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Totoro Gifts: 40+ Things To Get For The Totoro Lover On Your List

Totoro became popular in 1988. when the anime „My Neighbor Totoro“ came to the screens. Since then, it is a symbol of childish imagination of every kid who goes through life’s hardships. It became the symbol of Ghibli Studio, and it is hard to find a person who hasn’t heard about Totoro. We had created a list of Totoro themed gifts that will thrill every Totoro fan. Here are some of the most interesting Totoro gifts on the market today.

Totoro Gifts

Totoro Lamp

Since Totoro is a character that is more popular among ladies and kids, but there are male fans too, we had to start with a decoration gift that might be a good choice for everyone, no matter how old they are or what gender they are. This LED night light could be a perfect detail in a kid’s room or home-office of every Totoro collector and lover.

Maggift Anime – My Neighbor Totoro Cosplay Bag

This incredible shoulder cosplay bag will leave speechless every Totoro lover who is still attending school. Perfect for books, notebooks, MacBooks or tablets. It is made of quality density cotton, and it suits almost every occasion. Whether they are on their way to get a cup of coffee with friends, or on their way to the library, it will carry all necessary valuables.

Japanese Totoro Style Pen Holder

This gift will steal the hearts of Totoro collectors too. Although it looks like something that will fit-in in a kids’ room decoration, it can also be a nice detail in the office or cabinet. It is made of wood and resin iron, and it has the Totoro figurine. Although the description says „desk organizer“ it is more a pencil holder, but it has a small part in table organization. The colors are lively and vivid what rises the value of this original gift.

Studio Ghibli My Neighbor Totoro Music Box

If it is important for you to give a true and genuine, made in Japan Totoro gift, then we prepared something that will light the sparkle in your eyes. This is a Totoro designed Music Box with a drawer approved by Ghibli Studio. When you open it, it starts to play the Totoro theme song and the Totoro figurine starts to swirl. Every Totoro lover will cherish this original and unique gift.

Totoro Double Bed Bag Pad

You should pick this gift for someone who is really important to you. Its price is pretty high if we compare it to the other gift ideas, but if you are choosing a present for your kid, then why not? This is a double bed Totoro bag pad. It is super-soft and cozy, a piece of heaven for those who like to spend their time in bed reading the manga or watching My Neighbor Totoro cartoon over and over again.

Themed Shower Curtain

Sometimes it is good to pick an unusual gift for your dear friends. The thing that no one expects you to bring as a present is a shower curtain, but if that curtain has the picture of a cute Totoro on it, then you might get a new job position as a decorator. With this nice decoration detail, the bathroom will become your friend’s favorite house room.

DVD: My Neighbor Totoro

Interesting thing about favorite cartoons and movies is that, no matter how many times we watch them, we can never get bored. Those cartoons make us happy and every once in a while, we like to watch them one more time. That is why a „Tonari no Totoro“ DVD will be a perfect gift for a Totoro fan. It is available as a DVD, Blue-ray, and Multi-Format package.

Totoro Umbrella

When you buy a gift that can be useful in everyday life, you are actually saving the parents budget. Because of that, parents will always invite you to a kids birthday parties. Next time, you can surprise a birthday kid with this super cute Totoro umbrella. It is available in several colors and it can be a nice thing to get for both, boys and girls.

Light Switch Cover

Although small in its appearance, this light switch cover is not in-listed among cheap gifts because of its high price. If you have a friend who is decorating their kid’s room in Totoro theme, you can save their budget with this interesting and unusual gift. The light switch cover is made in patina effect, aged copper, or stone textured. Many different designs are available, so you can pick that one that will suit the best.

Unisex Adult Totoro Onsie

Onesies can be very practical and wearable in different occasions. Your Totoro fan friend will fall in love in this cute and original gift. The onsie are available in different sizes and they will suit both, kids and adults. It is super soft, cozy and warm. Perfect for lazy days spent at home. Maybe you think that this is a gift for girls, but we assure you that your male friends will love it, too.

