Do you find yourself standing in stagnant water in the shower? Or do you detect unpleasant drain odors in your kitchen or laundry sink?

Then you may need a product that can help clear your drains and have your bathrooms and kitchens smelling fresh and clean.

Sani Sticks Review

This Sani Sticks review will help guide you in choosing a product that will help reduce plumbing costs in a simple, yet effective way. Studies show householders can spend from $150.00 to $500.00 in plumbing costs per month, depending on the nature of the problem.

The review will show you how Sani Sticks can give you satisfaction without the hassle of using a snake or other devices to clear clogged drains.

When you see water beginning to back up in your showers or sink, it shows overloading in the septic tank.

Over time, drains and septic tanks can become bogged down with sludge, organic materials, hair, soap scum, shaving cream, grease, and other fats and oils.

It’s essential to keep septic tanks in good working order to prevent the build-up of waste. Untreated septic waste will put pressure on pipes, causing clogs and blockages. Clogging will cause the pipes and drains to back up, and water flow will decrease.

Organic matter in drains can also create drain flies that give off unpleasant odors. Water flow will decrease, and you’ll frequently have to plunge or call the plumber.

Sani Sticks may be a viable option to help you maintain clear sinks and drains and eliminate those foul odors.

In this review, you will learn of a few products that can work for any room in the home. Each product has unique features to suit a range of plumbing problems.

Our Pick


Overall Product Preview

Sani Sticks are long, round sanitizing drain strips. They are approximately 6 inches long. The sticks are convenient, easy to use, and dissolve quickly.

They are biodegradable, absorbent, and leave no messy residue. The pieces come in packs of 48. They help prevent clogs, dispel unpleasant odors and improve water flow in drains.

Key features

  • They are biodegradable
  • They are long-lasting and come in packs of 48
  • Sani sticks eliminate odors and deodorize drains
  • Potent enzymes break down fats, oils, grease, hair, and soap scum
  • They help clear drains and increase water flow
  • Flexible, convenient cleaning strips
  • A Variety of scents for each room in the home
  • They fit well into most pipes
  • Completely absorbs clogs

What we like

  • The variety of scents
  • Eliminates odors quickly
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Long-lasting

What we didn’t like

  • Strips may not fit into a bend in some drains
  • Some sticks tend to snap easily
  • Take longer to clear drains


Sani Stick reviews show that they are toxic-free, affordable, user-friendly methods to help break down drain clogs and eliminate odors.

The sticks are long-lasting and help maintain free-flowing drains and sinks. The technology utilizes enzymes that are safe to use in septic tanks, showers, laundries, and kitchen sinks and drains.

Another unique feature of Sani Sticks is their versatility. They come in a range of natural scents to help eliminate odors and deodorize the entire house.

Use them each month to help freshen up the laundry, floor drain, kitchen, and shower.


  • Durable

Sani Sticks are long-lasting drain cleaners. Use them once per month to help reduce back-ups, and improve water flow in your sinks and other drains.

  • Safe and convenient

They are safe to use in septic tanks, tubs, laundries, kitchens, and shower drains. They will not destroy plumbing materials like copper, plastic or PVC, or metal.

The strips come in handy packages that save time and money. Take one out, pop it in the drain and let it get to work.

  • Biodegradable

The enzymes in Sani Sticks work to absorb and metabolize food particles, sludge, hair, grease, fats, and oils.

  • Multi-purpose

They complement your ordinary cleaning products and are guaranteed to last for at least one year.

Sani Sticks come in a variety of aromatherapy scents to help keep the home fresh as they clean and clear drains.

Sani Sticks Lavender Scent

Traditionally, lavender is known for its calming, relaxing effect. Lavender Sani Sticks can work in almost any room in the home, especially the bathroom.

Family and guests can feel comfortable using a fresh, sweet-smelling shower and sink. Use Lavender Sani Sticks to enhance your regular drain cleaning regimen.

Key Features

  • Biodegradable
  • Pleasant scent
  • Reduces drain flies
  • Eliminates odors

What we like

  • Clears drains
  • Sweet, pleasant ambiance
  • Easy to use
  • Works well in drains

What we didn’t like

  • Can be fragile
  • Tend to snap easily
  • May swell up and block drains
  • Can be hard to fit in some drains

Sani Sticks Original Unscented

The original unscented is ideal for allergy sufferers and those who experience sensitivity to some cleaning products. Users get the same benefits and results as with the scented variety.

Sani Sticks Lemon Scent

Lemon is a natural odor eater. It freshens and leaves an invigorating feeling. Lemon Sani Sticks work well in the kitchen to restore balance while preparing foods.

Key Features

  • Help improve water flow in drains
  • Absorbs smelly odors
  • Leaves a pleasant scent
  • Easy to use

What we like

  • Work as advertised
  • Help keep drains clear
  • Affordable
  • Long-lasting effects

What we didn’t like

  • May take a long time to work
  • Can be brittle
  • Have to use sticks often
  • May not fit well into some drains

Other scents include rose and orange. Use them in kitchens, laundries, and other rooms to maintain that fresh, welcoming atmosphere.


