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Top 5 Best Hot Tub Ozonators 2020 – Reviews & Guide

If you happen to be lucky enough to own a hot tub, you would want to make sure your investment gives you a safer and more enjoyable experience where you can unwind and relax. The best way to ensure your safety while you bask in the glory of your hydrotherapeutic hot tub is through using the cleanest water possible.

Using exceptionally clean water requires using the best hot tub ozonator, you can get your hands on. Hot tubs are often problematic because the heat can build up the presence of harmful bacteria in the water. Using too many chemicals in the water to keep the bacteria away takes away from the beneficial experience of using the hot tub.

A hot tub ozonator helps you keep your hot tub clean by purifying the water. It is an ozone generator that breaks down any harmful contaminants in the water without affecting the water quality for your use.

It is essential to invest in the best hot tub ozonator so you can get the most value for your money while enjoying a safer and healthier hot tub experience. We have created this article to help you get the best product in the market right now.

We have a list of reviews for the top products in the category to narrow down your options. Additionally, we have included a buying guide that will help you select the ideal product from our top picks so you can get the best hot tub experience.

At a Glance: Our Top Picks for the Best Hot Tub Ozonators in 2020:

The Best Hot Tub Ozonators in 2020

Now that you have a list of our top picks for the best hot tub ozonators, we are going to take a closer look at each product. The reviews below will give you a better idea about the qualities each product can offer you so you can make the best purchase decision.

Hot Tub and Spa Eclipse Ozone Generator by DEL Ozone

Top 5 Best Hot Tub Ozonators 2020 - Reviews & Guide 2Top 5 Best Hot Tub Ozonators 2020 - Reviews & Guide 3

The Hot Tub and Spa Eclipse Ozone Generator by DEL Ozone is an ideal product to start the list of the best hot tub ozonators in 2020. It is among the most effective ozonators in the market created by a renowned brand for appliances like this. This ozonator boosts the chlorine and bromine in your hot tub and helps them remove all the microorganisms from your hot tub effectively and safely.

The highly reactive ozone gas it injects into your hot tub also works to remove any foul odors from the water. The installation of the hot tub ozonator is straightforward. The product comes with a detailed guide that can help you install the ozonator for your hot tub without the need to hire a technician to come in and do it for you.

The product offers you excellent value for money with its capacity to effectively keep hot tubs up to 750 gallons clean and clear for everyday use.


  • The product has an automatic voltage sensor
  • It comes with a one-year warranty
  • The ozonator helps kill 99.99% of the germs in the hot tub
  • It comes with a comprehensive instruction manual
  • Installing the product is relatively straightforward


  • Some customers have complained about the effectiveness of the product

PZ1 Ozone System by Prozone Water Products

Top 5 Best Hot Tub Ozonators 2020 - Reviews & Guide 4Top 5 Best Hot Tub Ozonators 2020 - Reviews & Guide 5

If you happen to own a more substantial hot tub and you feel that the ozonator will have a lot of work to do, you need something that can handle a significant volume of water. The PZ1 Ozone System made by Prozone Water Products has a design specially made for larger hot tubs to manage to keep the water clean and tidy for use.

The manufacturer uses innovative technology to make sure that the product can effectively manage the water quality in hot tubs. The size and construction materials used to make this product reduce the need for maintenance so you can enjoy cleaner water in your hot tub without worrying about hygiene.


  • It comes with a two-year warranty
  • The shipping of the ozonator is quick
  • The product comes with a complete installation kit
  • It has a patented ozone discharge delivery system


  • It has a higher price tag than its closest competitors.

Del Ozone APG-U-01 Ozonator by QCA Spas

Top 5 Best Hot Tub Ozonators 2020 - Reviews & Guide 6Top 5 Best Hot Tub Ozonators 2020 - Reviews & Guide 7

The Del Ozone by QCA Spas is one of the sturdiest products we reviewed for the list of the best hot tub ozonators. It ensures excellent ozone cleaning to eliminate almost all of the microorganisms in your hot tub to provide you a safer hot tub experience. You will need to use a significantly lower amount of chlorine to keep the water clean by using this appliance.

