Ever wondered what happened to your high school sweetheart? Or are you trying to contact an old friend from college? Instead of spending hours performing Google searches and searching Facebook, LinkedIn, or other social media platforms to access someone online, you can easily find their address and additional contact information via the completely free ZabaSearch. It is a search engine for people in the US.

You can use this useful search engine to find people online or to verify a valid address. True, people value their privacy. They are sensitive about their personal data more than ever nowadays, but nevertheless, ZabaSearch manages to compile all the relevant publicly available data about individual people in the US in one place.

How does ZabaSearch actually find the contact information?

ZabaSearch indexes and analyzes all of the publicly available information, which may include property records, white pages, yellow pages, sweepstake entries, marketing forms, voter registration records, court records, personal websites, social media profiles, and others.

The fact is that ZabaSearch doesn’t own or host all of this information. It is a tool for sifting through all available data and locating the information available for a specific name, phone number, or address.

It collects the related data and puts it all together in one place within seconds of the search.

How do you use ZabaSearch?


To find anybody via ZabaSearch, all you need to do is go to the ZabaSearch website and enter the first and last name of the person you want to find. If you know the state, you can enter it, too, to filter out the result even further.  The top 100 results will be displayed.

There is no need to register for the free ZabaSearch service.

You can also do a reverse search on ZabaSearch, by finding somebody by their phone number. Just enter the ten-digit number and choose the area code in the US, and you will get your results pretty quickly.

There is no option in ZabaSearch to do a reverse search based on an address, but there are many other ways to do this online – via Google, White pages, and others.

ZabaSearch also offers the option to search for a common name in a whole state.

Here is a list of the standard search options available on ZabaSearch

Free people search

Go to the search input box at and enter any name – first and last. You can add a middle initial if you want to. The displayed results will include registered addresses, phone numbers, which are found in the online public records. You can choose a specific state and a city and ZIP code to filter out the results further.

Free Area Code Search

Enter any 3 digit US area code in the search input box, and you will get detailed information regarding the geographical location and data of the area code, a map of the area as well as phone number exchanges within that area.

Reverse phone lookup

Go to the Reverse Phone Lookup option, and enter any 10 digit US phone number in the search input box. The results of the search will include the names and addresses which match the phone number based on the publicly available online records. You will get geographical locations associated with the number as well.

Free Zip Code Search

Same as with the area code, enter the ZIP code you are interested in, and you will get results showing a map of the zip code region as well as other relevant geographical information about this US zip code.

Message search

Go to Message Search to find out if anybody has been looking for you online or if you can find somebody you are looking for in the posts left by other ZabaSearch users. It may take up to a minute for the search engine to crawl through all the messages and entries, but you will be able to find any existing information regarding the name you are searching for.

Advanced search

The Advanced search option allows for searching for a person by name, middle name, last name, city, zip code, and state.

Free IP address search

If you have received an e-mail from an IP address, which you want to look up, or if you want to find the owner of a particular IP address, just enter it in the search box, and you will get all relevant results, including the address or geographical information associated with it, the ISP owner, as well as a map of the region.

Top 25 Searches option

You can browse through the top 25 most commonly searched for names in the past hour at Top 25 Searches. You can directly see the results of these searches by clicking on the name. You can also click on the number of times which this name has been searched for in order to get the estimated location of all users who have performed this search.

And here are the Premium (paid) search and other services available on ZabaSearch:

Social Security Number Search

If you have paid for the Premium services of ZabaSearch, you can use SS# Search to find a person by their 9-digit social security number. You will get their name, address, phone numbers, and other available data. This is provided by Intelius.

Premium People Search

This is another paid option that allows you to search for a person by name, by their age, or by their former address. The results will include current addresses, phones, and other information that is not available on the free ZabaSearch.

Please note that ZabaSearch works for finding information about people in the US only at the moment.

Within seconds of pressing search, you will be redirected to your search results page. It will display all publicly available information about the person, which may or may not include: the addresses, any property information, a phone number, a zip code, the month of birth, and others.

All of this information will be presented to you completely free.

Reverse Cell Number Search

Another benefit of using the Premium version of ZabaSearch is that you can use the Reverse cell search option to find a person associated with a particular cell phone number in the US.

Background Check

If you have paid your Premium fee, at Background Check, you can search for somebody’s history for the past 20 years. The service is provided by Intelius and will include any changes in address, phones, and other data from the last two decades.


