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We are living in perhaps the most convenient era of all time. However, it doesn’t mean we have overcome our fundamental needs. Even today, a disruption of normal food supply and perishables can show us our fragile and weaker side, one that we would prefer not to look at.

The upside of living in this era of convenience is that we now have dedicated companies and labels that deal in survival food packs and kits. Here, we are going to review 10 of the best survival food companies that are operating right now.

Whether it is a natural disaster or an extended lockdown due to a disease outbreak, their products will help keep you and your family going when you won’t be able to go for regular groceries.

Mountain House

Mountain House is quite a popular survival food company among backpackers that venture onto long and wild expeditions. The company has been operating for more than 50 years and started its business by preparing survival food for US Special Forces. This survival food company is now offering a 30-year shelf life warranty on its products.

From a multi-day emergency food supply to convenient freeze-dry pouches, Mountain House is offering survival food in many different packaging options. Mountain House survival food can that features buttermilk biscuits with gravy and pork crumbles is a complete meal. It is an ideal option for breakfast during survival times.

Like any good quality freeze-dry food item, it has a long shelf life and can be prepared within a couple of minutes with just water and without needing any heat. This one can of biscuit and gravy makes around 11 one-cup servings.

The yellow curry with chicken and rice pouches by Mountain House is also worth mentioning. This one convenient pouch is enough for both lunch and dinner of a single person. The recipe is not just nutritious but also tastes good due to its Thai-style preparation. The garnishing of chicken, zucchini, red peppers, and peas saves the curry from tasting bland.

Mother Earth Products

Mother Earth Products offers both daily and emergency food products. Its product range includes freeze-dried vegetables and fruits as well as dried dehydrated foods. The company is also making TVP-based foods and beans. Its freeze-dried fruits are considered the best survival staples due to their freshness and long shelf life.

For instance, you can get freeze-dried bananas and cherries that remain consumable even after 25 years of packaging. The best thing about these fruits jar is they are free from any additives and preservatives. So, what you are eating from those jars is pure fruit just with a different texture.

If you are looking to cook during a survival/lockdown phase but without the fresh supply of ingredients, you will find the dried dehydrated food range of Mother Earth Products quite helpful. You can find a lot of raw ingredients for your recipes there.

From carrots to broccoli and chives to pepper and corn to mushroom, garlic and onion, you can source many raw vegetables from Mother Earth Products when you can’t get them fresh vegetables from a neighborhood store. All these products are non-GMO and gluten-free and come with the shelf life of around 25 years.

Wild Zora

Wild Zora is a relatively new food company, founded only in 2011. It is another family-based venture that primarily deals in low-sugar and high-protein food items. The company also makes a range of ready to consume paleo meals. During a survival mode, eating low-carb and high-protein foods is a key to see through that difficult phase without feeling weak, tired, or unsatiated.

Wild Zora outshines many other survival food companies with its meat and veggie bars. They are made of ingredients sourced from organic sources. These healthy and tasty bars are also free from grains, and many other additives including sugar.

Its chili beef meat and veggie bars are a great survival snack. You can also make a meal out of those bars by eating more than one at a time. These healthy food bars are available in a range of meat flavors that ranges from taco pork to BBQ beef, and curt turkey.

Wild Zora’s paleo pouches can also prove to be great meal options in an emergency. They are freeze-dried pouches with vegetable, fruit, and meat ingredients. You can eat them directly from the pouch after adding hot water and mixing it for a couple of minutes.

Peak Refuel

Peak Refuel is an emergency food company that primarily serves mountaineers and other backpackers. But since their products possess good shelf lives and are made of pure, nutritious ingredients, they are good for any emergency/survival situation. Peak Refuel offers its freeze-dried products in both buckets and #10 cans. The latter packaging is more popular among consumers.

Peak Refuel food buckets don’t contain hundreds of servings. Usually, a single bucket features 12 pouches with each containing two servings. In other words, one bucket is enough for a single person for 24 meals.

The most popular survival food by Peak Refuel is its freeze-dried pouch of sweet pork and rice. Customers who have used it vouch for the freshness and taste of the recipe. A single pouch contains two servings and could be enough for 1 person to fulfill their daily dietary needs when they are out of reach of regular food staples.

