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Best Gifts for Sunday School Teachers

Sunday School teachers have done so much that they should be appreciated for! They put up with a lot in trying to teach other people more about God and the Bible. Not only that, but they give so much of themselves by continually putting other people above themselves. Take a lead from this gift list and show your teacher just how much you care about them! Here are 21 gifts that are excellent choices for the best Sunday school teacher.

The Best Sunday School Teacher: Unusual Gift (Special Journals and Planners)

Best Gifts for Sunday School Teachers 1Best Gifts for Sunday School Teachers 2

Sunday School teachers are constantly in need of books to write down their thoughts, ideas, and plans. With everything that goes through their brain, of course they would need something to help them remember and share their snippets of brilliance. Perfect for Bible studies, note taking, and planning church events, this little book will help organize your Sunday school teacher’s life. Everyone can certainly use a little more organization regardless of what they do!

3 Pcs Teacher Appreciation Gifts – Key Chain Ring

Best Gifts for Sunday School Teachers 3Best Gifts for Sunday School Teachers 4
This gift set is perfect for every teacher that you have in your life. It come in multiple pieces so you can offer them to more than one person if you have more than one teacher to whom you would like to show your appreciation. Teacher have keys! This keychain will always remind them of the influence they made in your life and encourage them to continue mentoring other people. The beautiful bag that these pieces come in will also be useful in your gifting or organizing.

Seven Proven Ways to Make Your Teaching Come Alive

Best Gifts for Sunday School Teachers 5Best Gifts for Sunday School Teachers 6

What is something that teachers always need more of? Books! Of course! This book will encourage your Sunday school teacher to be the best teacher that they can possibly be. Teaching truly changes lives, and your Sunday school teacher has certainly changed yours. Thank them with a book that describes just how great they are to you. Teaching comes alive in the form of relationships and life-changing memories of your favorite lessons that have impacted your mindset.

Owl Stainless Steel Water Bottle practical gift for a teacher

Best Gifts for Sunday School Teachers 7Best Gifts for Sunday School Teachers 8

Travel cups are necessary for those Sunday morning rushes that your teacher experiences every week. As they’re walking out the door to get to church on time, they need to keep hydrated! Help your teacher prepare for their week by giving them this adorable bottle that will keep their water refreshing and cool. Their cute design reminds your teacher how awesome they are with its inspirational saying. It is also easily washable and reusable.

Catholic Christian Teacher Gifts Religious End Of Year Appreciation Gift Bracelet

Best Gifts for Sunday School Teachers 9Best Gifts for Sunday School Teachers 10

Nothing says “Sunday School Teacher” gift like a charm bracelet with their favorite charms and adorable trinkets. This beautiful little charm bracelet is a solid reminder of your love and appreciation that they can wear every day. It is also a reminder of why they do what they do. It will surely stand out and cause your teacher to have instant ways to describe their awesome students (aka YOU!). It’s also statistically proven that people love shiny, classy gifts like silver bracelets.

Convertible Cross Body Bag with Pockets, Organizers, Zippers, and Laptop Sleeve

Best Gifts for Sunday School Teachers 11Best Gifts for Sunday School Teachers 12

Sunday school teachers need bags! Every person needs bags! This one is great for transporting every teaching aid and schedule that your teacher has for class. Plus, teaching DOES matter, and your teacher needs to know just how much they matter to you. This bag is big and has a plethora of organizational pockets that can be used for plenty of different illustrative objects, apples, notebooks, or anything else teachers like carrying around town.

For Every Lesson You’ve Prepared The Love of God Has Been Shared Mug

Best Gifts for Sunday School Teachers 13Best Gifts for Sunday School Teachers 14
Mugs are necessary for almost every teaching occasion. Sunday school teachers, especially, need mugs for their early Sunday morning lessons. Many of them deal with children that are not their own, so of course, caffeine is obligatory. Think of this mug as an encouraging oasis in the midst of some incredibly stressful Sunday mornings. Of course, its words will also bring hope to your teacher because their work will never go for granted when they share their life and love with their students.

