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The 8 Best Tent Stoves of 2020

Any tent camping trip can be an absolutely fantastic experience, especially when you are adequately prepared for your stay and for the conditions you are going to, especially if you are anticipating cold weather.

Having a reliable, good quality tent stove is a must if you are going to be spending time dwelling outdoors when it is cold outside. Also, with a good tent stove, you can ensure that you have access to boiling water, as well as to safe and delicious cooked food no matter where you are.

Since there are so many types of tent stoves, suitable for camping, hiking, hunting, and survival, we have meticulously tested many of them, and have analyzed the customer reviews for all the leading products in this range.

As a result, we have come up with the list of the best tent stoves for 2020 for you.

Some are simpler, smaller, and more compact, and others are heavier, sturdier, and more elaborate.

Read on to find out more about these portable heating and cooking devices for camping and for outdoors, and pick the best one in accordance with your tent, your needs, your fuel preferences, and the place you are going to.

Camp Chef Alpine Heavy Duty Cylinder Stove 


The 8 Best Tent Stoves of 2020 2The 8 Best Tent Stoves of 2020 3

The Camp Chef Alpine Heavy Duty Cylinder Tent Stove is one of the best camping tent stoves you can find on the market in 2020 according to the user reviews, and according to experienced survivalists and campers.

This is a heavy-duty stove made of steel, which, though, is designed and made to be easily portable and easy to set up in all stove tents, and to transport.

All of the parts of the tent wood stove are easy to detach and re-attach, which makes it an excellent option for transport and storage, especially when traveling and camping. Plus, the accessories and parts all can fit inside the stove for space-saving.

The best wood burning tent stove comes with an internal log grate, a damper, a wire spark arrestor, hot water tank brackets, as well as accessory shelves and drying side racks.

The stove has a fire grate, which will help keep the base safe from overheating.

The legs are removable and adjustable in height so that you can set the stove even on uneven ground and surfaces which is essential for a good tent stove. The stove has a drilled hole, so you can quickly and effortlessly install the pipe damper.

The wood tent stove has a large cooktop that can be used for cooking large quantities of food for the whole family simultaneously. It is also efficient and safe for heating up the tent or another space.

It also has a special nest, and five-piece nesting pipe, which will readily fit a wood stove heater and water tank and will keep all of the smoke out of your camp.

The  Camp Chef Alpine tent stove has a pipe that is 5 inches in diameter and up to 10 feet long.

The size of the tent stove is 20 (W) x 24 (D) x 22.5 (H) inches, and it weighs 74 lbs. The drying rack or shelf is 22 x 7 inches and can be used for storage, as well as for drying cookware, clothes, and shoes in all tents with stoves.

It may be on the heavy side if you are looking for a tent stove for backpacking, but for regular camping, this is one of the most reliable, well-built and best tent stoves you can buy.

Guide Gear Outdoor Wood Stove Cast Iron


The 8 Best Tent Stoves of 2020 4The 8 Best Tent Stoves of 2020 5

Made of galvanized steel, this sturdily built tent stove by Guide Gear is a perfect option for camping, hunting, fishing, and any other outdoor adventure which involves the use of a wood burning tent with stove.

The stove and tent heater is offered at a reasonable price point, and yet is made of premium quality steel with a durable high-temperature finish stove paint. The hinged cast iron door has adjustable vent holes that you can easily control.

All of the parts of this tent stove, including its legs, pipes nest, and others, are easy to detach and will easily fit inside the stove, making it compact and easy to transport or to store camping gear.

You can use the stove to heat water, cook food, or keep it warm, boil water, and so on.

The pipe consists of five interlocking parts sized 15.5 inches and with a pipe diameter of 3.375 inches each. The total length of the pipe, when assembled, is 77.5 inches. The size of the firebox is 11 (W) x 17 (D) x 8 (H) inches, and the door opening is 9 x 6.5 inches. The total size of the stove when assembled is 12.5” (W) x 19” (D) x 7’75” (H) with the pipe. It weighs 47 lbs.