The variety of scents in the Sani Stick range work to help eliminate odors and deodorize almost any room in the home. They are long-lasting, and also help reduce drain flies. Most of them work as advertised. They seem to work better at preventing odor and clog build-up than clearing drains.

What is it?

Sani sticks are long and round 6.3 inches strips of organic enzymes. They are biodegradable and dissolve organic matter using powerful compounds to remove clogs and deodorize drains.

The strips are toxic-free and safe to use. They help reduce backups in showers and sinks and improve water flow.

When you drop a strip in the drain or sink, water activates the enzymes to help clear clogs. Use them once per month to help prevent drain clogs and keep them odor-free.


The manufacturers of Sani Sticks combine natural, safe, toxin-free, biodegradable enzymes. Some of them include protease, amylase, lipase, non-pathogenic bacteria, and food substitutes.

The compounds in the product work quickly and efficiently to dissolve organic matter in drains. The ingredients are concentrated and may last longer than other drain cleaning products.

Does it really work?

Sani Sticks work by allowing live enzymes to activate when they come in contact with water. The compounds quickly get to work to break down sludge, soap scum, oil, fats, and grease.

When you insert them in drains and sinks, they settle in the bend in the pipe. Just place them in the holes and let them get to work immediately.

Sani Sticks use biodegradable, concentrated enzymes to help clear blocks. The compounds are slowly-released into the drain. They cling to pipes and

begin to work as they come in contact with water.

The sticks absorb organic matter and help dissolve clogs while neutralizing and eliminating embarrassing drain odors.

Insert one strip of Sani Sticks in any sink or drain at least once per month to help prevent clogging and backing up.

They seem to work to unclog drains over the long-term, depending on the severity of the build-up. They work quickly to eliminate bad odors.

Do Sani sticks absorb completely?

Sani Sticks completely absorb drain clogs, but they tend to take longer to work than other drain cleaners.

The rods activate in the presence of water and work quickly to move along the drain to dissolve organic matter.

It may be a good idea to use Sani Sticks along with other drain cleaning products for maximum results. The rods are flexible and durable and work well as part of your regular cleaning regimen.

Do Sani sticks dissolve hair?

The enzymes in Sani Sticks may help break down hair in drains but over a more extended period.

How Do Sani sticks work?

Sani Sticks work by absorbing and dissolving organic matter in clogged drains. They also eliminate odors and deodorize drains.

The enzymes in the rods break down oils, grease, fats, hair, soap scum and eliminate drain odors.

While you may have to use them more frequently, they do help clear drains, improve water flow and maintain a fresh, clean atmosphere.

Are Sani sticks a good way to unclog drains?

In our Sani Sticks review indicates they may be more suited to work at preventing clogs than entirely clearing them. Sani sticks seem to work slower than regular drain cleaners. They are effective drain cleaners that are safe to use and economical.

The pieces tend to last at least one month after applying. It means they are likely to produce long-lasting effects as they work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use Sani Sticks in garbage disposals and dishwashers?

I would be cautious in applying Sani Sticks to garbage disposals and dishwashers.

The danger lies in whether the sticks will entirely dissolve before you run these machines.

You will need to ensure the rods will not grind up once the dishwasher or garbage disposal starts to run.

What makes this product so unique?

Sani Sticks consist of safe, natural enzymes that work fast to help break down waste in drains. They are accessible to use, economical and help reduce plumbing costs and using drain snakes.

San Sticks work consistently well to eliminate smelly odors, prevent clogs, enhance water flow and deodorize drains.

The sticks are versatile and can work in many areas around the home. The range of scents also works well in any area of the house.

The product is eco-friendly and long-lasting, sometimes up to one month at a time. Insert the rods once per month as part of your regular drain cleaning program.

When compared to similar products, Sani Sticks work very well. They help save time and money and last longer than similar available products.


Sani Sticks come in a variety of attractive scents and packages of 48 sticks per box. They are affordable, convenient, easy to use, biodegradable and safe for most types of drains and sinks.


If you are looking for a drain cleaner that will help get rid of stagnant shower water and embarrassing drain odors, then I recommend using Sani Sticks.

They are biodegradable and use fast-acting compounds to quickly break down hair, grease, oils, fats, soap scum, and organic matter in drains.

As the enzymes get to work, they also help prevent and eliminate odors, leaving your rooms fresh and deodorized.

From our extensive Sani Sticks review, we want to suggest that it works best at eliminating odors and may be better suited to prevent clogs rather than clear them.

Sani sticks are cheap, safe, economical, and help you reduce plumbing costs. The handy packs are convenient and long-lasting.

Use them as part of your overall monthly cleaning program to help prevent build-up and unpleasant odors. Sani Sticks work comparatively well with similar drain cleaning products.

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  1. I am using the Sani sticks in combination with Drano to clean the drains, and I am happy with the results. I have long hair that falls a lot through some of the seasons, and it’s important to use something effective to dissolve the hair. Another thing I like about Sani sticks are the different scents you can choose from to have a nicely cleaned and fresh bathroom.

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