19 Perfect lemon gift ideas

Nobody likes to get a lemon. When we hear that word, we think sour or broken. In fact, the law about selling someone a piece of junk car is called the lemon law.

Do you know when lemons are socially acceptable? They make awesome gifts!

When used correctly, the color, shape, and even the flavor of lemons can enhance the experience of receiving a gift. Below are some ideas you may find…appealing.

Lemon gifts

Classy Audrey Hepburn Style Vintage Rockabilly Swing Lemon Themed Dress

This dress is looking fresh! Coming straight from the 50s, this dress screams stylish. As Audrey Hepburn once said, “nothing is impossible, the word itself says im possible” and she was right. Buying the perfect gift for that lemon-lover in your life is now available at the click of your hand. Why don’t you get them this and see if it they love it or if it ends up being…a lemon.

Fun Lemon Themed Night Light

What better way to light up the life of a sourpuss than to give them a lemon light? Great for any summer party, this light will provide just the ambiance you want to bring. It can also double as a nightlight for any of those friends who are afraid of the dark. Light up their party and their life with this simple yet tasteful gift.

Cute Wireless Mouse with the Motif of Lemon

Click yes to this! What better gift than a mouse decorated with poppin’ yellow lemons. Surely you don’t have to squeeze your wallet too hard to purchase this nifty little treat. There is nothing bitter about the gift of technology, especially when it comes to such a dazzling design.

New Cute Fruits, Lemon Cross body Bag Clutch Purse

Make sure the loved one in your life stays classy by gifting them the gift of fashion. Yellow is the color of happiness, and happy they will be with this beautiful yellow lemon-wedge purse. Any collector of lemon items knows that the best way to show someone you love something is to wear it. Slice up their life with this handbag, and they’ll never have a sour face again.

The Lemon Cookbook

Do you know someone who likes to cook? This cookbook is perfect for the citrus lover in your life. With fifty recipes to prepare, this gift gives the gift of flavor to all of those around the receiver. Who knew there was so much to be done with a lemon? Nothing like a little flava-flav to shake up a kitchen.

iPhone Lemon Case

Nothing makes a person sourer than a cracked cell-phone screen…especially when the cell phone is an apple. The lemons on this clear plastic case will make any background pop and will surely draw attention. With leaves in all the right places, this case says, “I’m classy, sassy, and a little bit smart-assy” but it says it with style. Leave them with a pucker on their face with this gift.

Flofallzique Lemon Little Girls Dress


Like mother, like daughter, or so the saying goes. This dress, available up to “8 Years” size, is a perfect match to the Audrey Hepburn style dress. Like two peas in a pod, or two lemons in a grove, this dress is the bee’s knees, especially with all the flowers on it. Even as a standalone dress, the color, and pattern will blow you away.

Kids Lemon Costume

If it’s not like mother, like daughter, what about like mother like son? Well, now, even he can join in the fun with this cute, squeezable costume. Fitted perfectly for a young boy or girl, this costume can be a match with mom or an incredible lemonade stand gimmick. Either way, the receiver of this gift would feel so sweet to receive such a thing.

Novelty Lemon Fairy String Lights

The perfect party for a summer baby is without a doubt a luau, and what goes better with a luau but these breathtaking lemon stringed lights. They say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade, so when life gives you lemon lights for a luau, make margaritas. Each slice of light provides an ambiance of summer love. Anyone who receives these lights is blessed.

Lemon Earrings

The best compliment to a gorgeous dress is even more stunning earrings. Give the loved one in your life these beautiful earrings. Not only will they go with any lemon dress, but any plain colored dress as well. The bitterness of citrus, when matched with the sweetness of gift-giving, makes the perfect flavor for friendship lemonade.

Men’s Lemon Short Sleeve Casual Aloha Hawaiian Shirt

When you go to a luau, there is no other required attire than a Hawaiian shirt. What makes it even better is the lemon décor that will match the party and make you the life of the party. Available in any size, there is no limit on who you can give this gift to, as long as they won’t be sour about getting clothes for a special occasion.

Manhattan Toy Wee Baby Stella Doll Fruit Suit – Lemon

This little cutie will take the cake to any gift receiver. Fluffed with stuffing, this doll dressed as lemon is surely not going to put a sour look on the receiver’s face. Maybe the receiver could use it for a lemonade stand decoration.

Compression Socks with Lemon Motif For Women & Men

Who has time to match socks these days? With mismatched socks being all the rage in the fashion industry, consider these socks the bee’s knees. What attracts bees, you ask? The sweet aroma of flowers and fresh fruit. These lemon compression socks are not only a great fashion gift for the citrus lover in your life, but a healthy gift as well.

Squishable / Comfort Food Lemon Plush

If you can’t squeeze a lemon when you are angry, here is the next best thing. This lemon plush is the cutest little lemon you will ever lay eyes on. Your loved one will fall in love with this squishable lemon when they get it as a gift. Complete with a fuzzy face, it will smile at you as you relieve your frustrations.

DIY Lemon Gifts

Lemon Essential Oil Candles

Sometimes handcrafted lemon presents are so much more meaningful. So if you want to make a present yourself then Lemon Essential Oil Candle is a good choice.

Lemon Soap

Another great gift for all those who love handmade lemon themes gifts. Give this very fragrant soap you dear person. They will be pleasantly surprised with a full inhale of the most delicious lemon scent.

Lemon T-shirt

Easy no-sew Lemon T-shirt. Customizing your shirt is a fun and creative process, especially when you know that you will give this shirt to a special person who loves lemons.

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