Studying medicine in the USA is as popular as ever, with more than 40,000 students applying for the available 20,000 positions at the medical schools in the country every year.

In order to study and get a degree in Medicine in the US, you need to have completed a Bachelor’s degree first.

Getting into one of the top-ranked medical schools in the US is no doubt a great head start for all future doctors. The medical universities and schools in the country and consistently trying to improve their rankings, which are rated and ranked each year by various authorities based on the most important criteria including the prestige, the reckoning of deans, the research activity, the residency programs available, the admission selectivity and the funding available.

Medical School Rankings

Here are the top 20 medical schools and universities in the USA according to where you can expect to be taught by the best teachers and to watch the work of the leading medical doctors in the country and in the world, and where you will be given a solid education allowing you to become a leading surgeon, doctor, hospital administrator, nurse or another medical professional.

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

The top-ranked medical school for 2021 is the School of Medicine at John Hopkins University locates in Baltimore, Maryland.

The prospective students need to know that the application deadline for the school is on October 15th. Applying for the most prestigious and top-ranked medical school will cost you $100. The full-time tuition at the John Hopkins University School of Medicine for a full-time student is $53,400. The enrollment every year is for 476 full-time students.

The ratio of faculty to students at the University is 4.8 to 1. The overall number of full-time faculty at the Medical school is 2,300 people.

The students at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine are taught through a Genes to Society Curriculum, which includes academics along with actual clinical experience.

The classes break for intersessions and week-long special courses, teaching advanced skills and simulation every few months.

The students at the top-ranked medical school are divided into either of the four colleges, including Nathans, Taussig, Sabin, and Thomas, which are established in order to create close community feelings among all of the students during their four-year training program.

Each of the colleges has advisers who will guide each and every student through all of the medical school courses, and assist them in their research participation and in their choice of career.

The four colleges also host an annual College Bowl, different races, kickball days, and various competitions.

At Johns Hopkins Medical School you can earn a traditional M.D., in 4 years, a Ph.D. in four years, or both in 8 years.

The school also offers dual degree programs for Master of Public Health (M.D. /M.P.H.) and M.D. /M.B.A. together with other departments at the University.

The University receives generous research funding from the National Institute of Health and other organizations and runs top research centers including the Institute of Genetic Medicine and the Brain Science Institute. The Medical School also includes the top-ranked Johns Hopkins Hospital which has the sole eye trauma center and pediatric center in Maryland.

The medical student campus is located in Baltimore, and the students can live in the Lowell J.Reed Medical Residence Hall which is on campus, even though the housing is limited and not guaranteed.

There are over 40 student groups which coordinate various community service projects throughout Baltimore in which the students can participate.

The University was first opened back in 1876, and today it enrolls over 24,000 full and part-time students every year in its 9 academic divisions. There are more than 260 programs taught at the University. The Medical School at Johns Hopkins has been among the top-ranked medical schools in the US for many years now.

Harvard Medical School

According to some ranking systems, Harvard Medical School at Harvard University holds the top place when it comes to medical schools in the USA. Located in Boston, Massachusetts, Harvard University was the first higher education institution established in the USA back in 1636.

The Harvard medical school was founded in 1782 and since then has been continuously working providing innovative and leading medical education to its students.

The application fee for Harvard Medical School is $100, and the deadline for applying is October 22nd. The school enrolls 712 full-time students each year, and the full-time tuition is $61,600.

The ratio faculty-students at the university is 13.1:1 and the Harvard Medical School alone has 9,298 full-time faculty members.

The students at the school are divided into five academic societies which all offer team-based learning, advice and mentoring by the faculty or supervised by it.

In case you are interested in pursuing a career in biomedical research, you can apply to the Harvard-MIT Health Science and Technology Program.

Each new class in the Harvard Medical School is greeted at the annual White Coat Ceremony, after which most students begin the Pathways program at the school where all of the core scientific concepts and clinical skills are taught. In the second year, the principal clinical studies and experiences begin.

During the Pre-Clerkship medical courses, the students are not graded with traditional letter grades, but only as satisfactory or unsatisfactory.

The medical courses are at the Longwood Medical Area at the Medical campus in Boston, but the students can complete their clinical clerkships in all affiliated medical institutions in Boston.

The medical students also get an option for joint degrees like M.D. /MBA or M.D. /Ph.D., as well as cross-register at other prestigious schools in Harvard University, including the Business School and the Law School.

Even though the study schedule is pretty grueling at the Harvard Medical School, the institution offers a lot of fun events as well as different social groups, and also extracurricular organizations which are focused on identity, service and many others.