The recipe is made of real meat, and every pouch contains 40 grams of proteins. Meanwhile, Peak Refuel has kept the recipe GMO-free to offer a completely healthy survival food option. However, readers should be aware of one caveat, i.e., the shelf life of this pouch and other Peak Refuel products is not as long as other top-of-the-line, freeze-dried foods. They are good to consume within five years after their packaging.

Augason Farms

Augason Farms has been making survival foods since 1972. It is a family-run business that takes care of every phase of survival food preparation. From sourcing raw ingredients to formulate the right recipe and preparing it, Augason Farms makes sure that your survival food has a perfect balance of taste and nutrition.

Besides offering food kits ranging from 24-hour to one-year use, Augason Farms also offers individual recipes and foods. Their 2-lb vegetable stew blend can is quite a hit as a non-meat survival food option. It is best served with a loaf of bread and one can is enough to make 40 servings. It is also gluten-free and comes with a shelf life of 25 years.

Augason Farms sweet corn cans are also good options for survival food stashing. You can consume these freeze-dry corns straight from the can or can use them as a side with salads and tacos. A singe can that weighs one pound has 23 servings and 30-year shelf life.

St. Dalfour

St. Dalfour is a French company that primarily makes traditional fruit spreads. However, it has also forayed into making ready-to-eat and emergency foods in the last couple of years. If you are looking for shelf-stable fish meat options for your emergency dietary consumptions, St. Dalfour’s product range can help you with that.

For instance, its ready-to-eat wild pink salmon is a great option to satisfy your white meat cravings when you are unable to source fresh supply from your grocery store. These 6.2-ounce tins are single servings and can be used both as a snack and entrée. Unlike freeze-dried foods, you don’t need any preparation before consumption. Just open the tin and eat your favorite fish.

The French food maker also offers a complete meal in the form of ready-to-eat tuna and pasta. It is another healthy meal that fulfills both your protein and carbohydrate needs within a particular number of calories.

Since St. Dalfour products are not freeze-dried, you should consume them at the beginning of the survival/lockdown phase. However, it is also important to mention here that they are not perishable items. When sealed, these tuna and salmon tins remain good to use for several months.

SOS Food Labs

As the name suggests, this food manufacturer’s operations are primarily centered on making emergency staples of all sorts. SOS Food Labs started its operations in 1984. The lab also claims that it is the first formal manufacturer of emergency food rations in North America.

Apart from food rations, it also deals in other emergency accessories, including thermal blankets, lifeboats, and emergency drinking water. For survival food stashing in the house, one can consider the 3-day ration pack by SOS Labs. This bag consists of nine ready-to-eat fortified energy bars. Each bar has 3,600 Kcal and can be consumed as one meal.

Unlike many other energy bars that taste nothing at all, these SOS energy bars have a rich cinnamon flavor so you can consume them without holding your breath. Also, the SOS Lab has used a non-thirst formula for making those energy bars to suit survival conditions where enough drinking water is not available.

These energy bars are not made through the freeze-drying process and hence their shelf life is not decades-long. However, they remain suitable for human consumption for five years under any climate condition.

Backpacker’s Pantry

Backpacker’s Pantry has been in the survival food business since the 50s. Inspired by a group of Girl Scouts carrying heavy packages of foods on a trail in Colorado, Backpacker’s Pantry now serves adventurers all across the US. Besides being a staple for backpackers, its product line is also great for those looking to stash survival food in homes.

From breakfast options to entrees and sides/extras to desserts, Backpacker’s Pantry offers its freeze-dried products in a well-sort-out menu. A freeze-dried lasagna pouch by Backpacker’s Pantry is one of the most popular survival foods as the main course among vegetarians. The pouch is high in protein and free of gluten and contains two standard servings.

One survival dessert by Backpacker’ Pantry is also worth mentioning. The Dark Chocolate Cheesecake mix is not just a dessert formulated and packaged for a sweet tooth. The manufacturer has also made sure that it can also deliver healthy nutrition and energy to the people consuming it. This dessert mix pouch makes two delicious servings and has a shelf life of seven years.