Teacher Mentor Tote Bag,

Best Gifts for Sunday School Teachers 15Best Gifts for Sunday School Teachers 16

The role of a teacher extends so far beyond its singular definition. They are leaders and motivators, inspirers and counselors, academics and spiritualists. Teachers shape and direct our lives further than we can go on our own. We all need encouragers in our lives, and teachers are the perfect representation of how that is done throughout our community. The multi-faceted aspects of different teachers show us how to grow into well-rounded humans and healthy adults.


Best Gifts for Sunday School Teachers 17Best Gifts for Sunday School Teachers 18

For those coin-collecting teachers in your life, this gift could be the best gift you could ever give them. The history and appreciation for the foundation of the Christian religion is unique and special for your teacher. This personal and sentimental gift will become the favorite piece of your teacher’s coin collection. Francis of Assisi was one of the greatest teachers of Christian history, and it is replicable of the greatest teacher in your life as well.

Jesus is the Heart Ornament

Best Gifts for Sunday School Teachers 19Best Gifts for Sunday School Teachers 20

This adorable ornament will bring warmth and truth to their celebration of Christmas and its whole seasonal revelation of Divine intimacy. As it comes from the heart, it will also bring Jesus to the heart of Christmas and bring you closer to the heart of your teacher. Otherwise, you could even give this heart to other people in your Sunday school class as well. It is multi-functional and cute! So don’t think with your brain anymore – think with your heart in loving your teacher.

Cross Made in the USA 10 Karat Gold Rolled/filled Pen

Best Gifts for Sunday School Teachers 21Best Gifts for Sunday School Teachers 22

Teachers need something to help them write their amazing lessons! This pen is inspirational and will set the right mood for writing down some life-changing nuggets of truth to share with students. Intricately deep thoughts can be expressed with this pen. Refillable ink will make this gift lasting and unforgettable. An unending use of portrayed thought and brilliance is at your disposal. No doubt about it, this gift is a choice of “gold.”

Sunday School Teacher Travel Mug

Best Gifts for Sunday School Teachers 23Best Gifts for Sunday School Teachers 24
Sunday school teachers deserve the greatest happiness. This travel mug is simple and fun to carry around. It really expresses their priorities and what they like to do. Teaching! It’s big enough to keep them caffeinated all day, and they will certainly enjoy using this mug regularly. This gift is a perfect idea for you to give to your Sunday school teacher. It makes them happy and keeps their coffee hot!

Motivational Posters for Classroom

Best Gifts for Sunday School Teachers 25Best Gifts for Sunday School Teachers 26

Nobody likes looking at bare classroom wall. It’s difficult to stare off into space if there is nothing to stare at! Class is so boring without color, and these posters certainly add more color to the lesson. Also, for those particularly difficult quizzes or tests, these posters will encourage student to push on through to success. This set of 10 posters will add extreme definition to bland walls and certainly stimulate the mind to pursue deeper education.

Big Heart and Bible Verse Coffee Mug For Teachers “Let all that you do be done in LOVE” 11-oz.

Best Gifts for Sunday School Teachers 27Best Gifts for Sunday School Teachers 28

This coffee mug is a beautiful and thoughtful gift for your Sunday school teacher, suitable for any occasion.

You can show your appreciation of your teacher by giving them this inspirational coffee or tea mug with two beautiful signs printed on each side.

One side has a thankful message, saying, “It takes a big heart to shape little minds,” and on the other, there is a Corinthian 16:14 Scripture verse, saying, “Let all that you do be done in love.”

The mug comes in two color variations – one is white with pink, and one is white with blue.

It is an excellent gift idea for Sunday school teachers and for any other teacher, pastor, mentor, or another important leader in your life.

Christian Water Bottle for Everyday Use BPA Free 20oz Wide Mouth Water Bottle

Best Gifts for Sunday School Teachers 29Best Gifts for Sunday School Teachers 30

You can give your Sunday school teacher a gift which not only will inspire and thank him or her, but also be a useful item which can be used on a daily basis.

This inexpensive reusable water bottle is eco-friendly and safe to use and will help your teacher stay hydrated throughout the day.

The beautiful water bottle is made of glass with a BPA-free plastic twist-on top which is leak-proof and has an easy to use, flip-open wide mouthpiece, which makes drinking water easy and mess-free.

