 96×96-inch hot tub with a cut corners or radius of 16 inches, this Cover Guy Hydraulic Hot Tub Cover Lifter is a custom-fit accessory.

Leisure Concepts CoverMate 1 

This Leisure Concepts Hot Tub Cover Lifter has a traditional, time-tested design. You can use it for any cover that is divided into halves that fold onto each other. You need to install CoverMate 1 at one end of the hot tub. Make sure you have up to 15 inches of clearance behind the tub.

Once installed, anyone can lift heavy spa covers without needing any help. Just fold the front half of the cover over the lifter bar. Then, move the folded cover-up while putting the hand on the lifter bar and tuck it behind the spa.

Leisure Concepts has made sure that you can use this lifter for all spa brands and sizes. Instead of tiring yourself in the market while searching for a cover lifter for a larger spa, you can get your CoverMate 1 with the larger pivot arms and extended brackets.

This Leisure Concepts hot tub cover lifter is made of a combination of materials. The tubing is carved out from powder-coated corrosion-resistant aluminum. Meanwhile, the mounting brackets are made of rustproof composite material that includes both metal and high-grade polymer. Every CoverMate 1 comes with a stand where you can hang three towels while using the spa.

SpaEase 200, Hydraulic Hot Tub Coverlift

If you are using a rectangular spa of up to 96-inch length and a corner radius of up to 10 inches, you should consider buying this hot tub cover lift. The manufacturer has maintained first-rate quality compliance while creating this cover lifter. Therefore, it doesn’t just have an out-and-out aluminum frame. SpaEase has used the combination of steel and aluminum to make sure the lifter can work effortlessly and for a long time.

The other striking bit about the SpaEase 200 is its lifting mechanism. Instead of using regular pivots, the maker has used Reverse Pneumatic Technology (RPT) in the dual piston lifting bars of the lifter. This pneumatic lifting makes sure you don’t have to wrestle with the cover to lift it. When SpaEase 200 is installed with a tub cover, you just need to push it halfway, and from there, RPT comes into action.

The other beneficial feature of RPT is that it keeps the cover sealed by exerting a gentle downward push all the time. You can also use this lifter for spas under 80 inches by shortening the steel lifter arm of the lifter.

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Smart Spa Cover Lifter


  • The unique selling point of this cover lift is its ease of operation.
  • The product is built to be robust. This ensures its durability.
  • There is a five-year warranty from the manufacturer.


The screws that come with this cover lift are a bit short. Therefore, you will need to get longer screws separately to maintain the lifter in position.

Amazingly stylish, the Smart Spa cover lifter is a highly durable product and comes with a five-year warranty from the manufacturer. Additionally, the lifter is good for small spaces as it needs only 15-inches of clear space around the tub to operate.

In addition to the above, this cover lifter is study and corrosion-resistant. Moreover, its high-quality bracket design help to avoid falls and slips during operation.

SpaEase 150 Under Mount Hot Tub Cover Lift


  • Easy to install and requires no holes to be drilled in your bathtub
  • 8.75 x 8.75 feet, thus making it large enough for even the biggest spas
  • Cover stores on the side conveniently without it being a nuisance
  • Underplates are held firmly by the tub
  • Cost-effective


  • Not sturdy enough compared to the competition and in the same price range
  • Underplates need to be slid under the tub, which cannot be done if the tub is full.

Finished with zinc-plated steel and then showered with powdered aluminum, SpaEase has made this hot tub cover lifter outlast its competition in terms of durability. When folded, the cover tucks to the side nicely, leaving behind nothing you might have to wrestle with as you relax in the spa.

Measuring an astounding 8.75 feet by 8.75 feet, this cover can fit onto any hot tub or spa easily. However, while it doesn’t require you to drill holes in your bathtub (which is a big plus point), you do have to lit your hot tub up to install this – which might be problematic for people who keep it filled with water.

CoverMate Easy Spa and Hot Tub Cover Lift


  • Easy to use
  • Budget-friendly
  • UV resistant
  • Made from durable and rust-free large aluminum tubes
  • Towel hanging option


  • The brackets cannot be installed properly on rounded spas.
  • Designed for specific hot tubs with rear-mounted brackets

A pivot style and manual cover lifter, this hot tub cover lifter by CoverMate are affordable comes with a unique feature; tower hangers. The aluminum frame keeps the cover sturdy, ensuring that there is no twist or torque in the whole cover. Lift it from one end, and the other will follow.