The tent wood stove by Guide Gear is suitable for camping and tents, but can also be used anywhere outdoors, or in premises where there is appropriate ventilation.

It is compact tent wood burner, easy to assemble and set up, and will burn long. The camping wood stove will keep you warm no matter where you happen to be.

Plus, it is among the best-priced camping tent wood stoves offered in 2020.

Bruntmor Camping Rocket Stove


The 8 Best Tent Stoves of 2020 6The 8 Best Tent Stoves of 2020 7

The Bruntmor Camping Rocket Stove has a simple and yet ingenious design. It allows for setting up in a matter of minutes and will burn small-sized wood fuel like sticks and twigs in its combustion chamber, which also includes an insulated chimney. It allows for easy heat control by adjusting the wood volume.

The Rocket tent stove can be used both for outdoor cooking and heating and produces minimal quantities of smoke, making it another one of the best tent stoves and camping gear items available on the market.

You can control its temperature by adjusting the wood quantity in the combustion chamber so you can perform heat control in all kinds of cold weather conditions.

The stove is compact and requires almost no assembly, which makes it suitable for fishing, hunting, backpacking, or camping, as well as for survivalists.

The best tent stove is made of sturdy steel and will burn about four sticks in order to heat the tent or its surroundings, to boil water or for cooking food, so it is very efficient too.

This is among the smallest of all of the best tent stoves on this list, and is only 12 x 10 x 4.5 inches in size, and weighs 14 lbs, which makes it suitable even for backpacking and hiking.

At the same time, the tent stove has a high-quality build and will stand stable, withstand a lot of wear and tear, and will serve you well for years to come at your outdoor adventures.

Colorado Cylinder Stoves Timberline Wood Stove 


The 8 Best Tent Stoves of 2020 8The 8 Best Tent Stoves of 2020 9

The Timberline wood stove by Colorado Cylinder Stoves is another sturdily made, high-quality camping wood stove which is suitable for outdoor use, as well as for tents and cabins.

One of the best camping stoves for 2020 comes with a 3 gallon welded and leak-proof stainless steel water heater, and 5-6 inch nested stove pipe which will fit a tent jack of 5 inches.

The camping wood stove is an ideal stove for heating and cooking in a tent sized 15 x 15 or 16 x 20 feet, and will keep your tent comfortably warm and yet safe and free of smoke.

All of the parts are detachable and can be easily packed inside the stove for easy portability, transport, and storage.

Also included with the tent stove is a warming tray, a coal grate, a nesting stove pipe, a mesh spark arrestor, 12-inch legs, and a stove pipe damper.

The size of the tent stove is 26 (L) x 16 (W) x 13 (H) inches, and it weighs 92 lbs.  The volume is 2.5 cubic feet, and it can hold heat for up to 6-8 hours thanks to its 1/8 inch thick steel construction, so you can leave it overnight and sleep comfortably.

The ashes fall to the bottom of the cylinder and thus protect the tent floor from overheating or catching fire, so you will be safe using it in any of the tents with wood stoves.

The sturdy camping stove is designed to be warp-free and will ensure a lot of wear and tear and many adventures in the wilderness.

VidaLibre Portable Outdoor Wood Burning Folding Camp Stove


The 8 Best Tent Stoves of 2020 10The 8 Best Tent Stoves of 2020 11

This tent stove includes everything you will need to cook a Michelin star meal when you are outdoors spending time in your canvas tent or enjoying time in the wilderness in any of the bell tents with stove installing options.

It is a versatile tent stove that can work with wood, branches, biomass, dry alcohol, or charcoal. It uses minimal quantities of fuel and heats up quickly so you can boil a large pot of water in less than 10 minutes with it.

You can use this best tent stove for cooking, baking, boiling, simmering, frying and grilling all types of food in your tent or outdoors.

The tent stove folds down to 14 x 11 x 13 inches in size, and it weighs only 20 lbs., so it is portable and compact. It also comes with a convenient carry bag for easy transport and storage.

