A nuisance many people never want to experience is a noisy bed. It can interfere with your sleep and there is also the risk that it may give away when you are in slumber. That is something unimaginable.

Good news! You can fix this problem and have a stable bed. Let us look at some solutions to a squeaky bed.

1. Level Up the Bed

Imbalance is a probable reason behind the bed noises. Here, the problem may either be a poorly leveled floor or legs. The former is the most common. When the legs do not touch the floor at the correct angle, it may stress the joints.

The bed may also lean to one side, which is quite uncomfortable when taking a nap. You may put wood blocks under the shorter legs for equilibrium. Folded cardboard can do a good job in place of woods.

A long-term solution is having a carpenter fix the legs so that each is of the correct length. If the floor is the problem, consider moving the bed to a well-leveled area. Additionally, check under the beds to be sure that there are no items like towels or carpet causing the slanting.

2. Check and Fix the Joints

Bed joints wear out fast, mostly due to friction. When you notice the squeaking, this is the first place to check. If it appears loose, there is a high chance that it is the affected part.

There are several ways to fix it, depending on the type of bed. For wooden beds, you have to tighten the bolts. A spanner or a pair of pliers is the tool you need to fix this problem.

Other times, the bolts and nuts may be the culprit. If they lack threads, you should get new ones. Add a washer to provide a firm grip.

3. Check on the Springs

Springs are crucial to your bed, as they provide some cushioning. Spring beds are very comfortable, though they may be noisy at times. It is an indication of excessive wearing, as they support a lot of weight.

Oiling will sort out the issue. Spray some WD40 on the connecting areas, and you will notice the sounds depreciating. Vegetable oil will likewise do a good job. The use of oil is advisable for metal frames, especially on the joints.

4. Apply a Buffer

The offending sounds may come from the beds’ parts hitting each other. Sometimes, it is the bed hitting the wall. A buffer will deal with this nuisance. In this case, use your old clothes, socks, or towels to absorb the squeaks.

Look for the origin of the noises and put these materials. The footboard and frame is a prone area. You can roll some old t-shirts or towels and fix them in this region.

5. Use Wax

Wax is another savior that will come to your aid. You have to trace the origin of the whines, especially when someone is atop the bed. Proceed to apply some candle wax on the contact points. Put more layers of wax for effectiveness.

6. Cork the Blanks

If you have a bed that does not use bolts or screws on its joints, you can rely on corks. The noises will most likely be as a result of the joints splitting. Shape the cork and fix it to the gap with carpenter’s glue. Try filing the surface to make it smooth.

7. Use Duct Tape

Duct tape is a universal kit that comes in handy in several situations. You may use it to deal with stubborn beds, especially the metal-framed varieties. However, duct tape provides a temporary fix. Use it as you look for a more suitable choice.

8. Get a New Bed

There are times the bed is past its service life and needs replacement. Furthermore, you may be past this furniture’s piece weight support limit. If the bed appears small, upgrade to a large one, particularly if you are sharing it.

You should check on the state of various parts to see if fixing is a viable option. If worn out, with broken parts, repairs are temporal solutions. Get a sturdy bed with a decent weight support value.

Final Word

A squeaking bed can deny you a much-needed rest. The noise is an indication of a broken or aged furniture piece.

To beat this problem, we present you with various solutions, as highlighted above. Start by inspection to identify the sound’s origin. Usually, the joints are the culprits, and you may begin checking them.

After identifying the issue, use any of the provided methods to have the bed in order. A thing to note is that at times repairs will not bear desirable results. Getting a new one will do you justice.

If the solutions seem hard, do not hesitate to seek help from a qualified hand.

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