Have you ever had the misfortune of trying to remove a stripped screw? It can be frustrating and time-consuming.

In this article, we cover seven different ways to remove the stripped screw, how they work, as well as how to prevent it from happening in the future.

We will present seven ways to remove stripped screws, as well as how each of these methods may impact your project’s timeline and budget..

1. Use Rubber Bands

Rubber bands are one of the quickest, easiest ways to remove a stripped screw. They do not require any tools and can be done with just your hands.

You will need two rubber bands for this method.

For best results when using rubber bands, place them at right angles on either side of the head of the screwdriver to catch.

2. Drill a New Slot

This method is also known as the “EZ-Out” drill bit. It requires an electric or hand-powered drill to complete down on your project.

The process begins with drilling through one side of the screw head, then proceeding to drill out from that hole until you have created a new slot in which to insert a flat screwdriver.

This can be done using any type of rotary drilling tool, or other rotating cutting devices.

3. Pull the stripped screw with a pair of locking pliers

This method is very simple but does require a pair of locking pliers.

The process begins by placing your pliers over the head or top of the screw and exerting pressure to grip it.

If you have locking pliers capable of firmly gripping the screw, carefully twist one direction until it loosens and pops out.

4. Try a Flathead Screwdriver

This is a straightforward and easy fix.

Carefully insert a flathead screwdriver with its tip into the stripped hole at an angle to catch the head of the screw, then twist it back and forth until it loosens enough for you to pull it out.

5. Enhance Your Screwdriver’s Grip with a Hammer

If you have a screwdriver with an unremarkable grip, give it some extra power by using the blunt end of a hammer to tap on the backside.

This will create grooves in which your blade can get more traction and provide enough force for pulling out tough screws.

6. Cut-In the stripped screw with an Oscillating Tool

This is a common way to remove stripped screws.

Cut a deeper on the screw head with an oscillating tool, then use your flathead screwdriver and twist until it loosens up enough for extraction.

7. Weld a nut to the Screw’s Head

This is a great way to remove stripped screws, especially if they are in hard-to-reach or awkward places.

Weld a nut to the screw’s head with your welding equipment.

Then use a socket wrench to turn the nut until it loosens up enough for you to pull out the original screw.


The seven techniques in this article are quick and simple, which makes them perfect for those DIY moments where you break a screwdriver.

Just remember not all of these methods will work on every stubborn stripped screw, so be sure to keep trying different ones until you find one that does.

Now go get those pesky screws out of your life once and for all!

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