It takes less than a minute to assemble the stove and start using it no matter where you are.

One of the best camping wood stoves is made of durable steel, with a heat resistant finish painted on the outside which is safe for tents for wood stoves.

Apart from the stove body, cover and chimney, the tent stove by VidaLibre comes with a coal grid, and stainless steel 6 quarts cooking pot, a pan, a tray, a BBQ grid, a large spoon, a spatula, 6 skewers, and the carry bag with a carry handle.

All of the utensils and other parts can easily fit inside the stove, so it will take up minimal space in your car, RV, tent, or anywhere else. It comes at an excellent price point and is among the best tent stoves available.

Lixada Collapsible Wood Burning Stainless Steel Rocket Stove 

The 8 Best Tent Stoves of 2020 12The 8 Best Tent Stoves of 2020 13
This Rocket Tent Stove by Lixada is another affordable and efficient stove for camping, hunting, fishing, picnics, and other outdoor uses.

The best tent and camping stove is entirely constructed of sturdy rust-proof steel.

It has a cross stand which you can use to place your cooking pot, so you can use this rocket stove not only for heating but for cooking, boiling water, and others.

It is very easy to set up and use and uses sticks, pellets, or other biofuels to heat up and keep you warm and fed when off the grid and away from home.

The stove is foldable and portable and folds flat. It comes with an easy to carry, drawstring carry bag which will easily fit in your backpack. When folded, its size is only 8.7 x 3 x 3.3 inches, and when unfolded, it is 11.6 x 3 x 9.8, and it weighs a mere 1.4 lbs.

It is available in stainless steel and in black color options.

This mini camping stove is reasonably priced, compact, and works perfectly in any outdoor space.

England’s Stove Works Survivor 12-CSS “Cub” Portable Wood Stove 


The 8 Best Tent Stoves of 2020 14The 8 Best Tent Stoves of 2020 15

This tent stove is made of premium USA steel, but thanks to the special Hexa tech Technology used, it is lightweight and portable.

The stove comes in three different capacities of 1 cubic foot, 1.8 cubic feet, and 2.7 cubic feet, which are suitable for heating up different sized tents, and come with varied cooking surface sizes.

The 1 cubic foot tent wood stove has a cooking area of 168 square inches. It is 19.4 x 19.2 x 14 inches in size and weighs 38 lbs.

The wood stove has removable legs which can fit inside it for easy and space-saving transport and storage.

The 1.8 cubic foot tent wood stove has a 224 square inch cooking area and is suitable for heating any tent, which is up to 14 x 16 feet. It is 17 x 19.2 x 25.4 inches and weighs 49 lbs.

The largest of all has a 2.7 cubic foot firebox and can efficiently heat up a tent, which is sized up to 16 x 24 feet. It is among the best tent wood stoves cooking area is 348 square inches, and its size is 17 x 25.4 x 27.4 inches, with a weight of 63 lbs.

Ammo Can Stove, Ammo Box Stove, Tent Heater, Tiny House, Off Grid Stove


The 8 Best Tent Stoves of 2020 16The 8 Best Tent Stoves of 2020 17

This compact and durable Ammo Can Stove can be used for any type of survival and outdoor scenarios and situations for heating as well as for cooking in the tent.

It is a wood burning stove that can safely and efficiently be used in a tent, workshop, a tiny home, or a cabin.

The tent wood stove can fit a 4-inch diameter stove pipe and will allow you to stay warm, boil water, and cook food and others.

The small wood stove in tent is only 12 x 7 x 12 inches in size and weighs 8.44 lbs., so you can take it with you anywhere, and install it in your tent, no matter whether you are staying for a day or for a week. It is among the lightest and most portable tent stoves of all.

The tiny wood stove is made of 1/16 inch rust-proof steel and is not painted, but you can paint it if you like.

It is small, easy to use, and versatile, and is another one of the best wood burner tent stoves suitable for any tent out there.

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