The ozonator has a plastic body that makes it completely resistant to the effects of moisture. The plastic body creates a protective seal around its internal metal parts to make sure they do not begin to rust. It is a product effective for a long-term solution to keep your hot tub clean. It does not feature an automatic voltage sensor, but it is an otherwise effective ozone generator for your hot tub.


  • The ozone generator comes with the complete installation kit
  • It kills microbes in hot tub water effectively
  • The ozonator has a robust plastic construction


  • The ozonator does not feature automatic voltage sensor technology

Hot Tub and Spa Ozonator by DEL Ozone

Top 5 Best Hot Tub Ozonators 2020 - Reviews & Guide 8Top 5 Best Hot Tub Ozonators 2020 - Reviews & Guide 9

Hot tub owners looking for the best hot tub ozonator that can handle substantial volumes of water, the Hot Tub and Spa Ozonator by Del Ozone provides you premium-quality protection. The product has replaceable ozonating chips that can help you use the ozone generator for a longer time. It is an effective and durable product that does not cost too much to operate.

It is a high output system that produces a significant concentration of ozone. It effectively discharges the ozone into the water to help the chlorine and bromine remain free and kill off all the microbes. The product comes with a detailed guide that helps you understand how to install it and what the ideal water chemistry should be to enjoy a safer hot tub experience.


  • Ideal for hot tubs as substantial as 1,000 gallons
  • It has a replaceable ozonating chip, so the product lasts much longer
  • The product can be installed on the interior wall
  • Installing the ozone generator is simple and easy with the installation kit provided


  • It has a higher price tag

Aquatic 2 Spa Ozone Generator by A2Z Ozone

Top 5 Best Hot Tub Ozonators 2020 - Reviews & Guide 10Top 5 Best Hot Tub Ozonators 2020 - Reviews & Guide 11

If you are in search of a hot tub ozonator that is compact, effective, and more affordable than typical products in the category, the Aquatic 2 Spa Ozonator could offer you a fantastic option. It is one of the smallest products we have reviewed in this article, but it is quite useful to keep your hot tub water clean.

The product is ideal for use in small to medium-sized hot tubs with a powerful ozone generator that keeps your spa water sanitized. It is not one of the most durable products among its peers, so you should not expect it to last exceptionally long. The product makes up for its issues with construction quality by offering you a significantly lower price tag.


  • It has a small and compact design
  • Installing the ozonator is simple and straightforward
  • It is an extremely energy-efficient product
  • It comes with a complete installation kit
  • The product offers high ozone concentration and discharge


  • Some customers faced issues with reliability in the product
  • It is suitable for small hot tubs with up to 500 gallons of capacity

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Buying Guide for the Best Hot Tub Ozonators

With the reviews to give you information about how the particular ozonators in our top picks operate, let’s take a deeper look into the product, so you know how to make the ideal purchase decision. In this section, you will get a buyers’ guide that can help you determine which ozonator might work out ideally for use in the hot tub in your home.

What is a Hot Tub Ozonator?

A hot tub ozonator is a hot tub accessory you can use to purify the water and keep it clean while you use the hot tub. It is essentially a device that produces and injects ozone gas into the water in your hot tub. It splits the oxygen molecules (O2) and combines them to make ozone gas (O3). The ozone from your ozone generator is pumped into the water through tubes or pipes.

You are already familiar with oxygen. It is a gas abundantly present in the atmosphere which our bodies need to survive and thrive. Ozone has a different chemical structure. The slight difference in their structure enables ozone to kill bacteria and other contaminants in the water effectively.

Ozone does not just destroy microorganisms floating in your pool. The ozone gas interacts with any harmful chemicals in the water to break them down. Ozone also attaches to total dissolved solids to make them clump together so that the hot tub’s filtration system can easily remove them from the water.

If you start using an ozonator in your hot tub, you will not need to shock your hot tub as often as before. The ozone is reactive, so it breaks up bromine and chlorine molecules that have bonded to contaminants. Since the cleaning chemicals in your water will be freed up, you will not need to add them to the hot tub as often as before.

