Are you planning on applying to business school? Then you are probably wondering how to get ready for the GMAT test, which is an essential part of any business school and MBA program application.

If you are contemplating investing in one of the Manhattan Prep GMAT test prep courses, you may want to know how good these courses are, and whether they will help you get the target GMAT score for your business school.

Here is an overview of all the GMAT test prep services, courses, and tools that Manhattan Prep offers to its students.

Manhattan Prep GMAT offers a wide range of GMAT prep courses and plans for students who prefer different study styles. These include self-paced, instructor-guided, private tutoring, boot camps, online or in-person GMAT plans, and study books. You can also choose to prepare for quant only or verbal only for the GMAT.

Overall, Manhattan Prep offers one of the widest varieties of GMAT prep course options, so every single student can find a course they like provided by the famous test preparation company.

Here is a detailed review of what the main features, the pros, and the cons are for each package and plan for GMAT preparation offered by Manhattan Prep, which may help you decide whether or not they are suitable for your needs, expectations, and your budget.

About the Manhattan Prep company

The company was founded by Zeke Vanderhoek, a Yale graduate and a Teach for America alumnus. He had an idea to create a prep program that includes all of the best educators possible in order to help students prepare for their exams better.

The company hires only instructors who have a score in the 99th percentile at their standardized tests and advertises itself as the company with the highest quality instructors in the industry.

Today, the company has helped more than 1.2 million students get better scores on their tests and has sold over a million test preparation books in 192 countries worldwide.

What are the main pros and cons of the Manhattan Prep GMAT courses?

Read on to find out what the major advantages and the main disadvantages of the Manhattan Prep courses for GMAT are, and which features you should keep in mind before signing up for one of the plans.


One of the companies offering the widest variety of GMAT prep courses, tools, and materials

Manhattan Prep GMAT Review offers self-paced, live instructor GMAT courses, private tutoring, and different GMAT prep books and tools. This means that there is a Manhattan Prep GMAT course for any need and preference.

The self-paced GMAT prep courses include:

GMAT Interact

GMAT Interact is a GMAT course that provides access to the award-winning Interact online test prep platform, more than 35 interactive video lessons, and all online resources and books. The Interact full course also includes 6 full-length practice exams, 5 strategy guides, 3 one-on-one sessions with a mentor, 5 strategy guides, a mobile app, online tools, and more and costs $999. There is also a GMAT Interact+coaching plan, which costs $1,399 also includes personalized coaching.

There are GMAT Interact Quant Only courses and Interact Verbal only courses, costing $549 each and offering 16-21 interactive lessons on math or verbal, 6 practice tests, two strategy guides, online tools, and books. You can try the Interact software now to get a feeling of what the lessons will be like and for an objective Manhattan Prep review.

GMAT Self-Study Toolkit

This toolkit is perfect for students who want in-depth GMAT prep at their own pace and terms. The plan costs $359 and includes the latest Manhattan GMAT prep books, including a GMAT quant strategy guide, a verbal strategy guide, integrated reasoning and essay, The GMAT Official Guide 2021, foundations of math, foundations of verbal, and a test stimulation book.

Students will also get 6 months of access to 5 Interact lessons, an online study plan, 6 full-length practice tests, 12 question banks, GMAT Navigator progress tracking, and more.

All the GMAT Book Package

You can purchase a bundle of all the latest GMAT Prep Manhattan strategy guides for all sections and access to 6 online full-length practice tests for a price of under $160.

The instructor-led Manhattan Prep courses include:

GMAT Boot Camps (online or in-person)

This highly interactive online or in-person instructor-led Manhattan GMAT review course is suitable for people who have limited time to get ready for the standardized test. Each course includes 35 hours of live instruction, 3 hours of online coaching, 12 hours of one-on-one tutoring, 3 GMAT strategy books, 6-hours of Math Workshops, 6 practice tests, the official guide for GMAT, and access to all online tools and resources and more. The Boot camp comes in regular and plus options, and prices start from $2,699 up to $5,199.

Live GMAT course (online or in-person)

This live instructor course is suitable for people who have 2 months or more of GMAT studying. The in-person or online course is held on weekends or weekdays, in the morning, evening, or afternoon hours, and has limited numbers of seats so that the instructor can interact with every single student during the online or in-person course.

The course is held once or more times a week and includes 27 hours of live instruction, 3 strategy guides, 6 online practice tests, a study schedule, full access to the GMAT Interact platform, to the Navigator software with the answers to all the questions from the test and other resources, as well as the mobile app and recordings of the live instructions for test practice. The cost of the course starts at $1,599.

GMAT Advanced Course

This prep course is designed for students aiming at a 700+ score on the GMAT. It includes 15 hours of live instructions in 5 sessions of 3 hours each and covers the most challenging parts and questions of the test. You will receive the complete set of the GMAT strategies by Manhattan Prep, access the online interactive video lessons, and the mobile app, as well as 6 practice exams.

This course requires that the attendees have a previous GMAT score, or a score from a Manhattan Prep practice test of at least 650 (quant=42 and verbal=35) in order to enroll for the advanced class. It costs $1,399

Private tutoring packages

Manhattan GMAT Prep also offers various hour-based flexible tutoring packages at an hourly rate of $255, and a lower hourly rate if you book a 10, 20, or 30-hour package.

Also included in the package is the GMAT strategy guide set, the GMAT official guide, the foundations of math and verbal and other books, and supplemental guides.