Wise Company

Wise Company is known for making survival food buckets that contain hundreds of serving each. Like any top-quality survival food option, its products come with decades-long shelf lives. Apart from buckets, the company also offers small pouches of fruits, and cereals for emergency consumption as well as regular use.

The 2-bucket survival food kit by Wise Company needs a special mention. Each bucket contains 120 servings of different freeze-dry recipes. The company has filled one bucket with breakfast options and the other with lunch/dinner meals. All these servings come in pouches that are also the serving bowls. Open the pouch, add water to it, stir it, leave it for ten minutes and then directly consume the food from the pouch.

From lasagna to pasta, noodle soup to pot pie, and casserole, these buckets contain 17 different foods to save you from eating the same bland food every day.

You can also go for a full-veggie option with Wise Company’s survival food kit. One of its 120-servings kits contains all freeze-dried vegetable options that you can readily consume right from the pouch.


Nutristore is a nutrition-focused and budget-conscious survival food company that ensures people don’t have to break their banks to source provisions for an emergency. Nutristore also makes ready-to-eat products with extra-long shelf lives through freeze-drying. The company primarily makes vegetables and fruit-based survival packs.

Its freeze-dried sliced strawberry serves as an instant and healthy snack for all those untimely sweet cravings. The strawberries taste fresh no matter when you open the can. Also, the fruit can feature a re-sealable lid so you don’t have to use all the strawberries in one go.

Nutristore’s vegetable variety bucket is also a good survival food option. From broccoli to potatoes and peas to corn, this variety pack contains all different vegetables and can make 60 large servings. You can eat the vegetable directly from the pouches and can also use them in other recipes and food preparations.

Like any good freeze-dried food option, this variety vegetable pack also comes with an almost indefinite shelf life. It remains good to use for 25 years after the packaging. Recently, Nutristore has also launched peanut butter that also has an impressive opened shelf life of two years.

Note: Due to the wave of panic buying following the COVID-19 outbreak, many survival foods kits may have gone of stock by the time you read this article. However, you can place advance orders with some sellers for products that will be in stock soon.

Survival Food Packs/Kits Buying Guide

While buying survival food kits and packs, take care of these features to make the best purchases for your energy consumption.

Shelf Life

We usually buy survival food kits for all unforeseen emergency events we don’t know when they will take place. So, when you are stashing without knowing when you will need it, it is better to pick food products that come with the longest shelf lives. In the above discussion, you must have noticed that top-of-the-line survival foods can have shelf lives up to 30 years.

However, you can also pick products with 3-5 years of shelf lives if natural calamities are quite too frequent in your state/region.


The majority of survival foods are ready-to-eat with very little preparation involved. For instance, you can prepare freeze-dried foods within 5-10 minutes with the help of a small amount of water and without needing microwaves and stoves. Some foods don’t even require this water treatment. They are ready for consumption right off the opened can/jar.

In short, good survival foods always come prepared. You can, however, find products that require considerable preparation/cooking after opening their seals. However, we won’t recommend them for your survival food stash.


Being on a survival/emergency diet doesn’t mean you have to eat the same food every day. We have seen in the products offered by top survival food companies that it is possible to maintain a variety while eating during an emergency period. So, make sure your survival food contains meats, some grains, vegetables as well as fruits. All these food are available with long shelf lives. This variety of food will also make sure that you are consuming all macro and micronutrients.


A portion of good survival food is always rich in calories but without using a lot of bad carbs. They usually pack calories in the form of healthy proteins. Top-quality survival food has a small portion but enough calories for one meal. This high calorie-to-portion size ratio makes it possible to pack a several-day food supply in a single bucket.


Truth to be told, you can’t find survival foods that taste like freshly made dishes. Nonetheless, you can take the edge off the blandness of survival foods by picking products that contain several ingredients that can enhance the flavor profile and texture of your emergency meals.


Top-of-the-line survival food products usually come in airtight tin cans and thermal and light-resistant pouches. However, you should still avoid putting them in places that have moisture or direct sunlight exposure.


A survival food kit/pack is as good as its manufacturer. Therefore, it is always important to pick the best survival food company for your emergency dietary needs. When you buy from a reputable, customer-entrusted company, you don’t have to worry about ingredients, shelf life, and caloric value of the packages you purchase.

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