The Princeton Review is one of the test prep companies with the best reviews for its SAT prep courses and its other test prep courses and services.

Founded in 1981, the company has over 35 years of experience in getting high school students ready for the SAT and for scoring in the top percentiles, ensuring them acceptance in their dream colleges and universities, and for merit-based aid programs.

The company focuses on teaching students the most essential parts of the SAT instead of wasting time and effort by teaching them unnecessary facts and subjects they are already strong at.

The Princeton Review customers are leaving amazing opinions and ratings for the course, and most students and parents giving the service raving reviews for the SAT prep courses offered.

The Princeton Review’s course for SAT prep has also been ranked at the top spots by leading publications and media.

Here is everything you need to know about The Princeton Review prep courses, service, and plans, including their features, pros, cons, and prices.

The Princeton Review prep plans and services for SAT

The Princeton Review offers all of its SAT prep courses online, and some of them in person. The company has plans suitable for all types of students with all types of study styles and preferences, including self-paced courses, live instructor courses, and tutoring. The company will also assist the students in shining in front of the college board of their dream school with excellent results.

Here are The Princeton Review’s SAT prep course plans:

The SAT 1400+

This is the most popular Princeton Review prep course and the one with the great SAT prep ratings.

As its name suggests, this online or in-person prep course guarantees students a score of 1400 or more in just 2 months. According to the statistics from last year, a score of 1400 on the SAT will land the student at the top 92nd percentile, which makes him or her eligible for acceptance at the top-ranked schools and scholarships in many schools.

The Princeton Review 1400+ includes over 36 hours of classroom instruction (online or in-person) by top percentile teachers. The SAT course also includes online AI-driven personalized practice drills.

Thanks to its smart diagnostics and analysis algorithm, each student will receive customized drills and homework based on his or her personal performance, and with the goal to improve the weaknesses and enhance further the strengths.

The course includes access to 24/7 tutor on-demand service at no extra charge.

Also included are 4 proctored full-length practice tests, 20 more practice tests, 8 single-section practice tests, review and practice books for SAT, as well as access to the SAT Advantage, ACT Self-paced, and PSAT Self-paced plans.

The price of the most popular SAT prep course is $1,199.

One thing which parents and students should note about this popular SAT prep plan is that the student needs to have a previous SAT score of at least 1200 points or higher to be eligible for the guarantee. Students with scores lower than 1200 will receive a guarantee for a score, which is at least 200 points higher.

Also, in order to be eligible for the money-back guarantee, the students need to have attended all classes and completed all homework and practice tests provided during the course.


The Ultimate SAT prep course provides 1-year of access to all the SAT prep and study materials so that the student can prepare for the SAT and has the resources and time to prepare for a retake of the test if necessary.

The Ultimate SAT prep course by The Princeton Review includes 18 hours of class time – online or in-person, and unlimited access to all SAT Advantage Live Online Sessions.

It also includes 3 proctored full-length SAT practice tests, and other added single-section and full practice tests.

Students who enroll for the Princeton Review’s Ultimate course will receive personalized homework assignments and study plans, as well as real-time goal setting and tracking of the progress.

Also included in the course is access to the practice ACT tests, added lessons, practice exams, and strategies for the PSAT, and more than 140 video lessons for the ACT.

The Ultimate plan SAT course costs $599 and comes with a higher score guarantee, and also with a satisfaction guarantee offered by THE PRINCETON REVIEW.

SAT 1500+

This Princeton Review online course has been developed for the most ambitious high school students dreaming of getting accepted in the top-ranked universities and colleges in the country and around the world. It costs $1,899.

1510 is the average SAT score required by the college board for the accepted students at the top 10 most selective schools in the USA.

Princeton Review’s most elite sat preps course includes 28 hours of advanced-level online sessions by the leading SAT instructors of the company.

It also guarantees that the classes will be limited to up to 8 students in order to ensure enough attention for each student by the instructor. It also includes periodic one-on-one private sessions for all students enrolled.

The SAT 1500+ course comes with on-demand tutoring 24/7 and also 9 SAT prep textbooks, 4 proctored SAT practice tests, 24 more practice tests, 8 single-section tests, access to other plans including SAT Advantage, ACT self-paced and PSAT self-paced by The Princeton Review.

Keep in mind that the student needs to provide a previous score from the SAT of at least 1400 points to be eligible for the 1500+ SAT score guarantee and that he or she has attended all required class and supplemental sessions and completed all assigned drills and practice tests.