Perfect Gift for Miyazaki Fans

The Collected Works of Hayao Miyazaki Exclusive Edition. THE gift that is the dream of all those who admire Miyazaki for his work. All Miyazaki’s movies are here in blu-rey format. What his fans say about this:
The best investment I made in quite some time, “This collection changed my life”, “Not sure why you wouldn’t purchase this if you love Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli”, “A dream come true for Miyazaki fans”… I’ve included only a few comments to know how much joy you will bring to whom you give this gift.

My Neighbor Totoro Bottle

This stylish bottle could be a great gift for kids who go to school. Made of saturated polyester resin with a stainless steel lid and decorated with a cute picture of Totoro surrounded with flowers, this bottle will be a nice piece of lunch bag set. The capacity is 500 ml, and it has a high level of resistance to cold and hot beverages. For those who need a replacement for their boring bottles, this bottle can be the perfect Totoro gift.

My Neighbor Totoro Canvas Backpack

The backpack is an inevitable part of everyday accessories, no matter if you go to school or you like the sporty style. Maybe man won’t like something like this, but girls will be delighted. This canvas backpack will be perfect for gym equipment. It is made in light grey and green color with a quality picture of a Totoro holding an umbrella.

Totoro Mini Rubber Stamp Set

Stamps are pretty popular in Japan (Check out our Japanese gift ideas). They are not just interesting as a toy, but they are also really popular among teachers. They are a nice and interesting way to praise or encourage students to give their best in their studies. This set of nine stamps with different Totoro pictures will give a lot of joy to every kid and adult. This is a quite rare, licensed and authentic. We are sure that everyone will love this gift.

Shopping Bag

Shopping bags became popular once the plastic bag usage reached its critical point. With this gift, you won’t only make your friends happy, but you will do a good thing for Mother Earth, too. Actually, this is a set of three foldable shopping bags, with beautiful print on them. When folded, they have a size of a regular wallet and you can carry them in your purse. Convenient, right?

Unique Carpet

If you are looking for a perfect gift for kids, then we have found one for you. This carpet will be a statement piece in kid’s bedroom. Made in bright and lively colors with the cute Neighbour Totoro, this carpet will fit most rooms in the house, especially in those decorated for the youngest ones. The dimensions are 70.9 ” x 51.2 “.

TOTORO Rug Bath Mat

If the previously mentioned carpet is too expensive for you then you can go with this equally cute Totoro rag mat that is more suitable for small spaces like a bathroom or even kitchen. The colors are vivid and lively, and they won’t shade away. The dimensions are 19.68 x 31.49 Inch. A true fan of Totoro will probably place this carpet at the door entrance.

TOTORO Vinyl Record Wall Clock

Custom made and unique gift do have that special charm. That is why we have decided to in-list this unique gift for you. This is a wall clock, made from a vinyl record. The clock choice with Totoro theme is wide, but you can also suggest your own idea. A perfect decoration for home or office.

Ghibli Studio ROLLING PIN

This wooden rolling pin could be a great gift for kids and their mothers. Whether they are going to use it on dough or play-doh, this unusual rolling pin will find its purpose. Can you imagine the happiness of kids when they see cookies embossed with their favorite cartoon hero?

Lunch Boxes

Bringing home-made food in school became very popular in the last few years. Mothers are competing in the food arrangement and the beauty of the lunch utensils. This set of high-quality lunch boxes with Totoro print on the lids will surprise every fan. Set includes two boxes, one in blue and one in pink color.


Every room with fan collection in it deserves to have this scroll poster of Totoro. It resembles traditional Japanese wall scroll posters that you can see in houses all over the Japan or dojos. The print is high-quality and it has two hanging hooks. All that your friend will need is a wall to hang this masterpiece on.