The medical and dental students at the school can choose to live in the residence hall on campus.

There are about 100,000 living Harvard Medical School alumni in the US and around the world, many of which are world-famous in their disciplines.

Stanford University School of Medicine

The third place is held by the Stanford University School of Medicine in Stanford, California. The school enrolls 382 M.D. candidates, 100 M.D. /Ph.D. candidates, 844 Ph.D. candidates, 205 M.S. candidates and 1,276 Postdoctoral scholars and 1,257 resident and clinical fellows.

The full-time tuition is $58,197. The deadline for applying is October 1st and applying costs a fee of $95.

The ratio between faculty and students at the University is 2.1:1, and the School of Medicine has a full-time faculty of 2,455 people.

Stanford University was established in 1891 in the heart of the Silicon Valley between San Francisco and San Jose.

The Medical School receives generous funding from the NIH for research which is the highest per researcher in the country.

The faculty includes 7 Nobel Prize winners as well as 37 members of the National Academy of Sciences.

The School has a variety of Basic Science Departments along with top-ranked Clinical Science Departments in all areas of medicine, a wide choice of Community Programs, as well as various Facility and service centers and Faculty labs, research centers and programs alongside the five Stanford Medical Institutes.

University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania Medical School is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It enrolls 587 full-time students, and the tuition is $57,884. The deadline for applying to this prestigious medical school is October 15th and the fee for applying is $90.

The Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania has a faculty of 2,625 members, and the overall ratio between faculty and students at the University is 4.5:1.

The University of Pennsylvania is where the first medical school and school hospital in the US was established.

Today, the School of Medicine at the University is affiliated with the Hospital at the University, as well as with the Pennsylvania Hospital and with the Penn Presbyterian Medical Center.

The students at this top-ranked school of medicine can study and earn an M.D., a Ph.D. or both, as well as an M.D. master’s or post-doctoral degree. The students can also double up their degrees at other highly ranked schools such as Wharton School or others.

The students can choose among six different modules for studying. They are divided into small groups in order to promote teamwork, effective leadership and other characteristics essential for physicians.

The school also provides various opportunities for hands-on experience for its medical students in different state-of-the-art simulation facilities, and also opportunities for its students to get involved in a number of communal services in Philadelphia such as free clinics, AIDS awareness programs, and many others.

The students can live on the Penn campus in the University City or find residence anywhere else in Philadelphia.

Duke University School of Medicine

The School of Medicine at Duke University is located in Durham, North Carolina, and is among the 5 top-ranked medical schools in the United States of America. The school enrolls 503 full-time students per year and the tuition is $59,100. If you want to apply you will need to pay an application fee of $85 and apply until the deadline which is on October 15th.

The School of Medicine at the university has a clinical and academic faculty of over 2,400 in 37 different departments, Institutes, and centers in the school which work together and comprise the largest biomedical enterprise in the country. The annual funding for research is nearly $740 million.

There are currently 2 Noble prize laureates among the faculty members of the Duke University School of Medicine.

The faculty-student ratio at Duke University is 3:1. The school has a strong focus on diversity and inclusion as essential parts of academic medicine.

The campus of the School of Medicine includes 98 buildings, including 28 research buildings, libraries, and others.

The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF)

UCSF is another top-ranked medical school that offers top quality medical education and millions of opportunities for the future careers of its students.  This public research university is part of the University of California system and is a major center for research and teaching medicine and biology.

It was first founded in 1864 as a separate college but in 1873 associated itself with the University of California and became its Medical Department. It is the oldest medical school in the western US and is the top recipient of NIH funding per year. The medical center of UCSF is California’s highest-ranked hospital and the top 6 hospitals in the US.

There are 9 faculty members and researchers at UCSF who are Nobel laureates. The faculty consists of 2,564 people and the faculty-student ratio at the University is 4:1.

The medical School enrolls 645 full-time students with full-time tuition of $47,222. The deadline for applying is October 15th.

The University has four major campus sites in San Francisco and in Fresno, including the Parnassus, Mission Bay which is the largest biomedical construction project and various other centers, programs and Institutes.

Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons (P&S)

Located in Upper Manhattan in New York City, the Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons at the Columbia University is another highly ranked and preferred US medical school which is also known as P&S.

The deadline for applying for the school is October 15th and the application fee is $110. The full-time tuition at the College is $61,146.  The College enrolls 620 full-time students of which 305 women and 315 men.

The students at P&S have among the highest MCAT scores and are among the most diverse in all medical schools in the country.