This is most probably the most useful service on ZabaSearch. It will allow you to get timely information if anybody is looking for you.

You can register for the ZabaSphere messaging service and subscribe for options such as receiving an e-mail alert if somebody is searching for you on ZabaSearch. You can also use the service to post a message with a description of the person or people you are trying to locate so that anybody who knows anything about them can contact you.

You can search the messages which other people have posted to see if there is any pertinent information about the person you are looking for or seeing whether somebody is looking for you.

Do you need to pay to use ZabaSearch?

The majority of the information provided by this people search engine is provided for free. However, ZabaSearch may ask you to pay through Intelius for any further in-depth research, for a background check, or for verification of a specific e-mail address, as well as for searching for people via a social security number.

If you don’t have the time or means to find this type of information yourself, ZabaSearch will provide it for you for a fee.

Privacy concerns

Even though there has been some controversy about this online service, the truth is that ZabaSearch relies only on data that has already been made public and which has already been posted online.

People are still concerned about the information which can be found about them at ZabaSearch, but the search engine is not to blame.

Rather, if you have made your personal data available to any public domain, such as if you have gotten married, divorced, purchased a house or took part in a non-profit organization or in a political campaign, entered sweepstakes, and from marketing records, court records, change of address requests, and others – your information is already out there anyway. Of course, if you have profiles on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms, this information will be displayed too.

ZabaSearch only makes it easier to collect the information and put it together in one search result. It is not to blame for the results produced by the search.

It is an internet search engine, and as such, it doesn’t host or produce any of its own content. Rather, it indexes online websites, databases, and other sources to find the information you are looking for. Remember that these websites, databases, and other online resources are already made available to the public and are completely free.

ZabaSearch will simply save you a lot of time and searching by providing you with instant access to all of the available information in one search.

Can I restrict my personal data from being searchable?

Yes, if you are worried about your privacy or have other concerns about your information being available to the public via ZabaSearch, you should go to its website and choose the ZabaSearch Blocking Options, where you will get further information on the steps you need to take.

This will limit future access to some or all of your personal information, which can be found via the search engine for people.

But keep in mind that even if you restrict ZabaSearch from displaying your personal data, if it is available somewhere online, it is still accessible to those who may be looking for it.

The best way to protect your personal information from identity theft or other dangers is to be reasonable about what you share online and stay safe online.

How to Remove Your Information from ZabaSearch

If ZabaSearch is showing your personal details too and you’re not comfortable with it, then you can block your information from appearing on ZabaSearch by following the steps provided by the ZabaSearch Privacy Policy page.

You will be required to prove and verify your identity by faxing a copy of an identification document, such as an ID card or a driver’s license. If you are sending a copy of your driver’s license, remember to cross out your photo and the number because ZabaSearch only needs the name, date of birth, and address.

Send it to fax number (425) 974-6194.

But remember that if any of your data available in public records is updated or changed, you will once again appear on the results page of the ZabaSearch search engine.

How to protect your personal data online

There are some general rules to follow if you are concerned about other people accessing your personal contact and other information. Here are some of the basic ones to keep in mind to keep your data safe from prying eyes.

  • Be careful about the personal data you share when filling out online forms.
  • Always read the term of service and the privacy policy of an online service before signing up for it.
  • Use a VPN when browsing and using the internet.
  • Don’t share your private details with people online.
  • Don’t share your personal info via means which are not secure.

Final verdict

ZabaSearch is a useful online search tool if you want to quickly find contact details about a person living in the US.  Even though most information can be found via Google, social media, or other search engines, ZabaSearch makes things easier by combining this type of search on one page.

Of all the search options offered by ZabaSearch, the reverse phone search and the Zabasphere options are probably the most useful ones.

The first allows you to find a name and address associated with a US-based phone number. The latter offers to inform you via e-mail whenever somebody is searching for you.

The other useful features, such as the cell reverse search and the social security number search, are available only for paid Premium members.

Another positive feature of ZabaSearch is that you have the option to opt out from being included in the searches done on the site. This is important if you have particular concerns about your personal safety and the safety of your family.

Overall, ZabaSearch is a fast and easy way to find the number of a friend or relative or to verify the address of a person whenever you need it.

So, try out this neat people search engine, and see if you can locate those long-lost friends from school you have been trying to contact all those years!

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