SAT & ACT self-paced

This online prep course offered by The Princeton Review combines the study and practice resources needed for both the SAT and ACT standardized tests at an excellent price of $299.

The on-demand course is suitable for students who can organize their studies on their own and who can stay motivated and stick to their study plans and schedules by themselves.

The SAT and ACT prep course includes access to more than 280 video lessons, 377 online drills, 3,200 practice questions, the full version of the recorded SAT Night Live, and added online AP video lessons on US History, Government, World History, English, and Chemistry.

It also provides 3 hours of one-to-one chat with a tutor and comes with a 7-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Private tutoring

The Princeton Review offers hourly-based private tutoring either online or in-person for students who need specific assistance with an SAT-related issue or want to receive answers to their pertinent questions.

The company offers an intro 3-hour tutoring package for $180/hour, a targeted tutoring 10-hour plan for $160/hour, and a comprehensive tutoring 18-hour plan for $150 per hour.

There is also a Tutoring Plus option, which includes personal tutor matching, a score improvement guarantee, and on-demand lessons for SAT, PSAT, and ACT, and unlimited advantage sessions. It is priced at $280 per hour for the 3-hour package, $260 per hour for the 10-hour package, and $250 per hour for the 18-hour comprehensive tutoring package.

On-demand tutoring

If your child can do with some help with difficult questions and subjects, you can sign him or her up to one of the SAT or other school-related and test-related on-demand tutoring packages. The price of 1 hour/month is $39.99 per hour, 2 hours/month cost $79 per month, and 3 hours per month cost $114.99 per month.

The Princeton Review also offers one-time on-demand tutoring packages, including 10 hours/6 months for $349.99, 30 hours/6 months for $949.99, and 50 hours for 6 months for $1,449.99 ($29 per hour).

The on-demand tutoring is available 24/7 via a computer, phone, or tablet, and includes expert advice on over 80 subjects. You can cancel or change your plan at all times.

On-demand college essay review

This plan costs only $59 and offers a 24/7 available college essay review with detailed feedback and a turnaround time of 3-12 hours.

Students can submit their first drafts, ask for guidance, which will set them apart from the competition, get grammar and spelling corrections, and help on an essay for college application with no word limit by expert editors and reviewers. This affordable and quick SAT classes prep plan can make the whole difference with the college board of the school of your choice

Pros and cons of The Princeton Review SAT prep courses


  • The high score guarantee – The Princeton Review offers several plans with guarantees for achieving specific composite SAT scores including 1400+ and 1500+
  • The SAT Princeton Review courses will allow students to practice with the official College Board book
  • All Princeton SAT prep instructors are carefully selected and are in the top percentiles at their standardized tests
  • You will receive instant access to all the study materials and practice questions once you sign up for a Princeton Review SAT course
  • There are combined ACT and SAT courses and some plans which include the online self-paced course for preparing for both tests
  • 24/7 on-demand tutoring – this is included in most packages, and also comes in separate private tutoring plans
  • There is an affordable essay review plan for under $60 with professional reviewing, editing, and feedback
  • Most SAT prep plans offer 1-year of access to all practice questions, practice exams, and study materials
  • Students will receive personalized test drills and homework


  • The Princeton Review prep SAT classes and private tutoring are more expensive than some of the other options on the market. For a more inexpensive SAT prep plan, you can opt for a Magoosh SAT prep course
  • Not all courses are completely online, and in some of the most popular plans, students will be given SAT prep books to use as well
  • The score guarantee comes with additional requirements, including the student having a previous SAT score of at least 1200 for the SAT 1400+ plan, and at least 1400 points for the SAT 1500+ plans. Also, the students must have completed all practice tests, questions, and lessons in order to be eligible for a money-back guarantee if they fail to achieve the guaranteed score

In conclusion

Although The Princeton Review SAT prep course and tutoring plans are higher priced than some of the others offered by leading test prep companies, The SAT prep Princeton Review plans are among the ones with the top ratings given by parents, students, and test prep reviewing websites.

The 1400+ and 1500+ guaranteed plans for SAT scores in the highest 92nd and 95th percentiles are excellent options for excelling students who are planning to apply for the top-rated schools in the country.

There are also self-directed study plans, as well as completely online courses, for students who prefer to study at home and can manage their study schedules by themselves.

Overall, The PrincetonReview SAT prep opinions and ratings, which you will see on nearly any test prep website and article, speak for themselves. They are worth every cent spent if your child gets into their dream college or university and even lands a merit financial aid or scholarship thanks to the excellent performance on the SAT, as well as his or her other application credentials.

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