Inexpensive My Neighbor Totoro Gifts:

Cute Totoro Mug with Silicone Lid

Themed mugs are always a good choice when you are on a tight budget. This cute Totoro mug made from high-quality China bone and its silicone lid with Totoro figurine as a handle will surprise everyone. Perfect for tea, hot chocolate, milk or coffee, both, kids and adults will find plenty of joy in this cute gift. It is available in several different colors and designs.

Wooden Notebook and Pen

Notebook or sketchbook can be a really useful gift for a friend who likes to write or doodle and adore this cartoon. If that artistic soul of your friend is a Totoro lover at the same time, then you hit the jackpot. This beautiful retro notebook and pen in warm-brown colors could be your ideal solution for a quick gift idea. The pen is designed in the shape of a tree with Totoro standing on it. It is already packaged in a vintage gift box, and all you have to do is to give it to a real Totoro lover.

Picnic Lunch Bag

The lunch bag is a „must have“ accessory for every child as soon as they enter the school. That is something that they will carry every school day or on their way to a picnic. The bag is made of fine neoprene material, and it has a beautiful and colorful picture of Totoro on it. Since it is made from quality materials, the food will remain cold or hot for at least 2-3 hours.


Sometimes when we see some cute and inexpensive item we feel the need to buy it for someone dear to us. That kind of gifts often remind us of that one person, and that is the reason why we decide to buy them. This set of 4 Totoro lanyards is one of that kind of presents. With just one cheap gift you can surprise four people who love Totoro, or you can make a stock of gifts for four different occasions.

Wind Chime (Totoro on Grapevine Wreath)

Wind Chimes are very popular and they decorate almost every porch and front door. If you want to surprise your friends with an unexpected gift that won’t harm your budget too much, then you can go with this suggestion. This is a natural resin and metal made wind chimes created in the shape of Totoro resting in a wooden wreath.

My Neighbor Totoro Figure Hayao Miyazaki PONYO Spirited Away Anime Models

This is not just Totoro gift, this set contains many heroes from Miyazaki anime movies. Everyone loves toys, even grown-ups have some toys that they still love. This set of figurines inspired by Hayao Miyazaki’s great anime creations “Totoro” and “Spirited away” might be a new addition in collection. With this gift, you might start a new and passionate hobby. The set includes nine cartoon figurines made from quality materials.

Luggage Tag

Luggage tag can be an interesting gift cos’ it is never expected to get something like this as a present. It won’t cost you too much, and jet, the Totoro lovers who receive it will be very pleased. They will immediately package their suitcases, attach the Totoro tag on them, and go to Japan to visit Studio Ghibli. The tag is made of nice and quality rubber, film protected blank ID card and faux leather adjustable strap.

Totoro Car Window vinyl skin

Is there anything better than the situations when you get a gift with the words “Hey man, it’s nothing special, but you cross my mind when I saw it.“ This is that kind of a gift. A cheap and simple car window vinyl skin that is easy to apply in a design of Totoro. In this way, you will show to your friends that you care about them and that you know what occupies their mind and interest.


When someone loves Totoro, they probably love Japan and Japanese culture, too. That is why we have decided to in-list this Totoro gift. Besides the fact that it doesn’t cost too much, it is a perfect representative of Japan. It is a set of Totoro themed chopsticks. The set includes two pairs of chopsticks made of high-quality material. The length is 18mm, and they are more suitable for kids.

Cool Bed for your Pet

You know how parents, once they have a kid, enjoy kids’ gifts more than when they get their own. The same goes with pet owners. If your Totoro lover friend has a pet just buy him this ultra-cute Totoro shaped pet bed and wait for their reaction. They will be thrilled! You will become the best gift giver that the world could ever have.

Studio Ghibli My Neighbor Totoro 2nd Edition Playing Cards

This is the 2nd edition of Studio Ghibli playing cards with Totoro theme. Playing cards are great gift cos’ they will be used for fun and nothing else. They are perfect because grown-ups enjoy them the same way as kids do. Cards are featured with real scenes from the movie and they follow the story chronologically. The colors on the cards are very lively and vivid, a real joy to the eyes. You can not make a mistake with this Studio Ghibli gift idea.