The bottle has striking colorful inspiration quotes printed on it and comes in a variety of 16 different print, color, and pattern options.

It comes in a matching luxurious gift box and is ready to be presented to a teacher, professor, or anybody else for any special occasion.

Proverbs 31:25 Reusable Tote by Divinity Boutique

Best Gifts for Sunday School Teachers 31Best Gifts for Sunday School Teachers 32

This tote bag costs less than $10, but it is a useful, beautiful, and meaningful gift that is perfect for a Sunday school teacher.

It is made of recycled nylon, and is 12 x 6 x 12 inches in size, with long handles.

The black and pink reusable tote bag has printed Proverbs 31:25 on each side, and the Sunday School Teacher in your life will love using it for work, for grocery shopping, or as a handbag.

You can use it as a gift bag for another present which you have prepared for the Sunday school teacher in your life.

Turquoise “Big Heart” Christian Keychain Corinthians 16:14 Bible Verse

Best Gifts for Sunday School Teachers 33Best Gifts for Sunday School Teachers 34
Your Sunday school teacher will gladly use and carry this keychain, which is not only beautifully made but is also a perfect thank you gift and a token of appreciation.

It is made of premium quality, stainless steel, and features a pretty medallion on a chain with an added red apple charm.

The medallion can be with either a turquoise or pink-colored enamel finish and has an appreciative message printed on the front side, and a bible verse on the other.

The keychain is sold with a matching tin box with pre-cut protective foam inside.

It is an excellent gift idea for your teacher, mentor, or anybody who has a leading role in your life. It is also a great gesture to make when you want to say thank you and show how much you appreciate the dedication and the patience and love they give when teaching others to be good Christians and good people.

God Bless You as You Serve the Lord Through Teaching: Religious Teacher Inspirational Quotes Journal

Best Gifts for Sunday School Teachers 35Best Gifts for Sunday School Teachers 36

This journal is an inspiring and appreciative gift for any religious teacher. It has a blessing on the cover, and a thank you, inspirational quote.

The pages are lined, and your teacher can use the journal for writing personal notes, for planning his or her schedule and teaching programs, or for any other sketching or writing needs.

It is an inexpensive gift idea that will touch the heart of a Sunday school teacher and is an excellent gift idea for any occasion, or just as a token of appreciation.

Willow Tree Love of Learning, Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure

Best Gifts for Sunday School Teachers 37Best Gifts for Sunday School Teachers 38

Any religious teacher, preacher, and mentor will appreciate receiving this beautifully made, hand-painted figurine of a woman cradling a book.

The figurine is crafted from durable resin and is hand-painted by Willow Tree artist Suzan Lordi.

It is a beautiful display item, and comes with an enclosure card saying “Open books open minds.”

It is a suitable appreciative gift for any teacher or professor and will look great on their desk, mantel, or shelf.

It is packed in a pretty gift box and is a true display of the meaningfulness of teaching and preaching, and the dedication it takes to be a good teacher.

101 Blessings for a #1 Teacher Cards – A Box of Blessings

Best Gifts for Sunday School Teachers 39Best Gifts for Sunday School Teachers 40

Why not make your Sunday school teacher happy with this Box of Blessings?

This box contains 101 unique blessings for the #1 teacher. Each card has a scripture verse on one side and an inspirational quote on the other.

The cards are pocket-sized and are colored in pink and black.

It is an excellent appreciative gift for a birthday, Christmas or another occasion, which your teacher will cherish and can open a blessing a day to stay inspired to continue mentoring and teaching throughout the year.

Quan Jewelry Tree of Life Pendant Necklace with Thank You Greeting Card

Best Gifts for Sunday School Teachers 41Best Gifts for Sunday School Teachers 42

This handmade tree of life necklace is another beautiful gift idea for a teacher. It is meticulously crafted from pewter and has an adjustable chain.

The pendant and chain come with a touching gift car saying, “Teachers plant seeds of knowledge that grow forever. Thank you for helping us grow.”

It also comes with a blank brown natural card so you can add your own thank you message, and with an envelope.

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