The College of Physicians and Surgeons has 2,087 full-time faculty members, and a faculty-student ratio of the Columbia University is 3.4:1. There are 3 faculty members who have won Nobel Prizes in Medicine, 19 members of the National Academy of Sciences, 56 members of the National Academy of Medicine, 26 members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and more.

The college is closely affiliated with the New York-Presbyterian Hospital which among the top 6 US hospitals.

The research funding received by NIH grants is $568.8 million for P&S and its affiliated hospitals and a total of $501 million for the college itself.

School of Medicine at Washington University in St. Louis

The School of Medicine at the Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri is among the top 10 most prestigious and highly ranked medical schools in the country. The University enrolls 492 full-time students, and the tuition is $65,044. The deadline for applying is December 1st. the application fee is $80.

The School of Medicine has 2,164 full-time faculty members, and the University has a faculty-student ratio of 4.4:1.

The students at the School of Medicine can customize their medical education to fit their needs and suit their interests. They can choose to take electives even during their first year, as well as take part in research projects as well as earn a master’s degree within 5 years of studying.

First-year students are not assigned grades, but will rather either pass or fail classes. In the following three years, the students are graded on honors, high pass, pass, and fail scale.

Apart from studying in classrooms, the students at the School of Medicine at the Washington University in St. Louis can receive hands-on experience at the school’s affiliated hospitals including the highly ranked St. Louis Children’s Hospital and the Barnes-Jewish Hospital.

There are various other clubs and organizations which students can become part of, and all of them can get to relax and enjoy themselves at the annual MedBall which takes place in March.

Students can live on campus in the residence hall or in dorms, and full-time students get free rides on the local MetroLink and MetroBus public transportation systems in St. Louis.

The School of Medicine at Yale University

Located in New Haven, Connecticut, The School of Medicine at Yale University is among the most prestigious medical schools not only in the US but in the world.

The school enrolls 391 full-time students, and the tuition is $61,140. Applicants will have to pay a fee of $95 for applying and the deadline is October 15th.

The ratio between faculty and students at Yale University is 4.2:1, and the School of Medicine has 1,650 full-time faculty members.

During the first two years of study, students are not graded or given class ranks. They are also encouraged to take responsibility for their medical education with pre-clinical classes held as small seminars where tests are optional and self-directed, and where attendance isn’t taken.

The students can earn two degrees in joint programs such as Master of Public Health, Master of Health Science, as well as an M.D. /M.B.A. through the Yale School of Management, an M.D. /J.D. through the Yale Law School, an M.D. /M.Div. through Yale’s Divinity School as well as an M.D. /Ph.D. and Physician Associate program.

The school is affiliated with the highly ranked Yale-New Haven Hospital and other institutions. All of the students in the School of Medicine need to complete a thesis on original research, but they will receive access to all necessary resources as well as a personal librarian who will navigate them through the process and during their four years of study.

There is an option 5th year which students can enroll in if they want to continue with their research or to continue studying or work abroad.

There are over 50 medical student organizations, and the school is often the host of prominent speakers. There are also various community services including the Haven Free Clinic, science teaching at local schools, and other which students can become a part of.

The Medical School campus is located right next to the Yale University campus.

David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles

The David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA is located in Los Angeles, California, and is the first choice for many students from around the country and worldwide.

The school enrolls 713 students, and the tuition for full-time students is $47,432 for out of state and $35,187 for in-state. The deadline for applying is October 17th and the application fee you will need to pay is $95.

The number of faculty members employed full-time at the Medical School is 2,723 and the faculty-student ratio at the University is 3.8:1.

The curriculum for medical students is divided into 3 phases: Human Biology and Disease, Core Clinical Clerkship, and 4th-year Colleges.

The students at the David Geffen School of Medicine can also earn combined degrees such as M.D. /Ph.D., M.D. /M.B.A. with the UCLA Anderson School of Management as well as an M.D. Oral Surgery Residency and others.

The school is affiliated with the highly ranked Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, the Los Angeles County Harbor UCLA Medical Center, and the Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center.

The medical students can combine learning with some fun during the annual talent show, the banquets held for the second and fourth-year students, as well as at the senior show at the school.

The Graduate students can live in apartments owned by UCLA or get assistance from the UCLA Community Housing office to find housing anywhere else in Los Angeles.

Medical School at the University of Michigan

Ranked as one of the best schools for training primary physicians as well as for medical research, the Medical School at the University of Michigan is located at Ann Arbor in Michigan.

It enrolls 717 students, and the full-time tuition amounts to $56,640. The deadline for applying is October 15th and the application fee is $85.

The Medical School has a faculty of 2,643 people and the ratio between faculty and students at the University is 3.7:1.