How Ozonators Work

Ozone generators work by splitting the existing oxygen molecules in the water into free oxygen atoms to form ozone. Ozone generators work through either intense ultraviolet light or through a discharge of electrical energy in the form of a plasma. When either of the two processes come into contact with oxygen molecules, the freed oxygen collides with oxygen molecules to create the ozone gas.

Both UV and electrical discharge ozonators have the same primary function, but they have a different approach to getting freed oxygen atoms.

UV ozonators are not as powerful as their electric discharge counterparts. They also have a shorter functional life and can be costlier to use. The bulbs almost always succumb to solarization over time and need to be replaced once every two to three years so they can continue creating ozone efficiently.

Discharge ozonators use newer technology. They form a sheet of plasma discharges in a halo or crown-like shape that interacts with oxygen molecules to split them into free oxygen atoms. These ozonators have more substantial energy efficiency, they are more effective in splitting up oxygen molecules into atoms, and they cost lower than UV units.

Discharge ozonators are also capable of handling larger volumes of water despite a smaller size. They do not require replaceable parts like cartridges, chips, or bulbs. Discharge ozonators are also more compact compared to their UV counterparts. A single plate of their ionizers can last for as long as ten years.

When Should You Use Your Ozonator?

To make the most of the performance of your ozonator, the number of people who use the hot tub, and the volume of your hot tub, the best hot tub ozonators should run for at least 3-24 hours a day to effectively keep your hot tub water clean for use.

Ideally, you can leave it on all the time. If you use your hot tub regularly, running the hot tub ozonator all the time can ensure safer water whenever you need to use the hot tub.

Factors to Consider While Looking for the Best Hot Tub Ozonator

Reading the reviews might have shown you that ozonators perform the same task, but their approach and capabilities can vary drastically. Here are the most crucial factors you should consider when you are looking for the best ozonator for your hot tub so you can purchase the product most effective to cater to your needs.

Size of the Hot Tub

Ozone generators are available in the market to cater to various hot tub sizes. Each product may have recommendations from the manufacturer about its capacity to operate in a certain volume of water effectively.

If you have a smaller hot tub with up to 500 gallons of water, you can settle for a more affordable option. The more significant the hot tub’s volume is, the higher the price tag for the suitable hot tub ozonator will be. Make sure you never skimp on the price of an ozonator if you have a hot tub with significant volume, so you do not end up wasting money on a smaller and ineffective unit.


Investing in the best hot tub ozonator is no small deal. You are not just buying any accessories. You pay for something that helps keep your spa safe for use. With any substantial investment, especially an appliance, you need the added peace of mind that a warranty brings.

A product that comes with a substantial manufacturer’s warranty means that the brand can stand behind its product. In case anything goes wrong due to the manufacturer’s fault, you can count on them to replace the product for you if it comes under warranty.

Type of Ozonator

The type of ozonator makes a significant difference when it comes to making a choice. UV ozonators are not as effective as discharge ozonators, and they have a bulkier size. Ideally, discharge ozonators are a better option due to their features and compact size along with energy efficiency.


The durability of a product matters a lot. An ozonator made using more robust materials will give you a longer-lasting performance. If you are looking for a solution that keeps your hot tub sanitized for a significant period, you need to look for more robust products. They might have a higher price tag, but they can offer you excellent value for your money in the long run.


The best deal you can get for a hot tub ozonator is one that is not merely effective at its job but simpler to install. Look for products that come with comprehensive installation instructions in the user manual. It also helps if the product comes with the entire installation kit, so you do not need to go out and purchase installation components separately.

Final Thoughts

When you are buying the best hot tub ozonator, you are making a sizable investment in something that helps you enjoy a better quality of life. You do not want to go through the process of getting an ozonator and having a technician come in to install the equipment only to find out that the product does not suit your needs.

Use our guide to get an overview of the top products in the market and the buying guide to get the information you need to make the best choice. Install the best hot tub ozonator in your hot tub and enjoy a luxurious and safe hot tub hydrotherapy experience at home.

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