Totoro stickers are the perfect gift for kids. Everyone knows that they just love them. When you enter a kid’s room, you can see them stick to the walls, furniture, notebooks, and plastic toys. You can often see kids with stickers on their body parts. That is why this set of 50 pieces sticker set will find its purpose as a kids’ gift. Every sticker is made of high-quality PVC waterproof vinyl.

Miyazaki Totoro Gray Apron

Kawaii“ style is something that even ladies at a certain age really love. That is why everyday tools and outfits are made in cute designs. This Totoro apron will give your lady young and sweet look. It is made of high-quality crinkle nylon in grey color. The apron is available in just one size, and it will suit grown-up ladies and gentlemen. Wait no more, surprise anyone who loves Totoro with this unusual gift.

Toothbrush&Toothpaste Holder

Gift that will sure to delight both existing fans as well as children who will become fans of the best animated character ever. This is a decorative and useful gadget for kids’ bathroom. It is made of high-quality silicone and it can hold small items, not just toothbrush and toothpaste. The suction cups make the attaching easy and simple. The cute Totoro design will turn a tooth brushing into a favorite part of the day.

My Neighbor Totoro Plush Doll

When you have no better ideas, the plush toy is something that can save the day. This cute 20” Totoro plush doll will be a great gift for kids and grow-up girls. It is made of quality materials and it is designed in the shape of Totoro holding a leaf. It is normal for Totoro fans to have plush toys of their favorite cartoon character. Be the one who will give this desirable gift.

Cosplay CAP Warm Headwraps with Mittens

This interesting accessory will find its useful and creative side in everyday life of every Totoro lover. It is made in just one size, but it will fit both, small kids and teenagers. This is a set of hat and gloves, all gathered as one piece, warm and soft, perfect for cold winter days.

Cute Totoro Card Holder

If you are that one gift giver who likes to buy useful presents for friends and family, then we have a great idea for you. This is a card holder that can be worn as a necklace. In this way, the valuable possession like cash cards will be safe while traveling. It has a cute Totoro picture on it and it is also available in four different colors and Totoro prints.


Totoro themed mousepad will be a nice decoration in every office or house. Since everyone has a computer at home the mousepad is a „must have“ item. What is special about these mousepads is that the Totoro pictures are made in high-quality and vibrant colors. The pads have a non-slip backing. Totoro-fan-computer geeks will be thrilled with this present.

Totoro Origami Paper

Origami is very popular, not just in Japan, but all over the world.( So, look at these best origami gifts we have chosen ). It fascinates kids and grown-ups at the same time. It is rare to find someone who loves Totoro and who did not explore Japanese culture and subculture at least a little bit. That is why we have thought that this Totoro themed origami paper will be a great gift. It will provide hours and hours of joy and a good time for kids and adults.

Studio Ghibli My Neighbor Totoro Earrings

Studio Ghibli prepared something special for little ladies who love Totoro. This is a set of four pairs of Totoro themed earrings. They are made from base and they represent different characters from My Neighbor Totoro. This is a perfect gift for little fashionable girls.

More Cool and Cute Totoro Stuff

It is impossible all the products that we like to put on our gift list. But we can not complete the list without adding just a little bit more cool Totoro items: clothes, sweet shirts, slippers, hats, baby stuff… and other things that we adore.

DIY Totoro Gifts

Giant Totoro Plushie
If you are creative and want to make a gift, we suggest you take a look at this video

Totoro Food Recipes

My favorite gifts are food-related, so if you have somebody that is like me, that love Totoro, and food-related gifts, these are recipes that will help you to steal his heart, forever. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. See full recipes here Best Totoro Food Recipes

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I’ll finish this little Totoro homage with my favorite quote from the movie

Everybody, try laughing. Then whatever scares you will go away! – Tatsuo Kusakabe

I hope that you will also be happy and that you will choose a gift that brings a smile on the recipient’s face.

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