However, it is important to keep in mind that this cover lift is not meant to fit all hot tubs. Instead, it is designed specifically for square or rectangular tubs with corners and not rounded spas. Additionally, read-mounted brackets are essential for them to be mounted on your hot tub.

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Cover Valet NP509 Spa Cover Lift and Caddy

If you are looking for convenience and versatility in a single cover lifter, consider buying this piece by Cover Valet. It is a cover lift and caddy that lets you remove and put back your spa covers without making any physical effort. For starters, this hot tub cover lift uses gas springs instead of the conventional locking bolt levers for lifting the caddy. This means you just need a gentle push to lift the cover rather than exerting force proportional to the weight of the caddy.

The other impressive bit about this spa cover lifter is its revised base plate construction. This time, the manufacturer has used an under-mount base plate to make sure that you can install the cover within half an hour and without needing a helping hand. This under-mount construction makes this Cover Valet product the king among its peers.

When the majority of spa cover lifters can be used only on a single type of hot tub shape and design, this caddy cover lifter is a one-size-fits-all item. Whether your spa has a large radius or cut corners or has an octagonal or any other geometric design, you can use this spa cover lifter with it. It has a customized construction for a host of hot tub shapes and sizes.

The lifter has a flexible configuration. When lifted, you can keep it up between 30 and 40 inches. This adjusting height depends on the vertical profile of the spa. To use this caddy cover with convenience, you will need a 36-inch clearance behind the tub. The powder-coated aluminum construction and manufacturer’s 5-year warranty put a seal on the durability of Cover Valet NP509 Spa Cover Lift and Caddy.

BeyondNice Cover


  • Durable and robust cover
  • A 6-inch wide skirt provides additional protection against harsh weather and UV rays along the rims of the cover
  • 5-year warranty by the manufacture
  • Extremely light and customized cover lift


  • Waterlogging problems in the side flaps are witnessed often.
  • Delivery takes longer than expected since it is a customized cover lift.

The BeyondNice cover comes with a customization ability that allows you to tailor the spa cover according to your specific needs. Moreover, the manufacturer proves the durability of this cover lift by offering a 5-year warranty on it. Additionally, the heat within is kept at bay by a big steam stopper that comes with the cover lift.

Spa Cover Lifter Buying Guide

Take the following features into account while searching for the best spa cover lifter for your hot tub.


If you have noticed in the above reviews, the majority of cover lifters are designed for particular spa shapes. Some go with round tubs, while others are made for linear and rectangular spas. There are very few (like the Cover Valet item on our list) that are versatile enough to go with all spa shapes.


Most of the cover lifters are designed for spas that have a length between 50 and 100 inches. Many cover lifters give you the flexibility of using them with spas with a size difference of up to +/- 10 inches. However, the great practice is to pick the cover lifter made for the exact size of your spa.


Spa cover lifters usually come with side mounts. However, you can now found models with under and bottom mount attachments as well. For above-ground hot tubs, experts recommend sticking with the traditional side mount attachments. They are easy to install and offer long-lasting use.

Lifting Mechanism

From regular pivot levers to gas springs and modern pneumatic systems, you can find all sorts of lifting mechanisms in spa cover lifter these days. If you want convenience and don’t want to use both of your hands to lift and put the spa cover, use lifters that feature gas springs and pneumatic levers.

Clearance Space

Clearance space is one pain point that users come across while installing a spa cover lifter. Always make sure the clearance requirement of a cover lifter matches with the space available behind one of the walls of your hot tub. If you don’t have much clearance space available, go with something like the Cover Guy Hydraulic Cover Lifter we have reviewed here.

Spa Cover Lifters FAQs

Q-Is cover lifter a necessary spa accessory?

A- A lifter lets you move the heavy hot tub covers up and down with minimal effort. Also, when you use a lifter, you keep the cover beside the spa instead of putting it on the ground. So, yes, a lifter is a necessary spa accessory that offers convenience as well as protection for the tub and its cover.

Q- Can one get a cover and lifter in combination?

A- Yes, some manufactures offer the assembly of a cover and lifter as one product.


We hope that the above discussion will help you in picking the right cover lifter that will make your use of home spa more wholesome.

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