If you buy one of these packages, you will also get access to the Interact platform, 35 interactive lessons, 6 full-length computer adaptive practice tests, and many more.

All instructors are very carefully selected from the top 99th percentiles

The most important focus of Manhattan Prep is on finding and hiring the highest-quality instructors. This is why the company is one of the most selective when it comes to hiring experts in test preparation among all companies in the industry.

This is good news for all people planning on enrolling in any of the GMAT courses. Even if you are taking a self-paced course, there are still interactive on-demand lessons, and books and materials developed and written by these experts.

The GMAT Interact award-winning platform

Manhattan Prep prides itself on one of the most interactive on-demand prep platforms. The Interact platform will allow you to pick responses to the practice questions asked by the instructor and will adapt to your answers.

It is an excellent alternative to a live instructor class and to private tutoring because you can customize your online lesson to the subjects and questions you need help with rather than go through material that you have already mastered. And yet it is pre-recorded, so you won’t need to stick to a specific schedule and can access the lessons whenever you want to instead.

The interactive courses are also fun and incorporate some humor and easy to understand language in order to make the test preparation process less stressful and easier to glide through by the students.

They are also structured in a way that will ensure that you stay focused and are thinking actively while listening and trying to figure out how the content can be best used to answer a specific question.

You get a free trial

You can try out Manhattan Prep’s Interact online platform, as well as get a Free GMAT Starter Kit, which includes a full-length practice test, a CAT exam review video series, the GMAT mobile app, and study plans.

Manhattan Prep also offers interested people to try out 1 class for free and try out 5 Interact lessons on-demand for free.

This is important so that students can get the real feel of the courses before deciding whether to enroll or not.

Manhattan Prep, in partnership with one of the best business school admissions consultancy companies, mbaMission, also offers a free 30-minute consultation for admission to business school as well as numerous free online application and admission workshop events for students.

The Manhattan Prep GMAT mobile app

The company offers a unique GMAT prep mobile app that will allow you to practice by answering over 1,100 practice questions and get detailed explanations for the right answers on the go on your mobile phone or tablet. The app also includes more than 15 practice quizzes, 800 drills, and immediate feedback for your results and progress. It also provides access to hundreds of GMAT-related concepts and formulas.

This is one of the most useful and comprehensive GMAT preparation apps we have tested and is available for iOS and for Android phones and devices.

The Manhattan Prep Complete GMAT Strategy Guide Set

This All the GMAT prep bundle is one of the most comprehensive GMAT studying sets on the market. You can purchase the set on Amazon for less than $160.

Manhattan Prep’s set includes three paperback books and two e-books, as well as 6 computer-adaptive online practice tests.

Manhattan Prep’s e-books cover the more difficult quant and verbal GMAT content for more advanced and in-depth preparation for the exam.

The books include all of the content and the strategies which will help you score higher on the GMAT. They are GMAT All the Quant Guide, GMAT All the Verbal Guide, and GMAT Integrated Reasoning and Essay Guide.

Along with the books and tests, buyers will receive full access to the Navigator program, which includes all of the solutions to the questions in the GMAT Official Guide written by the developers of the actual test.

You will also receive practice questions and lessons developed by the top instructors from Manhattan Prep.

This is one of the best self-study GMAT tools which you can buy, according to the Manhattan Prep reviews on Amazon and on leading grad school websites.


The prices are higher than those of other GMAT prep courses

The prices of the Manhattan Prep GMAT classes are on the higher-end when compared to those of other prep courses and companies.

The self-guided Interact full course costs $999, and the option with added coaching sessions cost $1,399.

The live instruction prep courses start from $1,399 and reach up to $5,199 for some of the boot camp plans.

There is no higher score guarantee

Most of the other test preparation companies offer a higher point guarantee for their students. This means that if students do not achieve a higher score at the GMAT from their previous or basic score and have completed the course, they will receive their money back or, in some cases, get an option to retake the course free of charge.

Manhattan Prep’s courses do not come with a higher score guarantee for either of the courses.

Given the expensive courses offered by Manhattan Prep, this fact may be a serious setback for some people, as no guarantees are given for the money they will be spending for the courses they have signed up for.

The in-person classes and boot camps are limited to some larger cities

If you are interested in taking an in-person GMAT Manhattan Prep course, your choice of locations offered by the company is rather limited.

Currently, given the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, there are presently no in-person classes offered by the company, and all live instructor classes are online.

Final words

Manhattan Prep is among the best companies to choose if you want to sign up for a comprehensive GMAT practice course of any kind – self-paced, instructor-led, or one-on-one tutoring, according to the majority of the Manhattan Prep GMAT reviews.

The company employs only the highest performing test-takers and expert instructors and offers a wide array of study and practice materials and tools, including some of the best GMAT textbooks and strategy books, a Navigator software with all answers to the official GMAT questions, an interactive Interact platform for on-demand video lessons, a mobile app with thousands of practice questions, drills and quizzes and more.

The pricing of the Manhattan Prep GMAT courses is higher than what some other companies charge for GMAT test preparation. Still, according to almost every Manhattan GMAT Prep review, if you want to get the best instructors, and access to thousands of practice questions, many timed adaptive practice tests, and more, then these courses may be the best option for you.

True, they are among the few GMAT practice courses which don’t come with a money-back guarantee if you don’t improve your score at the GMAT, but the structures and the instructors of the courses will keep you motivated enough to score as best as possible when the test day comes.

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