The students at this prestigious medical school will begin seeing patients in the first month of starting school via the Initial Clinical Experience program. This hands-on academic experience continues throughout the four years of medical school. During the third and fourth years of medical school, the students will participate in advanced clinical experiences and will get more than 200 elective courses to choose from.

The school has its own Clinical Simulation Center so the students can get hands-on experience as well.

The students can also complete an advanced degree such as an M.B.A. or a Master’s in Public health or Public policy via joint programs with other top-ranking schools in Michigan such as the School of Public Health and the Ross School of Business.

The students can also earn an M.D. and Ph.D. via the 8-year Medical Scientist Training Program at the school.

Although medical students are not required to complete a research project to graduate, they can still participate in various researches if interested. The campus also includes the University of Michigan Health System, the Taubman Health Science Library which provide the students with an opportunity to practice on trained medical actors as well as on actual patients.

There are also many medical student organizations and community service projects which they can join as well.

Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine

The Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine is located on three campuses in Rochester, Minnesota, in Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona, and in Jacksonville, Florida. Medical students will have the opportunity to experience various practices in various parts of the country and can also complete a joint degree via Arizona State University.

The Alix School of Medicine focuses on clinical training and has a 3.4:1 faculty to student ratio and the school focuses on personalized training and personalized curriculum with a goal of teaching all students in accordance with their interests and goals.

The program s non-competitive and doesn’t have grades, but only pass and fail evaluations. This is to ensure that the students can focus on their studying and well-being rather than only on the grades.

All third-year students need to write a scientific paper based on research, and nearly 80% of these papers end up getting published.

The full-time tuition is $55,000, the average scholarship for this class is about $35,000, the application fee is $120 and the deadline for applying is October 1st. The Alix School of Medicine enrolls 307 students.

University of Washington School of Medicine (UWSOM)

The University Of Washington School Of Medicine was first founded in 1946 in Seattle, Washington. It enrolls 1,097 students with a full-time tuition of $66,501 for out-of-state, and $36,549 for in-state. The application fee is $35 and the deadline for applying is October 15th.

The ratio faculty to students is 2.7:1, and the School of Medicine has 2,939 full-time faculty members.

The UWSOM is divided into six colleges – Rainier, Denali, Wind River, Snake River, Big Ski, and Columbia River. Each of them is named after a natural wonder. Every college has mentors which help counsel and guide the medical students throughout their 4 years in school.

Students can earn either an M.D. or a Ph.D. and a few can earn both via the Medical Scientist Training Program of the school.

The students need to complete a six-week clerkship which can be situated in any of the nearby states with which the School of Medicine has partnered up through the WWMAI program – Washington, Montana, Wyoming, Alaska, and Idaho.

The system includes the top-ranked University of Washington Medical Center, the UW Neighborhood Clinics, the Harborview Medical Center, and the Airlift Northwest where the students can see actual patients and get hands-on experience as they learn how to be confident and capable doctors.

Pritzker School of Medicine at the University of Chicago

Located in Chicago, Illinois, the Pritzker School of Medicine at the University of Chicago is another top-ranked and prestigious medical school.

It enrolls 362 full-time students and asks for a tuition of $55,440. The deadline for sending in your applications is November 15th, and the cost to apply is $85.

The faculty-student ratio at the University is 2.5:1, and the Pritzker School of Medicine has 907 full-time faculty members.

The school enrolled its first class of medical students back in 1927, and since then has established itself as one of the leading medical schools in the US according to the majority of medical school rankings been published.

The curriculum focuses on active learning as well as encouraging the integration of disciplines whenever it is possible. A scholarly project is required which will help the medical students study a specific area of interest in depth.

Apart from an M.D. and Ph.D., the students get the chance to earn joint degrees such as a joint degree with Biological Sciences, Law, Business, or others. The Pritzker School of Medicine is home to some of the most competitive NIH-funded training programs which the students can take advantage of as well.

New York University School of Medicine

This medical school is located at the Langone Medical Center in Eastern Manhattan in New York City and will enroll 481 new full-time students this year. The deadline for applying is October 15th and the application fee is $100.

The faculty to student ratio is 2.2:1, and the School of Medicine has 1,059 full-time faculty members on campus.

The students can earn an M.D. a Ph.D. or both.

Some of the top-ranked programs in this medical school include those which are focused on AIDS and on drug or alcohol abuse.

For those interested to continue their research, the School of Medicine Honors Program includes at least 18 weeks of approved research and a thesis.

Students who want to explore the world and take part in clinical education and research abroad can also do that via the International Health Program of the NYU School of Medicine.

There are over 50 student clubs, community services in NYC, and other activities in which the medical students can participate. They can also receive discounted tickets for all kinds of events in New York City including sports events, movies, Broadway plays, operas and others as well.

School of Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh

Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the School of Medicine is open to enrolling 579 students this year. The deadline for applying is October 15th, the fee for applying is $100, and the full-time in-state tuition amounts to $56,004 and the out-of-state tuition is $56,186.

The faculty-student ratio at the University of Pittsburgh is 4:1, and the School of Medicine alone has 2,326 full-time faculty members.

The University Of Pittsburgh School Of Medicine was founded in 1886 and has established itself as a leading educator in the sphere of medicine and research since then.

The School of Medicine offers a wide variety of educational programs including M.D., Ph.D. programs, as well as Physical Scientist Training Program, Clinical Scientist Training Program, Multidisciplinary MPH Program, a Medicine-Bioethics Joint Degrees and Institute for Clinical Research Education.

Baylor College of Medicine

The Baylor College of Medicine includes several schools: the School of Medicine, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, School of Health Professions, and National School of Tropical Medicine.

The Baylor College of Medicine is located in Houston, Texas, and has a faculty to student ratio of 3.4:1. The faculty of the medical school includes 2,447 employees.

The school enrolls 773 students. The deadline for applying is November 1st, the application fee is $100, and the tuition is $29,900 for full-time students. It is listed as the least expensive top-ranked private medical school in the USA.

There are various degree-granting programs including an M.D. Program, a Ph.D. program, a dual degree program, a Doctor of Nursing Practice, a Genetic Counseling, a Physical Assistant, and an Orthotics and Prosthetics Program at the college.

The medical school at Baylor College of Medicine has an application deadline of Nov. 1. The application fee at Baylor College of Medicine is $100. Its tuition is full-time: $29,900. The faculty-student ratio at Baylor College of Medicine is 3.4:1. The medical school has 2,447 full-time faculty on staff.

Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University

This research-intensive medical school is located in downtown Chicago. It will enroll 666 new students this year. The deadline is November 1st and the application fee is $95.

The tuition for a full-time medical student is $59,986. The faculty-student ratio is 2.7:1 and the Feinberg School of Medicine currently has 1,808 full-time faculty members.

The students at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine do not receive letter grades. In the first two years, they are on a pass or fail basis, and in the third and fourth year, the students will receive grades of honors, high pass, pass and fail.

Three weeks are blocked for optional activities by the students. The school offers various graduate research programs, including an M.D. /M.M. program which grants medicine and master of management degrees for 5 years.

There are numerous student groups, organizations, and services which medical students can join while studying at the Feinberg School of Medicine as well.

Students can live both on and off-campus in accordance with their preferences.

School of Medicine at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The School of Medicine at UNC is located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. It has an application deadline up to October 15th and asks for an application fee of $68. The full-time tuition is $30,437 for in-state students and $57,316 for out of state students.

The ratio between faculty and students at UNC is 2.1:2 and the School of Medicine at the University has 1,692 full-time faculty members.

The School of Medicine relies on a traditional four-year medical studies curriculum, but the students get the option to deepen their knowledge by enrolling in summer electives, or by studying abroad as well.

The third-year clerkship must be completed at a hospital in the UNC system or at an affiliated hospital.

There is a joint M.D. /Ph.D. program in the school but students can complete a number of joint degrees in various areas as well.

The School of Medicine has a special intensive nine-week program for Medical Education Development for students who are socially, financially, or academically disadvantaged too.

Weill Cornell Medical College at Cornell University

The Weill Cornell Medical College at Cornell University is one of the top prestigious, state of the art medical schools in the US. It is located in the very heart of New York City and enrolls 414 full-time M.D. students. The deadline to apply is October 15th and the application fee is $100.

The tuition for full-time medical students is $57,050.

The faculty-student rate at Cornell University is 4.2:1 and the Weill Cornell Medical College currently employs 1,730 full-time faculty members.

The College offers a wide variety of medical education programs including M.D. programs, Joint degree programs, Pre-medical programs, MSHS PA programs, and others.

Final words

We hope that with our summary of the top 20 schools according to the leading Medical school rankings we have been able to choose the best college for yourself or for your child or another close person.

Pursuing a career in medicine is not only prestigious, but it is also noble and rewarding.

Choosing the right school is essential for a profession as important as this, which is why it is always a good idea to invest more into a higher-ranked medical school because you will be investing in your future, as well as in the life and well-being of your future patients as well.

Good luck with your choice, and hopefully pretty soon you or your loved one will be enrolling in one of these top-ranking medical schools!

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